Ruski & His Black Bitch


Ruski & His Black BitchYevgeni Andreev walked briskly in the chilly air. The Russian immigrant to the USA was used to harsh winters, but he had not bargained on such cold weather being in Tennessee. He sent a message to his American wife saying he would be home in couple of hours. The thirty-five year-old database administrator, headed to his metallic red 2012 Toyota 4Runner. The blond-haired, blue-eyed, athletically built man started up the SUV and drove out of the parking lot.The foreigner navigated to a seedier part of the city. He pulled into an efficiency apartment complex. He knocked on a door and was greeted by his Black sissy.The five-foot-six-inch brown-skinned boi smiled and said, “Come in, daddy!”Yevgeni stepped inside. He pulled his fuck slut close and Demetevler Rus Escort said in his thick accent, “I love your new hair!”“Thank you, daddy,” the host replied as her ran his fingers across his firecracker red low-top fade.“Come here, ‘manda’, he ordered using a Russian word for ‘cunt’ or ‘sissy’ to refer to his bubble butt friend.The twenty-two year-old certified nursing assistant complied. His cute ass shook underneath the purple sheer, mesh bikini briefs. He stretched out his arms. Yevgeni whispered in his ear, “Did you miss my big Russian cock?”“You know I did,” the girlyboi answered.“It missed your juicy ass, Taurus!”“Thank you!”“Pour ‘papochka’ a drink,” he stated call Otele Gelen Rus Escort himself ’daddy’ in his native tongue. Yevgeni sat on the futon and pulled off his charcoal-colored Rieker boots. He watched his femboi fix his beverage. Taurus returned with a red plastic cup filled with Smirnoff vodka and ginger ale.“Don’t make me drink alone,” Yevgeni protested.“Of course not,” Taurus shot back as he headed off to the kitchenette. “Hurry up and get on my cock!”“Yes, ‘papochka’,” the fairy giggled.When Taurus sat down, Yevgeni grabbed his waist to position him on the older man’s lap.“You know I like you to sit on my lap,” the married man admitted. “Yes, sir,” cooed Taurus.Taurus could Balgat Rus Escort feel Yevgeni’s engorged eight-inch Ruski dick.Yevgeni choked Taurus and pulled him to his face. He stuck his tongue down the booty boi’s throat. He massaged his sissy’s ass.“Pi-da-rass,” shouted Yevgeni. It was Russian for ‘homosexual.”Taurus smiled.The Muscovite flipped his cute Black faggot on his side. He spanked the young tart. “Oh yeah, ‘suka’,” Yevgeni barked calling Taurus a bitch in Russian. He spat on his thick white tool as Taurus pulled down his undies. “Let me in that ass, ‘blyat’.” Another Russian word which meant ‘whore’, “Such a pretty ‘mu’dak’,” he said as he slapped his manhood on Taurus’ butt cheeks. “I love to fuck you!”Yevgeni went inside of Taurus with great force. His meat made the twink fart.“Take my big Russian dick, sissy,” Yevgeni commanded.“Yes, daddy,” wailed Taurus.Yevgeni worked himself in and out of the faggot repeatedly. Taurus cried out in pleasured discomfort. Yevgeni wrapped his massive hands around the bottom’s neck.The Russian howled. His cum drenched the pussyboi. “I have to get home now. I’ll be back tonight when my wife goes to work.”

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