Rita , Rhiannon’s Bet Ch. 05

Here is the other version of Rita’s Bet that I had mentioned I was working on. When I had first though about the premise for Rita’s Bet I was undecided about where to take the story. There were two possibilities that appealed to me. While writing the first idea (published as Rita’s Bet) I decided to write the second premise too when I finished, and this is that story.

This story follows the same two main characters as Rita’s Bet, Rita and Rhiannon, and essentially the same broad plot outline. You will notice the first chapter in this story as mostly identical to the first chapter of Rita’s Bet. However, near the end of this first chapter this version of the story diverges from the first version. The plot of this version rejoins the plot of the first version near the end of the last chapter.

This story is considerably longer than the first version of Rita, and many of the character motivations are different from the first version. Also, this version fills in some of Rita’s and Rhiannon’s immediately relevant backgrounds. There is also a third major character, Lena, who makes her appearance in chapter five, and she drives the story the rest of the way.

As I mentioned at the foreword to Rita’s Bet, I love comments and observations about my stories.

However, once again: I don’t really have an interest in hearing about how a chapter is submitted in what you feel is the wrong category. And I don’t really care to bother with comments from burgeoning junior lawyers who just have to tell me all about the dire potential legal consequences of the action in the story — just enjoy the story (or don’t) for what it is. I also don’t have an interest in hearing from unfortunate boys whose woman done him wrong at some point in his life and now he just has to lash out and vent his anger at women in general and find an excuse to call them skanks or whores. And for those who like to post with the hope of influencing the story line — my stories, including this one, are finished before I start submitting them.

But your comments and observations on the literary aspects of the story (and especially in this case the differences between the two versions of the story), plot, character, mood, foreshadowing, etc, are all welcome and eagerly addressed and responded to, whether posted in the comment section or sent privately

Please enjoy the story. It is presented in eight chapters.

Rita and Rhiannon’s Bet — Another Telling of Rita’s Bet

Chapter Five

Rhiannon took a few steps to the foot of my bed and faced it. She moved close, her knees and lower thighs against the headboard, and deliberately bent at the waist. She continued to lower herself until her forearms rested flat on the surface of the bed, her face barely above them. This position put her head and shoulders below the level of her hips, and her ass jutted out in a vulgar way.

I stepped directly behind her and found all of Rhiannon exposed to my eyes, her lower lips, secreted below her buttocks but still visible, plump and fat, red and engorged and exhibiting a little moisture. After I moved a bit to one side I rubbed the paddle on Rhiannon’s bottom and tapped it lightly a few times. Then I pulled back the paddle, as far back and up as I could reach and brought it forward with all my strength. The crack surprised me with its volume, and I put my hand to my mouth in surprise and amusement. A red patch immediately sprang up from Rhiannon’s ass where the paddle had hit. Rhiannon hadn’t made any sound or said any word.

A feeling of self-consciousness filled me. The sound had been loud and filled the room, and I couldn’t image how people had not heard it two blocks away. But I realized that the sound could hardly travel past these walls, and I settled into my happy and erotic task, feeling my excitement growing with each loud smack. Before that first smack was the only time I touched Rhiannon’s butt before smacking her. I never again rubbed the paddle on her backside before swinging. I also varied the timing between my deliveries. It turned me on to know that Rhiannon could have no idea when a blow might fall.

As I proceeded Rhiannon’s ass became progressively pink, then red, then took on a deeper red. The paddle covered a large expanse of her ass and so drew out the color quite evenly. And the size of the paddle made it possible to land a smack across both cheeks. The paddle, when it impacted Rhiannon’s ass, made the same sharp but oddly heavy and muffled sound I remembered from my own initiation and from dealing out the initiation paddling to the new girls this year.

Rhiannon made no sound for the first four or five swats. Then she started to respond to each whack with a reactive sound that started just barely audible but grew by the end of the paddling to barely controlled grunts. At a couple points I gave Rhiannon three hard swats in quick succession. At those points the sounds she made became more panicky and rose in volume with each smack as the pain accumulated quickly and dramatically. bursa escort bayan When I stopped one of these quick series Rhiannon breathed in and out very rapidly trying to regain composure she had perhaps come close to losing. And those were the points in the paddling I enjoyed best: when my victim was close to losing it under the pain of the ass smacks I was delivering to her.

The last series of quickly administered smacks brought me to eighteen. Rhiannon’s ass was a deep red and her breathing was shallow and fast, her grunts seeming to my ears to be taking on a tone of anxiety. I think she was hoping I might just continue with the last two and be done. But I stopped and let her calm herself a bit. Then I very deliberately added two more whacks, delivered as hard as I could make them, and we were done.

Rhiannon lay still for many moments. I took the opportunity to move directly behind her again and I noted immediately the change in her sex: her vulva had become a darker color and more full and swollen. The fluid that leaked from it could not be missed. Then she suddenly came to her feet, her hands on her ass and rubbing. She faced me and while I had heard no actual sobs I saw now that her eyes were wet and red and her cheeks streaked with tears. She had the look of the chastened: like someone who had been required to submit to an unpleasant and painful punishment and now felt humiliated and subjugated. I remembered how we had danced around how this would go beforehand: how Rhiannon had sent signals that she wanted her ass roasted and how I had played into that desire. But I was unsure if the look she displayed now was part of that fantasy sham or was real, or some combination of the two.

She had held her head, chin up, seeming to want to show her punisher she was unbroken, and she regarded me with that look for about five seconds. Then she broke our eye contact and walked around the bed to her clothes. She pulled on her socks and underwear, then her shirt and jeans and shoes without a word. When she was dressed she made for the door, not looking in my direction.

I put a hand inside the crook of her elbow and stopped her, confused and unsure what to say. After a second I managed, “Rhi, I had a great time with you tonight.” I reached in and gave her a kiss on one cheek.

Rhiannon made a motion to leave, but without warning she wheeled around and she was up against me, one hand at the back of my neck and the other at my chin. Her mouth was on mine, her lips loose and her tongue prying at mine. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and began to enthusiastically explore. I had been entirely unprepared for this and it took a moment for me to know what to do. Then I just went with what my body felt. I leaned into her kiss and let my tongue enjoy intertwining with hers. I had done this for just a few seconds, Rhiannon had just elicited this reaction from me and the kiss had lasted perhaps a total of ten or fifteen seconds, when she suddenly broke it. She turned and was out the door and gone in a couple of seconds.

My mouth and body missed her and I felt a hard pang of regret that the kiss had not gone on forever. Then I heard her footsteps on the stairs descending, and a few seconds after the front door closing with a thump.

A backed up to my bed and sat down, dazed. My face felt hot and I was breathing deeply. I knew I was turned on. I sat like that for some minutes. Then I stood and began to get undressed for bed. I took off my shirt and bra, taking a few moments to cup my breasts and play at my nipples after they were bare. Then I took off my skirt. I thought about leaving my panties on for sleep, but then I thought how I wanted to be nude. I pulled them down, and I noted how the crotch came away from my vulva in a sticky and reluctant fashion.

Pulling back the bedspread I got into my bed and pulled the covers tight just under my chin. After a few minutes, as my body heat began to accumulate and warm my cocoon, I reached a hand down between my legs and felt a sloppy, sodden wetness there that I had seldom felt before. I began to work my fingers around, playing with my inner lips. Then I stopped and very deliberately withdrew my hand. I decided I wasn’t going to take my excitement any further on my own. Snuggling my head into my pillow I went in search of what I hoped would be clarifying slumber.

The phone on my night table was ringing. Groggy and disoriented I pushed myself up on an elbow. I think it had rung several times before I became aware of it. I blinked my eyes stupidly, drowsy, sleep glue making them seem sticky, and looked at the phone for another ring and then reached out slowly to pick up the receiver. As I did this I looked at the clock next to the phone: 8:53.

I brought the receiver to my mouth and ear and said, “Um, what?” I’d had no idea whom it might be. This was in the days before the telephone would tell you in advance the identity of every caller. You had to live your life dangerously and pick up the phone bursa anal yapan escort for just anyone!

“Get over here!” It was Rhiannon’s voice, insistent. “Hurry.”

“What?” I asked, still foggy and unable to comprehend much. I at least knew it was Sunday morning, and pretty early by my Sunday morning standards.

“Come over now, Girlfriend,” Rhiannon demanded again.

“But,” I began.

“Look, I did a Ferris Buehler this morning,” Rhiannon said. Then she took on the voice of a young Matthew Broderick and said, “Worst performance of my entire career, but they never doubted it for a second. Incredible!” Resuming her normal voice she said. “My family just went out to church and I convinced my mom I was too sick to go. We’ve got about three hours, so get your ass over here!”

Then she hung up.

I wasn’t at all sure why she wanted me there, but there was no way I wasn’t going. I hopped from bed. My clothes from last night were on the floor and I gathered them together and stuffed them in the hamper that was already almost full to overflowing. Then I pulled on some fresh underwear and climbed into a skirt and top.

I exited my room, moving as quietly as I could. My folks would not be up before noon. I had no idea when they had come in last night, certainly after I was off to sleep. Church was not on the family agenda.

At the bottom of the stairs I slipped on shoes and exited into a sunny and refreshingly cool morning, closing the door quietly behind me. I made a right and walked the block to the highway. Then I walked quickly down the street on the other side for one block. I rounded the corner to my left and made for the second house on the right.

Once on the porch I rang the bell and pounded the knocker once. In just a couple seconds the door opened. Rhiannon was nude, but she was not cowering shyly behind the door. Instead she stood in the wide opening between the door and the door frame. Her one hand was up near the top of the door, and her other hand in the same position on the door frame. In between the door and the frame she stood gloriously nude, open to my eyes and the eyes of anyone who might be passing on the street behind me. No one was, but I got the feeling she had not stopped to check before opening the door.

Rhiannon’s one knee was bent, her foot up on its toes. She smiled at me and then giggled and twisted her hips back and forth. Only then did she step back from the door and let me in.

She turned and lead the way up the stairs to her room. As I looked up toward her I saw that her ass was still a heavy red from her paddling and I smiled to myself. When I was in her room she closed the door firmly. Before I could say anything we were both sitting on the bed and Rhiannon was talking.

“Same bet as last night?” she asked.

“Um, yeah, sure, I guess,” I said. Then I pointed out the obvious. “You don’t have any clothes on, Rhi.” I whispered this last part, like I was passing on information of which she might be unaware.

Rhiannon bounced off the bed and put her hand into a contained on her dresser. “How many pieces do you have on?” she asked. I told her six after doing a quick inventory. Then she came back and sat down. She put down six pennies on the bedspread.

“I’m not going to bother putting anything on,” she said. That was fine with me. She looked fabulous, and I could feel the first stirrings of desire inside me. “You lose clothes and I lose coins. Whoever’s is gone first loses. Same payoff as last night.”

“Shit,” I said. “I didn’t bring my paddle.”

Again Rhiannon got up, went to her closet, and she reached up onto a high shelf. She came back with a paddle that was almost identical to the one I kept, although hers was far newer looking. “I’m the keeper of the paddle for our squad too,” she said. She was tapping the polished wood surface against the palm of her hand.

“OK?” she asked.

Before I could respond she picked up the deck of cards already sitting on her bed and began to deal. I was sure I’d feel very bad for her if she lost and had to get her ass hammered again. More hard wood applied to a bottom as red and sensitive as hers would be utter agony. I smiled at the prospect: shame on me. Those first stirrings of arousal, lit by Rhiannon’s nudity, now swelled with the thought of the possibility that she might have to again submit to me, have to bend over and present her already ruby ass for more swats administered by yours truly.

But the game went quite differently from last night’s. We stayed even for the first four hands. Then she lost another and had a single penny left. I quite distinctly felt my pussy gush with lubrication. But then I lost two in a row and it was done. I took off my bra, my breasts revealed to Rhiannon’s appreciative eye. Then after the last hand Rhiannon gave a little cheer of triumph and smiled as I pulled my panties off.

I was a bit disappointed: a repeat of last night’s result would have been bursa rus escort fine with me. But I let out a sigh and made sure to take this in the direction Rhiannon had last night. “Ten hard cracks?” I asked.

“Oh, Girlfriend, you have no idea how hard,” Rhiannon said, smiling and laughing.

I took the same position over the end of her bed she had taken over the end of mine about eight hours earlier. Aware of Rhiannon’s movements I was sure she took the same opportunity I had to go directly behind me and have an unobstructed look at the goods. I felt myself get a bit lightheaded at the thought and knew the evidence of my increased arousal would be plain to her eyes.

Rhi didn’t tap at all on my bottom with the paddle. Suddenly a hard smack sounded as the paddle unexpectedly made hard contact with my ass. But Rhi didn’t stop, didn’t give out the paddling deliberately as I had. Instead, ten hard smacks fell on my ass, she only taking long enough between each to reach back for plenty of swinging room. The whole event took less than twenty seconds.

I had felt pain like that before during my initiation, although that agony had been distributed over a longer span of time. Even though this involved only ten impacts on my ass it was much more painfully intense. With the swats coming so fast and unrelentingly the pain didn’t double each time; rather, it seemed to increase exponentially with each loud smack. For the last six I gave out loud, sharp screams, and just a few more beyond ten would have had me screaming at the top of my lungs.

I stayed in the same position for some time, I don’t know how long, as I felt the pain move through and suffuse my body and mind. My consciousness became an expanse of white nothing, as if I were inside a snow globe after a vigorous shake. The experience seemed like a dam had suddenly opened, the pain a huge deluge of water that rushed into a lake; then the water finding its new level and beginning to even out. Finally, when those sensations were distributed around my body, my ass now just the hot and sore focal point, I pulled myself up over the footboard and crawled toward the head of the bed until my body was entirely on the surface of the mattress.

Rhiannon came up behind me — I was still on my front — put her hands on my hips and turned me over. She brought her face down and it was lost in my breasts, her kisses and licks driving me wild with desire. I gathered up my breasts and offered them to her. She played at them briefly and then her head moved south, briefly toying with my navel. Then Rhiannon’s lips and tongue were nipping all around my sex, placing little kisses and licks randomly, but always with the purpose of moving closer to her target.

When I couldn’t stand the teasing anymore I reached down and guided her to where I wanted her attentions. She let out a little giggle, as if she had gotten from me the urgency she had been trying to elicit.

Then the light and teasing kisses, licks and nips were gone. Her tongue was flat on me, wiggling, burying itself forcefully between my labia. The tip of her tongue began to push into me, then it stopped, and her whole tongue was slowly and with delightful pressure riding directly up my sex toward my clit. When she reached that goal I was suddenly over the top. I began to groan and buck my hips and an orgasm more intense than any I had ever felt was on me. Tears leaked from my eyes and my breathing was ragged as the waves of pleasure overwhelmed me.

When I recovered I looked down to see Rhiannon looking up at me from between my legs, a big smile on her face. “You’re easy,” she said.

I flushed in embarrassment. I thought back to the first time I had given a boy and handjob. It had been during that confused freshman year. We had found ourselves alone outside at a party in the spring, and neither of us had any idea whether or not we liked each other. But there was some sort of undefined attraction and we had been spending time with each other. In the middle of kissing he had loosened his pants and then a boner was suddenly before me. He put my hand on it and, really just for the sake of having the experience, I began to pump it. My hand had not been in contact with it for more than three seconds when thick squirts of cum had started shooting from it. I hadn’t really thought anything about it, but the boy had been ashamed of how quickly he had cum. He thanked me for my attentions, but begged me not to tell anyone how quickly he had cum. I promised I would not say a word, and I never did.

But now I felt a bit like him: ashamed at having been so quick on the trigger. I gave Rhiannon a shame-faced smile and covered my face with my hands.

When I looked again I found Rhiannon above me. Her knees straddled my torso and she was walking on them up toward my head. I had never been with a woman before, but I knew immediately what was expected and what was about to happen. Rhi stopped with her pussy some inches above my face. From this new angle I had a view, as I had the previous night, of her bare, shaven sex. I reached up with my hands around her thighs and put my palms firmly on her buttocks. I pulled her down toward me. As her sex came close I pushed my chin up and extended my tongue. I licked the length of her vulva before I began to squirm my tongue into her moist and hot folds.

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