Subject: Chapter 18 Robbie’s True Love III 18. After Ralph was led back to his cell, Robbie asked Tyler where they went from here? “That will be totally up to the DA’s office. We have plenty of evidence to charge him and I can almost guarantee he will not see the light of day for a very long while! If we need anything else from you, we will be in touch, but for now you’re free to go and do whatever you have to at the restaurant. I am sure there is a lot to be done! Oh, and before I forget, we have to keep all the money for evidence, and you will get it back!” Robbie said, “We are not worried about the money … we have plenty, but thanks for the notice!” Tommy looked at Tyler and said yes there was. We have to reimburse diners for the parking charges and the place is a mess. Chef John is coming back tomorrow with his crew to straighten out the kitchen. Our bartender, who is now the head of that department, is coming back and we will try to hire back some of the old crew. We have to do some light redecorating and spruce the place up a bit. Looks pretty shabby. We will be closed only a week. We hope!!! Robbie then spoke and said that the family owns a large hotel here in Beverly Hills so we can stay there while we work it all out. “I called them earlier and we have booked a suite there. We were supposed to go home first of next week, but I think that will be postponed. We have our own plane so that is not a problem. While they are doing work here, we may go down to Palm Desert and check on our restaurant there. “Blackford’s at Le Belle d` Paris” When this is all over, maybe you and your wife or significant other could join us there for dinner!” Tyler smiled and said, “Thank you. My husband, Evan, would love that. There was a slight look of surprise on Tommy and Robbie’s faces. “We thought you were totally straight but are delighted to hear this bit of news. How long have you been together?” Tyler smiled and said there were a lot of police, both men and women, who are gay on the force here. Evan and I have been together for almost seven years and married for three. He is an architect and co- owns a successful firm here in town.” “How long have you been together? You sound well suited for each other.” Robbie spoke, “We have been together for almost 4 years and married about a year ago. We will share more details when we get together, how’s that? Now we have to run as we have phone calls to make and see about getting the restaurant back in shape. I am first going to call my former manager right away, explain all the details and see if we can get him back. He really did a fabulous job and I want to make this up to him any way I can! Hopefully, he is not working and will come back with a huge raise and a bigger apology from me! We can only hope!” They bid Tyler good-bye and said to keep in touch because we can be here anytime you need us!! So, ciao for now and the men gave man hugs before departing for the hotel to check in. They arrived at the hotel, “The Blackford Arms,” on Wilshire Blvd. It was a gorgeous, older hotel that had been completely remodeled and was very swank and elite. While the valet parked the car, they walked to the front desk. Robbie gave his name and the general manager, Mr. Roman appeared suddenly. “Mr. Blackford and Mr. Gilman, welcome to the hotel. We have your family suite ready as usual. If you need anything, please call me or any of the staff and it will be seen to right away. If you will follow me please. May I inquire how long you’ll be staying with us? Robbie answered, ” We are not really sure at this point, although we will be gone for a day or two since we have to go down to Palm Desert and check on our house there, also our new restaurant in town. We have owned it for several months. All reports indicate it is doing very well, but like here, you have to keep on top of things!!” “But of course, will you be dining with us in the restaurant tonight?” “We are not sure at this point, we have had a rather trying day, so we may just order room service and have a quiet night alone!” They were shown to their suite on the 15th floor and it was really gorgeous. A large living room, beautifully decorated in tans, light brown, cream and gold. Some color here and there brightened the room as were beautiful, fresh flowers. The suite contained two bedrooms with large walk-in closets and two large in-suite marble baths. There was also a dining room with a large table and eight chairs. They were Chippendale and were exquisite. Their bags were brought in and Tommy said to place them in the larger bedroom. “Do you want your butler to unpack for you? “No, that’s OK, we just have a few things. But we need to do a bit of work and don’t want to be disturbed. Thank you for everything. Mr. Roman left and the Bellman received a generous tip and left with him. The door closed and both men collapsed on one of the sofas. ensest seks hikayeleri “You KNOW what I need right now more than anything? I am needing a very long and passionate kiss from my handsome husband, and then a tall cool drink. I hope there is some Chardonnay in the bar. Please babe, can you check? But first the kiss!!” Tommy leaned over and took Robbie into his arms, pulling him close! The began to kiss Robbie with great passion. The kiss was returned with equal enthusiasm. Soon the men were breathless and came up for air. Robbie smiled and said, “GOD, I needed that babe and you do that so well. BTW, I love you so very much. Once phone calls are made, let’s stay in tonight, have dinner with room service and take me to bed please and fuck me into next week. I need it really badly!! I am sure you do too, am I right? Both men laughed and agreed it was a done deal. “Open the wine, lover, while I try to get ahold of Dean and see if we can get him back. Hopefully we can set up a meeting with him here first thing in the morning!!” Tommy came back with two tumblers of a wonderful Hess Chardonnay and each drank a large sip. “AHHH, heaven: This wine and that kiss. OH, THAT KISS a bit ago was perfect. Robbie opened his brief case and pulled out his address book and looked up Dean’s number. He dialed and it was answered right away. Dean said “Hello, who is calling please?” Robbie replied ‘hello’ and told Dean who was calling. Dean seemed shocked and asked what was up?? “Well, first and foremost, how are you and please tell me you have not acquired another position yet. I want you back at the restaurant ASAP!!!” There was silence on the other end and Dean said, “I hope you are totally serious and yes I want to come back, as long as that asshole, degenerate piece of crap is gone!” Robbie started to laugh and said he was most definitely gone and up the river without a paddle or even a boat for that matter. “We both, Tommy and I, are about done in after the shitstorm day we had. Please come to our hotel in the morning, have breakfast with us in our suite. and we’ll explain everything. Please, I hate to beg, but we need you!!” Dean started to laugh and asked what hotel and what time. “The Blackford Arms on Wilshire and they will be expecting you. Just inquire at the desk at say, 9:30 AM.” Dean replied with glee that he would be there!! Robbie hung up and smiled a huge smile. He stood up and reached to hug his loving husband. “God, I love you so fucking much!!” and the men kissed deeply yet again. After we meet with Dean in the morning we need to all head over to the restaurant and see what Chef John needs since he knows he has carte blanche as far as the kitchen goes. We need to start calling customers on the restaurant list from the office and find out what they know and ask if they are owed any money for parking. They need to know we are now in control of the restaurant again. I’m sure things will work out. I also want to get painters in ASAP and spruce up the place, as it was looking a bit shabby. OH, and I need to call Dad and let him know what the hell is going on here. He quickly picked up the phone and called Daniel at the office on his private number. “Son, tell me what the fuck is going on down there!!” Robbie put Daniel on the speaker so Tommy could chime in with details as well. Tommy agreed a conference call with his dad would be best and added Thom as well. Robbie and Tommy told their Dads what was going on and that Ralph was in jail along with Karl, the Valet. He was going to flip on Ralph for a possible reduced sentence. Both Dads were flabbergasted with the news and agreed that the boys were handling things properly. As soon as Tommy got the complete police report they would forward it to both offices. The conversation ended with the promise to keep everyone informed. Robbie also told Daniel about rehiring Dean back as manager, as he had really done an outstanding job. It was good thing!!! Tommy took Robbie in his arms and the men kissed deeply and ‘I love yous’ were exchanged. “Let’s knock off for today and we can pick up where we left off in the morning. Dean can go with us to the restaurant after breakfast to help with all the office stuff and calling customers. It is getting late and I think we both could use a nap and I could use some Advil for my headache. Could you get me a cool damp cloth for my head if you please kind sir!!” “My wish is your command, Sire!!” as Tommy walked into the bathroom to get the cool towel. Robbie slipped out of his clothes and laid down on the comfortable bed on his back with his eyes closed looked totally relaxed as Tommy place the damp towel on Robbie’s forehead. Tommy took off his clothes and crawled onto the bed, reached over and put an arm across Robbie’s sixpack, sculpted hairy abs and placed his head on Robbie’s shoulder. Both men drifted off for a nap and slept for about 90 minutes. The men woke up slowly as Robbie looked up and then moved to kiss his darling husband. The kiss went from mild and loving, to deep and very passionate. “God, I love it when you kiss me like that!” said Tommy. “But I have to pee, want to join me in the shower and a little play time? We can order room service and have a quiet evening alone, which I think we both need quite badly!” Robbie smiled and the men got up and walked into the large marble shower naked, getting quite erect. Robbie was walking behind Tommy, totally admiring Tommy’s hairy muscled ass. Once in the shower, the men turned around and melted into a fabulous kiss as they started to piss all over each other, moaning. The warm piss on each other’s crotches was such a turn on! Stepping back from each other, they grabbed each other’s cocks and sprayed piss over the other’s chest, causing the men to moan while they went in for another ravenous kiss. Tommy got down on his knees and took Robbie’s cock into his mouth, savoring the taste, licking up the pre-cum on the head. Robbie started to fuck Tommy’s throat and was close to shooting so he pulled out and said, “I don’t want to cum this way. I want to save it for later when we fuck each other deep and hard, but still, I want and need a taste of your huge dripping cock!!” With that, Robbie knelt down and took Tommy’s 10″ cock down his throat and savored it. Tommy was also close so he pulled his throbbing cock out of Robbie’s mouth, pulled him up and the guys kissed deeply. Then Tommie turned on the multiple headed shower and they washed each other thoroughly. They dried each other as was their custom, put on fluffy robes and went into the living room and started to look at the room service menu to decide what they were going to eat for dinner. They each refreshed their wine glasses and smiled lovingly at each other and just cuddled a bit. Robbie lookup at his adored husband, “This is nice just to sit and be together to relax after the horrible day we had!” the men kissed deeply yet once again. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Daryl and Sam were talking while Elsa took her walk to the waterfall. The men kissed quietly and then Sam spilled the beans. “OH, my darling Daryl. I have fallen completely and totally in love with you and want to make a life with you. We get on so well and I know this is fast and we have some major hurdles to deal with but I hope I haven’t upset you by telling you this. I can hold back anymore. I just plain love you! Please tell me you feel the same.” Daryl looked back at Sam with tears in his eyes and smiling, “I feel the same and I am falling in love with you too, but the hurdles you pointed out are a major problem for us and I don’t know what to do about it. I think we need to talk to Robbie and Tommy when they get back to the ranch and see what we can work out.” The men kissed again and they ended the kiss with a smile. Sam looked up and saw Elsa coming back from the falls and smiling. “Well boys, it time we headed back. It is getting late and I am getting hungry for supper. What are your plans for the evening?” Sam replied, “I thought I would cook for Daryl tonight, just bar-b-que a couple of steaks and mix a salad. Is that OK, Elsa?” “That works for me. I will get Miss Ellie to rustle up something easy for me and I want to call Robbie and Tommy to see how things are going there since we have not heard from them.” They mounted their horses and got back to the ranch in a little under an hour, dismounted and the stable hands took the horses. They thanked the men and wandered back to their lodgings. Elsa back to the main house and Daryl and Sam back to his cottage, holding hands. Elsa was met by Miss Ellie and she asked what she would like for supper. Elsa smiled and asked, “Hello Miss Ellie, how was your day? We had a very enjoyable ride. Daryl went back to Sam’s for supper, so it’s just me tonight, so something light and easy. Maybe a large bowl of your fabulous soup, a grilled cheese sandwich and maybe a little salad on the side. Keep it simple. Why don’t you join me and we can eat together in the breakfast room, if that’s OK?” Miss Ellie started to laugh and said that was just fine. She had just made a pot of chicken noodle soup and she would be happy to have supper with Elsa. “Why don’t you go up and shower and rest a bit. Come back down about 7:00 and I be having everything ready for us. Elsa went upstairs and stripped off, had a nice hot shower and put on a pair of casual slacks with a light-weight top. She redid her make-up, brushed her hair, sat down and called Robbie on his cell, which he answered right away. “Darling Elsa, how are you? Are you having a great time? What’s the news ?” “Lots to tell. Your parents flew down yesterday to check on things and we had a lovely dinner last night. They left early this morning to fly home. I have some other news about dear Daryl and Sam. They are getting along really well, and Sam told me he has fallen for Daryl. Daryl feels the same. We went riding today up to the lake with the waterfall. Sam told me he wants to settle down, but the boys are unsure how to work out their relationship with Daryl in the City and Sam here at the ranch, they are so wonderful and cute together! Daryl went back to Sam’s for dinner and most likely is spending the night once again. I think this is serious. So, what’s going on in Beverly Hills? Robbie started to laugh and told Elsa about everything what happened at the restaurant: Ralph in jail, the money stolen which was almost $10K and the valet fees that Robbie feels he has to pay back to the customers. “All in all, it was a real crappy day. We go back to the ‘Arms’ tonight and have a suite here. We cleaned up and are just getting ready to order room service. We need a very quiet dinner and go to bed early. Tomorrow we will start putting the restaurant back together.” “Dean, the manager who was fired, is coming back with a huge raise and back pay. He is coming for breakfast in the morning and then we get to work. Both Dad’s know about all of this as we had a conference call this afternoon. We will be down here for a while, so I hope you are ok being at the ranch dear lady!” “That’s fine. We are happy here and Miss Ellie and I are having dinner together, just soup and sandwiches, then I am going to bed early and plan to read for a while. Don’t know what’s up for tomorrow. I’ll find out when it happens I guess. Do you need me to do anything for you both other than sending love and hugs and kisses?” “Not a thing Elsa. Keep an eye on Daryl and Sam for us. I am sure we can work something out for them – just wait and see.” “Goodnight my darling men. Love to you both. Goodnight again!” Sam and Daryl entered Sam’s little house and they embraced and kissed. Sam said, “I love you babe!!!” The men kissed again, both totally hard in their jeans, “Let’s take a shower and then put a couple of steaks on the grill with a potato. Could you throw together a salad for us?” The men went into the bedroom, stripped each other and felt each other’s very hard dripping cocks. “Let’s save this for later, Ok sexy?” Sam started the shower and both me climbed into the hot water and shampooed each other. They washed each other thoroughly. When they finished, they dried each other. Sam asked, “How does that old saying go, save water: shower with a friend??” Both men laughed and put on robes, holding each other and kissing furiously. “I can’t believe how lucky I am to have found you and I’m falling for you deeper every minute. Now how about a drink and some grub, Mr. Cowboy?” Sam started to laugh and replied, “Let’s git to it then!” They walked into the small compact kitchen. Sam pulled some wine out of the fridge and poured each a glass and they kissed again. Sam pulled a couple of ribeye’s out and makings for a salad. He went out to the small patio and started the charcoal and got the grill going. Daryl was busy making the salad. Sam seasoned the steaks with kosher salt, fresh ground pepper and some garlic powder, then drizzled EVOO on top and set them to rest. Daryl said, “I need something right now Mr. Cowboy. Come and kiss me please!” And Sam did just that. Daryl finished the salad, while Sam put the steaks on the hot grill and as they sizzled away, Sam asked how Daryl liked his steak cooked, but warned, “The most done I go is medium!” Daryl answered, “Medium rare please. How about you?” ” I like mine rare, just like your cock!!!” and started to laugh. “Are Steak and salad enough for you sexy? Maybe we can toast some garlic bread on the grill too, how does that sound?” Daryl just smiled and nodded his approval. Soon, the steaks were brought in with the garlic bread as Daryl tossed the salad with a home-made vinaigrette dressing. The food was plated and brought to Sam’s small dining table. They toasted each other standing and Sam leaned in and kissed Daryl gently. As he pulled away he said in a shallow soft voice, “I love you babe.” Daryl smiled and said, “I love you too, Sam!!!” The men dug into dinner and it really was fabulous. Daryl said the steak was perfectly cooked and that he never had tasted garlic bread from the barbeque before. It was excellent! The men smiled as they ate their dinner and both looking forward to a night of wonderful lovemaking and flip fucking each other until they came together!!! This is the end of Chapter 18 and I hope everyone enjoyed it. More to come with the restaurant and what’s going to happen with Sam and Daryl. Hope they work things out together. As always, please be true to yourself, be kind to others, play safe and wear your masks when out and about!! As always, thanks to the love of my life, Allen, for his hard work in editing and getting these Chapters out to you!!! Please donate to NIFTY. Nifty needs your support so please donate what you can to fty/ Your Sexy Chef

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