Roommate Changes Everything Ch. 01


It was in the living room of her boyfriend’s university dorm that Brodie sat with him on the sofa, both of them patiently waiting. She lovingly held the hand of Ben, who she had been with for just over two years. They had met in college, Ben captivated by her stunning body, that joined a perky little ass with a chest that was a very large size. Her small 5″4 size added to her gorgeous good looks and short brown her meaning love at first sight for Ben. She fell for him in time, as she got to know him and hoped that attraction would eventually follow despite his small, weak frame and his face cursed with a very large nose. Brodie knew how nervous her boyfriend was about meeting his new roommate, which was something that amused her as he is usually so smart doing A Levels in Biology. It was a bout of luck that the couple both got into the same university, with Brodie’s room only a few miles away. She chuckled to herself how perfect her life was going right now, but that train of thought was interrupted by a knock on the door and the handle turning.

Brodie’s breath got short as she took sight of the man that walked through the door. He was tall, nearly 6″2, with eyes that were a dark brown that matched his hair. He had cute little dimples as he smiled at the couple, but what caught the loving girlfriend’s eye was the muscular size of the man. He was huge, muscles all over his body and looked every girl’s dream. He was carrying a very large bag with just his one hand as his eyes sought out the couple before focusing on Brodie and looking her up and down, making the girl blush, something her boyfriend failed to notice.

The man stuck his hand out to Ben. “Hi, I’m Kyle. I’m your new roommate, I believe. 23A right?.” He said as he looked at the door number once again before his eyes returned the smouldering blue eyes of Brodie.

Ben shook the hand and introduced themselves shakily. “Yes I’m Ben, this is er 23A so yes, your my new roommate. This is my girlfriend, Brodie. We’ve been waiting a while for you.”

“Yes, I’m sorry about that. I got held up at the train station by a blonde” He laughed, before taking the soft hand of Brodie in his palm. “Well done, my friend, on this one. She is absolutely beautiful.”

Brodie had a shot of electricity bolt through her as her little hand was enveloped by the huge paw of Kyle. His hand was so huge compared to hers, that she also realised the size difference when he shook Ben’s hand. She also started to realise the heat coming from between her legs, and stammered out a “Thank you” before shooting back to her room telling her boyfriend to be ready in 10 minutes.

“We’re going out to dinner, but should be back in a few hours or so anyway.” Ben explained as he tried to pick up the bag of his new roommate but struggled so gave up as Kyle picked it up with ease. “No worries at all, I think I may be going out myself anyway. I will see you later.” Kyle replied before getting pointed to his new room and going to unpack.

It was an hour later that Brodie found herself in a nice romantic restaurant with her boyfriend just mulling over a glass of wine, with food ate and enjoyed. Ben was talking about something that happened in class that day, but she was not really listening. Her mind was distracted by the Adonis that she met earlier. She could not believe that he was Ben’s new roommate. She was expecting a small, sort of geeky man. Not a man who was full of muscles, with beautiful eyes and just oozed sex. She felt the wetness fill her pussy once again before mentally moaning at herself. She couldn’t believe that this was effecting her so much. She was a good girlfriend, she loved Ben dearly and had only ever had sex with him. He was a decent lover she thought, his five inches filled her enough and he always brought her off by his tongue.

She tried to zone in on what her boyfriend was saying but her eyes caught elsewhere as she Kyle walk in and order a drink at the bar bringing back all her horniness. He took his drink before sauntering over to a blonde and felling her backside, something that made Brodie very jealous. “That must have been that bitch that held him up earlier.” She thought to herself. Her thought’s shocked and she quickly tried to get out of her head, but she couldn’t. She needed release, she needed her boyfriend’s tongue. She whispered in Ben’s ear, “I’m gonna go to the car. Why don’t we go back and finish this nice evening the right way baby?” She then sauntered out of the room, her hips had an extra bounce as her boyfriend quickly paid up and followed her.

It was not long before she found herself on her boyfriend’s bed, with her legs wrapped round him as he tried to push in and out at a pace that would not make him cum early into his condom. They were interrupted by the sound of the front door opening and shutting before hearing Kyle’s hushed voice as well as those of a girl. Brodie could not believe that he brought her back here on his first day but was shocked when her Sakarya Escort boyfriend stopped and pulled out. “What, what are you doing baby?” She asked. “Well, we have company babe.” he replied. “So? You don’t think they’re gonna fuck? Just get over here and fuck me baby. I need you.”

That was all it took. Ben was back inside her quickly and moving in and out at a pace. Brodie wanted him to be quick as she needed his tongue before she heard a loud moan from the girl next door, something that spurred thoughts in her head. Maybe he was kissing her body or eating her pussy. Maybe he was nibbling on her nipples. Her thoughts suddenly changed as she imagined herself in the next door room being ravished and her pussy jolted. She suddenly experienced a minor orgasm at the thought, as her pussy tightened for just a second and caused Ben to fill the condom with only a little bit of spunk. It was the first time it ever happened with him inside her.

“Oh, I’m sorry baby. I didn’t mean to finish inside you, it just became so tight. I could not help it.” Ben worriedly spoke. Brodie got over her shock, before replying. “It’s fine baby, that’s why we wear a condom because I know I’m allergic to the pill.” Her speech was interrupted by the girl next door gasping loudly before saying “I need this thing in me.” This peaked the curiosity of the loving girlfriend before she continued what she was saying. ” Baby, that was good. But I need to go home, I have to be up early in the morning. I will let myself out.”

She got changed quickly in between moans and groans from next door. She stepped out her boyfriend’s bedroom and heard a very loud groan coming from the door to her left. “Oh my, it feels so fucking big. Fuck me!”. This filled Brodie with lust, before she quickly ran out the dorm and left for home.

It was two days before she could see her boyfriend again due to classes, so she decided she would go round to his dorm and surprise her boyfriend on the Friday afternoon. She spent the two days thinking of how to deal with the new roommate especially as the loud noises have become a recurring theme says Ben through texts. She knew that she could not keep hearing that, and just hoped he didn’t have the plan for tonight.

She let herself in the room with her spare key, and sat on the sofa and waited for her boyfriend. She was then startled as Kyle came out of his room, wearing just a pair of shorts. His body was ripped with muscles and his tan only added to his appeal. Brodie’s body seemed to flush as she took his body in and she squirmed in her seat. “Hey, I’m just waiting for Ben, hope that’s okay” she said, breaking the silence. “That’s fine my darling, I’m more than happy to be joined by someone as beautiful as you. However, one problem, he’s had to go away for the night with somebody called Kim? It was an emergency apparently.” He replied.

Kim was a close friend of the couple and Brodie was not worried by this. She just wished Ben would have let her know. She decided to ring hum but heard the recognisable ring-tone in his bedroom, meaning he had left his phone in there. Typical, she thought.

“Well I guess, that’s a bit unlucky. Feel free to hang around if you would like. I like being in the company of gorgeous women.” He said, cracking a stunning smile. Brodie laughed and thought of the past few nights. “I’ve heard that. Literally. You do well for yourself don’t you?” she joked.

“Well, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.” He said, with a seriousness not understood by the girlfriend. She sat there and wondered what next to say but decided to be honest with him. “You do realise that girl was faking, right? No girl makes that much noise during sex, it’s just to make you feel better.”

“Is that so?” He asked. “Bet you make no noise with Ben at all, do ya?” She thought about this but replied anyway. “Well no, but it’s still enjoyable. There’s nothing on this earth that can make a girl make all that noise and mean it.

Brodie was dripping with lust at this conversation and noticed a bulge coming in the shorts of the roommate standing in front of her. This was very dangerous, she thought to herself. She went to leave but was pushed onto the seat by his strong arm. “What are you doing?” She questioned, getting rather angry by his actions but staying in the seat.

“You’ve got it wrong Missy. There is something that can make a girl mean all that noise, and I have it right here.” He bragged, rubbing his hand on his shorts. She was licking her lips but knew she had to get out of there. She decided to cool the tension by taking it as a joke. “That’s what they all say, babe. Keep thinking that.”

“Well, maybe I should prove it. Maybe I should show you right now. Or you can run away and leave. Choose Brodie, choose” He challenged her. She knew she should leave, she willed herself to. This was dangerous, too dangerous. She loved her boyfriend, she did. But she just replied while still sitting down. “Oh yeah Kyle, Sakarya Escort Bayan don’t be silly.

That changed him and with a “Fine”, he pulled down the waistband of his shorts, taking the boxers with them. The loving girlfriend of two years could not believe her eyes. In front of her, was the biggest cock she ever thought she could see. It was huge, at about 9 inches and seemed to be as thick as a coke can. It was full of veins and had a cute mole in the middle before it meets a giant, scary head. This was an amazing dick. A dick that belonged to her boyfriend’s new roommate.

“Stop it Kyle, Put it away! Please!” She stammered out, never taking her eyes of his long member. Lust was driving her crazy and the dampness between her legs was now a puddle. Her erect nipples was like bullets and she had never been more turned on her life. She knew she should get up and leave, she willed her legs to move. But they just stood still, controlled by her lust.

“This is what makes them girls scream, believe me now, bitch?” He said. The word bitch would usually anger her, but suddenly it turned her on more.

“Yes, I believe you. Its huge, it’s oh so fucking big.” She moaned. “But put it away, I’m your roommate’s girlfriend.” She asked worriedly.

“A girlfriend who has never been pleased in her life. A girl who is so sexy, she deserves more.” He stepped closer and now the hanging dick was in front of her face. “And a girl that deserves a dick like this.” He then took an extra step and his dick banged on her lips. Those lips opened to speak but gained entry to his giant cock, which took the space quickly.

Brodie could not believe it. Her mouth was being filled by this huge cock, and she could not bring herself to stop him. He was just so manly and all of a sudden, seven inches of dick was in her mouth and she was spluttering on his dick. She coughed and gagged before he pulled back out, and she grabbed his dick to stop him from going further away. She pulled the biggest piece of man meat she ever imagined back into her mouth, and sucked vigorously. She loved the feeling of his dick in her mouth, and so did he.

“Ohh yeah, that’s it bitch. Suck my dick like a good girl.” He breathily moaned.

The word bitch made her suck harder before she took her mouth off him, and licked the tip and all the way down to his balls. She sucked on each of his testicles, and licked back up the dick. She let out a groan of “Oh, so fucking big” before he filled her mouth again. He got to 7 inches again before she swallowed her gag reflex and took all 9 inches deep into her throat.

“Oh my fucking god baby. That’s so good, Keep that up and you’ll get a reward.” He groaned.

Brodie felt full of pride as she pleasured this beast of a man. She wanted to suck him like no other girl could, despite her boyfriend being the only one she should give head to. She licked his cock while he was in her mouth, before he tensed up and her throat was filled with salty spunk.

Shot after shot hit the back of her throat and she tried her best to swallow every drop of his cum. This proved too difficult as he ejaculated for a full minute, and shot it all over her face as he pulled out her mouth. His cum was so hot on her face, and she felt so turned on that as he caught his breath she had her hands in her pants fingering her pussy.

He recovered and looked up to see her laid out on the sofa, face full of his cum and her mouth savouring the taste, and her hand in her pussy, trying to cum. He grabbed her hand stopping her, giving a sigh of frustration from the girl. “Let me return the favour, it’s only fair.” He said. Before she could respond her trousers were pulled off and next went the panties, with her lifting her hips subconsciously to help him. She grabbed her panties and wiped her face off, as he pulled her round to him. He knelt in front of her, and she pulled her t-shirt off, needing to play with her nipples. He looked up at her and she just spoke one word. “Please.” She pleaded.

He dove in and attacked her pussy with his mouth. His quickly found her clit and flicked it with his tongue. “Oh yeah, that’s it baby, oh fuck” She stammered out in between gasps and wrapped her legs round his head. The next twenty minutes spent of her humping his face as he pleasured her in a way Ben never did with his tongue. “Oh yes! That’s it! Eat me you bastard,Lick my pussy! Make me cum!” She screamed as she approached orgasm. He licked quicker and she ripped on her nipples so rough it hurt her. “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m coooommmiiiinnnnnggg.” She let out a wail, and humped his face to orgasm as she squirted in his mouth. She unwrapped her legs and lay there for a minute dazed, before he picked her up and took her in his room.

She came to her senses right then. He was gonna fuck her. She couldn’t let that happen. “No, stop. You can’t fuck me. I can’t cheat on Ben let me go!” She pleaded. He laid her on his bad and pushed her on her Escort Sakarya back and was about to penetrate her when she said “At least use a condom.” This amused Kyle and he sat back and told her, “I ain’t got none. Go get me one then.”

She ran out the room into Ben’s and searched the drawer. She was in shock. He’s gonna fuck me, I’m gonna let him. This is so wrong, she thought to herself. This thought that three days ago would have disgusted her, now filled her with lust. She found the last condom that Ben had left and skipped back into Kyle’s room, with delight.

Kyle literally laughed out loud, before saying “Fine, baby. You want the condom, you put it on.” She grabbed his mammoth dick, and realised she could not fit her hand round it. “Ben always has to wear one because I’m allergic to the pill”, She reasoned before putting the condom over the head of his dick. She tried to stretch it down over the top, oblivious to the fact it weren’t gonna fit. Things came to a head when it split and she shrieked with suprise. “Oh no, that was the last one. You have to wear one. You can’t get me pregnant.” She looked at the giant cock, and realised she needed it in her.

“Well, I can just pull out babe. It’ll be fine.” He said to her. Lust took over and threw reason out the window as she nodded and laid back on the bed. She was really gonna do it, she was gonna cheat on Ben and get fucked by this Adonis. He climbed on top and rubbed his dick up and down her pussy lips, bringing squeaks from her mouth. “You ready for this dick, baby?” He teased. “Yes, I’m ready. Stick it in me now. Just fuck me, fuck me hard.” She moaned as he entered her.

She immediately felt the difference and thickness as he stretched her out like never before. ~”Oh fuck, that feels so fucking big. So thick. Give me more.” She challenged him and he rose to it, and slammed all nine inches inside her bringing a wail from her lips. “Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum already! Fuuuuck!” Her pussy tightened and her body jiggled with pleasure as she experienced the biggest orgasm of her life. He just chuckled as he thought to himself that she’s cumming and he ain’t even started yet.

She came down and felt the rock hard dick inside her. “Oh my, that was amazing” She groaned. “We ain’t even started yet” He bragged before thrusting slowly in and out of her tight cunt. “Oh yes that’s good baby. Do it, Do me! Fuck me like you fuck those sluts!” He roared and speared her consistently on her dick. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she experienced pleasure like never ever before. Her hips thrust to meet his and her pussy was creaming around his dick as he fucked her like a madman. “Oh my God! Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me Kyle! Harder! Faster! Fuck me with your oh so big dick!” She screamed in pleasure.

He lifted her legs and dropped them on his shoulder before fucking deeper than before. She felt this and just groaned an cannibalistic noise as he fucked her harder than ever imagined. She could not believe how good this felt, she didn’t think sex was so good. She was constantly being pounded by this god of a man and loved every minute of it. He filled her in ways her boyfriend couldn’t.

“Your pussy is tight bitch. Its like you’ve never been fucked before.” He exclaimed.

“Its because I’ve never been fucked like this before. You are a god! My pussy was tight until your big fucking horse dick came along. Destroy me! She groaned.

He picked her up and slammed her up the wall as he fucked her. She wrapped her legs around his back and thrust her hips at his as she moaned in his ear. “Oh fuck me Kyle, fuck me like only my boyfriend should. Fuck me better than him. Your dick is so big! I’ve came 7 times already and you ain’t. He can’t make me cum unless I think of you. Your better than him at fucking me, and way bigger than him. So take me!” She purred.

“Keep talking like that, slut and I’m gonna cum in your cunt.” He shot out through gasps.

She knew she should make him pull out. But the fucking she was getting was taking over. She didn’t want his dick out of her for a second. The thought of him making her pregnant started to excite her.

“Oh fuck me! Yes, I’m a slut. Your slut! This is your pussy! I’m your slut to fuck whenever you want now! You own me with this glorious dick! Don’t ever stop! She screamed as an orgasm grew closer.

“Oh shit, I’m gonna cum baby! Should I pull out Brodie?” He choked out.

This was decision time. He should pull out, it’s too risky, she thought. But her lust took over and their hips never stopping to thrust made the decision for her.

“Oh fuck! Fuck! Fucking cum in me you beast! Fill my cunt with your spunk! Knock me up! Give me your baby! Own me by cumming in my pussy and getting me pregnant!” She screamed as orgasm took over and she felt him follow soon after. Spurt after spurt of hot thick cum filled her pussy, and made her orgasm bigger. She wrapped her arms and legs around him as she didn’t want him to pull out as he filled her up. She knew his potent seed will knock her up, and she loved every minute.

Both of them finished cumming and fell backwards onto the bed. “That was the best ever.” She sighed.

“Well we ain’t done yet bitch. WE have all night.” He roared at her.

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