Remote Montana Ranch


For Amber’s eighteenth birthday present I took her and her mother Heather to my 10,000 acre remote Montana ranch. After dinner, Heather and Amber are led to their bedrooms. Heather dressed in her colorful sunflower dress and refreshed her make up. Heather is excited being away from LA and anticipating this adventure. Heather is surprised by a tapping sound outside her door. ” Who’s there,” She nervously asks. My deep voice replies, ” Heather, are you dressed?” ” Yes…sure,” she said. Before Heather can walk to the door, the door opens and I enter the room. Heather is a bit nervous in that this is the first time in six weeks to be alone with me. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I pull her to me. I tug the tie on her robe sliding my hand inside. I didn’t expose her body, I place my hand on her waist.

There is so much tension in her body I feel the tightness of her muscles as she strains to prevent herself from fleeing. Her big eyes looked into mine as she tries to relax. Then the robe is slipping off her shoulders and down her back. I suck in my breath at the sight. Her breasts along with her areola stood out against her light brown chest. Her tanned skin transitioned smoothly back into that chocolatiness as my gaze sweeps up towards her neck and back towards her stomach. I let my fingertips slide down the valley between her breasts to the tops of her panties. The muscles in her abdomen twitch reflexively as I skimmed past them. Her panties are yellow lace. He laugh softly, causing her to pull away. ” Tell me.” I said pulling her onto the bed.” Why are you so nervous?” A look of surprise flashed across her face.

” It’s been six weeks since being with you.” She answers softly. God, how could one woman manage to be so damn sexy? She certainly did turn me on. ” Please.” She said softly. Guiding her to her back, I let my teeth graze her neck. She gasps. From surprise, pleasure, anxiety. Heather is feeling so many things and her entire body tingles and buzzing with anticipation. My fingers slid down her sides, and it is like her senses are twenty times sharper than they had ever been. Every caress drew forth a moan. Every time my lips brushed her skin, she feels her panties become a bit wet. She wants me to touch her in the worst way and the fact that she is intimidated by me amplifies the feeling. She jerks back as she feels me palm her pussy through her panties. Pulling down her panties, she watches me as I expose the rest of her.

I turn her over, to torture her more. Carefully, I remove the hair pins from her hair. She is trembling, wondering why I’m taking so long, why I wouldn’t just fuck her, why I had to make her wait by touching every inch of her except the places that cries out for it most. As she drives herself crazy, I took a moment to enjoy the view. Her ass is amazing. Even when she is lying down, it wants to sit up. I fight the urge to touch it, because I knew if I started, I might continue for an hour or more. Tired of watching her squirm, I let the tip of my tongue dip into the shallow cleft her spine created from the base at the top of her ass to her neck. She is trembling more for me now and whimpering. It is amazing how much a little anxiety can intensify any type of stimulation. I smell her juices and want to experience them first hand now.

” All fours.” I command softly. Hesitantly, she lifts herself up on to her knees and elbows. She looks back at me. ” Spread for me.” Letting her head fall into the pillows, she pulls her knees apart a little. I sat back again just to look at her. Her pussy is beautiful. My finger slips between the lips and she gasps from the sensation. I brought it to my mouth and smiled to myself. She is dripping wet for me. Positioning myself behind her, I spread her ass cheeks, just because I can’t resist touching them anymore. ” Oh shit!” She swore as her body begins to shake. That is definitely not my cock. My tongue probing into the softness of her vagina. I reveled in the taste. I drag my tongue across and through her folds as though I were searching for something. My fingers dig into the flesh of her ass as I pull her pussy into my face. Her clit slips between my teeth and she thought she is dying. She has been so quiet so far, but she lost her mind when my teeth grazed her clit again. She is mumbling incoherently and her eyes are trying to shed tears. Two of my fingers sink into her unexpectedly as I suck her clit. It is too much. I pull my fingers out then thrust them back into her deeper. She didn’t know where she is anymore. I did it faster and harder when I feel the walls of her pussy literally sucking on my fingers asking for what her mouth can’t manage to say. She was is saying something…I can’t quite decipher it, especially since sound is muffled as her thighs rest against my ears but I’m pretty sure she isn’t saying anything comprehensible.

I slip my ring finger in her tight ass and bit her pearl one more time. The mumbling stops. The shaking intensifies, as well as the tightness around my fingers. She is coming and hard. She sees stars as her pussy stretches to accommodate and then pull against my fingers. My mouth on her clit, she can’t take it. Her eyes fly open, and it is as though she can’t breathe. I continue to finger her pussy until she collapses. I escape just in time. Crashing on the bed, she is holding herself and whimpering. I pull her up to her hands and knees spreading her legs again. I kneel behind her, quickly, and without lube, she feels my finger push back between her ass cheeks. It hurts and she tries to wriggle out of it, I press against her harder pushing my finger in deeper. Quickly my cock is working its head between her pussy lips. She aches to feel my cock pushing against me, disregarding the consequences of her behavior. I hadn’t forgotten my warning and immediately pick up on her movement. Like lightening, my finger is out of her ass and two solid smacks are delivered to her butt cheeks. I lean into her left Sex hikayeleri ear and said, ” Next time it’s three.”

Then, without warning, I wrap my arms around her shoulders then shove my cock into her pussy. Heather screams in pain and pleasure as I begin slamming my cock into her at a ravenous pace. Eventually I release her letting her bend over in a semi-doggy style position. This gives me more leverage in fucking her pussy. As I fuck her I grab her left hand forcing it into her pussy. ” I want you to play with your clit for me, baby,” I said. Her finger knew exactly where to go and she didn’t need a further invitation. Heather begins flicking her clit while I thrust long deep strokes in and out of her pussy. As the pace of her rubbing her clit picks up, so did my thrusts. Heather can’t dampen the volume of her moans as my cock rubs her cunt towards another climax. She can tell I’m close too. My cock is swelling and throbbing with a massive load. Heather rubs her clit harder begging me to cum, knowing that my climax would get her there as well.

In the last moments, I wrap my arms around her shoulders again laying on her back and lick her neck. Heather feels my cum working its way from my balls and the thought of the impending explosion inside of her pussy, matched with the hot fingering of her clit, is enough to push her over the edge. She screams my name as my cum shoots into her, submitting to the orgasm that is consuming her. As we both begin to recover, we sunk into a sweaty, sticky pile on the bed. Kissing and holding each other, our eyes met and we both smirked as we remembered that the weekend had just begun. I got up and cleaned up to go find Amber.

Amber, would also experience her introduction to my cock. As the weekend starts to unfolded, she will fall to my lust. She will experience being fucked in a similar yet provocative way. I took Amber’s hands pulling her to me. Amber had never danced with a man let alone close and touching one. Feeling my arms slide around her back and waist then press her against me making her nervous. I’m tall, the top of her head barely reaches my chest. As she looks up she notices my dark eyes are affixed on her.
” John, please do not hold me this close. I feel uncomfortable doing this.” ” Relax Amber, this is just part of your introduction to womanhood and there is no harm intended,” I replied. My words seem assuring until Amber begins to feel a hardening in my crotch area against her chest. My God, she thought. This man is becoming sexually aroused and behind his white shorts something big is rubbing against my chest. This can’t be happening. Please, no. I hold her tight as my hard cock is almost bursting out of my shorts. The more Amber squirms the more she feels it throbbing between her breasts. I then reach under her arms lifting her up and again hold her close while we danced as Amber grew more frightened. Amber struggles pushing me away as she regains her footing ending the dance. ” I apologize John, but I’m tired and also feel uneasy about this. Besides, I need to find my mom.”

” I mean no harm Amber. If you are referring to the bulge in my shorts, that’s only natural, not a threat. You have much to learn about turning 18 and becoming a woman. Go then and I will see you later.” Little did Amber know what I meant by ” Later.” It is late into the night the lights glow down the hall leading to her room. Amber sought the security of her room and after entering she locked the door and laid down on the bed. This fun trip is turning into a nightmare, she thought. It is midnight and after a short cry Amber is very tired and soon fell asleep. An hour later a voice spoke, ” Amber, are you okay.” Suddenly awakened, Amber answers, “who is it.” ” It’s John. I come to make sure you are secure and safe. May I enter” Amber is perplexed, not knowing what to do so she got up and went to the door. ” I’m okay but scared John. Please, leave me alone so I can get some rest.”

” Amber, I sense you are concerned about being here. I need to speak with you and explain so you can feel secure. Besides, I have something that will make you feel at ease and rest better tonight,” I insisted. Amber thought, yea I bet. ” No, only a few minutes of your time Amber and I will leave,” I promised. Amber unlocked the door of the room. I entered but I only had on my white shorts with no shirt. More strikingly, I had a beautiful gold Rolex worn tightly on my left wrist that shined and reflected in the light. Amber, for some reason, had always thought that Rolexes were sexy but never had touched one. ” Amber, please join me in enjoying an herb that will relax you and make you rest easy through the night.” ” What is it,” she replied.
” It is called Juju and is used for relaxation.” I lit up the rolled like cigarette and inhaled it. Amber had never smoked, much less smoked things like pot and is very hesitant to partake. ” Please, do not worry Amber. ” This is harmless.” I insisted.
” Okay, if I do smoke some of it will you leave me to get some sleep” Amber replied.

” Yes, I am only doing this to help you relax,” I replied. Amber took the joint and inhaled it. After abruptly coughing she again inhaled it and tasted the sweet aroma. I then inhaled it again as I pass it back to her. After several times of inhaling the smoke Amber feels a sudden calm and feels more at ease with the situation. Being in a strange place and at the moment alone with her mom’s lover is intimidating to say the least but after a few minutes those fears begin to fade away. Yes, this is Amber’s first independent chance to appear as if she is old enough to be responsible and not just a girl. As she begins to feel high and relaxed, Amber asks if she can touch my Rolex watch. I extend my hand to her while placing my other hand on her shoulder. The touch of my watch feels cool and somewhat exciting to her for some reason as she rubs the crystal face along with my hand.
I’m pleased that Sikiş hikayeleri she is more relaxed. ” Amber, this room is so small. Let us go outside and walk over to the waterfall so I can stretch my legs.”

Amber is feeling more high by now and the thought of walking through the bush with me no longer seems to concern her. She is enjoying the freedom, the high and now strangely the excitement of being with a real man who is seemingly guarding her from peril. Yes, I’m big, but my voice is caring. Surely I will respect her she thought. Yes, she is naïve. By the waterfall there is a large tree on a grassy knoll where it seems so serene as I led Amber to the base of the tree. She is mesmerized by the beauty of the full moon night along with the flowing waterfall. I know that the effects of the herb I had given her would grow even stronger. For me, the herb made my lust for this young woman intensifies so that again my long hard cock is peaking out from the top of my shorts. Amber is unaware of that as she has never been high like this and is innocently enjoying the serene night and sounds along with the full moon.

As Amber gazes at the waterfall, I’m behind her draping an arm over her shoulder and the other around her waist. Again, as at the dance, she feels my hard cock rubbing against her butt, she is high and hypnotized by the moment. She glances at the shine of my Rolex as my hand slowly slids back up to her neck slightly touching her breast. My deep melodic voice is soothing as I told her about the ranch. I make her feel like a woman in that I invited her response and listened to her views. I begin humming a tune as I softly hold her shoulders swaying her slowly. ” You are so lovely, my blonde princess.” How do you feel” ” I feel strange yet mesmerized by the beauty of the small waterfall and the cool night air,” she replied. I can no longer contain myself. I slowly slid my hand into her blouse lightly fondling her breast. Amber calmly protests, “no, please don’t. I want to just enjoy being out here,” she nervously spoke. ” Indeed you will my little girl. Just pretend you are in the woods. Pretend that you are tied to this tree and that no one can come to your aid.”

Although a bit scary, Amber feels excitement. Her virgin body is feeling a titillation she has never felt. The very idea of being ” captured” by a masculine older man is eerie yet made her loins feel hot. Just being alone with a man gives her goose pimples.
” John, I have never felt this strange in my life. I do not even know you….you’re a stranger….here I am with a man over four times my age. Maybe that is why this seems exciting,” she nervously stated. ” Relax Amber, perhaps the herb has opened up a part of you that you never knew. You are no longer a little girl and you may soon feel joys that you would have never imagined,” I spoke softly. She feels my arms holding her tighter and the warm breath on her shoulder as I exhaled. Then, I told her to close her eyes and just stand there, listening to the sounds of the night as I release her. Amber stood at the base of the tree with her eyes closed and forgot about the outside world while she slowly swayed in the cool breeze.

Again, slowly my gold adorned arm slides over her shoulder as the other held her hip. She feels me press against her back but shockingly it is different. She abruptly turns and I’m completely naked with my erect cock starring her in the face. ” Oh my God, no. You promised to take care of me but not like this,” She cries. You are too big for an innocent young girl like me to be alone with like this. Especially naked! Please escort me back to my room now.” ” My apologies Amber but as a man I have never seen a young woman so lovely as yourself. From the moment I first saw you, it has been my dream and desire to hold you close and love you. I will be gentle and make it as bearable as possible until you are no longer a virgin and your juices accept my cock inside you. Trust me, you will find being loved on by a older man a feeling of joy and sexual pleasure.”

” Are you crazy Amber yelled. ” I thought you were my friend. Unlike other men….I thought you respected me. Is this why you brought me to the falls So you can just take advantage of me……Please, let me go. My mother has already succumbed to you. I am just a young girl and do not want a man touching my private parts. Let alone being naked and invading my body. I’m leaving!” Amber quickly tries to side step me and run but I grab her by the waist holding her up and pressing her against the tree. Then I pull up her skirt and begin removing her panties as she wiggles helplessly. ” Oh my god, please don’t take my clothes off….no, no. Get your hand out of my panties!” she shouts. Her comment infuriates me but I smile while my hand rips her panties off and then my fingers find her pussy, ” Ow,” she yelps as my two fingers open her tight canal while she struggles with her back against the tree.

Amber suddenly feels my finger invasion into her and yelps. “No, no, don’t do that….please.” It is only a moment after I had pressed my fingers into her that I begin guiding my cock between her legs. Her feet are dangling in the air as I held her ass with one hand and her left leg with the other. All of a sudden she feels the head of my cock against her opening and thrusts a few inches into her. She squeals. Her hymen is now broken and I slowly press more cock into her. Pain shoots through her but also an unexpected sexual tingling. She yelps out loud. I whisper, ” Shiii, no sounds. Just place your hands around my neck for support and don’t fight me……for your own good. Amber is scared. Having me beginning to deflower her. My cock is pressing deeper into her and she tries to hold her self up by pulling on my neck but her arms are getting weak and her weight is slowly impaling her on my big cock. Her back rubs against the tree as her head bobbles up and down. Now her womanly juices Erotik hikaye begin lubricating my rod and I thrust deeper into her inch by inch.

Thank goodness her mother could not see this strange picture in the wild. My petite young flower being vigorously fucked by me with her limp legs dangling above the ground while my buttocks rigorously humps her against the tree. Suddenly Amber feels something she has never experienced. Her body begins tingling and her first orgasm erupts as she foams and slobbers on both sides of her mouth…..her eyes starring into my lusting eyes as I push more pulsating cock into her. Amber is enjoying this excitement. She will never admit it but being seduced by me is mind blowing. She is now completely helpless riding my cock as I buck up and down. Her weakened arms fall to her side as I tightly hold her against the tree. ” Uh, uh, uh, uh, oh, oh, oh, you’re splitting me in half she cried….please no more, no more, it feels so good but it is hurting also.” She moans. I’m about to explode into this young woman and my throbbing cock became more rigid. ” Amber, get ready to accept my cum spewing into your belly…’s about to cum!”

” No, please don’t cum in me, please, please…no, please don’t cum in me….I’m too young, no, no, no, nooooo,” she pleades in a weakened voice. Her pleas make me more excited and I pull her away from the tree and just stood in open air. My muscular arms are holding her petite body as this young blonde woman is dangling up and down on my cock. More than half of my 9 inches has finally pushed into her. Her legs are shaking as they clutch my buttocks for support from the pain. “Oh my God….please take it out….pleaseeee. You’re splitting me in half….it’s too big…..Oh, oh, oh, don’t, don’t, noooo….I can’t take this!!! I don’t want to be impregnated. Oh, please, please, nooooo. Oh my god, my god. You’re starting to spew into me…please No….No, No, nooooo!”

I begin shaking and groaning as I begin to shout, ” I’m cumming, I’m cuming, you are mine now completely, here it comes, here it comes you are now a woman…I’m filling you with my cum….Oh my God, oh my God I can feel myself spewing into your body. Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Like a bolting shot Amber feels me blow my load into her and again she erupts in orgasm as her head tilts back and the night stars became blurred from being split on my cock. My cum fills her so that it begins sliding down her legs and soon drips from her ankles. This is indeed a strange sight. Here is a huge man with a small woman impaled on my cock as she became limp, silent and motionless. With my hands holding her ass and back,

I then carried her back to room while my softened large cock remains buried inside her. Seduced and impaled on my cock she has surrendered as her weakened arms again hold my neck and her small legs wrap around my waist for support. Her small body being pressed against me as her glossed over blue eyes succumbed to the invasion of her virgin body. Then, straddling me for support, with my cock still inside of her, being hurried to the privacy of my room. Amber is now a woman and when we arrived at my room I laid her on my bed. I slid her top off, exposing her young breasts and stood there admiring the young body of this small beautiful young blonde woman. Viciously fucked, Amber is weak along with being very tired. She fell asleep. I let her sleep for some time as I rested. I sat there starring at this lovely and petite blonde woman and as my large cock slowly begins stiffening again.

After an hour resting, my cock is rock hard again. She has awakened when I laid myself on top of her. ” Please, not again,” she pleades. ” No, no, please don’t put your in me again…I’m very sore and tired.” ” Hush Amber,” I interrupted. ” Do as I tell you! Open those small legs while I rub some lubrication in you so you can take all of me. ” Okay, now lay back on the bed. I’ll go easy on you until your juices are flowing.” Again, Amber is scarred as my large hands hold her small legs up guiding my cock into her pussy. I then hold her wrists above her head with one hand as I gaze into her wide opened eyes. My other hand holds her ass. ” Please take it out before you cum in me again, please!” she mutters. ” Amber, just lay there while I fill you with my cock. Oh, my God, Amber…you feel so tight….soooo good, Ahhhh.”

As I begin to thrust, I laid my chest on her body. No one could have seen this small woman if looking from above. I’m that big. All one could see is a body as my buttocks is moving up and down while small legs appear at times as they quiver in the air. Gasping as her pussy is being stretched by my pulsating veined hard cock, her eyes opened wide when my head curls downward kissing and sucking on her mouth with my tongue in her throat. Again, my body begins shaking and then starts rigorously thrusting as my arms grip her tight. Amber knows that I’m going to unleash my sperm into her again and she is helpless. She can not move from my grip. Finally, surrendering to my lust Amber’s legs rose and start shaking in the air as her body begins jerking from a huge orgasm. Her legs wrap around my buttocks opening herself up.

She is now completely giving herself to being split and fucked again under my sweaty body. Most of my 9″ cock is in her. Her arms tightly griping my waist as she tilts her head to the side under my chest staring at the lamp glow in the room. With a sudden jolt she feels my cock swell and harden even more as my cock erupts filling her with loads of my cum. Her eyes grow wide rolling back. Her mouth is open again as saliva pours from her mouth. Her arms that had clutched my waist are exhausted falling to her sides and her legs slowly slid to rest on the bed. She is full of my cum and the remaining sperm pours from between her legs as I pull my cum dripping cock from between her thighs satisfied. I slowly roll over and lay beside her.
Amber is truly a woman tonight. Little did she know that she will eventually be a willing slave to my cock. As for now, she is owned by me, I will seek her out again during this time at the ranch and in the weeks following her return home.

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