Restraining Amy

Amy suddenly farted – or at least, it sounded like it. And it also sounded really wet.

She gulped, sheepishly looking around to see if anyone noticed. Luckily, the lobby of her downtown Los Angeles apartment building was empty save for the front desk clerk, who was far enough away from her now.

It was just past 10pm on a Friday night. Amy hurriedly walked into a corridor where the elevators were located, carrying two paper bags full of groceries.

Another wet, squishy sound emanated from Amy’s ass. She blushed, glancing around nervously to make sure no one was approaching.

I really need to get home quick, she thought. This thing is making a mess in my underwear…

All of a sudden, she felt a jolt of pain course through her rectum.

Amy gasped. Oh, no…I didn’t expect that so soon!

Her curvy frame trembled from top to bottom as the nerve endings in her anus started to tingle – with both pain and pleasure.

The elevator was still a few floors away. Amy was in a ton of discomfort, struggling to hold onto her groceries. She cradled the bags close to her body, feeling like they were about to drop. Her body shuddered as she felt a huge amount of pressure in her rectum. She felt like she needed to use the restroom – badly – but that wasn’t quite the situation she was dealing with here.

Finally, the elevator arrived, doors opening. It was empty. Amy quickly walked inside, struggling to hold down the pressure in her quivering asshole. She pressed the button for floor 6.

The discomfort was now too much to bear. Immediately after the elevator doors closed, Amy dropped her groceries and hunched over, clenching the bottom of her flared yellow dress with both hands. Her long, silky blonde hair fell across her face as she moaned in agony.

Damnit, she thought. Why did she turn it on so soon?

Amy pulled her dress up, above her waist, and looked down at herself. The circular base of a black butt plug was visible through her red panties, tucked away in her ass. Her underwear was partially soaked with a thick, sticky, clear-looking fluid – it was clearly a lubricant of some kind. The lube had been emanating from her squeaky asshole, making the so-called “farting” noises.

This wasn’t any ordinary butt plug, however. The plug was remote-controlled and inflatable, with the ability to expand to double its normal size upon the press of a button. At normal size, the plug was more than manageable – Amy had held it in comfortably for over an hour and a half. However, at maximum size, it was a handful to deal with.

The problem, of course, is that Amy didn’t have the remote control. It was in the hands of someone else.

Amy wasn’t sure if the plug had been inflated to max, but it sure felt like it. She placed her right hand against the wall of the elevator, breathing deeply as beads of sweat started to form across her forehead.

Someone’s being naughty, thought Amy. And I don’t like it…

Amy exhaled deeply as she felt the massive anal plug pushing against her rectal walls. Some more lubricant oozed out of her anus, dripping onto the base of the toy. More farting sounds.

“Oh, God,” gasped Amy as she continued leaning against the elevator wall.

Amy’s plump breasts pressed against the elevator wall as her buttocks started quivering uncontrollably. Her asshole contracted around the base of the plug as more lube dribbled onto her panties underneath.

Finally, the elevator stopped at floor 6. Amy heaved a sigh of relief and bent over to pick up the intact grocery bags.

She grimaced as the gigantic toy pressed against her insides with every movement. She needed to move delicately. Very delicately.

Thankfully, her apartment was only a few doors away. She stopped at room 607 and rang the doorbell. Her arms were shaking as she again struggled to hold onto the grocery bags, while simultaneously clenching her buttocks around the thick sex toy that was deep in her ass.

The door was opened a few moments later by a young, 20-something woman. She was a redhead with glasses. What a combination.

Amy glanced at the pretty woman in front of her, marveling at her appearance, as she always did. It was her roommate Tracy.

Tracy was a tall, stunning 27-year-old with dark brown eyes and medium-length red hair. Her hair was a little ruffled, but it still didn’t detract from her sexy appearance. She was also a couple inches taller than Amy, although not quite as busty. Like Amy, Tracy was incredibly beautiful. Unlike Amy, she was originally from Europe, having moved to the United States as a young child.

She’s always so revealing, reflected Amy as she observed the skimpy clothes her roommate was wearing. Tracy had on nothing but a white t-shirt and tight green short-shorts. Her firm tits were clearly noticeable through the tight-fitting shirt.

Amy’s eyes were briefly drawn to a tiny, glistening silver dot above Tracy’s upper bursa eskort right lip. Turns out she had a lip piercing too.

“Hi, sexy,” said Tracy, smiling mischievously. “How was grocery shopping?”

“It– it was great, Tracy,” stuttered Amy, glaring at her roommate uncomfortably. She gingerly walked into the apartment as Tracy closed the door behind her.

Tracy was a manager at a local electronics retail store, having worked her way up to the position after a couple of years. She had hired Amy as a sales representative just over a year ago.

Strangely enough, despite Tracy being Amy’s boss, they became really good friends and started hanging out outside of work. However, Amy – who was straight at the time – was initially unaware that Tracy was a lesbian.

Tracy had fallen for Amy the moment she set eyes upon her, when Amy came to interview for an open position. Part of the reason why Tracy gave her the job was because she wanted to seduce her. Over time, she managed to befriend Amy and ultimately convince her to experiment with lesbian sex.

They first made love about six months ago, and Amy was hooked – they had been dating ever since. Amy was still a bit ashamed about it, as she hadn’t yet come out to her friends or family. Nonetheless, their relationship grew so strong that once there was a vacancy in Tracy’s two-bedroom apartment, Amy decided to move in with her.

Tracy checked out Amy’s gorgeous body as she strolled in to the apartment. Everything about Amy’s appearance was such a turn on for her – the long, silky blonde hair, the bright green eyes, the slim yet curvaceous body. But the biggest turn on was how Amy was just a sweet, innocent girl at heart. Tracy felt like the luckiest lesbian in the world to have a girlfriend like Amy.

Amy slowly walked into the small kitchen to the right, setting the groceries down on the counter. She turned around to face her roommate. “Tracy, you turned it on too soon!” she exclaimed. “I wasn’t back yet!”

Tracy giggled and walked over to Amy. “Well, that was the point, dear,” she said. “I can turn it on whenever I want – since you’re my slave today.”

“Tracy, please turn it off,” begged Amy. She was down on all fours now, grimacing as the thick toy filled her tight rectum. “It’s so…uncomfortable…”

“Well, if you want me to turn it off, darling, you’re going to have to kiss me first.”

Amy looked up at Tracy and groaned. “I can barely even stand up right now! Can I kiss you afterwards?”

“Do it, slave,” said Tracy more sternly this time. Her body language suddenly changed from easygoing to dominating. “And remember your manners. You need to refer to me as your mistress at all times.”

“Sorry, Tracy, um…mistress, I – I’m not used to this.”

Today was the first day Amy started engaging in BDSM role play with Tracy. Up until now, they had led a relatively normal, albeit passionate, sex life. However, after much persisting from her aggressive lover, Amy had reluctantly agreed to engage in bondage play. Amy loved Tracy, and she didn’t want to disappoint her in the bedroom.

Amy sighed and slowly got up, struggling to stay upright as she brought herself close to Tracy. They stared at each other intently before their lips touched.

They started off slowly, brushing their lips softly together as they started warming up to each other. Tracy planted soft, supple kisses on Amy’s lips, savoring the closeness of Amy’s mouth, and enjoying the smell of her hot breath.

Soon Tracy started running her hands all over Amy’s tense body as they continued making out. Her right hand found Amy’s left breast and began kneading it through the dress. She could feel that it was starting to firm up.

Amy was able to briefly take her mind off the discomfort in her ass while she made out with Tracy; she loved making out with Tracy, bondage play or not.

Their kissing started to become more sensual and intimate. Tracy started using her tongue, lapping it against Amy’s as their mouths filled each other. They were fully engaged now, lips locked intensely, lathering their moist tongues against each other. Gooey strands of saliva formed between them whenever their lips separated. Each kiss became a mouthful of sensual intimacy.

“Mmmhmm,” breathed Amy intensely as she savored the smell and taste of Tracy’s saliva.

Once again, the sound of a seemingly wet, dirty fart could be heard emanating from Amy’s ass as more lube was expelled.

“Ohh, baby, you’re a dirty girl,” said Tracy, spanking Amy’s ass. Several drops of lube that had escaped Amy’s butthole started dripping down her thigh and falling onto the floor.

Amy’s mind wandered back to the thick toy in her anus. Her legs started trembling again.

“Please, please can you turn it off now?” begged Amy.

Tracy shook her head. “You’ve been forgetting lately, Amy. What’s the magic word?”

“Can you turn it off…please…mistress?” bursa bayan escort

Tracy smiled and squeezed Amy’s breasts, admiring her current state of discomfort. “You look so sexy, struggling from the pressure of that toy. It’s just what you deserve for taking your sweet time getting here.”

“I’m sorry, my mistress,” apologized Amy, desperate to ease the tension in her ass.

“Apologies accepted, my slave. Now let’s first take off this nice little dress of yours.”

Amy obliged and pulled the dress over her head, quickly tossing it aside. Underneath, she was wearing a red lace bra to go along with her matching panties. The silky bra cupped her firm, plump breasts nicely, barely covering her nipples.

“Your boobs are perfect, slave,” exclaimed Tracy, cupping Amy’s large tits with her hands. “I can’t wait to take this silly bra off, but first things first…”

Tracy walked over to the dining table across from the kitchen, where there was some BDSM-related paraphernalia strewn about. She grabbed two items: a red ball gag with a black leather harness, and a black leather bondage collar with a chain leash.

“You’ve been a bad girl, complaining too much,” chastised Tracy. “Bitching about the very butt plug that you agreed to stick up your ass in the first place! You were so eager and lustful earlier today when you allowed me to stuff your ass with it. And now you don’t want it anymore! Typical flip-flopping slut. Now you need to wear these two things for me – and then I’ll happily adjust the plug for you. First get down on your knees.”

“Honey, I agreed to stick it up my ass because you said you would be reasonable!” pleaded Amy. “You said you would only inflate it if we were at home together, having sex! You’re abusing your power!”

“Well, sometimes a mistress will have to go back on her word if her slave has been a bad girl.”

“How was I a bad girl?”

Tracy smiled naughtily and caressed Amy’s cheek with her fingers. “You said you would only take half an hour after work for grocery shopping. You took almost an hour.”

“It was crowded, I had no control over that…” Amy’s voice trailed off as she slowly gave up arguing. She reluctantly obeyed, kneeling down in front of Tracy with her mouth wide open.

Amy was about to realize that Tracy’s BDSM fetish sometimes went a little too far. Looks like she means business today…

Tracy stuffed the ball gag into Amy’s mouth and wrapped the harness around her head, securing it tightly. She then wrapped the dog collar around Amy’s neck. It was attached to a chain leash which Tracy held on to. There were additional hooks on the collar for attaching more chains, if necessary.

“You’re my little pet now, Amy,” she said. “Whenever I tie this collar around your neck, you become my little bitch. Do you understand?”

Amy nodded obediently, a somber look in her eyes. This brings you satisfaction? she wondered.

“Now come crawl with me to the bedroom, like the little bitch that you are,” ordered Tracy. “Don’t you dare get up until I tell you to!”

Jeez, she’s being a little testy today. What have I gotten myself into…

Amy was generally the more reasonable and level-headed of the two, while Tracy had always been the more daring and aggressive one in the relationship. So, it wasn’t surprising that things were ultimately turning out this way.

Amy got on all fours and crawled across the living room with Tracy, who continuously tugged on her with the leash. Tracy led her into a hallway just right of the kitchen. They entered the first door on the left, which was Tracy’s room.

The room was simple and neat. There was a bed in the center, with a grey metallic bed frame, and adorned with a small wooden bedside table. The room was desolate otherwise, save for a sliding closet and a large window.

“Get on the bed, honey,” ordered Tracy. She removed a small remote control from her pocket.

Within seconds Amy was laying back against the blue bedsheet, resting her head against a pillow. Her entire body was shaking. The discomfort she felt was indescribable. Her rectum was rejecting the toy, pushing hard against it, but to no avail. It was impossible to push out.

“Now, you get your wish,” said Tracy, smiling mischievously as she pressed a button on the remote control.

Amy let out a sigh of relief through the ball gag as she felt the electronic toy slowly shrink inside her rectum. The butt plug deflated down to its original size, relaxing the monstrous pressure it had exerted on Amy’s rectal walls.

Tracy opened the sliding closet and grabbed a pair of leather wrist cuffs. “Stay where you are, slut,” she said, crawling onto the bed. “Before I forget, I should wear you these.”

Tracy forcefully grabbed Amy’s wrists and cuffed them, attaching them together with a chain in between. It was basically an elaborate set of handcuffs.

Amy bursa ucuz escort wasn’t happy about having her hands locked up, but she didn’t want to defy her dominant girlfriend and get some other “punishment.” She rested her cuffed hands on the pillow above her head.

Their bodies were pressed firmly against each other, and Tracy grinded slowly back and forth on top of her submissive girlfriend. She started planting soft kisses down Amy’s neck and in the crease between Amy’s breasts.

Amy whimpered as she felt the cool moistness of Tracy’s lips touching seemingly every part of her skin.

“Let’s get this off,” said Tracy, unbuttoning Amy’s bra from the front.

The bra came off, and Tracy wasted no time playing with Amy’s large, plump breasts. They jiggled up and down as she eagerly fondled them.

“I love the way your boobs jiggle when I touch them,” said Tracy. Amy couldn’t help but giggle through the ball gag as Tracy started sucking on her right nipple, lathering it in saliva.

Tracy cradled Amy’s right nipple with her mouth. Spit dribbled out from her mouth and coated Amy’s nipple. She moved over to Amy’s left nipple and sucked voraciously. Slowly, deliberately, she worked her way from Amy’s tits down to her belly.

Amy trembled as Tracy left a trail of saliva down her abdomen. She dipped her tongue into Amy’s bellybutton, lathering it in drool, before sliding her tongue down to the top of Amy’s underwear.

Not wasting any time, Tracy slipped off Amy’s moist panties. Her nipples started becoming erect as she stared in awe at Amy’s unshaven pussy.

Ah, the female genitalia. This was Tracy’s most irresistible guilty pleasure – a woman’s private parts.

“Let’s see what we have here,” said Tracy curiously. She spread apart Amy’s thick pussy lips to reveal the juicy pink flesh underneath, marveling at every aspect of Amy’s pussy. Every part – from Amy’s erect clitoris, to her urethral opening, to her vagina – was absolutely perfect. A thick, milky-looking fluid was starting to seep out of Amy’s vaginal entrance, which was throbbing slightly.

Looking further downwards, Tracy enjoyed the sight of Amy’s tight, wet butthole wrapped around the base of the butt plug. The tight, brown folds of Amy’s anus were hugging up against the circular plug, preventing its solid base from being sucked in.

“I think we’ll leave this toy in for a little while longer,” said Tracy. “I hope you don’t mind.” She leaned forward and brushed her nose up against Amy’s hairy mound, and started licking her clitoral hood.

Amy groaned as she felt Tracy’s wet tongue lapping against her clit.

Tracy used her fingers to keep Amy’s pussy lips spread and dipped her tongue inside, letting it circle around the urethral opening, just above Amy’s vagina. She then began tongue-fucking Amy’s pussy, repeatedly thrusting her tongue in and out of the vaginal opening.

Amy grabbed onto the bed railing above her with her restrained hands. Her mouth had been held open for so long that some drool was starting to dribble out from the right side of her mouth. It streamed down her cheek and neck. Her muffled groans pierced the air as she felt Tracy’s moist tongue sliding into her inviting vagina.

Finally, the delicate fold of skin covering Amy’s clit retracted. Tracy lapped at it with her tongue, causing Amy to start grinding her buttocks into the bed. Amy’s vaginal discharges began streaming steadily down past her perineum and onto the base of the butt plug below. They tasted mostly sweet and salty, much to Tracy’s delight.

Tracy briefly moved from Amy’s clit and down to her perineum, delicately licking the region in between her pussy and asshole, slurping up the cum which she found so delicious.

Amy groaned in ecstasy as she shook her wrist cuffs. She squirmed as Tracy’s tongue continued to tickle her delicate pussy.

“Mmmm, I love how your asshole is so tightly wrapped around this butt plug, baby,” remarked Tracy. “Your dirty little butthole must really love that toy.” She spanked Amy’s left thigh mischievously.

Tracy focused back on Amy’s moist pussy, noticing the ever-increasing stream of white fluid dribbling out of her vagina. She dug her tongue in and continued eating Amy out vigorously.

Tracy formed an O-shape with her tongue and wrapped it around Amy’s bulging clitoris, sucking on it for the next few moments. Finally, Amy’s legs started to tremble, her hips bucking up under the pressure of the ensuing orgasm. She let out a huge groan that was drowned out by the ball gag filling her mouth.

Amy’s eyes rolled back as she started to come. She wriggled in ecstasy as Tracy’s tongue glided across her delicate, moist vaginal walls. Her pussy throbbed with the ensuing orgasm, and a final stream of fluids emanated from her vagina, directly onto Tracy’s eager tongue.

“You taste so good, darling,” said Tracy. Her entire mouth and chin were now enveloped in Amy’s pussy juice.

Amy’s body relaxed as she began coming down from the massive orgasm. Tracy crawled back up onto her and pressed their bodies together. Even though Tracy still had her shirt on, Amy loved the robust feeling of their breasts pushing against each other. It was so sensual.

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