Sarah’s Submission: Ch 22 – Convincing Natalie


This is a 28 chapter long form story. If you are finding this for the first time, I would encourage you to go back and read from Chapter 1 to get the most enjoyment from the overall story. Enjoy!

Conner called Sarah later that afternoon with the good news that he had found the extra couple to join them for prom night, Joe and Natalie. Joe being another football player didn’t surprise Sarah. She knew him of course, but not well. With his dark hair and a dark complexion, Sarah guessed he probably had an Italian heritage. Attractive and strong as an ox, Sarah immediately pictured him fucking her while she clutched his tight abs, bringing a quick tingle to her pussy.

Natalie also presented an interesting option. Being in the grade below Sarah, she didn’t know Natalie as well, but she definitely had a reputation as a party girl and acted pretty slutty most of the time, so that boded well. Sarah guessed Natalie to be 5’7” or 5’8” tall with very blonde hair, almost platinum. Given that it most likely came out of a bottle, Sarah wondered what her natural hair color might be. She always wore a lot of eye makeup, sometimes with sparkle accents, and cheap clothes that showed off her enormous boobs. Walking down the hall, her tits usually looked ready to bounce out of whatever tight, low-cut top she wore. Nevertheless, Sarah couldn’t deny that Natalie had some real beauty under the cheap adornments.

At parties, Natalie was usually either very drunk or very stoned, or both, and all over whatever guy she was with. She had started dating Joe earlier in the school year and had calmed down a lot, but still wore her very trashy clothes. Sarah knew that Natalie’s family had even less money than hers and thought she remembered that her parents were divorced. Having heard the rumors that Natalie’s mother suffered from alcoholism, which probably led to why her father had wanted out, also probably explained why Natalie acted the way she did.

“Hmm. Probably not my first pick, but not bad. And you are sure they are down for what we have planned? You explained everything?” she asked.

“Well, I talked to Joe. He said that he and Natalie had talked about having a threesome before and she seemed down with it. He definitely is. He wants to bang you and Jenny for sure.”

Sarah sighed. She could tell he hadn’t really prepped them at all. “Did you tell him that it is going to be a full-on orgy or not?”

She heard Conner groan and he stammered, “I said that the girls wanted to take turns having sex with us. And he told me that Natalie would play along. He was sure of it.”

“God damn it Conner! That’s not what I told you. We want to have a full-blown orgy. Not taking turns. I don’t want this whole thing ruined because they freak out when we really get started. Did you even tell him about the rest of it? About the pegging?” she asked emphatically while covering her mouth with her hand as much as possible to make sure nobody else in the house heard.

“Well, no. But I figured that if he saw us doing it, that he would go along. Or maybe we should just skip that part.”

Sarah tried to calm herself, but she could feel the anger bubbling up. “Do you want to fuck my ass or not? Have three girls blow you at the same time? Do you ever want to fucking touch my pussy again?!” she said exasperated. “Look, this is going to be one of the greatest nights of your life. But not if you screw it up for me, understand? You get him to agree to what I want, or you never get to fuck any of us ever again! And you can find a new date for prom or just sit around and jerk off all night!”

“Okay, okay! Relax! I’ll….I’ll talk to him. Why is this so important? Why can’t it just be more…, you know…., normal?”

“I don’t want normal Conner. I want what we agreed to, and what you promised you would help me get. I’ve done a lot for you, right? Given you a lot? And I’ve kept all of your secrets. You want me to go on keeping your secrets, don’t you? Or should I just show everyone the pictures I have? I might just have to do that if you fuck this up for me. I want this night to be perfect.”

Conner sighed heavily into the phone. “Fine. I’ll talk to him, and you know, explain it. But he gets to fuck your ass too, right? I can promise him that? You and Jenny?”

“Yes, Conner. Tell him that you tried it and it gave you the best orgasm of your life. And he gets to fuck us any way he wants. You make us happy and we do anything you guys want. How many guys would give their left nut for a deal like that?” she chuckled and softened. “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be a bitch. You get him to agree and I’ll talk to Natalie and make sure she is ‘really’ down for this. I doubt he has told her anything. And thank you for helping. I do appreciate it and I will make it worth your while. I promise.”

“You’re gonna kill me girl,” he said sarcastically.

“No, I’m going to treat you like a king!” she teased back. “I’ll tell you what, you talk to Joe and get him to agree and then come over Monday after school and I’ll show you how much I appreciate you?”

Appealing to his lust always worked with Conner. “Deal! I’ll get it done. Don’t worry.” Sarah told him to text her Natalie’s phone number before getting off the phone and then laid on her bed trying to think of the best way to make sure Natalie would agree as well.


Ali looked tired the next morning at the spa, but said she felt so relieved that her ‘edging’ training had finally ended that morning. With Mr. Michaels instructions for her to arrive at his house at 3:00pm, she still fidgeted nervously about what he had planned but confided that she couldn’t wait to finally get to have an orgasm after so long. As they got ready in the locker room, Sarah noticed Ali’s pussy glistening with wetness and sympathized with her friend’s plight.

“I like your necklace Jenny,” Ali commented while they put on their thick robes. “Is that new?”

Blushing, Jenny grabbed the small hummingbird pendant and held it up for Ali to take a closer look. “Yes, just got it. It’s a hummingbird. Kind of my new symbol I guess you’d say,” she replied while stealing a quick knowing glance to Sarah.

“Very pretty. Suits you,” Ali stated.

“Let’s get in there. I am ready for a massage!” Sarah exclaimed, trying to change the subject. As she lay on the massage table, her mind reviewed at least part of what Ali was in for that afternoon, wondering how Ali would take the news, especially about the tattoo. Ali didn’t have any tattoos and Sarah felt sure that Ali would not react well. Her thoughts also lingered on Natalie. Having texting her the day before, she had arranged for Natalie to come over to her house after lunch and she had also warned Mr. Michaels to be sure to record their interaction. She didn’t know how it would go but figured having a record of it couldn’t hurt. An hour of deep rubbing did little to settle her nerves.


Natalie arrived at Sarah’s house just after 1:00pm. Fortunately, the house ended up being empty with her dad off playing golf, her mother running errands all afternoon and her sister hanging out at a friend’s house. With Natalie wearing a pretty typical low cut tank top with a white lace push up bra, Sarah could see how the bra pushed her tits half out of the tight top and showed the lace around the edges. Her dramatic eye shadow came out to the sides in a cat’s eye with small rhinestones to accentuate the upper lid and the tips on the side.

After getting her a drink, she led the slutty looking girl up to her room. They sat on her bed and Sarah made sure that the camera would get the perfect angle of them as they talked. “Thanks for coming Natalie. I know we don’t know each other too well. By the way, I just love your eye makeup. It’s very sexy.” Sarah wanted to put her at ease.

“Thank you! I’ve always liked making it look really dramatic.”

“It definitely works. You’re very pretty.”

Natalie blushed a little and looked down for second or two. “Thank you,” she said shyly. “So, Joe told me about the plans for prom, and I guessed you wanted to talk about that?”

“Yes. Exactly! I knew you would get it. We are all really excited. So what did Joe tell you?”

“He said you got a limo for prom and that you had room for two more people. So Conner asked if we wanted to join.”

“Yep. And we are going out for a nice dinner first. Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

“Oh hell ya! I’ve never ridden in a limo before.”

“Me neither. I think Jenny has, but it will be a first for me too,” Sarah replied.

Natalie looked embarrassed, but she pushed forward anyway. “And then he said that for after prom you got a hotel room. That we could go there afterward to…party. He said it was a suite, so we would be able to have some….privacy.” Her hesitancy clearly indicating that she understood at least partially what had been planned.

“We do. A really nice suite with alcohol and I think Jenny is going to bring some weed. We will definitely all be able to party.” She paused to figure out how to say the next part. “But I wanted to make sure that you understood exactly how we want to party and I knew the boys wouldn’t explain it to you.” She took a breath and decided to just throw it out there. “We want to have sex. Together. Not just one on one.”

Natalie looked confused. “You mean like take turns having sex with each other?”

Sarah shook her head. “No. I mean like have sex all together at one time.” She looked at Natalie and waited for a reaction.

Natalie furrowed her brow. “Like an orgy? Is that what you mean?” The hint of shock on her face let Sarah know that she hadn’t anticipated that kind of party.

“Yes. Joe told Conner that you two have talked about having a threesome before. He said that he thought you were into having sex with multiple partners.”

Natalie rolled her eyes and let her head roll back. “Well, I mean we have talked about a threesome a few times, sure. You know, like if we were a little drunk and he asked if I would be open to having another girl join us or something. I mean, I’ve heard of other people doing it and I’ve always been curious of course. But we haven’t ever gone through with it. You have?”

“Will you promise to keep my secret?” Sarah asked.

“Yeah, sure. I won’t tell anyone.”

Sarah nodded. “I’ve had a threesome with two girls and a boy. And one with two boys and me. Even one with three girls.”

Natalie’s eyes got really big and she leaned in toward Sarah. “Wow! I never would have guessed. I didn’t think you were that…adventurous.”

Sarah laughed and patted Natalie’s knee. “It’s okay. You can say slutty! I definitely can be. But I don’t want everyone to know about it. So we are all really careful.” Natalie still looked stunned. Sarah kept her hand on Natalie’s knee intentionally.

She watched Natalie’s eyes look carefully at her hand touching her, but waited patiently and didn’t move it. After a minute, Natalie asked timidly, “So you’ve done it with just girls too? Like a lesbian thing?”

“Yes. I don’t consider myself a lesbian, but I do like having sex with girls. Have you ever tried it?”

“Had sex with a girl?” Natalie responded rhetorically. The blush confirmed for Sarah that Natalie was curious, and she still didn’t try to remove Sarah’s hand. “No.”

“Do you think you would want to try? Or try a threesome?”

Natalie seemed to consider before slowly shaking her head. “I don’t know if I could. I mean, a lot of people already think I’m…trashy. If something like this got around….I just don’t think I could.”

Taking it slow, she wanted to be careful to not scare the girl. “So it’s not that you aren’t interested, it’s just that you are worried about what other people might think, right?” she asked very softly.

Pulling her eyes up, she looked Sarah straight in the face. “I guess so,” she replied quietly.

“What if I could promise you that the boys won’t talk about it. That as long as you don’t say anything, nobody but us would know about it?”

Natalie shook her head. “How could you do that? Guys always talk about sex. They always brag.” She seemed thoughtful for a long minute. “Half the reason I dress like this is because once I started letting guys feel me up, it spread around like crazy and everyone would call me a slut or a whore. I mean, I have big tits, so they are always grabbing and trying to see them or whatever. I finally figured, if I am going to get called that anyway, I might as well look the part.” She seemed sad.

“I get it,” Sarah said nodding sympathetically. “We all feel that way. But I can promise because I’ve done it. And I can tell you how and I promise that I will do it for us this time as well.”

“Ok. How?” she asked, now obviously intriguing.

“I get them to do something embarrassing and make a video. Kind of the price to get me to do something they want. That way, if they ever try to spread Sex hikayeleri a rumor about me, I’ll spread something much worse about them. Something that they definitely wouldn’t want to get out about them.”

“So blackmail. Like what?” she asked with a conspiratorial tone.

Sarah shook her head. “It’s only blackmail if I use it to hurt them. I don’t want to ever show it to anyone. So it’s more like insurance. Because I only need to make sure that they will keep things to themselves. Same thing goes with girls. I can’t share secrets about the boys without being sure I can trust in your silence.” Taking a brief pause before she continued, “But I will share if you will do something for me.”

Natalie scowled and looked suspicious. “What do I have to do?”

“Let me make a video of me fucking you with a strap-on dildo,” she stated.

Natalie didn’t react right away, but then threw her head back and laughed loudly. “You can’t be serious!”

“Yes I’m serious. Look Natalie, I know you are curious. I can see it in your eyes. You want to know what sex with another woman is like. Probably have been curious to try for a long time. I know I was. And you want to know what I have over the boys. Which I promise will more than satisfy you. You are also thinking about how great it would be to try having more than one cock at a time after prom. Which again, I can promise is even better than you can imagine. But I need to be able to trust you.”

Natalie shook her head and eyed Sarah for an extended period while she considered. “Do you have one?”

“A strap-on? Sure.”

“Can I see it?”

“Of course!” Sarah got off the bed and reached underneath to her hidden stash of toys. She pulled the box out and took out some sweaters that covered the incriminating items. Standing back up, she hooked her fingers into her shorts and underwear and lowered them seductively before stepping out of them and immodestly showed off her perfect peach.

“Do you wax your pussy?” Natalie exclaimed. “It looks so smooth.”

Reaching forward, Sarah took Natalie’s hand and gently pulled it over to her, getting little resistance like she hoped. “Feel,” she said as she ran Natalie’s fingers up along her slit and across her bare pubes.

“Oh wow! That IS so smooth. Didn’t it hurt?”

“Worth it for how good it feels. Especially to the tongue.” Sarah drew Natalie’s fingers up her slit again, but this time more slowly and deeper between the folds, until they flicked over her clit making her purr in response. “Yes, that feels so good. But first things first.” Sarah reached down and picked up the strap-on and let Natalie examine it. “Now watch,” she instructed as she took it back. “You step into the straps and pull the harness up into place,” she continued.

Sarah sucked on her two forefingers getting them wet with saliva and ran them between her spread labia before inserting the dildo into her pussy. Once positioned, she tightened the straps around her thighs and waist and held her hands out in presentation. “Now I’m the one that gets to do the fucking.” Twisting her hips to make the fake dick swing back and forth, she exclaimed, “Voila!”

Natalie reached out and touched it gingerly. Gaining confidence, she soon grabbed and stroked it like a real dick. “It’s big. But it feels like a real one. Soft like skin.”

“It feels real inside of you as well.” Feeling bold, Sarah moved forward and kissed Natalie, softly at first with growing firmness. Natalie didn’t pull away, but didn’t react initially either. Eventually she started to kiss back. Sarah eased her tongue into Natalie’s mouth until the girl’s resistance eroded and the two moved closer into a real embrace, continuing to kiss like lovers.

Breaking the embrace with an excited sigh, Sarah moved to set her phone in a holder on the dresser next to the hidden camera and started recording a video. Natalie looked nervous and hesitant when Sarah returned to her. “Do we really have to record this? I don’t know if I can do it.”

“Don’t lose your nerve now sweetheart,” Sarah said trying to comfort her. She got back on the bed next to Natalie and put her hand on Natalie’s arm. “I promise, this will be one of the best experiences of your life. It was for me.” She leaned forward and kissed Natalie again, biting lightly on her lower lip.

Again, Natalie’s resistance soon melted as she moaned and breathed deeply at Sarah’s advances. Growing ever more emboldened, Sarah raised her hand up to Natalie’s breast, caressing and squeezing the soft flesh through her top. Sarah couldn’t believe how big it was having never held a breast that large. Moving directly, she grabbed the hem of the tank top and pulled it up over Natalie’s head, stopping the deep and passionate kissing for only a second. Slipping her hand under the bra strap into the cup, she fondled Natalie’s tit, feeling the nipple get hard against her palm, still amazed that she could barely get her hand around the soft mammary.

Sarah slid the bra straps down her arms low enough to expose both breasts. Squeezing them in her hands while kissing down Natalie’s neck before going lower to kiss the top of each breast. Natalie’s tits were soft and very pliable in her hands. Pulling back for just a second, she admired the large deep red nipples sitting atop areolas almost the size of the top of a soup can. Sarah latched onto the right one and sucked the huge nipple into her mouth, unable to get the whole areola inside despite her opening her mouth as wide as possible.

Natalie responded by groaning more loudly, moving to cradle Sarah head in the hands. Alternating between sucking and lightly biting on the nipple, Sarah enjoying toying with the hard, finger width piece of flesh, rewarded with feeling a shiver run through Natalie as her hands tighten on her head. Sarah lightly pinched the other nipple and continued to massage both breasts. Squeezing the globes together, she moved back and forth between then playing with both stiff nipples.

Sarah continued to suck on a nipple as her hands moved around to the back to release the clasp and threw the bra to the side. She pushed Natalie down on the bed and pulled Natalie’s shorts and underwear off in one quick motion and threw them to the ground as well. Suddenly feeling overwhelmed, Natalie breathlessly commented, “I can’t believe I’m doing this. Maybe we shouldn’t. I’ve never been with another woman. I don’t know if I can.”

But her protests lacked conviction and she did nothing to stop Sarah from lifting one of Natalie’s legs over to Sarah’s other side to fully expose her pussy. Sarah could see already how wet Natalie’s pussy had become and admired the beauty of it. Her pubic hair formed a neatly shaved triangle over large dark pink labia that slightly spread open before her.

Taking her time, Sarah ran her hands up and down Natalie’s thighs using just the fingertips. “Just relax and let me show you how different sex with a woman can be than a man. I’m going to be so soft and make you cum so hard. You will love it. Just trust me.” She ran her fingers through the pubic hair and down the outside of the labia and then the backs of her fingertips up the inner thighs to Natalie’s knees. The drawn out teasing had the desired effect and Sarah smiled as she watched Natalie grind her hips in anticipation.

With heavy eyelids, Natalie kept her gaze on Sarah watching every move. Nevertheless, Sarah could feel Natalie continue to relax. “Tell me Natalie. Tell me you want me to eat your cunt and give you an orgasm. Tell me you want to feel my tongue on your clit.”

Natalie let out several small groans. With a tortured expression, she said very quietly and very tentatively, “I want you to go down on me. I want to…to feel your mouth.” Sarah shook her head slowly and continued to tease Natalie, running the back of one finger up the girl’s slit, through the dripping moisture, ending in a small twirl around her clit getting a deeper moan from Natalie in response.

“Not what I said Natalie. You have to say it exactly as I told you. ‘I want you to eat my cunt and give me an orgasm. I want to feel your tongue on my clit.’” Sarah punctuated her directions with another stoke up the girl’s moist pussy and two more swirls around her clit before pulling the labia open and leaning closer.

Natalie closed her eyes and took several breaths. “I want you to eat my…eat my cunt and give me an orgasm.” She moaned again at another touch from Sarah. “I want to feel your tongue on my clit,” she repeated anxiously.

Sarah moved closer and blew lightly on her naked clit. “Look over at the camera and say it again. Louder this time. I want to hear you beg.” Dropping her tongue just enough to touch Natalie’s clit, she flicked it with just the tip of her tongue barely touching it.

Sarah didn’t look up but heard Natalie plead the request again, louder with more confidence. Sarah lowered her mouth and drew her tongue over the outer labia. Taking long licks from the bottom to the top and over the clit hood. She spread the lips wider and dug deeper and continued to pick up the frequency to Natalie’s clear enjoyment. Natalie’s hands returned to Sarah’s head. “Oh my god, you are so soft,” she exclaimed.

Sarah very lightly kissed her clit and very lightly used only slightly more pressure with her tongue to play with it. Natalie moaned louder and ground her hips up higher. Inserting two fingers into her pussy, Sarah sucked on her clit while slowly thrusting into her. She consciously drew out Natalie’s reaction, knowing there was no reason to hurry and wanting this experience to burn into Natalie’s memory. She edged her repeatedly, backing off just enough each time she could feel Natalie get close, until the girl begged and practically forced Sarah’s face into her sopping wet pussy.

Confident that Natalie would explode any second, Sarah finger fucked her hard and focused her attention on Natalie’s throbbing clit. Her long continuous moan broke with and excited, “Oh my God!!” as she pushed her hips off the bed before groaning loudly in a drawn-out orgasm. Sarah kept up her efforts throughout the extended climax, stopping only when Natalie collapsed against the bed and her body went limp. Kissing her pussy one last time, she moved up on top of her, into her arms, with the strap-on laying on her stomach.

They kissed for several long minutes before breaking. “Oh my God, that was amazing. Unbelievable.” Natalie said looking into Sarah’s eyes.

“We’re not done. And the next part is even better. I love fucking girls. It feels so good to be the one thrusting into someone else. You are going to love trying it too. But you first,” Sarah told her. She kissed Natalie again and moved one hand down to run the head of her dildo up and down Natalie’s pussy. “Pull your legs up for me,” she instructed.

Natalie bent her legs and pulled them up by the backs of her knees. Positioning the strap-on to her vaginal opening, Sarah pushed forward slowly driving the thick fake dick into her new friend. Natalie let go of her legs and wrapped her arms around Sarah’s waist. She groaned loudly as Sarah worked the cock deeper. “It’s so BIG! Oh fuck. It’s so thick! Fuck me. Please fuck me!”

Sarah got into a rhythm and used the full length of the phallus to fuck the girl very deeply, but very slowly, letting Natalie feel every inch. “It feels good to me too Nat. The other side is in my pussy and pressing on my clit. You’re fucking me at the same time.” Sarah moaned herself for effect as she picked up the pace. Laying on top of Natalie while her hips stayed in constant motion, she could feel the cushion of the pillowy breasts against her own tits. Their hard nipples pressed against each other. Sarah nuzzled Natalie’s neck while her hips continued to fuck the girl.

“I’m going to cum Natalie. I want to hear you cum with me. We are going to do this together.” She could hear the slap of the harness against Natalie’s pelvis as she moved in and out of the girl easily, with Natalie’s pussy dripping with as much excitement as her own. Natalie continued to groan at the pounding, building to a new climax. Sarah had to hold herself back to wait for Natalie, but she resolved to make Natalie cum before she did.

Before much longer, Natalie yelled out and dug her fingernails into Sarah’s back. “I’m cumming!” Natalie exclaimed as her body tensed and her legs squeezed into Sarah’s sides. Sarah gave it five or six more very powerful thrusts before she let her own orgasm go and moaned loudly into Natalie’s ear.

“You’re such a sexy bitch! Oh fuck this pussy feels so good. Fuck me back! Make me cum!” She felt Natalie push up against her as Sarah’s orgasm shook her body. With her hands still wrapped behind Natalie and holding her shoulders, Sarah dug her fingernails into Natalie and raked them down her back. Sarah’s legs trembled and she felt the flutter in her stomach. As soon as it finished, Sarah collapsed on top of the bigger girl, to their Sikiş hikayeleri combined groans and gasps for breath to recover. Sarah noted how tightly Natalie held her in that position.

Sarah picked her head up and kissed Natalie again, which she enthusiastically returned, sliding her tongue deep into Sarah’s mouth. When they finally broke, Natalie asked, “Is it always like that? With another girl I mean?”

Sarah chuckled, “With the right girls, yes. And you are going to get a chance to experience others this weekend. If you want.”

“Wow,” was all Natalie could say.

They laid next to each other for a couple of minutes. “All right Nat. Your turn,” Sarah announced. She sat up and Natalie looked like she wanted to protest. “Nope, I don’t want to hear it. You’re going to do it. Only fair.”

Surrendering once she saw Sarah’s determined face, Natalie followed instructions and stood up by the bed in front of Sarah. Sarah loosened the straps and lowered the harness, pulling the internal dildo glistening with her own pussy juice out of her own vagina. Kneeling down, she helped Natalie step into the harness before pulling it up. With the dildo still wet, she inserted it into Natalie getting a small gasp followed by an appreciative moan once it found home. Sarah made quick work of securing the harness in place and retrieved her phone while Natalie jiggled her new appendage. The girls had fun taking several photos of Natalie in different poses handling her first penis, making each other laugh.

After returning the phone to the cradle and starting a new recording, Sarah jumped back up on the bed and motioning Natalie over to join her as she laid down. Natalie moved awkwardly as she got used to the strap-on between her legs, but soon joined Sarah, kissing her mouth hungrily before making the journey down Sarah’s body, stopping to suck and play with Sarah’s tits. “Have you ever played with another woman’s breasts before?” she asked. With a shy smile, Natalie admitted that she hadn’t saying the farthest she had ever gotten was touching another girl’s tits just to compare size and firmness to her own. She took her time on Sarah’s, obviously enjoying Sarah’s response and direction.

Sarah had to push Natalie’s reluctant head lower down her body, but she obediently complied. First kissing and licking Sarah’s navel, obviously stalling before going lower. Sarah let her take her time, but before long the novice faced her first pussy. Watching Natalie spread her smaller pussy lips open in her initial exploration of another woman made Sarah remember the feeling of the first time she had been in the same situation.

After the thorough close-up examination, Sarah instructed, “I want to feel your tongue lick from the bottom to the top. Go slow.” Sarah continued to direct Natalie through the entire cunniligus exercise. She made Natalie tongue fuck her vagina, and face fucked her through two orgasms, making sure to glaze Natalie’s face and nose with her juices.

“I want you to fuck me now Natalie. I want to hear you tell me how badly you want to fuck my pussy. I like to feel controlled, so I want you to be aggressive and force me, even if I protest. And I want you to fuck me hard.”

To Sarah’s surprise, Natalie got into it and at one point had Sarah’s legs pressed up hard into her chest, yelling at her to “Take it bitch! I’m going to fuck you as hard as I want and you are going to take it!” Sarah played up the whole scene encouraging Natalie the whole time, feeding her the lines to say. Not that she thought she would ever need it, but if she did need to control Natalie, having a video that showed Natalie forcing herself onto a helpless victim would be more damning.

After Sarah orgasmed hard from Natalie’s first strap-on fucking attempt, Sarah stopped Natalie from pulling out and admitted to her, “So here is how we control the boys. We are going to get videos of us fucking them in the ass with the strap-on. It’s called ‘pegging’ when a girl does it to a boy.”

Natalie looked shocked and then incredulous. “No way! There is no way those boys are going to let you do that.” She shook her head.

Sarah smirked before countering, “We already have with two of them. And Conner is going to make sure that Terrance and your boyfriend agree to it as well.”

Natalie’s mouth fell open. “Joe?! Joe’s not going to agree. That’s crazy.”

“You’d be surprised. He will if he wants to have an orgy with four willing girls that will fuck him silly and do anything he wants. He will if he wants to fuck us in the ass as well. You would be amazed at what boys will do to get a girl to give them anything they want. Those little heads totally take over and make them do just about whatever they are told.”

“And you’ve done this?” Natalie asked again, clearly skeptical.

“Yes. Several times. It’s part of the reason I know that Conner won’t ever betray us. Why he has always stayed silent. You’ve never heard him saying anything about Jenny and I? Have you?”

“No. No, I guess not.” Sarah let Natalie take all of this in.

“Remember that first time that Conner and I were supposed to get together and then he told everyone that we didn’t get together because he forgot about a doctor appointment?”

“Oh yeah. I remember that. So you really did get together?”

“Yes. And I got him to do something embarrassing and then made him promise to tell everyone that he had to cancel. And to stay quiet every time we got together after that.”

Natalie nodded. And then her brow furrowed, “And you’d let Joe fuck you in the ass next weekend?”

“As long as you are okay with it,” Sarah confirmed with a nod herself. “How do you feel about that?”

Natalie took a long moment to think about it. “Well, I mean if we are all going to be fucking each other anyway, I guess I’m okay with it.” She considered again. “Do I have to have anal sex?”

“Again, only if you want to. You can leave that to the rest of us if you are uncomfortable with it,” Sarah answered. “Would you like to try fucking one of the boys?”

“Hmm. I don’t know. I’ve never considered anything like that,” Natalie admitted.

“Do you want to try it right now? You can fuck my ass and see what you think about it,” Sarah offered. Secretly wanting Natalie to do it to make the video that much more damning, she also admonished herself with a small sigh at how easily she had taken up manipulating other people.

“REALLY?! You would be okay with that? And let me…, you know…do that to you?”

Sarah smiled. “Of course honey. Pull back out of me.” Natalie sat back on her knees and pulled the dildo out of Sarah. Sarah had grabbed the lube and put it on the bed while she had gotten Natalie into the harness originally. Retrieving it, she got a big glob on her fingers and rubbed it all around and into her asshole followed by putting more on Natalie’s faux penis and stroking a thick layer all over it. Natalie just watched with rapt attention. Sarah laid back down and pulled her legs back to her chest and lifted her ass off the bed. “Okay, come back to me now and press against my butthole.”

Natalie leaned forward, obviously uncertain. She held the slick dildo and pressed it against Sarah’s puckered rear entry. “Just go slow,” she coached. Natalie tried to push forward, but the head slipped up Sarah’s crack. “That’s okay. It takes a few tries to get it right. Just try to use your hand to guide it. And once you feel it start to go in, go really slow to let me get adjusted.” Natalie tried several more times only to have the dildo slip in the wrong direction each time and threatened to give up.

With her continued encouragement to keep trying, Sarah eventually felt the head of the cock press into her while she took a deep breath to relax. Natalie pushed a little too hard too fast, but Sarah didn’t complain for fear of scaring the girl and ended up just grunting a little at the rough intrusion. Despite all of the anal sex she had had over the previous several months, her asshole still felt very tight at the initial penetration. Natalie pressed it deeper, amazed as Sarah allowed the huge girth of the big dildo into herself.

“Oh my God! You’ve stuck it in my ass. You’re fucking me in the ass Natalie. Please stop! Oh that fucking hurts!” she screamed out. Natalie looked panicked and started to pull out. Grabbing her quickly, Sarah promised that she didn’t really mean it, and just liked to playact while having anal sex to make it feel dirty and forced to get her off more. Natalie still looked confused but went back to butt-fucking her new friend. Sarah stopped protesting and just grunted heavily while throwing her head from one side to the other.

Knowing that with the video edited it would look like Natalie forced her to have anal sex, Sarah was satisfied she had plenty of incriminating evidence if she ever needed it. Not that she thought she would but still better safe than sorry.

With that out of the way, Sarah focused on getting into Natalie’s efforts, encouraging her to fuck even harder and faster. Natalie held Sarah’s legs back and Sarah started to rub her own clit in wide circles with the flat of her fingers. “Oh fuck yes Natalie. Oh my God. Just like that!” Natalie grabbed Sarah’s thighs and drove the strap-on as deep as she could. The intense release of the anal orgasm made Sarah scream out while her legs resting against Natalie’s shoulders shook violently as her body thrashed.

Natalie came to rest as Sarah’s orgasm subsided and watched in amazement as Sarah gasped and gulped air while she recovered. Natalie exclaimed, “Holy shit! That was incredible. You just came so hard! Is it different that way?”

Sarah struggled to focus and felt a little dizzy. “Not always and not for everyone. But it always makes my orgasms more intense. I originally thought I would hate it, but the more I do it, the more I seem to like it.” Taking more cleansing breaths, she tried to calm down. “The boys say it makes them cum harder too. I think that is the main reason that we were able to get them agree to do it again for us.”

Natalie stayed in the same position looking intently at Sarah. “I think we can be done now sweetie,” Sarah said.

“Oh my God! I’m sorry. Of course.” As she started to pull the dildo out of its resting place, Sarah had to move quickly to stop her.

“Whoa! Hold on there baby girl. You have to go slow, okay?” She laughed and Natalie joined in. Natalie finished extricating the toy and Sarah helped her get out of the harness and took it into the bathroom to clean both the toy and herself.

When she got back, Natalie still lay naked in Sarah’s bed. Rolling over onto her side, she asked, “Have you always been a lesbian? Or bi-sexual, I guess?” Without answering, Sarah crawled back into bed, snuggling up to her, kissing her fervently while clutching Natalie’s supple breast. She marveled at how such a skinny girl could have such giant natural tits.

“No. Actually, my first time with another girl was just like three months ago. God it’s hard to believe that is all it is. And I still prefer sex with men overall, but sex with women is pretty awesome, so I’m glad I gave it a try.” She chuckled and continued, “So I guess that means you beat me on that score.”

Natalie looked confused. “What do you mean?”

“Well, you’re a year younger. So you figured out that sex with women can be just a rewarding sooner than I did. I mean, assuming you enjoyed this afternoon and don’t regret it.”

Now Natalie laughed. “No, I definitely don’t regret it. That blew my mind.” Natalie got quiet and looked slightly upset. “Can I tell you something? A secret? Just between you and I?”

“Of course Nat. After this afternoon, you know I’ll keep your secrets just like you’ll keep mine. I don’t betray confidences. What’s bothering you?” she asked a little concerned.

“Well, it’s just that your wrong.” She frowned and sighed before continuing. “I’m not younger than you,” she said barely above a whisper.

“What do you mean? You’re a junior. Aren’t you 17?”

Natalie shook her head. “No. I’m…19.” She looked at Sarah and waited for a comment, but Sarah just waiting for an explanation. “You know I’m not very good at school. I barely pass my classes. I’ve never been very good. My parents held me back after kindergarten because the teacher said that I was behind the other students.” She took a deep breath and then let out a big sigh. “And then, well, I kinda flunked seventh grade. That’s why my parents had to move to this area because I refused to go to school and get made fun of with being behind everyone else in my class and being called an idiot.” Sarah thought Natalie might cry. “Please don’t make fun of me,” she pleaded.

Sarah kissed her and hugged her. “I would never make fun of you Nat. And I will keep your secret. But I’m also sorry you feel like you have to keep that secret. You shouldn’t have to feel bad for just having trouble Erotik hikaye in school.”

“People can be mean.”

“I know. I’ve felt it at times as well. I think we all have.”

“That’s also why I dress the way I do. And die my hair. If they are going to call me a dumb blonde anyway, I might as well go along and get the attention.”

Sarah brushed Natalie’s hair out of her face and over her ear. “Poor baby. I think you and I are going to be good friends. And have fun together. But one thing is sure, your secret is safe with me.”

While she continued to comfort her, Sarah wondered how much Mr. Michaels would enjoy fucking his new big breasted slave. Because she felt sure that she would be able to deliver this one easily.


Sarah and Natalie ate each other out to another orgasm before Natalie got dressed to head home. They discussed prom again, and Natalie confirmed that she would be okay with the orgy afterward, even saying that she looked forward to it. When Sarah asked if she wanted to be the one to ‘peg’ Joe, she just said that she needed time to think about it and would let her know.

A couple of hours after Natalie left, Ali called Sarah and asked if they could meet and talk. Knowing Ali had her appointment with Mr. Michaels, she had expected the call and had also expected Ali to sound as upset as she sounded.

Waiting by the door for Ali to arrive, Sarah ran out to jump in Ali’s car as soon as she pulled up. Ali hooked her thumb under her necklace and held it out without looking at Sarah. Similar to Sarah’s, it was white gold with a four-leaf clover pendant that had a few green gems. Sarah also saw the bracelet on her wrist with two small four-leaf clover charms hanging from it. “I guess I get it now.” Not waiting for a response, she put the car in drive and pulled away. The girls sat in silence for ten minutes until they pulled into a mostly empty parking lot of a park.

Ali sighed and asked, “Why didn’t you warn me? Obviously, you and Jenny got the same jewelry and instructions.”

Sarah couldn’t help but roll her eyes. “Come on Ali. You have to get this by now. You know he told us we had to keep quiet until he told you. Don’t you think we would have warned you if we could? We don’t get a choice any more than you do.”

Ali nodded slightly. “Yeah, I guess.” Looking straight ahead she didn’t say anything for a few minutes before turning back to Sarah. “So I’m the four-leaf clover and Jenny is the hummingbird, right? What are you?”

Sarah pulled her leg up and showed off her ankle bracelet. “The butterfly.”

Ali looked closely and nodded. “But what about this fucking tattoo thing. Are we really going to do this? I don’t want a fucking tattoo! I mean, that is like permanent. Is this shit ever going to end Sarah?” Ali didn’t wait for a response and just sobbed silently.

Sarah reached over and put her hand on Ali’s shoulder, trying to comfort her. “Tell me the rest. Tell me everything that happened.”

Looking at her with tears rolling down her cheeks, she mustered her strength to start. “Okay. So I got over there, early to make sure I wouldn’t get in trouble. And with only a thin tight t-shirt and short skirt with no underwear so I wouldn’t get in trouble with that again. He made me bow and tell him I was his devoted slave and all that. And then he asked me if I had done all of my training correctly. I told him I did. No orgasms and I sent my video each time.”

”He just said, ‘We’ll see’, and grabbed my arm and took me downstairs. There were videos of me on the TV playing in a loop. All of the things I have done. Even some of the videos I had just taken for him that week. I looked like such a slut in all of them. He took off my clothes and put me back on the chair and strapped me down again. Just feeling the air against exposed pussy made me want to cum.”

She sighed before continuing, “Then he put the hitachi on me and I thought I was going to die. He kept edging me, making me beg and then he would stop. I don’t know how many times, but it felt like forever. I even begged him to slap me or pinch my nipples to help me, but he wouldn’t. In fact, he sometimes put the hitachi on my nipples or sucked on them really lightly which made it worse.”

“And he licked my pussy a couple of times too. My pussy was like a faucet leaking everywhere. He told me I was doing good and I thought it was finally over and then he grabbed one of those dildo’s on a stick things and started edging me with that. I still managed to stop each time. But then he fucked me with the dildo while holding the vibrator on my clit. I told him I couldn’t stop, that it felt too good.” She looked over at Sarah with big expressive eyes.

“I screamed for him to stop. He told me ten more seconds and it would be over, but I still couldn’t stop myself and I came so hard. It went on and on. He never stopped and just kept fucking me. I don’t know. It was like a bunch of small ones or just one big long one, because it just kept going.”

Sarah just listened and nodded to the whole de***********ion, knowing he intended for Ali to fail no matter what she did, but didn’t say anything. A classic Mr. Michaels mind fuck. Ali took a deep breath and kept going, “Then he pulled it out of me and looked pissed. He said, ‘So I see your training didn’t work. A whole week of practice and you fuck it up right away.’ Then he slapped my pussy really hard several times and yelled, ‘This is MY pussy you little slut. It cums only when I say it can come. Now say it!’”

“I was so confused and my pussy still stung and I didn’t understand and he grabbed my hair and said right in my face, ‘Say it is your pussy Master. It only cums when you say it can cum.’ So I said it and he made me say four more times. Then he fucked me again with the dildo and the vibrator and I…I…,” her breath hitched trying to get it out, “I came again and he slapped me again. And I like told him how sorry I was and that I would do better.” She looked at Sarah with a completely resigned expression.

“He didn’t say anything for a long time, but then came back and told me I had two options. I could either repeat my week of orgasm training, doing exactly what I did before, including not being allowed to cum on prom night, or I could stay with him Wednesday night for a totally different punishment. I can’t do another week of training and I didn’t want to fuck up prom, so I told him I would take the other punishment. I have no idea what it will be.” She just shook her head.

“But he at least stopped and let me go from the chair. He took me over to the massage table and laid down and told me get on top and fuck him. I sucked his dick until he got hard and I got on top and fucked him. Feeling him in me with his hands squeezing my tits made me need to cum almost immediately, but thankfully he had told me I could as much as I wanted to until I got him off. I think I came like three times before he finally came in me. He made me lick all of the cum off his dick. I’m getting pretty used to the taste at least.”

She sighed and looked at Sarah before continuing. “He had me sit on the table and brought over a jewelry box. He explained that my new symbol is the four-leaf clover. I guess because I have red hair or something. He told me that all of us would now be required to wear at least one piece at all times. I didn’t really see a problem with that.”

“But then he told me about the tattoo. I told him I wouldn’t do that. No way. And he SLAPPED ME! Right across my face! He said, ‘You will fucking get whatever I tell you to get and you will get this! Or we go back to square one and I turn you over to the police and your parents. It’s still your choice. Decide.’ I just started crying and said okay. I was so stunned. But I don’t know Sarah. How can I do this? A tattoo is permanent! Are you really going to do this too? I mean, I am assuming we all have to do this, right?”

Sarah nodded. “Yes. All of us. It is his mark to prove we are his. He gave us each a symbol and I guess this mark demonstrates we are always willing to obey. I don’t want one either, but I didn’t argue.” Sarah took Ali’s hand in hers and made Ali look at her. “He owns us Ali. And always will. When you stop fighting that, it will get easier for you. I know.”

Ali looked like she wanted to protest but kept quiet. “I know you’re right. But it is hard to….do that.”

Sarah sat back in her seat and looked forward. “It wasn’t easy for me either. Or Jenny. But there is a certain peace in it when you do.” She sighed. “And it isn’t all bad either. It can feel good to be submissive. To know when I have pleased him. It feels comforting, I guess. Like I have accomplished something. And he does reward us when we please him.”

Ali nodded her head, “I guess so. Well, then he put me on the table with the cuffs and tied me down and used the hitachi to make me cum like twenty times. Even when I told him I was too sensitive and I needed a break and struggled against him, he just kept making me cum. And he told me that watching me struggle and beg to stop while he forced orgasms out of me just made it hotter for him and to keep it up. I was exhausted when he finally finished and my pussy felt numb.”

Ali went quiet again for a long minute. “Then I fucked up again. He said the last thing he wanted for the day was to fuck me in ass and then he would let me go. He asked if I had prepped for anal sex and I had to admit that I had forgotten. He didn’t say anything, but he flipped me over face down. And he put one of those wedge pillows under my hips so my ass was up in the air and told me to hold my feet off either side of the table. He got a paddle and spanked me a couple of dozen times making me tell him that I would always prep my ass before coming over to his house.”

“He spanked me really hard and my ass still hurts.” Ali shifted in her seat to accentuate her discomfort. She took a deep breath. “Then he got this big clear plastic bag and filled it in the sink. He attached a long tube to the bag and hung the bag from one of the ropes from the ceiling next to the table. After lubing my ass and the tube, he stuck the tube in my butt and turned a little dial on this gauge thing on the tube and I could see the little dial spin while I felt the water go in me.”

She shivered. “It was so cold! And he made me suck his dick while it filled me up. I started to cramp and he yelled at me to stay focused on his dick. When he decided I was full, he stopped the water but made me keep sucking on him for another couple of minutes. It hurt holding it in. And it got worse when he pulled the tube out. He warned me to not let a drop out until I got to the toilet. He even told me I would have to lick up anything that came out.”

“He finally let me go over to the toilet. I had to clench my ass so tight and waddle over there. I felt like I would just explode at any minute. When I sat down…it was so humiliating…everything came out all at once. It was a loud splash and I thought I would die from embarrassment. But he grabbed my arm and dragged me back over to the table and put me face down again, but this time, he put my arms in the clamps. He came back with a warm towel and spread my ass cheeks wide open and cleaned me all over.”

“Then he put a ton of lube in my ass, some sort of vibrator clamp thingy that went into my pussy and also clamped onto my clit and then tied my legs straight back onto the table. He got his phone and turned the vibrator on. It vibrated inside my pussy and on my clit but in alternating patterns. Then he straddled me and fucked my ass while the vibrator kept going back and forth.”

She paused for a second. “The thing I remember most is how cold my ass still felt and how warm his dick felt. He grabbed my shoulders and rammed really deep each time. Between the vibrator and his dick, I came at least three more times. I did remember to beg for permission each time, thank God. And then I felt him grunt and shake and cum inside of me. All I could do the whole time was lie there and take it. He laid there on top of me panting and the vibrator made me cum again. Luckily he didn’t notice because I forgot to ask that time.”

Ali looked at Sarah, “He made me sit on the toilet again and push all of the cum out of my ass. It was degrading again, but not nearly as bad as the first time. It felt so weird doing that in front of him.” She sighed. “But he was nice after that. He took me upstairs and had me sit on his lap while he kissed me. He said I really had done a good job during the previous week and that I could redeem myself by doing a good job this week. He made me tell him I wanted to please him and be his willing submissive. That I liked him dominating me and I would be a good slave from now on. I had to kiss his feet again and bow for a long time.” She looked thoughtful, “I guess I really am a slave.”

Sarah leaned over and kissed her long and passionately. “We are slaves together Ali. And at least it brought you, me, and Jenny together, right? Sisters. Closer than sisters. At least we will never feel alone.” Ali smiled and hugged her and then drove her home.

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