School sluts


School slutsI was sat in p.e pushing my boner down secretly. I kept thinking of my hot teacher Ms.Jule. Just imagining her gagging on my dick was incredible. After our dodgeball game I went over to the teachers lounge where I found two of the hottest and sluttiest girls in our school, Lexy and Emily. Lexy with thick black hair down to mid back normal height for a 16 year old and Emily. 6″ blonde hair down to her ass. Emily was more tanned as lexy was a nice white. I take a seat as the teacher calls out our names. When she’d finished she left and said she’d be back in 45 minutes. She left the room and ten minutes had past before Emily decided she was bored and walked over to me to grab my cock through my trousers. She stroked it and called me a bad boy. She unzipped my trousers and pulled down my pants to see my rock hard cock. She started licking it as lexy joined her. Emily pulled down her trousers slowly whilst looking back at me, to reveal her pink thong which she Demetevler Escort also pulled down and off. Meanwhile lexy had my whole dick down her throat. I could feel the back of her throat as she was gagging and spit was coming up and guzzling down my balls. Emily had a medium size but such a tight ass. She spat softly on her first and middle fingers and inserted them in her ass as she watched me. Gazing at me. She slowly turned around and unbuttoned her top and took off her pink bra to reveal her small bit perky boobs. She walked towards me and placed her lips on my lips where she would give me tongues. Feeling her spit on my tongue was like sex on its own. “I want you to make me cry with your dick.”I pushed lexy off my dick for her to get some air as a bunch of sloppy mess fell onto her chest. She decided to take off her top and bra to reveal her perfect tits. So round and perky. She ripped off Otele Gelen Escort her black skin tight jeans to show me her amazing fat ass. So juicy, she left her blue thong on as I requested her to. I led Emily down on the sofa and shoved my dick in her mouth. Fucking her throat into the sofa. Lexy jumped in front of my face and I tore her panties off. I rummaged my face into her pussy lips. I spat on them and licked them hard for her. I made her squirt into my mouth several times where I swallowed. “Emily I’m gunna cum in your throat you little whore!” I couldn’t help myself ejaculating into and down her throat where she swallowed with my cock still in her mouth. That didn’t stop me. I placed it back in and fucked her mouth until she was trying to pull herself off where she couldn’t breath. I didn’t let her, I pushed her into my raging hard-on. Making spit and sloppy mess come up onto her face covering Balgat Escort her nose and eyes. I saw her eyes water and I pulled out and shot my load all over both their faces. “You wanted me to make you cry” Emily replied “you dirty little cunt”. As she got up from the sofa and pulled out a giant black dildo. I took it off her and bent lexy over. She had cum all over her face. She was sweating so badly. It was so hot. Her ass was something to worship as I rammed my dick into her ass. She yelped and moaned so much. She couldn’t help it. I pummelled all my force into her as she pushed hers back into me. Emily led on top of her with her pussy in Lexie’s mouth. She tongued her pussy rough. I kept fucking her ass as I shoved the dildo into Emily’s ass. We kept this going for only 30 seconds until Emily was screaming. “Oh my god, I can’t feel my legs.” She was having the orgasm of a lifetime. Moaning hard. “Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Oh yes oh shit I’m going to cum so hard” until finally like a fire hydrant she squirted so hard and powerful into Lexie’s face that it washed the cum off of her face. “Kneel down girls” I forced them as I pull out of her ass and squirt my dick juice hard into their mouths and all over their faces. They both swallow all that was in their mouths and wipe off their face. What a hardcore fuck session that was.

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