Schoolgirls of St. Cats 10


Samantha Page shivered as she walked quietly between the sleeping girls in the dormitory. Moonlight lit their forms, casting pale shadows over the piles of discarded school uniforms, sports kit and school bags. The teenager thought briefly of returning to her bed, but she knew that she needed to get away, make herself a warm drink in the rec room, try and get over her excitement of turning eighteen in the morning.

She glanced at the clock on the wall – perhaps she was eighteen already? She fumbled with her glasses, the hands coming into sharp relief. Eleven forty-five. Another fifteen minutes to go!

Outside in the corridor, Samantha felt more than a little exposed. Her nightie was too short and flimsy to be wearing on a night like this. She wouldn’t have worn it, but had promised her auntie. Really, she thought, it was more appropriate to a much younger girl. The cold draught in the corridor curled around her bare legs, making the pink material float up to her bare hips. Half-way there – no point in going back for leggings or a dressing gown now, she thought. Best to get it over with.

The door to the rec room was open. Samantha took a moment to adjust to the light – the last thing she wanted to do was to knock over a chair on the way to microwave. The teenager felt self-consciously clumsy: she still hadn’t got used to her growing body, her long limbs, her womanly physique.

There was something odd in the girls’ recreation room: a faint smoky smell. Samantha had the distinct feeling that there was someone else hiding in the room. And the doors to the garden were open!

The girl paused, mustering her courage. Should she go and find the on-duty teacher, and face the horrible prospect of not being allowed out tomorrow for being out of bed at this time? Or should she just go and close the doors…

Samantha pushed her glasses up on her nose and walked confidently across to the French windows. She leant out, grabbing the handles instinctively – and then uttered a terrible gasp. There was a man, standing in the dark, his back to the schoolgirl, smoking a cigarette. At the sound of the gasp, he whirled around, reaching out, grabbing her wrists. The man propelled Samantha back into the building with his movement, she stumbled, falling over backwards, and then groaning with his weight as he fell on top of her.

He pushed himself back up.

“Oh god, I am sorry, you scared the living wits out of me!”

Samantha immediately recognized his voice.

“Mr Fathers?”

In the moonlight, she could see the smile on his face


He sighed.

“You just caught me indulging my bad habit. I’m so sorry, imagine what people would think if they came across us like this.”

The teacher slipped out from under the teenager’s leg. He stood, reaching across to a low-lamp set on the coffee table.

“That’s better.”

He glanced down at the long-limbed gazelle-like girl, trying to get to her feet.

“You probably ought to cover yourself up a little.”

He looked embarrassed.

“I was just getting a cup of cocoa.”

Mr Fathers grinned.

“Sounds innocent enough to me.”

He walked over to the microwave, opening cupboards, setting out mugs.

Samantha looked across to him. He was tall and darkly handsome. A real man, she thought. His tight white t-shirt showed off his musculature.

The schoolgirl struggled to find the words.

“I wanted to say, sir, how sorry we all were.”

The teacher sighed.

“That’s very kind of you, Samantha. It was a horrible shock to me, as you must know. And I miss my family very much.”

The teacher gave the teenager her hot drink and settled down in a low chair. He blew carefully on his cocoa.

“Is there much gossip?”

Samantha wanted to give him a hug. He looked so vulnerable. She nodded her head slowly.

“Can you tell me?”

The girl sat down on the coffee table next to Mr Fathers, their knees almost touching.

“They say you came home early from a school trip, and found her with someone.”

“Do they say who?”


Stephen Fathers sighed.

“That’s a relief, in a way. It’s all rather messy and I’d rather it didn’t become public knowledge. I suppose it didn’t come as that much of a shock. Sex life had gone to hell in a handcart recently.”

The girl placed Yalova Escort a hand on his leg. It felt very hard and muscly, much larger than she’d have thought.

“You must be lonely.”

The teacher laughed.

“With you lot? Teaching personal and social education every day, all the hours we have…”

He caught sight of her anxious face, her fingers playing anxiously with her strawberry blonde hair.

“I’m sorry. You’re right, of course. It’s bloody lonely without the kids, and I miss not having someone to cuddle up with.”

The man lent forward, kissing the schoolgirl on the cheek.

“It’s lovely that you should care about me. You know, I don’t even mind my nickname.”

Samantha blushed.


“Well, it’s a little predictable. ‘Daddy’ Fathers. But it’s affectionate, which is more than I can say for ‘Carpet’ Byrne, and more subtle than “The Bull”, for Miss Forsdyke. Oh,” he said, catching her expression, “we know them all.”

Samantha laughed, putting down her empty mug.

“I must go to bed.”

The girl lent over to kiss the man on the cheek, stumbling slightly. Her hand went down to support her weight, finding the teacher’s firm thigh, a long hard object under her hand.


The girl lifted her hand, suddenly collapsing onto the teacher’s lap.

“I hope you haven’t crushed my cigarettes!”

Mr Fathers squeezed his hand into his pocket, pulling out a rather squashed packet. He examined it ruefully, and threw them down on the chair.

“We ought to go to bed,” he said, “it’s gone midnight.”

Samantha wriggled on his lap.

“Birthday kiss?”

‘Daddy’ Fathers looked surprised.

“Certainly. Congratulations. Eighteen I suppose.”

The girl nodded happily, squirming on his lap. She slid forward, intending to hug the man, to give him an innocuous kiss. Their mouths met – Samantha could taste the cocoa on his mouth, the rather masculine faint smell of tobacco. The kiss wasn’t as innocent as she’d intended – it lasted a little too long, lingering beyond the point of a friendly birthday kiss.

Samantha could feel movement beneath her, there was something hard pressing into her inner thigh.

“Am I crushing your cigarettes?” she asked.

“No… not my cigarettes this time. Rather afraid that nature is making itself known.”

He raised his arms behind her, clearly intending to help her back to her feet. Instead, his hands lifted her short pink nightie, revealing her bare bum on his lap.

Samantha wriggled again.

“Do you mean that’s…”, she thought for a moment, “your cock, Daddy?”

The teacher snorted.

“You can’t say ‘cock’ and ‘Daddy’ like that, it’s just wrong!”

Samantha kissed him on the cheek again. The man felt her soft hair against his face. Behind her, his hands dropped to her long, elegant back, sliding down to her rounded, womanly bum. The schoolgirl lifted her body up over him, adjusting her position, then lowering herself back onto his lap. Now she could feel his erection pressing against her pussy.

“You don’t have any pants on!” the man whispered, “we can’t do this!”

“You do,” Samantha said back, “we’re not touching…”

The teenager tensed her thigh muscles, rocking herself back and forward, feeling an irresistible pressure rubbing against her, feeling the man’s hands clench on her buttocks, encouraging her movements. Samantha lifted the teacher’s t-shirt from his waist, pulling it up and over his short, curly brown hair. His chest was broad and masculine, hairy – without being overwhelmingly so. The teenager rested her hands on him, feeling his manly warmth and strength.

Mr Page swallowed hard. If Samantha carried on like this, he knew he wouldn’t last. He slid her nightie up her back, lifting it over her raised arms. The girl’s blonde hair fell over her shoulders. The teacher pulled her towards him, finding her breasts with his mouth, letting her a stiff nipple slide across his cheek to his mouth. He bit it softly, feeling the eighteen year old moan gently, flicking it with his tongue.

Now the girl slid from his lap and knelt on the floor. She reached back along the low chair, finding the waistband of his pyjamas, pulling them from under his bum. As she struggled, he lifted himself. The elastic snagged on his erection, pulling it down. Samantha gave it another Yalova Escort Bayan tug, and the hard cock sprung up, striking her on the cheek. It felt natural to the teenager to hold it in her hand, to stroke it gently. The teacher growled pleasurably.

Samantha said, “is it getting bigger?”

She looked up at the teacher, looking down at her.

“Can I taste your cock, Daddy?”

A smile played across the man’s face.

“You really shouldn’t…,” he started, and then he looked down, seeing the schoolgirl’s tongue extending towards his erection.

“Oh, you really should…”

Samantha licked along its length, from the stubby base, along its soft length, to the wet, salty end. She opened her lips, letting the end fall naturally into her mouth. It seemed so large, so completely occupying, like having an enormous lollipop in her mouth. She closed her eyes, letting her head rise and fall, tasting the flavour of the teacher’s excitement growing in her mouth. The teenager felt the man’s hands on her head, playing with her soft, strawberry blonde hair.

The teacher groaned softly.

“You have to stop now, Samantha.”

The girl broke off, looking up at the man, her face completely innocent.

Mr Fathers sighed.

“Sweetheart, if you carry on like that, you’re going to make me orgasm in your mouth – and believe me, I have an awful lot of cum…”

The schoolgirl stood up.

“Don’t you want to cum?”

The teacher took her hands, pulling the teenager down to his lap again.

“Oh yes,” he said, “you have no idea.”

He encouraged her forward, finding her lips with his mouth. They kissed: he could taste his excitement in her mouth.

“I want to cum in your mouth”, he said, “I want to cum inside you. I want to cover you with cum, I want to see you glisten…”

The girl wriggled on his lap, excited to feel the man’s naked erection pressing against her pussy.

“Where shall we start?”

Samantha rocked her hips gently, feeling the pressure against her growing.

Stephen Fathers groaned. He could feel her pussy lips pressing against him, her wetness lubricating her actions. He lifted her bum with his powerful arms, pulling her forward.

Samantha made a small surprised sound. One minute, the teacher had been pressing against her, the next moment he’d raised her – her pussy opening like a flower, then dropping down upon his cock. The immediacy of the penetration overwhelmed her, filled her up, completely consuming her body. Now he cupped her cheeks, encouraging her to slide up and down on him, his strength making her soft body, her wet pussy, her excited clitoris rub against his firm, manly body.

“Oh,” the schoolgirl repeated, the waves of excitement travelling through her body – so familiar, and yet so much more powerful than when she played with herself. This wasn’t what she expected at all – already small sparks of an orgasm were tracing their way along her thighs and in her belly, gathering around her pussy and her clit.

The teacher was groaning now.

Samantha stroked his hair away from his sweaty face.

“Are you cumming, Daddy?” she asked sweetly.

“I can’t,” he grunted, “I can’t…”

Samantha pouted. He might not be able to, but she was very close.

“Not inside you, not like this…”

Now she understood. The teenager lifted herself up, and settled back down on the floor. Mr Father’s cock was even larger now, wet with her excitement. She parted his legs, stroking his inner thigh, caressing his balls. Carefully, Samantha leant forward, her tongue licking his balls, and then rising to stem. She paused a moment, curious to taste her own pussy juice on the teacher’s erection. Their mingled flavours making her ache inside for her own orgasm. The schoolgirl touched herself, feeling her wet lips still parted from their first fuck, her clitoris firm and excited.

Samantha thought about those balls, all that excitement inside them, desperate to explode.

She grasped his cock, angling it between her lips and sucking it deep into her mouth. The girl knew from that moment that the teacher couldn’t hold on. His hands had dropped to his side, his hips were bucking. Samantha rubbed her clit in time with her head, rocking backwards and forwards, the orgasm growing inside her body, and inside her mouth.

Suddenly, Escort Yalova Stephen Fathers jerked, groaning loudly, his cock falling from Samantha’s mouth. She half stood up, trying to gather it back, when a long stream of cum shot from the end. As she grabbed it, the cum landed on her cheek, her neck, her breasts. With a grunt, the second fell on her belly, trickling down her body, to her wet pussy, tracing a line down her thighs.

Samantha lowered her head.

“You’ve cum all over my pussy, Daddy,” she whispered, taking the end of the throbbing cock in her mouth.

This time, the schoolgirl could barely taste her juice on the teacher’s erection. The musky taste of cum was overwhelming. Samantha felt a final spurt on her tongue, in her mouth. She sucked hard, swallowing the last of the teacher’s spunk. As she licked it clean, it grew softer in her hands.

They sat in silence for a moment. Samantha felt the man’s breathing returning to normal. She caressed his cock, hoping to feel it spring back to life. It felt horribly unfair, she thought, that it should end like this for him, and like this for her.

“Right,” said Stephen Fathers, sitting upright, “your turn, I think.”

The naked schoolgirl looked at him in the moonlight. She could see there was a glint in his eye.

“Take a seat, Miss Page, I want to have a good hard look at what you’ve been up to.”

The teenager giggled.

“We’re not in class now, sir.”

The teacher smiled.

“First daddy, now sir… well, little miss, you don’t think you can get away that easily. Sit in that chair!”

The teenager picked up her glasses from the floor, putting them on, and swapping places with the man. The chair was hot and sweaty, but very comfortable. Mr Fathers took her ankles and spread her legs apart. She had a wonderful body, he thought. Almost athletic, and yet womanly. Nice round bum, shapely breasts. A truly beautiful cunt, its wet lips parted with excitement. It was a shame she had so much cum on that young body of hers. Incredibly, he felt himself growing stiff again at the thought of his spunk all over her body. He lent forward over her naked body, feeling her breasts pressing against his chest.

They kissed, their tongues meeting. The teacher found the taste of his cum in her mouth strangely exciting, could feel his cock hardening, pressing against her thighs. They broke off, the schoolgirl finding his lip, sucking it gently.

“I’m so dirty, Daddy,” she whispered, “how will I get clean again?”

The teacher crouched down over her body. His tongue ran down her neck, towards her breasts, tasting sweat and cum on her youthful skin. The teenager giggled.

“Are you going to lick me clean?”

The man slid down to her belly, sucking and kissing hungrily at her flesh. The girl’s pubes were soft and downy. Carefully he licked them with firm strokes of his tongue, knowing he was tugging at her body, knowing she could feel the movement in her clit. Samantha moaned softly.

The soft pubes gave way to hairless skin, Mr Fathers’ tongue explored her mouth. Soft and velvety, wet with her pussy juice, their sweat, his cum. Then he was on her firm young clitoris, pressing down with his mouth, sucking and licking, feeling it grow. He stroked her soft inner thighs with his rough hands, reaching forward to her pussy, pulling the wet lips open, licking along the inside, feeling warm juice coating the inside of his mouth.

The schoolgirl was almost humming with pleasure now, unable to control her breathing. Mr Fathers lapped at her pussy and her clit, alternating between fast, shallow licks and hard, slow penetration. The teenager was beginning to squeal quietly, gently rocking in the chair, her glasses glinting in the moonlight.

Samantha’s orgasm burst hard and fast in her body. Lightning flashes of pleasure coursed through her long limbs, her soft belly, her rounded arse. She gripped the teacher’s head hard, urging him to do something – anything – harder and faster. Her elegant legs wrapped around his muscular back, urging him on.

At the height of her orgasm, he broke away – and then was back inside her – sliding in with an immediacy and a power that made the hairs rise on her neck. He grunted, pushing deep inside her, his powerful body jerking with pleasure, their voices merging together with their powerful orgasms.

They fell together, kissing and panting, she tasting her wet pussy juice in his mouth, him revelling in the musky flavours on her tongue.

A cloud passed in front of the moon, and the room fell dark and quiet.

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