Scary Summer Ch. 01


I guess I’ll start this by telling you a little about me. My name is Rachel; I am 23, and I go to Vanderbilt. I am working on my Masters there.

I am by no means what most people would find super sexy. I am 5’2, 115 lbs, short legs, and an A cup (most people love bigger breasted women). I do have blonde hair and blue eyes.

My parents are married, and live in Oregon. I go home over summer break. My sister is 19, lives at home, doesn’t work, and does drugs all day – kind of the black sheep.

I pull into my parents drive way in Corvallis, and I start taking my things inside. As normal, my mom and Katie, my sister, are fighting. My mom gives me a big hug and says, “I need to get out of here for a bit; let’s go get a drink.”

Mom and I got to Harrison’s around 3. We had a few drinks, and then Teghan, our old next door neighbor saw us.

“Oh my God! Rachel! How are you? I haven’t seen you in so long!” We exchanged hugs, and she ordered all three of us a shot.

Teghan was 21, and friends with myself and my sister. She was always very out going. She wasn’t what most would consider super sexy. She is/was 5’8, 170, red hair, green eyes, pale skin – a ginger. What stood out was her massive chest.

Teghan was begging me to come over for a little while. “well, I do need to go home and start dinner,” mom said.

Teghan got to her duplex. Ankara bayan escort It was nice inside. Kitchen and living room where down stairs, it had a basement, and the bedrooms were upstairs.

We laid on her bed, drank a bottle of wine, and watched The Breakfast Club. It was getting late, and I asked her if she had any night clothes that would fit me.

I took off my shorts and laid them on the ground. When I bent down to put the pajama bottoms on, I felt hand go around my waist and a mouth on my neck.

Out of reaction, I dropped my head and let out a deep sigh. “Teghan, I’m not bi.” She obviously didn’t care. Her hands shot to my pantie covered clit and started making circles.

“Teghan, please stop,” I forced out. She didn’t. I felt a hand unhook my bra and begin running over my small chest.

Teghan: “this can be our little secret, Rachel.”

Me: “Teghan, I just don’t think we should.”

She was undressed and shoved me on her bed. I attempted to get up, put she jumped on me and sat her vagina right on my face!

I tried to make an argument while I was staring right at her asshole and my mouth covered by her very wet vagina. I could feel her taking my panties off.

I felt a hard slap on my vagina. “Rachel, eat my pussy you snooty whore!” The blow was painful, so I did what she asked. She began to moan as I Escort bayan Ankara felt a dry finger enter my vagina.

“For someone who isn’t bi, you have a very wet hole, Rach.” I felt my face get red and hot in shame. I was a little wet!

I felt a second finger enter me as I moaned into Teghan’s pussy.

“Like that – don’t ya’, whore?”

I stopped eating Teghan out feeling my own climax on the way when she entered a 3rd finger in me. She was finger fucking me fast and hard, and as much as my mind said that I didn’t want it – I came. Hard.

I hadn’t even noticed, but I had been eating Teghan out, vigorously. She was about to cum herself! Before I knew what was happening, she began squirting all over my mouth and chin.

I felt some extreme discomfort on/in my vagina. I began to wiggle and buck my hips. Teghan’s asshole had slid down to my mouth when I felt it push all the way through.

I let out moans and cries of pain as Teghan laughed. “I knew you were a whore. I just got my whole fist in you!”

I felt her pumping and wiggling her fingers around in me. So much friction as I kissed her asshole and dove my tongue in. My body began to shake and shudder, then it happened. I started cumming again.

In my drunk, sexual, first bi, emotional, fix, I guess I had reached around and began rubbing her clit while I ate her ass. Bayan escort Ankara

I felt her fist leave me, as she spread her ass cheeks. Allowing my tongue to go in deeper. I could tell she was close, again.

“Eat my ass you fucking whore! I bet you love this shit!”

Teghan started squirting all over my chest as I felt her rubbing her cum all over my flat breasts.

She jumped off my face and began kissing me, and I kissed back. My hand shot down to her vagina, and I slipped a finger in.

“I knew you’d love it, Rach.”

I woke up in the morning, naked, with Teghan’s arm around me. I quickly got out of her grasp and went to the bathroom.

While I was peeing, I quickly started remembering what had happened as I put my head in my hands in shame.

I went in and woke Teghan up, as she grabbed my head and started kissing me. I quickly pulled my head away. “Can you take me home?” She smiled and started getting dressed.

I smoked about 8 cigarettes on the way home as Teghan’s hands kept finding my leg. I had to keep knocking it off my leg, and when we got home, I raced inside.

In all her glory, there was Katie on the couch smoking out of her pipe. “Rach, come here,” she said. “Want a hit?”

I said no thanks, and she grabbed my arm.

“Take a hit or I’ll tell mom and dad you’re gay!”

“What?.. what are you talking about?”

“Teghan txt me this morning, and told me all about your night.” She winked at me and held up her fist.

I snagged the pip from her hand and took a hit.

“It’s okay, Rach. Just don’t be a cunt, and I won’t tell mom and dad.”

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