Seasons With Samantha: Spring


This is the last chapter in the ‘Seasons With Samantha’ series. I would like to thank all who read and commented on the story especially JAG who I’ve gotten to know better, hopefully you are still with us and this is the happy ending you’ve been waiting for.

Story first, sex second.


Extract from the Video Blog ‘Relationships’ Part 4 by Bryce Dawltry.

You know how in movies, the hero defeats the bad guy and gets the girl at the end. Does that still count if the hero and the bad guy are the same person? I don’t know why I still think like that, I’m finally with the girl I love, we’re about to be a family and I’m in the best relationship I’ve ever been in. Oh Christ I’m in a relationship, this is whole new territory to me.

My name is Bryce Dawltry and the dumbest thing I ever did was fall in love with a girl called Samantha Wyllie.

It just took me too long to realise it.

Chapter 16: In Bloom

Sam and I were officially a couple again, we’d moved in together and were planning for the baby’s arrival. It’s true there was an underlying tension given my suicide attempt but with Sam focussing on our future we never let it get too much for us.

It was the beginning of March, by now Sam’s bump had increased to the point that she couldn’t hide it as effectively as before, we were at the doctors waiting to find the gender of our baby.


Sam sat down nervously on the chair in the doctor’s office, Bryce helped her lie down on the chair as she put her legs on the stirrups.

“I’m jealous Sam, I thought I was the only one you opened your legs for.”

“You sure know how to ruin a moment little brother.”

“I’m sorry Sam, I’m just nervous.”

“Don’t worry little brother, you’ll do fine.”

At that moment the doctor came in, she was a small, middle aged woman, slightly plump but not fat. Sam recognized her as the doctor that was present at her birth and had been with her through the years.

“I never thought I’d be here. You use to be such a good wee girl Samantha what happened to you?”

“I fell in love.”

“That’s what my daughter said and now I’ve got three grandchildren.” The doctor laughed. “How are you doing Sam?”

“I’m good Dr Welsh, I’ve got my best friend by my side.”

“Let’s hope he’s more than that before the baby arrives.”

Bryce rolled his eyes at another ‘Do the right thing’ comment. Dr Welsh put a dollop of… Jelly? Bryce didn’t know what the stuff was but she put it on Sam’s stomach then rolled the ultrasound camera across her. Sam and Bryce stared at the fuzzy black-&-white screen intently.

“Looks healthy, always a good sign. You two still want to know the sex?”

Sam and Bryce nodded, neither one of them losing sight on the screen.

“Ok then, if we turn round just a little bit. There, see that little thing there. That’s the beginning of a penis, you’re having a boy.


A son, me and Sam were having a son. I looked at her, tears rolling down her smiling face, as I watched her my own tears made her a blur so I hugged her to remind me she was still there, she was still with me On the drive home Sam called her parents to tell them the good news, John was happier than Mary since he was more accepting of our illicit relationship but she was glad to hear the news nonetheless.


Bryce opened the door for Sam as they went inside, they were both still smiling as they sat down on the sofa.

“So, a boy.” Bryce put his arm over Sam’s shoulder.

“I know, is that what you wanted?”

“Sam with you we could’ve had a fuckin lizard and I’d be happy.”

Sam chuckled slightly and shifted in her seat, getting more comfortable.

“You need anything?”

“No thanks little brother. Just you.”

Bryce locked his hand with Sam’s and rested them on her stomach, he kissed her forehead and listened to her sigh contently.

“You have any ideas for names?” He asked her.

“A couple. You?”

“I was thinking if he gets to suck on your tits I’ll call him Lucky Bastard.”

“Bryce! That’s disgusting.”

“I’m sorry Sam I’m still a little nervous, they don’t train you to be a father.”

Sam spun round and placed held Bryce’s chin in her hand.

“Bryce, everything you’ve been in life, a friend, a cousin, a lover. An asshole. You’ve always been great at being whatever you are at the time. You’ll be a wonderful father.”

Bryce leaned forward and kissed Sam, he needed the confirmation from her because he was more terrified than he would actually admit to her. They kissed again, and again, Bryce’s hand slipped down and cupped his lover’s ass. Sam rolled on top of Bryce, her hands wrapped around his head as they kissed, Bryce looped his thumbs into Sam’s trousers and effortlessly pulled them down, he smiled when he saw that Sam had left herself commando after the trip to the doctor’s, her cunt hair shone with her juices. Sam reached down, unbuttoned Bryce’s trousers and pulled his hardening dick out, she moved herself up and rubbed his dick against her cunt. Maltepe Escort Bryce loved the feeling of his cousin’s pussy hugging his cock, the wet hair tickled him and he let out a small pleasure moan. Sam kept rocking on Bryce, the tip of his dick was brushing her clit and sending electric shivers through her body. Bryce looked at Sam’s very erect nipples poking through her top, his hands never leaving Sam’s legs Bryce leaned forward and sucked Sam’s nipples through her top, the feeling of Bryce’s mouth and the material of her top both stimulating her was almost too much for her. They hadn’t even fucked yet and yet she could feel the oncoming’s of an orgasm rise from her pussy. Sam lifted herself up and down onto Bryce’s cock, she came as soon as she landing, her hands shot up and grabbed Bryce’s head inadvertently covering his ears but she was still loud enough for him to hear.

“Fuckin Christ.” Bryce could easily hear Sam’s muffled voice, secretly he was upset he couldn’t fully hear her, he loved the sound of her cumming and the fact he made her like that. “OHHAIEHA” Sam pushed Bryce’s head deeper into her breasts, Bryce pulled her top down, nearly ripping it in the process and tasted her now bare nipples, hard and warm in his mouth. He was shocked when a sudden shot of milk hit his mouth but the warm, sweet taste just made him suck harder, he hadn’t had breast milk in long time if ever – he couldn’t remember if his mother breast-fed him before she died. Sam looked down at her lover tasting her milk, it was one of the most erotic sights she’d ever seen and sent her on the way to a second orgasm. When she felt the first hit of Bryce’s cum hit her cunt she pulled his face up and kissed him as she came for the second time, she could taste her milk on his lips and loved it, she made note to try it again sometime soon.


We lay on the sofa together, I put my head on her stomach and listened to our child. As I held my ear to her I looked at her face, she had a look of peace and contentment on her face. That look reminded me that no matter what happens, when I’m with Sam I’m happier than I’ll ever be.

Chapter 17: Same Shit, Different Day.

While Sam and I were better than ever Johnny was still coming to terms with his brother’s death, because of Sam’s pregnancy I had to spend more time with her but when I got the chance I met Johnny at the train station.


Bryce arrived to find Jonathan sitting in the shade of the station shelter.

“Ain’t use to coming here in the daylight.” Johnny said as Bryce sat down beside him. Johnny offered Bryce a cigarette but he shook his head.

“I’ve quit.”

“Good luck.” Johnny lit the cigarette for himself. “So what’s up man we haven’t seen each other in long time.”

“Well when you see your best friend kill a badger with only his feet you tend to stay away.”

“Hey. When the fuck did we become friends?”

Bryce had to laugh at that. “I’, sorry I couldn’t spend more time with you Johnny, I’ve just been so busy with Sam and the kid.”

“Are you and Sam… Y’know?”

“Yeah we’re together now, we’re living together and we have a son on the way, he’s expected June/July. Christ Johnny I’ve done it, I’m actually in a relationship, I’ve never been in one before.”

“What about Elizabeth, what about Paige?”

“A real relationship, I went out with them just to fuck them they don’t count.”

The two friends laughed, remember their last conversation similar to this one. “Listen Bryce I am happy for you two even if I don’t seem it. I love Sam and I know how happy you make her, after what you’ve gone through together you deserve each other.”

“What about you, don’t you deserve something.”

“Nah, I was born in shit and I’ll die in shit. If I stay in shit it won’t seem so bad.”

“How wonderfully depressing of you.”

“Do you expect any less?”


We talked for hours, catching up on what we missed, our past, our future. I can’t explain it but there was an underlying sense that with everything changing we wouldn’t talk again for a long time. I felt like I was losing my friend.


Bryce only noticed the time when Jonathan got a text from Sam.

“Here, the missus wants you to head back.”

“What? Why’s she texting you?”

“She says she tried you but you weren’t answering your phone.”

Bryce immediately checked his pockets, only to find that he didn’t have his phone with him. It suddenly dawned on him where he left it.

“Shit, I left my phone at the Lake, I put it on the table before…”

“You mean to tell me, you haven’t noticed you left your phone for over three months?”

“I don’t have time to get into this I need to get back.”

“Well get going then, don’t let me stop you.”

“Sure, thank Johnny it’s been too long.”

“No problem. Listen before I forget Vincent’s funeral’s set for May, you can come if you want.”

“I’ll come for you, I don’t want any respect paid to the bastard, brother or otherwise.”

“I don’t blame you. See you.”

“Bye.” Ümraniye Escort Bryce jogged away, back to his apartment. Jonathan stayed in the shade a few more minutes, he thought things over in his head about Bryce and Sam.

“Lucky bastards.” He laughed under his breath before flicking his cigarette away and getting up.

Bryce arrived back at home just as the sun began to set in the distance. He rushed upstairs to find Sam sitting in their bed, reading a book wearing nothing but an open dressing gown and her reading glasses.

“There you are little brother, I thought you were ignoring me.”

“No way.”

“Then why didn’t you answer my texts?”

“Would you believe I left my phone at the Lake House?”

Sam struggled not to laugh as she pretended to think about her answer. “Yeah, I believe you. I bit stupid of you but stupid enough to be believable.”

Bryce climbed into bed beside Sam. “So why’d you want to talk to me, anything important?”

“Well I was feeling in the mood about an hour ago but when I had to text Jonathan to get you I kinda lost it.”

“Fuck, I didn’t think it be that important.”

Sam smirked. “You’re stupid enough to lose your phone, for three months, you get what’s coming to you. Besides it gave me a chance to catch up on my book.”

“What you reading?”

“Lady Chatterley’s Lover. Paige recommended it to me.”

“Hm, quite a saucy book for such an innocent little catholic girl like you to be reading.”

“Ah little brother you still don’t understand, as long as I feel guilty at the end of it I can repent my sins and be clean as a nun’s whistle.”

“The fuck is a nun doing with a whistle?”

Sam laughed at that, in doing so her breasts bounced on her chest which caught Bryce’s attention easily. When Sam saw that her cousin was watching her essentially jiggle it made her happy that he was still interest in her, the hormones from the pregnancy made her doubt her look but obviously Bryce didn’t doubt it for a second. Bryce was still watching her when her nipples hardened, excited by the feelings of lust that passed between them. Without saying a word, Bryce leaned forward and too his cousin’s nipple into his mouth again, once more tasting her sweet milk. Using his right hand, Bryce traced Sam’s legs up to her cunt. Her warmth getting stronger as he got closer, her wetness evident before his fingers even touched her pussy, when his entire hand cupped her Sam sighed in delight. Bryce sucked harder on Sam’s nipple, his index and ring finger stroked the lips of her cunt while his middle finger slipped in-between them and his thumb rubbed her clit. Sam gave out a little squeak as the feelings of ecstasy inside her grew, her cunt was sucking on Bryce’s hand, taking his fingers in deeper and deeper each time.

“Oh, heh, oh god little brother. Ke, ah, keep going.”

Bryce let go of Sam’s nipple and kissed her cheek, he nibbled on her ear and whispered. “I love you Sam.”

“I love, my god, I love you too.”

“Never lose you, never leave you.”

“Never little brother, never.”

Bryce’s hand got faster, Sam’s pussy was getting wetter and hotter by the second. “Bryce, I’m gonna, gonna come really soon.”

Bryce remained silent, all he did was lean forward and kiss Sam on the mouth, her legs squeezed together on his hand and she moaned into his mouth as she came but the sound was muffled by Bryce. Once her orgasm had calmed Sam looked deep into Bryce’s eyes, she kissed him again.

“Thank you.” She whispered.

Bryce just nodded. Sam rolled over and with Bryce’s arm over her stomach she fell asleep. Bryce followed her not long afterwards.


After a few days of teasing from Sam I managed to get a couple days off work to head up to the Lake House and get my stuff back. Even now I still can’t believe I left them there for so long, I mean I could understand after all I barely used my phone, Sam was always with me so we only needed her keys and John and Mary were paying for all the baby stuff. But for that amount of time? Maybe a higher power was at play here.


Despite being 6 months pregnant Sam insisted she come along with Bryce, obviously Bryce would drive the whole journey but he was happy to have the company. Intentionally or otherwise Sam was wearing near enough the same outfit as their last trip up together; the thin white tank top, the pink bra underneath, the short red skirt and, as Bryce had the pleasure of knowing beforehand, the pink thong. They had been on the road about an hour and were just reaching the quiet back-roads.

“It’s weird Sam, last time we took this journey we were joking about me seeing you change in your room, now I’ve seen so much more of you and I watch you get changed every day.”

“It’s called progress little brother, evolution. We grow and so we grow together.”

“I though you religious fuckers couldn’t use the ‘E’ word.”

“I’m open-minded Bryce, if I was some repressed weirdo we wouldn’t be together.”

“And yet when I say the littlest İstanbul Escort thing against your religion I get shit for it. How’s that fair?”

“It’s my religion so when I point out its faults I’m embracing the whole thing. When you point out its faults you’re focussing on one aspect and being offensive.”

“I can’t win with you can I?”

“Do you really want to risk it?”

Bryce put his hand over to Sam’s side, took her hand in his and kissed it. “No, I really don’t.”

It was late evening by the time they arrived at the motel, they didn’t get the same room as last time but the lay-out was identical. As before Sam went for a shower straight away, this time not forgetting a towel. The hot water bathing over her was a godsend, the trip up wasn’t as hot as the last one but still much too warm for her liking and to feel the sweat and grime pour away was bliss.

Sam was so engrossed with her shower she didn’t hear the door open, she was only aware of Bryce being in the same room when he joined her in the shower.

“Bryce? What the hell?”

“I couldn’t wait, the window’s stuck and it’s sticky as hell out there.”

“Hm? And I suppose the naked girl in here wasn’t a factor.”

Bryce hugged Sam from behind, cupping her breasts and kissing her neck. “More than you think Sam.”

Sam let her cousin’s hands wander her body, her own hands fell down and held her stomach. She no longer felt the shower, all that there was in the world was her and her lover. Bryce’s dick rose in-between her legs, rubbing against her pussy, he held her close and slowly entered her. Sam pushed against the wall as Bryce carefully fucked her, he didn’t want to make her fall or cause harm to the baby.

He took a whiff of her wet hair, she had washed it before he came in and the smell of strawberries added a brightness to her, almost as if her smile was bigger than before.

Sam loved the feeling of Bryce taking her from behind, his mouth on her neck, his hands on her body, treating her like the goddess he knew her to be. As Sam pushed back against the wall Bryce pushed forward, getting deeper and deeper into her. When Sam began to feel the start of a cum her knee went weak and she fell backwards, the force of her sent Bryce falling as well. He landed hard on the floor but he didn’t feel the pain, he only cared about if Sam was alright. When he heard Sam laughing his mind was put at ease, Sam turned to Bryce still laughing.

“I came little brother. When I fell on you I came.”

Bryce laughed with Sam, he kissed her then helped her up and they finished getting washed together.


We ordered a pizza again and talked through the night. Sam went to bed early but I stayed up a little longer, remembering the people I heard last time, as the night drew on I listened out for them.

The couple had stopped arguing about that piss stain.

The woman and the lesbian prostitute got the husband involved.

The man crying and jerking off finally found a partner.

Everyone was finding someone. Walking to the bedroom and watching Sam, I knew I had as well.

Chapter 18: Keeping It In The Family.

Even with the sleep I get from Sam I still wake up pretty early. When I looked at the clock on the wall it read 6:45, we weren’t in any hurry so I left Sam alone.


Sam stirred awake around 8:00 to find Bryce up and in the kitchen with a coffee.

“Hey pour me one will you?”


“You been up long?”

“Just over an hour, didn’t want to wake you.”

“You’re so considerate.” Sam said half-sarcastically as she sat down at the table, Bryce poured their coffees and sat down beside her.

“I was thinking Sam, about this trip. It’ll be afternoon by the time we get there but if we leave straight away it’ll be early morning before we get home. You fancy stopping off at the shops, getting some food and staying the night, we can head home early tomorrow.”

“I’d love it, a chance away from everyone, just the two of us. How it all began.”

Bryce put his hand on her stomach. “Only this time we’ve got an extra passenger.”

Sam gave a half smile and kissed Bryce.

The two of them packed up and left within the hour, a light drizzle of rain cooled them down as they drove, the windows open and the roof up. At one point Sam stuck her head out the window and let the wind take her over, when she sat back down her hair was a mess but neither she nor Bryce cared.

When they arrived at the Lake House Bryce dropped Sam off and headed into town, he found George’s shop, it was nearly empty so Bryce could feel George watching him as he gathered the food. He dreaded going to the counter but he needed to face George, face the judgement.

To his surprise George smiled when he reached the counter. “I didn’t think it was you Mr Dawltry. I heard about your little skinny dip and I feared the worst.”

“It’ll take more than some cold water to kill me George.”

George laughed. “Bryce I know well enough not to pry into personal business but you start making jokes and I’ll start thinking you’ve got over it, I don’t want to bring up some uncomfortable shit.”

“Then we’ll leave it at that. How are Cameron and his wife doing?”

“Good, they had a kid a few months ago, a daughter.”

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