I fucked another man. I’m not proud of it but I’d do it again. Actually, I am going to do it again.

Last Thursday evening I went to a little pub on the other side of the city that I found on the internet. I liked the way it looked in the photos and the atmosphere looked like it might attract an educated crowd. Just what I was looking for. My husband, Harold, was out of town on business until Saturday afternoon so I was free to go where I wanted and do what I needed to do.

So, I dressed a little provocatively and went to the pub for a quiet drink and a hopeful connection. I wore a shorter than usual skirt, a loose blouse with a deep neckline and three inch, fuck me, heels.

The pub was exactly what I expected. Lots of dark walnut, leather and dim lighting. I took a seat at the end of the bar. The barkeeper, an elderly gentleman with a monk-like tonsure, quickly brought me a lime cosmopolitan, took a moment to assess my attire and left me alone after commenting, “You’ve come to the right place.”

I took his comment to mean that, whether I was for sale or for free, I would find what I was looking for in his pub and he would not find issue with either possibility.

I was sipping my second cosmo when I locked eyes with a man at the other end of the bar. He was certainly younger than I was and alone. I nodded and a moment later, he put his beer on the bar and sat next to me.

“Hi,” he said holding out his hand. “Tim,” he added.

I had no way to know if Tim was his real name. Unconcerned, I shook his hand. “Renee,” I said immediately regretting that I gave him my real name.

His hand was dry and his shake firm but not over powering. Exactly right for a first impression.

Tim began a random conversation. I had the impression he was searching for the correct pick up line to get my attention.

I broke the ice. “You’re not very good at this,” I said.

“I’ve never done this before,” he responded.

I didn’t know if that was any more truthful than his name. “No problem,” I said. “Neither have I.”

My impression was that we were both on the same page. I excused myself to go to the lady’s room. Alone in the toilet, I removed my panties and stuffed them in my purse. I didn’t know how things were going to progress but I expected Tim was going to fuck me. I didn’t know whether we would end up in the backseat of his car, at the end of the darkened hallway or back in the lady’s room but I didn’t want my panties to present a barrier and slow or dissuade what I wanted.

I returned to my seat at the bar. Tim was waiting patiently and smiled as I sat down. I got the impression that he was relieved that I had returned and not disappeared. My return was intended to signal my agreement to what he clearly wanted. His next statement was more than just a signal. “Why don’t we go somewhere we can have more privacy?” he asked.

I nodded my agreement and took a last sip of my drink before sliding off the barstool again. My bare ass stuck slightly to the leather seat and my departure was less than graceful. If Tim noticed, he didn’t react. He put two twenties on the bar and followed me outside. The temperature had fallen several degrees since I had entered the pub and a gentle breeze had developed. The cool air curled up under my skirt and tingled against my bare pussy. The effect was amazing, reinforcing the heat I was already feeling between my thighs.

“Where to?” I asked as Tim came up beside me.

“I have a room just around the corner,” he said tentatively.

“Sounds perfect,” I responded to his obvious relief.

I took his arm and we walked around the corner to a high rise, upscale hotel. The doorman held the door for us and smiled at Tim as we entered. Tim led me directly to the elevators. “What floor?” I asked when he followed me inside.

“Seventeen,” he said and produced a red key card.

On the seventeenth floor, Tim led me to the left and the end of the hall. He held the key card in front of the lock and the door clicked. He pushed the door open and held it for me to enter. He followed me in, closed the door and turned on the lights. The room was larger than the hotel room I expected. The room was dominated by a huge king sized bed and included a good sized seating area with a sofa, side chair, cocktail table and an over large wall mounted television. A medium sized desk and chair and a short counter with a tiny sink, coffee maker and microwave completed the furnishings. A huge window provided a view of the rest of the city and the river.

Without hesitation, I turned, put my arms around his neck and kissed him. He needed a moment to overcome his surprise before he kissed me back. Seconds later, we were swapping spit and his hands were firmly on my ass under my skirt.

When we took a break from kissing, Tim, without removing his hands from my ass, said, “Damn, Renee, I wasn’t expecting that.”

“The kiss or my bare ass?” I asked.

Tim laughed. “Neither,” he admitted. “I think I’m going Ankara Ucuz Rus Escort to like you, a lot,” he added.

“I’m hoping that I’ll like you a lot myself,” I said.

Tim was up to the challenge. He kissed me again, turned my body slightly, and moved one hand over my hip to palm my pussy. I pushed my pussy against his hand and intensified my kiss.

Tim broke the kiss and removed his hands. My skirt fell back to full length.

“Renee,” he said. “We didn’t need to come here to just fuck and run. We could have done that in the lady’s room at the pub. I don’t think either of us wants that. We’re here now and I think we should take advantage of the time and comfort it provides to maximize both of our experiences.”

I took a deep breath. Honestly, I needed the oxygen. I could have pulled off his pants, fucked him on the floor and be done in minutes. Tim was right. We had the opportunity to slow down and turn a fuck into an experience and a memory. “I’d like that,” I said. “Where do you want to start?” I asked.

“I want to start right here,” he answered. He reached for my blouse and undid the top button. My blouse only had three buttons, all below halfway down. Opening the top button allowed my blouse to fall open and reveal the tops of my breasts in my push up bra.

“Oh,” sighed Tim.

“You like?” I asked.

“I love,” he stated.

“Then please continue,” I said.

Without haste, Tim opened the final two buttons. I pulled the blouse from the waist of my skirt and it fell open, hanging on the tips of my breasts. Tim reached out to touch my blouse. “May I?” he asked.

“Please,” I smiled back.

Tim lifted my blouse from my shoulders, slid it off my arms and let it drop on the floor.

“Oh,” he repeated himself and inhaled.

I moved closer to him, pressed my breasts into his chest and kissed him again. He reached up behind my back searching for the clasps that held my bra together. I stepped back. “It unhooks in the front,” I told him.

Embarrassed, he smiled at his mistake and reached for the front of my bra between my breasts. I stood still, pushing my chest up to assist him. He fumbled for a moment and then figured out how to unhook my bra. Seconds later, my bra hung from my shoulders and my breasts fell slightly against my chest.

“Oh,” commented Tim again demonstrating his limited vocabulary.

I’ve always considered my breasts one of my more attractive assets. Harold had always thought so, his tit and nipple play adding to our joint sexual pleasure. I wondered if Tim would find them equally addictive. I shifted my shoulders allowing my bra to slide off my arms and fall on the floor and inviting Tim to touch my breasts. “Thank you,” I said and waited.

Tim looked at me. More specifically, he stared at my breasts.

I waited.

Tim reached out and tenderly lifted one of my breasts in each hand. His thumbs traced around my nipples. It was my turn to say, “Oh.”

Tim smiled and pressed his thumbs into my nipples. It surprised me and I flinched. Tim apologized and leaned in to kiss my nipples. I eagerly accepted his apology and pushed my breasts into his mouth. He pushed my left nipple with his tongue and I didn’t flinch. He repeated the push with his tongue on my right nipple and stood back again.

I looked up and down his body. We both knew that, beside my heels, I was wearing only my skirt and Tim was fully dressed. He guessed my meaning. “Do you want to do the honors?” he asked.

I sat on the edge of the bed. “I think I’d like to watch,” I told him.

Tim seemed uncomfortable at the prospect of performing a strip tease for my enjoyment. I was enjoying his unease. I had known him for hardly an hour, I was sitting on the side of a bed with my breasts exposed and I was actually having fun.

Tim put on a serious face but his smile revealed how he actually felt. He was having fun too. He unbuttoned his shirt and unceremoniously tossed it aside. He wore a white tee shirt underneath and he quickly disposed of it.

I looked at his bare chest. He had a thin amount of dark hair surrounding his small, but erect, nipples and smaller midsection than I expected. He wasn’t an athlete but had more than an acceptable body. I shifted my shoulders side to side, swinging my breasts and indicating that he should perform a little shimmy as he removed his clothing.

Tim laughed, shook his hips back and forth and kicked off his shoes. He stepped forward and put his right foot in my lap. He was wearing black socks and I assumed he wanted my help to remove the one in my lap. I did what I thought he wanted and held my nose as I tossed the useless sock aside. Tim laughed and put his other foot in my lap. I took off his last sock and tossed even further away.

Tim stepped back and began to undo his belt. I shimmied to encourage him. He tried, and mostly failed, to reproduce my shimmy. I laughed and blew Yenimahalle Rus Escort him a kiss. His pants fell to the floor and he kicked them aside.

Tim stood in front of me wearing blue, tight fitting, stretch boxers. He put out his hand. I took it, he helped lift me off the bed and I stood in front of him. We faced each other, both only one item of clothing from total nudity. Who was going to go first? Tim took my hands and put them on his waist at the sides of his boxers. Tim was willing to be exposed first. I removed my hands and nodded at him, indicating that he should proceed without my assistance.

He began to push his boxers over his hips. He had to bend over to push them over his hips and down his legs, obscuring my view of his genitals. He tossed his shorts aside and stood up. His erection dominated my view. It wasn’t huge. Just average. Maybe five and a half inches to six inches long but it was beautiful. It was the most beautiful erection I’d seen in years. Actually, it was the only erection I had seen in years. It was beautiful and held a promise that I could hardly wait to accommodate.

His testicles, however, were extremely large. They hung beneath his erection, swinging gently with his breathing and he was breathing heavily. I wanted to lift and feel the weight of his testicles. I wanted to suck on them. I wanted to squeeze them gently and, most of all, I wanted to feel them banging against the back of my thighs as he fucked me.

I stood there, clenching my hands and smiling as I stared at his erection. He reached out and pushed my chin up until I was looking into his eyes. He smiled and looked down my body. His message was clear. It was my turn.

Without changing my focus on his eyes, I unfastened my skirt and pulled it up over my head and off. I stood in front of him with my pussy exposed, my labia swollen and exposed beneath my triangle of dark pubic hair. I watched as Tim’s smile broadened and he licked his lips. He stepped toward me, put his hands around my waist and kissed me. His hands slid down to below my ass. He lifted me and carried me the short distance to the bed. He lay me down and pushed me back toward the center of the bed before he gently spread my legs and began to kiss up the inside of my left thigh.

My legs spread further apart as he kissed my thigh and I didn’t object. I kicked off my shoes. My heels were on the bed and my knees spread almost painfully apart when his tongue connected with my inflamed labia. The electric shock spread throughout my body almost as if I’d been struck with a cattle prod. My body leapt off the bed easily a foot. Tim tried to control my movement with both arms and the weight of his body on mine. The orgasm was intense. Try as he might, he was unable to keep me from curling into a fetal ball and shaking uncontrollably.

When my orgasm relaxed, I resumed my position with my legs spread and encouraged Tim to continue. He seemed reluctant since I’d almost decapitated him with my reaction. I put my hands on his head and pushed him back into position. Small orgasmic aftershocks flowed through my body as he probed my vagina and clitoris with his tongue.

“Turn around,” I suggested.

Tim turned around and straddled my head. His erection found my mouth and I rushed to get my lips around it. His hips began to pump as I sucked on his erection and I was concerned that he would unconsciously try to fuck my mouth and gag me. “Turn us over,” I suggested.

Seconds later, I was straddling Tim’s face and in control of my oral examination of his erection and testicles. His muscles tensed as he tried to control his orgasm but I wanted him to cum. I wanted to taste him and swallow him. I wanted him inside me and I wasn’t going to be satisfied until I had him. I doubled my effort and he lost the battle. He came in my mouth and I swallowed. He continued to cum and I continued to swallow. I was in heaven.

It wasn’t until he had no more to give me that I realized that I’d cum on his face. I turned around, lying on top of him and kissed him, my mouth and tongue coated with his ejaculation and his face shinny with the slime of my orgasm. “Damn,” I thought. “We taste really good together.”

I pressed my labia around the remnants of his erection and slid back and forth on it. Surprisingly, his erection wasn’t completely deflated and my effort began to reverse its demise.

I hadn’t experienced a cock that could stay erect after an orgasm since college and never in the last eight years but Tim was making a heroic attempt. His erection continued to grow until I judged it was able to perform. I used one hand to hold it steady and settled down with it inside me. I could feel it continue to grow inside me as I gyrated on top of it.

We were both where we wanted to be and neither of us was in a hurry to finish. We were both in the valley between orgasms where sensitivity was low and, unless our stamina gave out, we were in it for the long haul. Like a long distance runner, we reached the wall and broke through it. Soon after, the buzz that portended my orgasm began and I felt Tim was on schedule to join me. We came together and I collapsed on top of him and fell almost immediately asleep.

I woke, hours later, with Tim gently touching my nipples. “I wondered if you’d wake up,” he said.

I reached between his legs and discovered his erection. “Come here,” I ordered as I pulled him on top of me. We fucked until I came and fell asleep again.

Dawn was glowing through the window when I woke again. I felt Tim’s morning erection pressing into my cheek as he lay behind me. I knew what I wanted to do with it but I had to pee first. When I exited the bathroom, Tim was waiting outside. “I have to pee,” he stated.

“You could have come in while I was peeing,” I told him.

“Some things are personal and should remain private,” he averred.

He went into the bathroom and closed the door. When he returned, I was in the bed with my arms and legs spread. We finished about fifteen minutes later with me on my knees and Tim pushing deeper into me than ever from behind.

We took a shower together, obviously not a personal or private thing. While we were drying each other off, I commented, “I’m hungry.”

“So am I,” agreed Tim. “Breakfast?”

“Where?” I wondered.

“We could call room service or go downstairs to the restaurant,” Tim suggested.

I voted for breakfast in the dining room. We got dressed. I didn’t bother with bra or panties but I found a safety pin in Tim’s dopp kit and pinned my blouse higher up for a more modest presentation.

We lingered over a monster breakfast. Our conversation covered mostly personal topics of interest to both of us. I learned that Tim was married with two children and he lived in Oregon. He was a financial analyst for a large investment bank and was in town for a lunch meeting with the CEO of a local corporation that interested him.

“You know,” Tim said while looking at his watch. “It’s early. I have over four hours before my meeting. Are you in a hurry to get home?”

I knew what he was asking and stood up. “Race you to the room,” I challenged.

Tim had to sign for the breakfast and I beat him to the elevator. He caught up to me as I waited for the lift to arrive. Inside, once the doors closed, I put my arms around his neck, kissed him and lifted my right leg over his hip. I was exposed and I used one hand to expose him as well.

“You know there are cameras in the elevator,” he told me.

“Fuck the cameras,” I said as I slid down his fly.

“That’s not possible,” he stated. “It’s also not possible to get us to the room if you don’t press a button to tell the elevator where to go.”

The elevator doors took that moment to open again on the lobby floor. An older couple was waiting. I dropped my leg and my skirt fell into place. I turned around and backed against Tim to hide that he was exposed behind me. The couple entered the elevator, turned their backs to us and pushed the button for the tenth floor. “Seventeen please,” I requested.

Back in the room I started a playful fuck. Things went further than I anticipated. We laughed and tried imaginative positions, most of them physically impossible. We ended with a slow, serious, happy ending. I left, near eleven am and happier than I’d been in a decade.

Driving home I replayed the last fifteen hours. The closer I got to home the more I began to regret what I had done. Then I’d remember the incredible sex and changed my mind. I’d probably never see Tim again and that was a good thing and an unhappy thought as well. When I got home, I took a shower, laundered my blouse, dress and underclothes and hung them in the back of my closet where they would be hard to find. I did it all naked. The clothes reminded me of Tim and Tim reminded me of how much fun naked could be.

I slept naked Friday night and dressed in jeans and t-shirt Saturday morning in preparation for Harold getting home. I sat with a beer in the living room and reconsidered how I had gotten here while waiting for my husband to get home.

It started about eight years ago. Until then, sex with Harold had been the focus of my libido. We were active, uninhibited and deeply in love. We began to notice that Harold couldn’t remain hard as long as he had been. His condition deteriorated to his losing rigidity before his orgasm and then not being able to have an erection at all. Harold was deeply embarrassed and withdrawn about his condition. He was only thirty-eight and erectile dysfunction wasn’t supposed to happen at his age. He withdrew from all forms of sexual activity.

I tried to convince him that there were hundreds of sexual activities we could engage in regardless of his condition. His usual answer was, “What’s the point if we can’t fuck?”

I tried masturbation. When that didn’t work for me, I tried to convince Harold again, emphasizing the unfairness of denying me sexual pleasure. His only response was, “What’s the point if we can’t fuck?”

I tried to convince Harold to see a therapist.

“Never,” he yelled. “I can’t talk to a stranger about it. And, what’s the point if we can’t fuck?”

Finally, I tried to convince him to see an urologist.

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