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Kayla stepped onto her bath mat after a long, warm shower. Taking care with moisturizing, she reveled in the sweet smell of the lotion on her skin. There was a kind of satisfaction in moving the thick cream over her skin, and seeing it vanish.

Sam was out at the supermarket. She had come home to no one but a very hungry, loudly meowing Milo.

He was still furloughed and doing a lot of the shopping. Kayla wanted to avoid the hassle of showing up to a store, after work, in scrubs and getting dirty looks. Their fear was fair.

She pictured him standing in line, waiting to enter the supermarket, imagining his red beard poking out from underneath his mask.

When applying night cream, she began to notice some fine lines around her eyes. It was not uncommon for someone in their late twenties to have signs of aging, though it still left her with at feeling of dread.

Toweling her hair, she made her way to their bedroom. The edge of the towel trailing off her wrapped head, grazed her neck. She felt herself reminded of earlier that morning.

She had been getting ready for work. Looking through her drawers for scrub tops, she suddenly felt Sam’s embrace around her.

Holding her tight, she could feel his beard prickle her neck as his mouth made contact with her neck. She felt his hard dick grind against the top of her fat ass, making her panties bunch. He squeezed one of her tits through her bed shirt. She could smell the musty morning pre-shower scent emanating from his hair and skin. He prodded his cock against her rear a second time before she broke their embrace.

“I have to leave in ten minutes, Sam.”

“I’ll see you later then.” He said resigned, with a small smile.

He was stroking himself over his pajama bottoms with a satisfied dreamy look.

Sam planted a small kiss on her forehead, and gave her a quick hard spanking as she went to bathroom to dress.

She knew when she left, he would lay in bed and touch himself (If only to settle the morning urge to do so).

She found herself standing in the silence of a darkening mid afternoon. She found herself alone in their apartment. Alone and aroused.

Laying an escort şişli extra towel on their bed, she already knew what her intentions were. She settled back on their bed, spreading and relaxing her legs. Resisting the urge to reach for her phone, she ran her fingertips up her thighs. Shivering, she massaged her hips. She caressed her stomach and brought her attention to her breasts. Each nipple was puckered by the coolness of the room. Her pale skin became covered from head to toe in goosebumps, as her body responded to the temperature of the room.

She tried to remain mindful of her physical response to stimulation. Everything she had read online told her to focus inward.

She didn’t think there was anything wrong with porn. Though most of the tube site videos seemed exploitative, and she felt guilty that the performers did not receive the profits of stolen material.

There was a duality in her nature. One part of her knew every person was deserving of respect. The other part of her got off to videos of people getting fucked in the most degrading and base way possible. There was a certain aesthetic beauty to weird and sometimes agonizing sex.

She had relied on pornography to achieve climax for over a decade. This wasn’t the first time she had tried to give it up. Maybe it wouldn’t be her last.

This time she wanted to distance herself from porn to bring more intimacy and focus into her sex life with Sam. She always noticed she would cum harder and easier when she gave it up for awhile. The rewards seemed to outweigh the convenience.

Twisting her nipples harder, her stomach quivered and she let out a moan. She brought all of her focus to what she was doing to herself. How good it felt. How she would be the author of her own release.

She was already frustrated.

“I could just pull up some video of a dude blowing it down some woman’s throat, or pegging, or anything to speed this up.” She thought.

She shook the idea out of her head and continued. It did, after all, feel pretty nice.

She wanted to wait until her body took full notice of her arousal before touching her pussy. She wanted to ache for touch and release.

She taksim escort bayan let her fingertips trace the outline of her lips, with her left hand as she squeezed her right tit.

The feeling on her lips was euphoric. Her mouth was so sensitive. So many nerves. So many possibilities. She loved sucking dick, albeit sometimes for selfish reasons.

Sucking her index and middle finger, she felt her mouth and throat fill. She pulled her fingers in and out, feeling her clit throb and swell with the exquisite friction against her lips.

“This must be what Sam feels. I wonder how it compares to the rest of me.” She mused, noticing the texture of the inside of her mouth.

Her hand slick with saliva, was brought to her cunt. Feeling a patch of hair, as her fingers found their way to her entrance. She was already rewarded with slick desire. She entered herself, with a smooth slow motion, letting out a whine. Moving her fingers inside of herself she felt all of her folds and rigidity.

Her body responded in kind, with a gentle squeeze around her fingers. Her pussy seemed to be thanking her with a small hug for her attentions.

Kayla pulled the wetness from inside herself over her vulva. Her legs tensed. She continued fucking herself with her hand, finally bringing her attention to her clitoris. Circling it with her thumb, she started to pant.

She didn’t have to focus her mind on the pleasure anymore. It was here. Nothing could distract her from relearning her body’s language.

Her legs buckled and shook, with the sensation from her pelvis. Her hand cramped and she switched to just using her middle finger on her clit. Playing with the pressure and speed, she relished in rediscovery.

She remembered a couple of techniques she had learned from OMGyes, back when some of the videos were free to sample.

Rolling over on her front, she cupped her pussy. Grinding her body against her hand, she felt each pulse of pleasure as her fingers found her vulva.

She humped slow, and fast, moaning into her pillow with each thrust of her hips.

She felt herself get wetter. Her labia were firmer, and warm with escort beşiktaş blood flow. She humped faster, taking her fingers inside of her again and letting her thumb take over her clit.

“Fuck, I wish Sam was inside me.” She thought.

Her clit was harder. Her arm was cramped from her resting her weight on it, but the rest just felt so good. She couldn’t stop. She kept pistoning her hips against her hand. She felt the tension rise in her g spot, and push forward to her vulva. Her cunt squeezed around her fingers in pulses, nearly pushing her fingers out with each spasm.

She let out a cry, feeling her body shudder. The rapture filled her pelvis, traveling to her lungs as she breathed hard. The orgasm ended in her head filling it with tension and an intense vision of green light.

Feeling the thick hair around her cunt as she palmed her pussy securing herself. She felt herself coming down from her orgasm, and her breathing slowed.

She rolled onto her back wondering if she could cum more than once. She remembered another trick she had read about.

Kayla gently stroked her labia in long delicate stokes. She spread her legs further. Teasing around her hood with her middle and index fingers, she hummed through her nose, responding to the pressure.

She massaged her breast with her right hand. Kayla pinched her clit in thumb and index finger. She rolled it, moaning softly. She pulled and pinched at her clitoris, feeling the most intense sensation she ever had in her years of playing with herself.

Hand cramping, she became more frenzied in her approach. Her breathing picked up and she sighed as she felt her second orgasm move over her. This time her pleasure was almost completely focused in her pussy and lower body. Her legs quivered and shook with the ecstasy. She moaned louder, her volume rising with the intensity of her climax.

She felt a small gush of release with each spasm seep into the towel beneath her.

It felt as if wind moved through her body with each breath. Her toes curled and her panting cut off in a whimper, as she felt the aftershock.

Kayla relaxed her legs. She let her fingers retire to gentle strokes along, and around her labia. She tried focusing her breathing, as she felt her cervix throb inside of her.

She could hear the bees buzz around the azalea bushes, outside their bedroom window.

She remembered she had forgotten to tell Sam to pick up bread.

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