Sara , My Night


I have read many stories from this site and figured I owe it one. So here it is. Hope you like it.


It’s Friday and my girlfriend Sara, will be showing up soon. She’s 19 and although not a virgin, she is still pretty new to a real relationship. She has been with a couple guys before me, but never experienced much variety.

On Wednesday I stopped into a sex shop and picked up a couple of toys, after I got her to agree to try something different this weekend. She said that as long as it didn’t involve anyone else she would be willing to give whatever I had in mind a try. At the sex shop I picked up a white lace teddy that tied in the front between the breasts and a purple massager with a bend at the end to reach those special spots. As the advertisement on the box indicated, the lady on the box was massaging her neck and it really looked like it was made for that the way it wrapped around her neck. On Thursday I decided I had to go back to the shop and pick up a pair of soft furry wrist wraps and stop off at a Fred Meyer’s and purchase a sort dog leash and an eyehook. Now I felt prepared for today, after I got home on Thursday I installed the eyehook in the wall at the top of my bed and tested the length of the dog leash.

Sara showed up at 6:15 p.m., I knew she just got off work and was a little frustrated with the drive so I got her a strawberry daiquiri and you could see her relax instantly. After some small talk I told her I was going to try to make sure she forgot all about her work week. She said she would appreciate that so I got to work. I asked her to follow me into the bedroom and she was definitely ready and willing for whatever I had in mind. I showed her the teddy and the massager, and she went off into the bathroom to put on the teddy. The teddy tied in the front as I said but it did little to hide any of her assets from a front view, it draped down her thighs and covered up her butt just a little but her shaved pussy could easily be viewed. She spun around to show me the view and my dick jumped in its confined space. I let her undress me down to my shorts before I stopped her and reminded her of her agreement to try whatever I had in mind. I showed her the massager and it was clear she didn’t know the extent of how it was suppose to be used. She clearly thought it was a neck massager. I guess that’s why I like the country girls best, their so new to everything.

We put the batteries in the massager and I rubbed Avcılar Escort it along her neck she said it felt nice but almost felt more like a tickling feeling. So I asked her to close her eyes and I placed the wrist wraps around her wrists, she started to say something and I placed a finger to her lips and told her to just go along with it. She sucked my finger into her mouth as an answer to my request. I laid her on her back with her hands above her head and using the dog leash and eyehook fastened her arms in that position, I asked her if she was ok and she assured me she was fine, she was just anxious to feel me in her.

With her arms above her and her nipples barely visible through the new teddy I couldn’t resist admiring the view. I touched her face slowly, softly with just two fingers, first one side, then the other. Slowly I let my fingers glide down her supple throat to her pert tits where I cupped one breast, and she let out a moan of desire. My fingers continued their descent till I touched inside her thighs, but not touching her delicate lips instead I let my fingers continue down her legs till I reached her ankles.

I then started softly kissing my way up her legs and she twitched every now and then saying my kisses tickled her. I could see the goose bumps popping up like crazy on her legs and arms and her nipples pushed up so hard against the fabric of the white teddy that I thought they might poke a hole right through the lacey material. By the time I reached the top of her legs she was begging for me to take her and have my way with her. But when I kissed her womanly treasure I stopped to inform her I was having my way with her, and there would be more of the same, as long as she was enjoying it. She begged me to lick her like I had done before and I couldn’t ignore her pleas, I gently parted her legs, separated her lips and slowly ran my tongue up along her clitoris. She began moaning and thrashing around, luckily she could not get her hands free otherwise she would’ve tried to crush me between her legs as she held me down by my hair. But I was no fool I used my hands to keep her lips open and my arms to keep her legs in place. I used my tongue and my whole mouth to lick and suck on her clitoris. When I felt she was thrashing around enough I changed my technique and started using my tongue to fuck her tight hole. From her moaning and thrashing around I knew she was having fun and so was I.

Nothing Avcılar Escort bayan fills me with more satisfaction then knowing what I’m doing is pleasing my woman. And the way she is moaning and begging me to please her, definitely lets me know I’m doing good. I pull away from her juicy lips and start kissing my way up her body. When I reach her breasts I am surprised to find her teddy still tied together but it has scooted up over her left tit. I untie the garment and set her other tit pop out, her nipples are so tempting that I have to caress and suckle them a little before I continue up her body to finish kissing her neck. I grab the massager and turn it on. She can hear it but her eyes are closed, too lost in ecstasy to keep them open. I place the massager on her neck and work it down to her nipple, she seems to be surprised with the effect it is having on her nipple and she smiles weakly, though still keeping her eyes closed. I work the massager down her body and I can feel her stomach tighten as she realizes where I plan on ending up with that massager. As I slowly move it across her lips between her legs, her eyes come open and she looks at me pleading and surprised. I can tell she did not know what I had in mind with this massager by the look in her eyes. As I let it move over her clitoris she lets out a moan and I press it against her partially open lips. I close her legs together and let it vibrate her swollen lips with a teasing tingle as I remove my shorts.

I tell her stay as I have placed her and she does good by keeping her legs together but she starts thrashing about almost immediately and begging me to shove my dick into her hot hole. Instead I remove the massager and roll her over onto her stomach, she is willing to do anything I tell her now as long as she knows sooner or later she will feel my dick inside her. On her stomach she tries rubbing her pussy against the sheets which have become bunched up underneath her. I pull her body back down the bed by her ankles and her arms become tight again above her head. She is so turned on she is whimpering for me to fuck her or to just touch her pussy. I place the massager against her lips again and she wantonly tries to move down on it pressing it harder against her sweet lips, but with her arms tight she cant move on it much at all. So I take pity on my little captive and slowly slide the toy between her lips and into her juicy opening. She screams for Escort avcılar me to fuck her with it and I slowly slide about an inch in and then slowly pull it out.

The vibrations are driving her crazy and I love to see her crave it soo much. I begin fucking her with the massager and she is babbling about how the angle feels so good to her. I have had to place my body on one of her legs to keep her still enough for me to probe her pussy with her new toy. But her other leg is thrashing and kicking for all its worth. I reach under her stomach and can feel her clitoris vibrating with the dildo in her pussy. She keeps begging for me to put it in deeper and I rub her clitoris with my right hand wrapped around her waist under her belly and my left hand moving the massager in and out of her. I feel her legs begin to tremble and she screams she’s coming. I bury the vibrator in her and her pussy tightens up on it like a vise. She whimpers and shakes through her orgasm. Collapsing completely still when her screams subside. I pull out the dildo and let it sit against her swollen lips right on the outside of her pussy. She is quiet for about five minutes before she starts moaning again.

I expected it to be over but am pleasantly surprised when she whispers that if I don’t stop she may orgasm again. With encouragement like that I couldn’t stop. I slide the dildo in her pussy just barely entering her sweet opening and let it slide back out on its own, knowing every time it slides out it is rubbing right against her clitoris. I do this a few times till she starts moaning and begging me to fuck her, to use her, and to please her again. I can only take so much so with her on her belly and her arms tied above her head I aim my dick for her lips and slide right in. I leave the vibrator pressed against her clitoris as I slide my dick into her tight hole. We need no lubrication after the excitement she’s already secreted. I feel the tight walls of her womanly love hole and enjoy the feeling of stroking myself in and out of her. She begins to moan louder begging for me to cum inside her so she can feel my juices inside her. I reach down with my right hand and squeeze her right nipple as I erupt inside her tight pussy. My orgasm, the nipple squeezing, and the vibrating dildo on her clitoris was just too much. She screams through her second orgasm and collapses again.

This time when I turned off the massager and unclasped her hands she didn’t wake up, she slept like a beautiful goddess all sweaty and filled with our love making for about two hours before she finally woke up and went to take a shower.

She says she is willing to try anything as long as it pleases her that much again, anytime I want. And I love her all the more for it.

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