It’s hard to know anyone really. Even someone you’ve spent a lot of time with, shared experiences with. Been through a lotta shit with. Even your spouse.

I was pretty good at ignoring the warning signs. Late nights out without me became more and more frequent. Constant texting. Abrupt ending of phone calls. All indicators that something was amiss but I trundled on not wanting to admit it.

That all came to a screeching halt one day when I stumbled upon them after calling it an early day at work.

“What the fuck!” I saw Ted’s naked ass as Christine was taking him in her mouth (I FUCKING KNEW IT). I stared, the anger subsided briefly. (Fuck it! Now I can just move on from a shitty relationship.) She looked up, shocked. Ted flinched and turned around facing me with his rather small hard cock. He began to stammer an apology. Something about the obsequious inability to just own the issue began to boil my blood. The more he stammered the angrier I got. Out of nowhere I heard myself say “Suck my dick.”

“What?” he sputtered.

I slowly, angrily repeated “Suck … my .. dick.”

“But … I.”

Christine looked at me horrified as I unbuttoned my jeans and slide out of them revealing a massive bulge in my briefs.

“Oh my god!” Ted exclaimed, shocked at my size.

“Come on Ted.” I said calmer now. “You need to make things right.”

“I’m not.. I’m not into … that.”

“I know Ted. You can tell yourself I forced you to do it.” I popped my massive cock out of my CK briefs and let it dangle.

“Oh my God.” he said again. “Christine never told me you were so big.”

Christine started to speak but I cut her off. “Stay out of this.” She still had saliva all over her face dripping down onto her perky tits.

I coolly walked over to him “you’re going to suck my cock. it’ll be OK.” I pressed his shoulder down to the floor. I didn’t have to press hard.

“I… I never have done this …”

“I know.” I said and pressed my throbbing gaziantep rus escort cock into his mouth. Christine looked at me with disgust .. but also maybe something else? Was she turned on maybe just a little.

He began sucking my cock. Bobbing his head. “Wow Ted you’re a real pro!” I grabbed the back of his head and thrust my cock deep into his mouth. I close my eyes and leaned back, we established a rhythm of bobbing and thrusting but then lost it and fell out of sync.

My eyes opened. I flinched, surprised when I heard her voice. “Slow down, and cup his balls.” She had sidled up to Ted on her knees next to him. She pulled my dick out of his mouth. “He likes it like this.” she said wrapping her lips around the fat head of my fat cock and proceeding to work the head. She placed Ted’s hand on my full balls and he started to message them. She worked her way down my shaft until I was fully in her mouth and throat. Ted marveled at her ability to get me all the way in.

“Amazing” he mumbled.

She slid me out and said “You try”.

He attempted to mimic her actions clumsily but fairly well. Working my head shaft he gagged.

“Show him” I said to her gently.

She crouched down further and put Ted’s cock in her mouth. It was only then I noticed that he was still fully erect.

It was like a game of telephone but with dick sucking. She would swirl her tongue around his head and he would do the same to mine. She would pause to lick his balls and he would lick mine.

He kept going licking and sucking. “It’s so thick” he said between head bobs almost relishing his work.

“Yeah you like big cocks don’t you?” I asked. “Let’s compare dicks.” I pulled him back to his feet, his dick sliding out of Christine’s mouth. I slapped his modest cock with my dick and put them side by side. Dwarfed by my throbbing member he stared in awe. Christine without a word grabbed and stroked our two dicks and began sucking one and then the other.

“Put us both in.” I said. She complied squeezing both of our cocks into her waiting mouth. She proceeded to suck us both of, trading cocks, cramming them both in like a champ. I was oddly proud of her.

I looked at Ted as she sucked us off. “Let’s DP this little slut. You can put your little sock in her ass, she can’t fit me in.” His eyes went wide with surprise and excitement. I shove him onto the bed and he fell over on his back.

“Sit on his dick” I told Christine gesturing to Ted.

She climbed onto the bed grabbing the lube off the nightstand. She lubed up his dick and slowly sat down guiding his cock into her asshole. She grimaced and winced as she took him in. Soon he began thrusting and it was now my turn. I approached the little dick riding whore, impressed with her abilities but now realizing this was not the first time she had let Ted in her ass. “Ted how many times did you do anal with my wife?” I asked as I put my dick into her sopping pussy and began to bang away. “You know what’s next right Ted?” I said as I was thrusting into her. I could hear and feel my balls slapping into Ted’s. He nodded in agreement.

“Oh my god I’m so full” Christine exclaimed as I drilled her little cunt. We were filling her holes and she loved it.

I felt my orgasm building as we double stuffed her. I backed off, saving myself for later.

I slid my dick out and said to Ted “It’s time. Christine lube up my cock unless you want me to hurt him.” She obeyed but she looked … jealous?

Ted had now fully given himself over to the situation. He crouched on his knees for me. “Put me in” I said to Christine. She grabbed my lubed cock and slowly she guided me in to Ted’s ass.”

“Oh fuck it’s so big!” I mounted him jackhammer style. Legs outboard of his knees like in a porn video. I started slow but began to hammer his asshole crashing into him with each thrust.

Christine put her hands on my ass and would push me firmly into him on each down-stroke while caressing my balls. “Why didn’t you fuck me like that” she asked as she continued to assist.

“You could never fit me in that tight asshole of yours.” I replied.

“We should have tried harder.” the jealousy permeating her words.

I reached back and pulled her around. I place her next to Ted ass up in the air.

“Please fuck me!” she kept repeating.

I slid my dick out of Ted’s ass and place it between her ass cheeks. I have a few thrusts between her cheeks and then squeezed my cock into her asshole.

“Oh fuck you’re stretching by butthole.” Once inside I paused and then proceeded to give her the jackhammer treatment. She was screaming with each thrust. I rolled her onto her back and reinserted myself into her ass. Pounding away I told Ted to lick her clit and he did. She was screaming with delight when all of a sudden her pussy began to squirt like a fountain covering Ted’s face. I kept pounding away for good measure.

“It’s your turn Ted.” I rolled him onto his back like I had with Christine and fucked his ass for a nice long time before I saw his balls starting to tense up, ready to blow. I grabbed Christine by the hair and pushed her towards Ted’s cock. “Come on give the man some relief.” She sucked his dick briefly before his dick exploded all over her face. It was massive impressive cumshot and her face, eyes and hair were coated.

I myself was getting close. I pulled my dick out of Ted’s ass and shimmied up the bed. “Here you go Ted.” I ripped off a massive powerful cum rope that crashed into his face. Several more huge ropes burst from my throbbing cock. I couldn’t stop cumming. Eventually the firehose became a trickle and I squeezed out the last few drops on to Ted’s covered face.

“Holy shit!” he said stunned at the volume and power of my cumshot.

I stood up. Looked at them both drenched in cum got dressed as they lay on the bed stunned.

I walked to the door and dropped a folder on the dresser. “I came home early to give you these. You’ve been served… divorce papers and and ass fucking. Goodbye”

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