Sapphic Soiree

Big Dicks

When I got home, Don was in the kitchen reading the business section of the newspaper, a contemptuous scowl on his face.

“So? Did you have a good time?” he asked, his voice tinged with sarcasm. When I had told him a few days earlier that I was joining some girlfriends for a bachelorette party at a men’s strip club he rolled his eyes, amazed that I would actually partake of what he considered to be an utterly vulgar and disreputable celebration.

“I can’t believe you actually went to one of those places,” he sneered.

“Why? It was fun,” I rejoined. Of course I didn’t bother mentioning exactly what sort of fun it turned out to be.

“Oh come on, Peggy. Fun?” he said, putting down the paper and turning to me. “That sort of thing might be fun for a burger flipper or salesgirl at one of those discount drug stores. But you’re my wife, for godsakes. You’re part of San Francisco society. I’d think that by this time you’d have a different notion of what appropriate ‘fun’ might be.

As though Don knew very much about ‘fun’ in the first place! For him and his uptight blue blood family, fun almost seemed like pain. They felt guilty if they thought they might actually be enjoying themselves, and awkward if they weren’t constantly performing to perfection the social roles expected of them.

“Yes, I would think that by this time you’d be a little bit more selective about your friends and the activities you choose to engage in with them,” he said, lecturing me in his usual hectoring and condescending manner.

“Just what is that supposed to mean?” I said, getting quickly steamed over his remarks.

“Never mind, it’s useless,” he said, returning to his newspaper.

Angrily, I tore the newspaper out of his hands.

“No! Tell me, just what is that supposed to mean?” I insisted.

“It’s just that I thought you’d show better judgment. What if someone saw you going there? My wife, in a place like that!”

My husband was a member of one of San Francisco’s oldest and most snobbish families. And I was just an ‘ordinary’ girl from the sticks when he married me. But a very, very good looking ‘ordinary girl’. And that was my problem, I suppose, and his. Guys will marry beauties despite what they and their families might think makes an ‘appropriate’ spouse for them. And very attractive women, having the opportunity, will often wind up marrying rich men from socially well-established families. As we all know from a million scandal sheets and soap operas, those kinds of arrangements can turn out to be disastrous.

And Don hadn’t especially liked the idea that I had taken a job teaching aerobics at a health club, although many upper-class women did just that themselves, taught workout classes or aerobics or dance classes. When Don first met me he certainly didn’t mind that I was a gymnast with a well-toned body who had just won several titles at a State gymnastics meet he happened to attend. No, he thought that courting a sleek, hard bodied athlete was perfectly fine then. But when I wanted to earn my own income off my skills, he objected. In fact, he actually resisted my having any sort of job in the first place. My husband was so disgustingly old-fashioned. You’d think he was still living in the nineteen-fifties.

isten Don,” I said coldly. “Gina is a friend of mine. And so were the other girls. It was their choice to celebrate in that fashion, and I was happy to join them. In fact, I had a wonderful time. Much better than I ever have at one of those dull society soirees you insist on dragging me to.”

“I don’t drag you to them,” he said a tad defensively.

“Bullshit! You make me feel as though I’m not doing my ‘duty’ if I don’t go with you everywhere you want,” I said.

“I’m going to bed,” he said dismissively, turning away from me.

“You stay right here!” I shouted, grabbing his shoulder. “I’m getting sick and tired of your judgmental crap.”

“I said, I’m going to bed,” he repeated coldly.

I shoved him, and hard too. I still had my athlete’s strength and Don almost lost his balance.

“Go then, go to bed, you asshole! But I’m sleeping out here on the couch. I don’t want to be anywhere near you tonight,” I told him.

“Suit yourself,” he said.

“You don’t give a shit anyway, do you? You don’t really care if I share your bed with you anymore. You have so little interest in intimacy, Don, you probably don’t even jerk off. You’re probably even unable to get intimate with your own dick!”

“That’s all you care about… dick, dick, dick,” he said, as I brought up this sore point.

“Is sex ‘inappropriate’ as well? Is that only for burger flippers and salesclerks too?” I sneered.

“Sex has its place,” he responded. “It’s just that you think its place is here, there, everywhere, and all the time.”

“Oh, you’re so totally full of shit, Don,” I said as he again tried to dismiss me as some sex-crazed floozie.

Suddenly I felt like filling him in on the evening’s events. If he was going to throw all this in my face, I might as well give Ankara escort him ammo.

“You know what actually went on down at that club tonight, Don?” I began. “Well, let me tell you. After the show was over, Ruth arranged for two dancers to entertain the five of us privately. They stripped for us, just for us, two gorgeous guys. Don, they were so fabulously good looking and they had such beautiful cocks too. So beautiful in fact, that Gina, and then Ruth, couldn’t keep their hands off them. So they stripped off their clothes, joined those two studs up on stage, and sucked and fucked the shit out of them while the rest of us watched and cheered them on.”

His jaw hung slack in shocked astonishment.

“What do you think of that?” I said triumphantly.

His face was ashen. I can imagine just how ashen it would be if I added the last little detail about how, at the end, I took hold of one of those beautiful cocks and jerked it off.

“I’m going to sleep,” I said, getting some bedding from the closet and making up the couch for myself as my husband silently slunk off to the bedroom, dragging his newspaper behind him.

After that everything deteriorated, and Don and I decided we had better go our separate ways. He filed for divorce, and two months later I was a free woman. Ruth, who loves to arrange these little celebrations, hosted a little party for me with some of the girls who work down at the gym. Gina came, as well as Beth and Fran, two of my girlfriends from work. And Jenny, who had just begun to work down there last week and was doing a class with Ruth.

We opened up a bottle of champagne and just let loose, as girlfriends can when they get together.

“So how’s it going with your marriage?” I asked Gina, who had now been married exactly three months.

“It’s a marriage,” Gina said matter-of-factly. I knew she had done just what I had once done, married a rich dude and that now, with me sitting here, divorced, she couldn’t help thinking about what could come of such an arrangement.

“Yeah, how is old pencil dick?” Ruth teased, remembering how we had all teased Gina back at the club and how Gina, wagging a pinky, had referred to her then fiance as ‘pencil dick.’

“Oh, he’s still old pencil dick,” Gina said with a wry smile as we all laughed.

The others had all heard about Gina’s outrageous bachelorette party.

“Okay girls, pipe down,” Ruth said, reaching for a parcel she had set beside the sofa.

“Now to make sure that Peggy would never get stuck with a pencil dick herself, I decided to get her this,” she said, handing me the gift-wrapped package. “Open it.”

The girls all pressed in around me as I tore open the package. And when I finally did get it open I went speechless as I saw what Peggy had gotten for me… a big dildo!

“No pencil dicks for you, huh Peggy?” she joked.

The girls all gasped as they stared at the big rubber cock.

“It’s actually supposed to be molded from the real cock of this famous porn star,” Ruth explained.

Ruth named the porn star and I immediately knew who he was. I had been watching sex videos on the sly and was quite familiar with this `star’ and his magnificent penis. I had stared at it many times as he showed it off, or fed it to a slut, of slid it up some slut’s cunt and asshole. I had masturbated imagining it was me in place of those sluts, enjoying his wonderfully rigid tool. In a sense I felt as though I was intimately familiar with that particular penis myself, and now here it was, in my hand so to speak. I definitely recognized it as his.

“Wow! It looks just like the real thing,” Beth said.

“I wish I had a ‘real thing’ just like it,” Jenny said as we all giggled.

“Do you like it?” Ruth asked, looking me straight in the eye.

“I love it!” I said. “And I’m sure I’m going to get lots of good use out of it too.”

All the girls laughed knowingly.

“Let me hold it,” Beth said as I passed it to her. She stared at it, and fondled the molded rubber as though it were a real cock. Then she passed it along to the others. When it got to Jenny, she teasingly pumped it between her legs, into the crotch of her jeans.

“Oh yeah, I could use one of these myself,” she said. “the guys I’ve been seeing lately haven’t exactly been too swift.”

“I know what you mean,” Beth said, confessing too.

“Well gals, I don’t want to make you all green with envy, but my guy has one like that,” Ruth said, a tad smugly. “He may be even a little bit bigger.”

“Don’t rub it in!” Beth joked as Ruth bragged.

Finally Jenny handed the dildo back to me and I started to put it away when Ruth grabbed hold of my wrist.

“Say Peggy? Don’t you want it to try it out and see how it `fits’?” she said, winking at the other girls.

“Sure, as soon as I get home,” I said.

“No. How about right now?” she suggested. The other girls started clapping and urging me on. After all, Gina was there, and the other three had heard all about that notorious bachelorette party of ours.

“In Ankara escort bayan front of all of you?” I said, still a little stunned.

“Sure,” Gina said. “Listen, you watched me and Ruth get down and dirty, and suck and fuck two big cocks. I remember how you were reaching down between your legs to relieve that old familiar itch when you watched us get down with those dudes, everyone here knows all about that. So now let’s see you play with yourself again, except this time with something nice and big and thick inside you.”

“Do it!” Ruth urged.

“C’mon, show us,” Fran pleaded.

“We want to see!” Jenny squealed.

“Demonstration! Demonstration!” Beth barked.

“Go on then,” Gina urged. “We all want to see you try out your new toy.”

“What are you? A bunch of dykes?” I joked, knowing that all six women in this room enjoyed the pleasures of a red-blooded man. The problem was that not all men were adequately red-blooded, if you know what I mean. Gina and Ruth and I had confessed to each other that we were all more than a tad bi-sexual and had enjoyed sexual experiences with other women. And it was rumored back in the gym that Beth and Fran had actually once been lovers. Jenny, who had just turned eighteen and was straight out of high school was more of a mystery to me. But she sure seemed frisky, the way she spread her legs and pressed the dildo against the frayed denim of the crotch of her jeans.

“Okay, you sluts,” I said, suddenly emboldened. “I’ll try it out. You can all envy me as I enjoy a big one!”

We all giggled like schoolgirls at a pajama party.

Then, with all of them gazing at me, I took off my jeans and my panties. After that wild party for Gina I had lost whatever inhibitions I may have had. Plus, I’d always been something of an exhibitionist. Even as a gymnast, competing for medals, I loved showing off for the crowds, and wearing those skimpy little gym suits that cut right across the middle of your buttocks. Naked below the waist now, I slowly spread my legs apart as the girls gazed between them.

Then I picked up the dildo.

“Want me to get some lubricant?” Ruth asked. We were at Ruth’s place.

Over the past few minutes I had become incredibly excited by what was happening and knew I was all wet down there.

“Do I look like I need any?” I said, spreading wide and letting them see just how creamy I had become.

“I don’t think so!” Jenny said. “I don’t think so at all!”

With legs spread I slowly ran the dildo up and down the smooth skin of my thighs, teasing everyone.

“Hey, if you all want to watch me use my toy, then you’re all going to have to show me something too,” I said.

“What do you mean? You want us to take off our clothes?” Fran asked.

“I insist you take off your clothes,” I told them.

Quick as a wink, the five of them stripped off their clothes. I even took the opportunity to pull my sweater over my head and unsnap my bra.

Now there were six hot, naked women in the room.

“Okay, here goes,” I said, bringing the dildo to that ready-and-waiting bullseye between my legs.

Slowly I slid it up my cunt, making sure all the girls had a good view. It felt just marvelous!

“Wow! Look at you!” Beth said as she brought a couple of fingers down to her own bush. Following her lead, all the others were soon fingering themselves as they watched me ream myself with the big rubber cock. I had a dildo at home and often masturbated with it, but it was much smaller than this one. And it wasn’t life-like, as this one was. And I certainly didn’t use the other one to masturbate right in front of six horny, naked women gazing right at my pussy!

Then I noticed Ruth slipping out of the room, returning a few moments later holding something in her hand.

“Here,” she said, holding up another dildo and one of those plastic vibrators. “These are my own personal playthings. I thought I’d bring them out if any of you girls wanted to borrow them or something.”

The dildo was also very life-like, but smaller than the one I was using.

“Sure, I’ll take it,” Beth said, grabbing the dildo.

Beth was a tall, very slim redhead with narrow hips and hardly any tits, but still she was alluringly feminine.

Now she sat down on the opposite end of the couch from me, spread her legs, and slid that dildo of Ruth’s right up her snatch.

“Way to go!” Fran shouted.

“That’s it, slam it in there, you two!” Jenny cheered as Fran and I turned to look at each other, smiling as we each as we dildo-fucked ourselves in tandem. “What a sight!” Ruth said, staring at us.

“I’ll say!” Jenny hissed, rubbing away like crazy between her own legs.

“Say, I’ll take that one,” Fran said to Ruth, taking the vibrator from her. As we all turned to look, Fran sat down on the coffee table, spread her legs and worked the vibrator up her pussy. Now, as Beth, Fran and I fucked ourselves with the toys, the other three watched avidly, strumming their clits with eager fingers.

Suddenly Escort Ankara Gina and Ruth got up on the couch, kneeling on either side of me, pressing their warm bodies against mine. This was something new. So far it had all been solo play, with us girls showing off for each other. But now with Gina and Ruth rubbing their bodies against mine, I was sure we were about to enter a new dimension. No one said anything. But the ‘bi’ vibes were sure in the air!

Next, Ruth and Gina each grabbed hold of one of my legs, spreading them even further apart, as they stared at me pumping myself with Ruth’s very thoughtful gift!

“Ooooh, such nice tits!” Ruth said, looking down at my breasts. She had complimented me on my breasts more than once, saying she wished she had a pair like that herself.

“Aren’t they though,” Gina said as, suddenly, the two of them lowered their faces to my tits and each took a stiffened nipple in their mouths to suck.

“Look what Gina and Ruth are doing!!!” Jenny squealed as she watched them lavish my breasts with their eager oral caresses.

“Mmmmmm, I bet that feels good,” Beth said.

“Real good,” I said, pressing Ruth’s face against my left breast with a free hand.

Then I lowered my hand and glided it over Ruth’s body, over her breasts and down between her legs, to her bush, running my fingers along the moistened crease of her vulva. Then I switched hands and similarly caressed Gina. I went back and forth like this until Ruth grabbed hold of my wrist and wouldn’t let me move my fingers away from her pussy.

“I want your fingers to stay right down there,” Ruth insisted.

And so I kept my fingers there, probing Ruth’s slick, tight cunt as I kept reaming myself with the dildo. All the while Ruth and Gina never let up on sucking my nipples.

“Oh God, your hand down there feels so good,” Ruth whispered, coming up for breath.

“So does your mouth,” I said to her, then turned to Gina. “And yours too, it feels luscious!”

“I had a feeling you’d like having your nipples sucked by two good friends,” Ruth said, smiling sweetly, as she pressed her crotch against my probing fingers.

Meanwhile Beth was all alone at her end of the couch working that dildo inside her nice and steady as she looked over to gaze at the three-way coupling I was enjoying with Gina and Ruth.

“You guys are really freaking on each other, aren’t you?’ Beth said as she worked that dildo inside.

I guess we were freaking!

And then there was freaky Fran, on the coffee table, still pleasuring herself with the vibrator. And Jenny, just watching as she played with herself, her eyes flashing back and forth from one torrid sight to another. But I noticed now that she was really staring most at Ruth. Ruth was sort of Jenny’s mentor down at the gym, and I thought I had sensed that she had something of a crush on Ruth. So I wasn’t surprised as she now approached Ruth, gently lifted my hand away from Ruth’s pussy, and then dropped to her knees between Ruth’s open legs, plunging right in with her mouth.

“Oh Jenny, yes!” Ruth panted. “Lick me. You do that so nicely.”

So! Evidently Ruth and Jenny had played these games before. I stared down now at Jenny’s tongue lapping away at Ruth’s vulva. Even Gina stopped sucking my nipple a moment so she could have herself a look.

“Hey, Ruth?” Fran said, “where’s that lubricant you were going to give Peggy?”

“I’ve got a tube in my purse, just reach in,” Ruth said.

The purse was on the coffee table, right next to where Fran was sitting. She reached in to retrieve it, at the same time pulling the vibrator out of her pussy. Jenny was now all occupied with her face buried between Ruth’s legs, but me and Gina and Ruth and Beth all now looked at Fran, wondering what she was up to.

“Check this out, girls,” Fran said as she squeezed some lubricant out on the vibrator. Fran was this cute, petite thing with a trim, perfectly proportioned body and these sparkling emerald eyes. Her eyes were ablaze with anticipation as she lubed her toy.

“Here goes,” Fran said, leaning back and flexing her legs, then reaching underneath and sliding the greased vibrator right up her asshole!

“Oh shit! Look what Fran’s doing!” Beth howled.

“In the ass!” Gina gulped, watching as Fran pleasured herself anally.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off the obscene sight of cute little Fran skewering her anus with Ruth’s vibrator. And I guess Fran noticed that I was somehow staring harder than the others.

“You want to try taking it up there now?” Fran asked me. “It’ll probably feel great along with that thick one you have in your pussy.”

“Well– uh–” I stammered, but Fran didn’t give me a chance to answer. She pulled the vibrator right out of her own ass and then scampered off the coffee table onto the floor where she worked the vibrator between my buttocks, found my asshole, and slid it right inside me. Had she somehow guessed that I’ve enjoyed anal play like this? I have a little vibrator at home and I like to use it in exactly this way. And I had once even used a dildo in my cunt and a vibrator in my ass at the same time, just like now. Except right now the dildo was huge, and it was another woman who was sliding the vibrator up into my asshole.

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