Riding With Cousin


This all started about 4 years ago when I was a junior in high school and my cousin was a sophomore in high school she was 16 at the time but stayed back in 8th grade. I had been on the outside jobs portion of my vocational major and every day I would see my cousin Crystal in the hallway. She always wore tight jeans or leggings which formed to her perfect ass. She wasn’t the cutest girl but she had the most amazing body. Her tits were perfect not to big but big enough to always be noticeable. She constantly changed her hair color and every time it was amazing. It was my dream to fuck her beautiful ass and suck those luscious tits. I would jerk off to thoughts about her almost all the time. We started to see each other more often in the halls I would even drop into her shop to say hi and see what she was up istanbul travesti to. It was mainly to see how hot she looked that day. We started to talk more and more and more when we saw each other we would talk for like ten minutes then as she walked away I would cut her off. She occasionally ran into me with her tits hitting my chest and her hand grazing my cock. I almost came right there. And I swear every time it happened she would smile and run off chuckling. As spring ran into summer and school ended we kept our daily talks and then we decided to plan to go riding on the trails with the 4 wheelers next weekend. I couldn’t wait till next weekend I swear I didn’t get anything accomplished in my academic classes that week cus that’s all I was focused on. I knew that it was istanbul travestileri going to be muddy cus we got double the usual amount of snow that year. As the weekend approached I filled the box on my quad with some towels a box of condoms and some lube. Just in case they “cum” in handy. Crystal arrived at about 10:00am and we decided to make a quick run to the local sub shop so we have lunch. We hopped in the truck and drove off. I owned an F350 giving to me from my great grandfather. She loves ford trucks, score 1 for this guy. By the time we got back it was like 10:45am. She said she wanted to go change into her riding stuff so while she did that I unloaded her quad from her truck. She also had a box in the back so I was curious what she brought. I opened the top travesti istanbul and saw a box of condoms. My heart began to race thinking she was feeling the same thing I was. By the time we got on the trail it was like 11:15am and was already like 85 degrees out. We got to one of the muddy parts and I flew by her on the left then cut her off and slammed the gas throwing mud at her. Once we got through the mud we were on dry terrain she pulled ahead again and drove standing up sticking her ass out which kind of gave me a hard on. Next we came to a field where we both stopped both of us caked in mud got off our quads and relaxed for a minute she had been wearing a white tank top and you could slightly see the outline of her tits oh my god were they amazing . She said we should go to the lake. So we hopped on our quads and went down the trail a few miles till we came to the lake. I told her I was going to jump in and wash the mud off and told her not to look while I undressed. She coyly said “okay I won’t.” so I undressed and hurriedly ran to the water. It was surprisingly warm. I told her it was ok now.

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