Sam Ch. 01


I work as an underwriter for a Fortune 500 insurance company. My department has a 3 to 1 ratio of women to men – it’s every man’s version of heaven – and most of the women are about 25-30 years old. I am friends with a few of them but I don’t really belong to any specific group. Chelsea and I met the first day I started work and we usually had lunch together or met for drinks after work, but more often than not, I kept to myself.

I am 5’1″ and still thin from eating well and toned from working out regularly at the gym. My body keeps a nice tan just from being outside, and my highlights I added in college look natural. Even with all the other women in the office, I get more than my fair share of appreciative looks from the men. Chelsea teases me that they are just staring at my breasts.

The floorplan in my office is completely open and our cubicles are half-walled so we can easily see everyone from our desks. My floor was heavily staffed, with close to 200 people. Our cubicles have nameplates affixed to the outside walls so everyone is easily identified.

One particular morning, I looked up from my computer screen to see a beautiful man walking towards my desk. As he drew nearer I instantly began to get wet between my legs. This man exuded raw sexuality.

Dressed in his starched shirt with a tie, professionally tailored slacks, and a gleaming silver watch on his wrist, all this only enhanced the sexuality radiating from him. He walked tall and his stride was full of confidence. The material of his pants were tight across the muscles of his thighs and his chest was broad. I knew without even touching him or seeing him he had a very solid body and that he more than likely worked out. He had dark brown hair, bright blue eyes, thick lashes framing his eyes, and the most sensuous lips I’d ever seen.

The longer I stared, the more it felt like Niagra Falls between my legs. My mouth started watering and I was breathing deeply, looking into his eyes as he walked nearer.

I could feel my eyes start to sparkle, becoming all dreamy, and I could feel my nipples harden beneath the dress I was wearing. The unmistakable scent of arousal was wafting up from between my legs. ‘What a perfect day to wear this!’ I thought to myself. It was a clingy red dress that stopped a little lower than mid-thigh, and had a scoop neckline that showed just a hint of cleavage as it clung to my breasts. The matching pair of red 4-inch heels completed the look.

As he drew nearer, I could see he had his hand up by his mouth and he was smiling a deep and dangerous smile, staring at me. I slid out from my desk just a little, crossing my legs, and I turned my chair to face the aisle. I watched him slow down as he neared my desk so I sat back in my chair and crossed my legs again just as he passed. I picked up the pendant from my chest and twirled it between my fingers, looking up at him.

He stopped at Cissy’s desk behind me, bending over her shoulder to talk with her about one of his clients. From their conversation I ascertained he was in marketing and needed information from one of her client’s files. He was behind Cissy, and by the position I was sitting in my chair, he was facing me. As he listened to Cissy talk and look for the paperwork, he looked directly at me, his gaze zoned in on me.

My phone rang while I was sitting there, and I almost didn’t answer it, wanting to stare at him as he was staring at me.

“Andrea Larkin, Underwriting,” I answered, breathless, still staring at him.

“OHMIGOSH Andrea!! He has got to be the most handsome man on the floor!!” Chelsea squealed at me through the phone, trying to contain her excitement in a whisper.

I smiled, and I felt my face flush as he looked straight at me. “Chelsea, I’m going Trabzon Escort to have to get back to you later, okay? I’m VERY busy right now,” I said.

He smiled back at me, waiting for Cissy to find the paperwork he needed, and dropped his gaze to my breasts as they pushed against the flimsy dress. I could feel my nipples tingle and tighten even more, and a throb started between my legs, deep and hot. I subconsciously moved my hips to try to alleviate the tension.

Quickly, I returned my eyes to his. His face had flushed, his eyes darkening, and his smile had disappeared. He had a look of pure lust on his face. He cleared his throat and said, “Thanks Cissy,” stood up and walked the few steps to my cubicle.

“Nice dress, uh, Andrea, is it?” he said, waiting for my reply.

“Yes, Andrea. And you are?” I asked, fueled with confidence.

He cleared his throat again. “Sam. My name is Sam.” He extended his hand in front of me. Standing up and leaning over slightly to reach it, I slid my hand into his and stopped breathing upon contact. His hand was so strong, so warm, it sent electric shocks through my hand, up my arm, and into the rest of my body within milliseconds.

“Nice to meet you, Andrea.”

“Nice to meet you too, Sam,” I managed to say.

“Maybe I’ll see you around?” he said, still holding my hand.

“Yes, maybe you will.” I replied, smiling seductively.

I knew my eyes were sparkling with arousal. His gaze fell again to my breasts that rose and fell with each breath. He looked again into my eyes, stared for what seemed like minutes, and slowly withdrew his hand from mine.

“Um, bye,” he said as he walked back towards the marketing department.

Our first encounter was over in a matter of seconds and work continued around me as if nothing had happened. Chelsea had watched the whole thing from her desk, however, and my message box was blinking. “What did you do to make him lose that smile?” she messaged. “What does he smell like?” “What did he say?” “He definitely wants you!”

“I’ll tell you later,” I messaged back, still reeling from just the simple handshake I had experienced. I skimmed through the file I was working on, entered the data slowly, my hands shaking from the lingering effect of his touch, and then faster as the moment passed.

It was close to lunch time when my email notifier popped up to tell me I had just received a message. I smiled a knowing smile when I saw who it was from.

“Are you busy for lunch today, Andrea?” It was from him.

“Yes, I am busy today,” I wrote back. “My friend Chelsea and I are going to lunch. Maybe we can get together next week?” Chelsea and I had already planned lunch today. Sometimes she picked up the bill to treat me, and other times I treated her. I was on such a high, I decided today was my treat.


Chelsea and I were seated at the hip new place around the corner, The Scene, and our waiter had just taken our order. Immediately, my eyes started scanning the room. I have always been a people watcher. I like to see what clothes others are wearing, the different styles of hair and makeup they choose, and how people interact with others. As I looked around, I scanned the bar area and thought I saw someone I knew, but when I looked back they were gone.

Chelsea and I briefly discussed my encounter with Sam, but I wasn’t too forthcoming with details. I am a very private person and didn’t like to put everything out on the table. Chelsea respected that.

“Well, he’s been holed up in the CEO’s office since he got here a few weeks ago, or so I’ve heard.” Chelsea said.

Our waiter arrived with our food and as we were eating and talking, I could feel someone staring at me, yet I couldn’t see anyone at all. My Trabzon Escort Bayan body felt warm and flushed and alive, like it was waiting and anticipating something. I was quieter than usual, reveling in the subtle sensations swirling through my body. Chelsea was full of conversation as we talked of our plans for the weekend. We planned to check out the River’s Edge, a cute little shack down by the river that had live music.

I kept thinking about Sam through-out. It was obvious there was a definite sexual attraction between us. I wanted him and wasn’t sure how long I could wait to have him, but the wait, the anxiousness, the anticipation, was as much foreplay to me as his touch on my body. I could wait, but could he?

Before we knew it, we had stretched our lunch hour as far as we could. I paid the bill much to her delight, and we headed back to work. I checked my email first thing, as was my routine, and I had a few emails in response to my inquiries, but only one in particular stood out. His. It had only just arrived in my inbox.

I clicked on the open button. “I hope you had a nice lunch at The Scene.”

A slow smile spread across my face and my heart started beating harder. Those eyes watching me had been his!

Deciding not to play coy or naïve, I replied boldly, “My body felt you looking at me, but I couldn’t find you.”

He replied, “I’d like to feel your body, Andrea.”

“What makes you think my body wants you to feel it?” I asked.

“Your hard nipples and quivering stomach under that pretty little dress told me,” he emailed back.

“Tell me a little about yourself, Sam.” I replied, trying to diffuse the growing heat.

Over the next few days, that’s the way it went. We learned a lot about each other. I learned he was being trained to take over for his father when he retired and had recently broke up with his girlfriend. I learned he was a very sexual person, but that wasn’t news to me. I could tell that just by looking at him. He told me how he had gone home and stroked himself, gasping my name as he came. He told me he couldn’t sleep at night lately, and had lain awake, thinking of how it would be between us. I teased him a little by confessing I didn’t wear panties to work. That got him even hotter. After our first couple of emails, he had picked up a pet name for me. He called me “Andy”. Everyone else, parents included, called me “Andrea”. I liked his special name for me.

Sam started appearing in my department a lot more often and the look on his face was always one of pure lust. I would get up and walk, slowly, bending over at the filing cabinet so he could see there was no panty line under my skirts or pants. Our emails got steamier as we almost reached the point of finding a vacant boardroom to act out what we were emailing. The danger of our emails being monitored and maybe intercepted by the IT department made our correspondence even hotter. He had revealed some of his fantasies to me. He had never fucked a girl in her ass and that was top on his list of fantasies. I had never allowed anyone to fuck me in my ass, either.

I was driving home after work a few days later, enjoying the warm weather with the top down on my car, the wind blowing my curls and the hot air swirling around me as I drove. I had just bought a solid black Camaro. It had chrome wheels and detail with a black leather interior. It was my dream car. The music was loud, with Metallica blaring out of the speakers, surrounding me in the dark lyrics and tone.

I heard a honk and looked to my left and there he was, driving beside me. I laughed and pressed down on the gas pedal, shooting ahead of him, and changing lanes to get in front.

Adjusting my rear-view mirror I looked at him, and blew Escort Trabzon him a kiss. He smiled and pointed at me, then pulled over into the right lane up beside me.

Our emails so far that week had really kept me excited, on edge, waiting….so in a split second I decided to take our flirting one step further. I put my car on cruise and spread my legs, looking up at him as I slid my skirt up my legs, showing him that I truly wasn’t wearing anything underneath. I then slid my right hand between my thighs as he watched. I had never felt so excited or daring before.

Keeping an eye on the road as well, I looked at him as my fingers slid between my lips, sliding around in my slick juices. Tweaking my clit, I pulled my hand out from between my legs and brought my fingers to my lips. I swirled my tongue around my fingers, looking at Sam as he drove beside me.

He was looking at me in disbelief. The expression on his face made me even hotter. I saw his hand disappear from the steering wheel and the thought of him touching himself as I was made me even hotter.

I slid my fingers between my legs again, keeping the car between the lines on the highway, and began pushing my fingers in and out of my pussy so Sam could see my hand moving in and out. I kept stopping and licking my fingers, and his face got darker and I could see his longing.

He licked his lips and continued driving beside me, watching me as I played with my pussy, wishing he was the one touching my slick and swollen lips. I was getting myself pretty hot, but the fact that he was watching me, and no doubt his cock was hard, made me even more aroused. I almost made myself cum, but something stopped me. I couldn’t finish by myself. I didn’t want to. I could tell by the movements of his right arm that he was jacking off in his car or at least rubbing his dick.

I saw my exit up ahead so I quickly sped up and got in front of Sam. He followed me, exiting behind me. I pulled into the parking lot of a gas station but before I could even turn the car off and get out, he was there.

He bent over the car door and kissed me. All in one motion, he slid his tongue between my lips and at the same time, shoved his fingers into my cunt, fucking me with his hand, making me gasp and writhe in my seat.

My hands ran through his hair as we devoured each other in the parking lot. Customers were milling around, coming and going out of the store, but we didn’t care. The only thing we were aware of was each other. This was the closest I had gotten to him since the first time I saw him. I could smell his cologne, smell him, feel him. His tongue bathed the inside of my mouth while his fingers plunged into my pussy.

His thumb rubbed my clit as his fingers curled inside me, touching that special spot. I started whimpering, gasping, humping towards his hand as he brought me to the edge and then screamed into his mouth as he hurled me over. I was in heaven.

The fact that people were all around and had to have known what was going on was so erotic. The desire that I had unleashed in him – that he had held back for so long – was powerful. Delicious fire coursed through my body as his fingers rested deep inside my dripping pussy.

He raised up and back a little bit, brought his fingers from between my legs and up to my mouth. I slid my tongue out of my mouth, swirled it around his fingers, one by one, as he looked at me, his eyes heavy with passion.

He slid his hand behind my head, into my curls, and pulled my mouth to his. He kissed me with such force, such emotion and raw sexual need. He pulled the very life out of me with that kiss.

Without a word, he straightened up, trailing his finger down my face, and turned to walk back to his car with a very hard dick, and left.

I sat there a little longer, trying to compose myself. I looked at myself in the rear-view mirror and saw someone very different looking back at me. The person looking back at me was very sexual, very turned on, and very ready for more.

To Be Continued…

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