Scarlett , Violet Pt. 03

*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.


Lori sat at the rotunda in the lobby of the eleventh floor and smiled as Violet Smith got off the elevator. The pretty blonde smiled back at the red headed, freckled receptionist.

“Merry Christmas,” Lori said in greeting.

“Merry Christmas,” Violet said in reply.

She had to admit, Lori looked cute in her very short ‘Elf’ costume, red and white stocking cap on her head, held in place by the telephone head set.

Ever since Thanksgiving, she’d come to change her opinion of the bone thin red head that sat in the lobby of Ubelhorn and Associates. She used to think that Lori Taylor was brash and trashy, but now she saw that under that brassy exterior was a frightened and insecure little girl.

For her part, Lori knew that Violet Smith, the shy, quiet twenty year old blonde and Gustav Ubelhorn’s nineteen year old daughter, Scarlett, were lovers, but if Gustav wanted to believe that the two were just good friends, the twenty three year old receptionist wasn’t going to be the one to break the news to him.

“You look cute in that outfit,” Violet said as she walked past the rotunda.

“Thanks,” Lori giggled. “I actually hate Christmas, well, except for Jake and Suzy, you know, but what the hell, huh?”

“Hate Christmas?” Violet asked and stopped to look at the skinny girl.

“Yeah, I never know what to get anyone, I always screw it up and get them the ‘Gee, thanks, you shouldn’t have,’ type of gifts, you know?” Lori admitted.

“Yeah, I know!” Violet agreed. “I mean, I have no idea what to get for Scarlett, or Mr. Ubelhorn, or even my ‘Secret Santa.'”

She stepped closer to the rotunda and whispered, “I drew Lynne Ann! What do you get for a woman that hates everybody and everything?”

“Don’t get her a gun, that’s for sure!” Lori laughed and Violet smiled as well.

“Ubelhorn and Associates, how may I direct your call?” Lori said into her mouthpiece and waved her ‘good-bye’ to Violet.

Violet entered the main office and walked to her cubicle. Lynne Ann was already seated at the next cubicle, and Violet felt slightly Nauseous as she could smell the lingering odor of the three pack a day cigarette habit that Lynne Ann had. The four foot eight inch tall, two hundred and twenty pound woman, with her crew cut hairstyle, glowered at the computer screen and muttered obscenities under her breath.

Violet sighed and turned her own computer on, then sat to wait for the computer to warm up so that she could clock in and get started on the data entry. She clocked in, then checked the inter-office e-mails. She frowned, Amber Goldman had sent her a new batch of jokes.

The five foot three inch tall blonde had gone to school with Amber Goldman; had many of the same classes, and had graduated together. But they’d never been friends with each other.

However last month, when Lori had been out of the office for a month on some extended leave of absence, Violet had replaced her at the rotunda and Gustavv Ubelhorn had hired Amber to fill in at the Data Entry Department. She’d proved to be adequate at her job, so when Lori returned, Gustav had kept Amber on.

Now, Amber thought that she and Violet were the best of buddies and sent her an endless stream of filthy jokes. Most of them dealt with homosexuality; Violet didn’t read them, just deleted them.

Chapter 2

Amber flicked her long dirty blonde hair behind her ear and rapidly typed in the employee hours for the automotive repair shop. Ubelhorn and Associates was a payroll management company and Vince’s was one of their clients.

The five foot seven inch girl made quick work of the small batch, then looked around to make sure no one was watching her. She logged on to the Internet and went to her favorite web site to see if there were any new jokes.

“Q: What do lesbians do during their time of the month? A: Finger-paint!”

She rapidly typed Violet e-mail and waited for a reply.

“Stuck up bitch,” she muttered when there was no reply.

Just because Violet had big tits and a nice ass, and that light blonde hair and pretty blue eyes, and was friends with the boss’s daughter, she thought she was such hot shit.


Violet would have been shocked at that thought; she was terminally shy. She and Scarlett had become friends this past Halloween simply because, unbeknownst to each other, Scarlett had donned a sexy devil costume, and Violet had steeled her nerves and worn a sexy little angel costume. The two shy girls shared a good laugh at each other’s costume, had eaten lunch together, and started a friendship. That Halloween night, their new friendship spilled over into Scarlett’s bedroom and Violet moved her stuff in two days later.


Scarlett Ubelhorn pushed her long black hair out of her eyes and rapidly scribbled the answers to the Statistics exam. Her dark, almond shaped eyes squinted as she tried to make sense bursa otele gelen escort out of the damned question; Professor Hudson was notorious for putting ‘trick’ questions in his exams. She looked up and saw Eric Greene looking at her, and quickly looked back down at the paper.

She felt so guilty, even though she’d not done anything. She’d noticed Eric at the gym when she went in to lift weights and had to admit, he was sexy. He had long blonde hair, a strong square face, bulging muscles, and an obvious lump in his shorts. But she was in love with Violet, was in a committed relationship with Violet Smith, and certainly wasn’t looking for a man. Yet, she felt something tingle when she looked at the tall twenty two year old.

She finally finished and brought her papers up to Professor Hudson. The scrawny old man, with his ill-fitting suit and slight paunch, did not try to disguise his blatant admiration of the attractive nineteen-year-old girl. His assistant was a little less obvious in his admiration of Scarlett, but she did not make eye contact with either one of the two men.

Her peanut butter colored skin, long black hair, and almond eyes were thanks to her paternal grandmother; Quan Xi, the product of a South Korean prostitute and an African American soldier. Her thirty-six breasts and thirty-seven inch hips were courtesy of her maternal grandmother; a woman she had not seen since infancy. Her washboard abdomen and twenty-nine inch waist was due to three nights a week at the university’s weights and exercise facility. It wasn’t thanks to Grandma Schenkoff; her own waist was a portly forty-eight inches. It certainly wasn’t thanks to Violet’s constant cooking that was for sure.

Violet had a soft middle; she tried to keep their lunches and dinners as low-carbohydrate and low-calorie as possible. But she loved cooking, and she really loved cooking for Scarlett.

When she’d moved in, Scarlett was living off of frozen dinners. Violet also hated exercise of any sort, which was why her thirty-six D breasts were now pushing into size thirty-eight Double D breasts and her hips were swelling past their former thirty-six inches to nearly forty inches. Scarlett’s twenty-nine inch jeans, once a struggle for Violet to snap shut, now didn’t even zip up when Violet tried them on.

If Scarlett noticed that her lover was getting fat, she didn’t say anything. The way she held Violet’s round face in her hands, the way she looked into the pale blue eyes, the way she sucked kisses from Violet’s pouting lips didn’t say ‘I think you’re fat and disgusting.’ The way she gripped Violet’s heavy breasts and hotly tongued Violet’s pale, sensitive nipples, the way she nipped Violet’s soft and ticklish belly, the way she spread Violet’s plump thighs and delved her tongue into Violet’s drooling pussy and willing anus didn’t say, ‘You’re a pig.’

But Violet thought she was getting fat. Her skirts hid her plump thighs from view, but there wasn’t much that was going to hide the straining snaps of her skirts, there wasn’t much that was going to hide the strain of her blouses’ buttons. She’d had to stifle a scream last night when she’d bravely gotten on the bathroom scale, and saw the digital readout display 177.

One hundred and seventy seven pounds. She had never weighed more than one hundred and thirty two pounds in her whole life. She looked over at the short, stout Lynne Ann and her eyes opened wide in recognition. If she didn’t do something and soon, she’d look just like the sallow faced, foul tempered older woman that she disliked so intensely.

Chapter 3

Amber resumed her work on the next batch of payroll, and then logged out to go on a ‘coffee break,’ really just a chance to dash into the bathroom and masturbate. She had broken up with her boyfriend last week, she was tired of being the one to work her ass off all day, while he said he was looking for work, but was really just sitting around the roach infested apartment, smoking weed and eating everything in sight.

The final straw had been when she came home for lunch, a rare occurrence, and found him spending the rent money on ‘some really killer fucking weed.’

But that left her with no sex, so she had to resort to satisfying herself. She strode into the restroom and saw Violet posing in front of the mirror, hefting her large breasts and admiring herself in the mirror. She didn’t mean to slam the door the stall so loudly, but it infuriated her.

Amber had found Victor’s stash of pornographic magazines last night. Without exception, they were all of large breasted women. She knew, with her thirty-two inch a cup breasts, she was not well endowed in the chest department, but thought that her twenty-eight inch waist and thirty inch hips and small but shapely rear end outweighed that one negativity. She had a pretty face with warm brown eyes and warm smile. She was cursed with a slightly large nose, what her mother referred to as ‘classic.’

“Classic fucking Jew bursa eve gelen eskort nose,” Amber said bitterly.

She’d thought of saving up the money for a nose job, or a boob job, but saving money wasn’t easy when you were supporting yourself and a perpetually stoned boyfriend.

Even after kicking him out, she still looked in the mirror, and instead of seeing the beauty, saw the negative features, believed they detracted from her beauty.


“Fucking tit monster,” Amber groused to herself, any thought of masturbating gone now.

Violet was not admiring her large breasts, she was cursing them. She was cursing her paunch, her plump hips and pudgy thighs. She’d seen the svelte Amber come in and jumped slightly when Amber slammed the door of the stall, obviously disgusted at Violet’s flabby appearance. She blinked back the tears that were just under the surface and left the bathroom.

Gustav Ubelhorn smiled as his daughter’s best friend, Violet, walked toward him.

“Good morning,” he greeted her and she forced herself to smile in return.

“May I ask you something?” he asked and Violet’s stomach lurched.

She was terrified of the large man, with his dark looks and harsh Germanic accent. Even though she had learned that he only sounded harsh; he was in secret nothing but a large teddy bear, she was afraid of what he would do if he found out that she and his daughter were not just friends, but were lovers.

“What do you think Lori would like for Christmas?” he whispered to her.

“Um, how much you looking to spend?” Violet whispered back.

“A couple of hundred, I guess,” he shrugged.

“She likes jewelry,” Violet observed. “Maybe some earrings, or a bracelet?”

“Excellent!” Gustav laughed. “Thank you, Ms. Smith!”

Chapter 4

“Mrs. Ubelhorn?” Lori whispered into the mouthpiece, looking around the lobby to make sure Gustav wasn’t around.

“Yes?” Quan Xi asked.

“Hi, this is Lori,” the receptionist said.

“Oh, Lori, I tell you a hundred times, you call me ‘Grandmother,'” Quan Xi chided Lori.

“Yes, Grandmother,” Lori laughed.

In the background, she could hear her two children, Suzy, three years old, and Jake, four years old. They were singing Christmas Carols along with Grandmother’s stereo. With a shock, she realized her children were singing in German, Gustav’s native language and Quean It’s second language.

“Yes?” Quan Xi asked, a little puzzled at the silence on the other end.

“Um, Grandmother, what do you think I should get for Gustav for Christmas?” Lori asked in a low voice.

Quan Xi burst into merry laughter.

“What more he need?” she laughed. “You give him two wonderful children, you make him smile, he not lonely old man any more.”

Lori smiled briefly, then furrowed her brow in determination.

“Grandmother, I am serious,” she said. “He’s given me so much and I’d like to get him something nice, something that says ‘Thank you.'”


The day after Halloween, Lori had called in sick. The truth was that she was severely hung over and a little strung out. She’d been dressed in a latex cat suit, gone to a bar and picked up some guy. They’d done a couple of lines of cocaine or crystal meth, she wasn’t really sure, drank a little vodka, then the rest of the night was a hazy blur. When she’d staggered home at 2:15 that morning, she’d unsnapped the crotch of the costume, only to have a massive amount of semen dribble out of her sore and abused pussy.

Thankfully, she wasn’t pregnant; she already had two illegitimate children. Gustav Ubelhorn had shown up at her apartment and given her two choices; either goes to treatment for alcoholism, or fined another job.

When she told him she didn’t know who the fathers of her two children were and had no one that could care for them while she was in treatment, he’d called his mother. Quan Xi leapt at the chance and insisted from that moment on that she be called ‘Grandmother,’ which Suzy and Jake happily did.

Upon graduating from the treatment center, rather than return to the filthy apartment she and her two children had lived in, Gustav had begged the single mother to come live with him.

Suzy had Scarlett’s old room, and even had some of Scarlett’s old German dolls to play with. Jake had a ‘big boy’s room,’ and Lori had her own room as well.

She and Gustav shared the household duties, which was mainly cooking and dishes, as he had a maid come in twice a week to do the sweeping and vacuuming and mopping. They ate breakfast together, then got the two children ready , and drove them to his mother’s house, then rode into work together, in his large Mercedes-Benz. She used her old Honda Civic only to go to AA Meetings; everything else, he drove them to. At nights, they made dinner, and talked with the children about their day.

Lori had never felt so content, so secure. It was what she had been looking for in the drugs, the vodka, bayan escort bursa and the frequent sex.


“Lori, anything you give him, as long as it is from your heart, it will make him happy,” Quan Xi said.

“I think I’ve got it,” Lori said and with a ‘good bye,’ she hung up.


It had amused her tremendously when she discovered that Gustav Ubelhorn, a stoic and controlling man in the office, was such an out of control fanatical Falcons’ fan. He would sit and watch the game on television, scream and rant in English and German at the coaches, the players, and the referees, even the commercials.

It Frightened Suzy and Jake; they generally stayed in their rooms and played quietly when he watched the football games on the big television upstairs.


“I’ll get him a Matt Ryan jersey,” she decided. “He can wear it on game day.

And there was a sports store two blocks away from her Friday night AA Meeting.

Chapter 5

Scarlett curled up on the leather couch and smiled as Violet tried to guess the contents of each of the packages that sat under their small tree. Finally, Violet had given up on trying to wrest a clue out of her lover and they curled up on the couch together. Kisses, Scarlett’s calico cat, batted at one of the lower hanging ornaments and jumped when it swung back toward her.

Scarlett had really gone all out on buying gifts for Violet; the guilt was eating her alive. Just two nights ago, she’d come home from the gym, worked up into frenzy. Violet had not complained when a still sweaty Scarlett had pushed her not the leather couch and trapped her round face between her muscular thighs. After an intense orgasm, she felt overcome with guilt; she had been fantasizing that it was Eric’s blonde head between her thighs.


He’d been at the gym that night, long blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. His tee shirt bulged and rippled as he lay back on the bench and rapidly hefted two hundred pounds. The bulge in his shorts was evident and Scarlett also admired his taut backside when he did some squats with one hundred and fifty pounds.

Chapter 6

Christmas morning rolled around, a cold, blustery day. Lori pulled her robe on over her silk pajamas and went to turn the coffee machine on. She found Gustav already in the kitchen, coffee brewing. He smiled warmly at her and she knew that her present was woefully inadequate.

They’d stayed up the entire night after finally getting two very excited children to go to sleep, and put together the new bicycles and other toys. Quietly, they’d laughed and even played with some of the toys. The warmth and happiness she’d felt and the joy she’d seen in his dark eyes wasn’t going to be repaid with a simple football jersey.

All too soon, Suzy and Jake came bounding up the stairs and into the living room. Squeals of excitement and laughter rang out and Lori and Gustav entered the living room to watch the three-year-old girl and four year old boy enjoy their gifts.

“And, Mr. Gus, we have a gift for you,” Suzy excitedly bounced up and down.

“You do?” he smiled happily. “What is it?”

Jake and Suzy stood in front of him as he sat in his overstuffed recliner and softly at first, but increasing in confidence, the children sang ‘Little Drummer Boy,’ in perfect German.

“Grandmother says it’s your favorite song,” Jake said when they were finished.

Gustav wiped the tears from his face and nodded his head yes. Lori wrinkled her face in confusion. Jake had spoken to Gustav in German and she didn’t understand German.

“Do you understand German?” he smiled through his watering eyes.

“Yes, of course,” Suzy giggled thinking Mr. Gus was such a silly man for asking such a silly question.

“It’s a beautiful gift, and I don’t know how to thank you,” he went on in German.

“It was Grandmother’s idea,” Jake admitted.

“All right, someone please tell me what you’re saying,” Lori sputtered.

“We’re talking in German,” Gustav laughed. “Grandmother has been teaching the children behind our back.

That was what she would give him! If he would have it.


Amber Goldman didn’t have a tree; she was a non-practicing Jew. She woke up slowly; the apartment was freezing cold. The heater didn’t work and had not worked in several days, but the landlord had yet to do anything about it.

Thankfully, her ‘Secret Santa’ at the office had given her a very warm set of fleece pajamas. She rolled over and wished that she hadn’t sent Victor packing; at least he’d have some body warmth to share.

She staggered into the kitchen and turned on the tap for water. She wanted a cup of coffee to warm up her insides. The pipes were frozen solid, though; there would be no coffee this morning.

“Merry fucking Christmas,” she hissed, and then began to sob in self-pity.


“That’s why you’re such a fat ass,” Violet thought as she pulled the hot gingerbread muffins from the oven.

She liberally dabbed the cream cheese icing on each of the muffins. She set them on top of the refrigerator, the only safe place in the kitchen from the sneaky and nimble Kisses. The coffee gurgled and finally finished brewing and she poured two mugs, both with generous amounts of sugar and milk. She ran a finger along the rim of the icing bowl and licked her finger clean.

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