Santa’s Secret


Santa’s next assignment is at the Victoria Secret’s store at that *other* mall about an hour drive North. Ladies get the chance to model Christmas Lingerie and sit on Santa’s lap for a photo op.

The day started slowly for me.. I guess women don’t shop for lingerie early in the morning. My helper elf had set up everything and sat on my lap so the photographer could check the lights. The woman photographer was giving my elf instructions… ‘sit on one knee.. move over to the other knee.. now sit across both knees…’ They were really enjoying this, and old Santa was starting to feel a bit younger. Having that tight little elf ass wiggling around on me was a pleasant way to start the day.

“You better relax, Santa.” she whispered in my ear, “Just think of all the ladies who will be sitting on your lap today.”

“Well, thanks! That image in my head will certainly help me relax.” I remarked sarcastically.

She laughed and scurried off.

I did get a chance to relax before the first lady customer arrived. She tried on a rather conservative nightie and sat quite still on my lap. She seemed almost as nervous as I did. She bought the nightie even though it seemed she really hadn’t looked at it that closely. Before she left, she leaned close and whispered, “I’m a bit nervous, I’ve never sat on Santa’s lap before.”

“You’re my first customer,” I admitted, “I’ve never had an assignment like this before.”

She smiled and Urfa Escort walk out into the mall. The rest of the morning went by slowly with most of the women sitting rather still. It was a different story after lunch. The customers were a bit younger and wearing less clothes when they walked in. Staying relaxed was getting more difficult.

I was erect most of the day, but the customers didn’t seem to mind. Most joked with photographer and had a lot of fun. The store manager told us that sales were extremely good. It seems that the ladies liked sitting on Santa’s lap just as much as Santa liked it.

The highlight of the day were the twins.. long brown hair and big brown eyes. Very nice figures, V neck sweaters that showed off nearly half of their full breasts. My eyes were attracted to their short skirts…. I just love short skirts. After looking at a variety of lingerie, they went into the dressing room to change. From my vantage point, I could see women coming and going. I noticed both of them go into the same changing room. After a while, one of them came out and walked over to me. As she sat on my lap, I was greeted by her very large breasts and stiff nipple inches away from my face. The nightie was very thin and nearly transparent. She was moving on my lap and my cock was becoming hard. My Santa pants were rather thin so there wasn’t much between us.

The photographer was being a tease. She noticed the Urfa Escort Bayan woman squirming on my lap and prolonged to process. My cock was erect and sticking up when she went back to the changing room and her sister came out wearing exactly the same nightie. Well, I assumed it was her twin. I wasn’t sure because they were exactly the same. She squirmed just like the woman before her, and I was soon hard as a rock. She smiled and squirmed some more.

The photographer then suggested that it would make a nice picture if they both sat on my lap. When they both walked toward me, I nearly fainted. The photographer told me to spread my legs real wide so one could sit on each knee. Well, my cock was sticking straight out when they sat down and was now sandwiched between them. It was quite noticeable. The photographer remarked they it would be better if Santa wasn’t showing so much. The twins each placed a hand on my cock and gave it a squeeze. “Is that OK?” they asked, “When we hang up this picture at our office, no one will know that Santa is so hot and horny. They will just think that Santa has red cheeks from being out in the cold.” We all laughed, and the photographer got several good pictures of the jolly old Santa and the twins.

The store was just about to close, when I saw you enter. I recognized you from this morning. You had a mischievous twinkle in your eyes now, unlike the nervous look of my first customer. Escort Urfa The manager turned the ‘open’ sign to ‘closed’. “Last customer.” he says, “Take your time miss.. no need to hurry.”

“I’m glad I made it back before closing time.” you remark, “I really was in a rush this morning.”

You pick out a red see thru nightie with matching panties… well not panties.. barely an inch of fabric it seemed. When you walked toward me, any attempt to relax was erased. The photographer said, “I didn’t mention it to the other customer, but I can shoot a video if you would like. Your eyes lit up and the camera stared rolling. You approached seductively, moving around… your breasts swaying… your nipples hardening. As you sit on my lap, you slide from side to side feeling my cock responding. I am so hard and a spot is forming on my pants. You keep moving as your body dances on my lap. Your hot body stroking my throbbing cock.

“This is very good.” the photographer moans as her hand slips between her legs. She continues to watch you dance on my lap.

You turn and face me, straddling me now as you thrust yourself against me. Your pussy grinding on my cock as you press your breasts against my face. The tempo is increasing and my mind is beginning to blur. You are using my cock to get yourself off. Your moans fill the store as your body stiffens. An orgasm grips you as you groan, “YES!” “OH SANTA!!”

As my cock erupts, flooding my pants with my sticky cum, my voice can be heard echoing through the mall, “Ho, HO, OH, Merry Christmas!”


The next time you see a mall Santa with rosy red cheeks having a good laugh, you’ll know why.

“Ho, HO, OH, Merry Christmas to you!”

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