Reading His Story


Part One – Messages I came across his short stories on another fiction website on which I had posted some of my own stories. The one I read first, which I found really sexy, was about a man and a woman on a beach who expose themselves to each other and masturbate. There was also a similar one about two people on a train, and another where two people in a crowded train carriage masturbate each other. He was obviously turned on by the same sort of thing as me, so I sent him a message, which started a little correspondence over the next couple of days: From: NaughtyAnnie   Date: 16.09.2011 – 08:29   Subject: beach surprise   Nice little story – this is a big fantasy of mine so I really loved it!From: ****   Date: 18.09.2011 – 23:45   Subject: Re: beach surprise   Hi Annie. It is a big turn-on for me as well. Did it make you aroused? Would you like it to happen to you? I have just reread the story and it has made me aroused again.From: NaughtyAnnie   Date: 19.09.2011 – 09:38   Subject: massage   Just been reading your stories on my phone in back of a lecture they are making me so wet. Sex hikayeleri You write so well about what women like. thank you Annie xxxFrom: ****   Date: 19.09.2011 – 22:48   Subject: Re: massage   Glad that you liked them so much. Did you do anything about being horny? I know what I have to do. I was at the beach yesterday and thought of you. An interesting dayFrom: NaughtyAnnie   Date: 20.09.2011 – 08:44   Subject: Re: Re: massage   I rubbed myself through my jeans, but had to go and masturbate in the toilets afterwards until I came. I just got so aroused!From: ****  Date: 20.09.2011 – 05:23   Subject: email   Hi Annie, I have placed a new story on the site. You will like it. I want you to play out a fantasy for me please when you read it. If you are ever up late contact me on my email otherwise I will hear from you tomorrow. ThanksxxFrom: NaughtyAnnie   Date: 20.09.2011 – 08:49   Subject: Re: email   Look forward to reading this when it goes online. And I love finding my inbox full of messages here! Annie xxxFrom: ****   Date: 21.09.2011 – 00:55   Subject: Sikiş hikayeleri no subject   So glad you have me as a fav writer. I hope to make you masturbate again soon. Please wear a skirt next time it may make things easier. You must tell me about it.From: ****   Date: 21.09.2011 – 00:57   Subject: fantasy   The fantasy I want you to do is to read the story “cinema surprise” in a park or a train and if you become wet, masturbate to the story. God that would be something to see you. If you do it please send me a story to tell me how you did it and what happened. xxFrom: NaughtyAnnie  Date: 21.09.2011 – 10:34   Subject: Re: fantasy   I would love to do this. Just thinking about it makes me feel all tingly. From: NaughtyAnnie   Date: 22.09.2011 – 08:24   Subject: Re: fantasy   Your story has now appeared. I will print it off and take it with me. I have an idea. Annie xxxPart Two – Story Frustratingly, I had to wait a day or two before the story was cleared by the moderators and appeared on the site. But then on Thursday morning I logged on, and there it was Erotik hikaye – only 79 people had read it so far, so I would be one of the first, which was nice. It was tempting to read it straight away, but that would spoil the surprise. So I copied it into a document and printed it off and put it into my handbag. I already had a plan. I carried it around with me all day. Every time I got something out of my bag, I saw it there, folded up next to a packet of tissues. It was hard to resist the temptation to sneak a peek, but I forced myself to be good. I had a couple of lectures in the morning and a seminar in the afternoon, but then I’d already agreed to go with a couple of friends to the cinema in Kensington in the evening. Knowing the story was called “Cinema Surprise” was a nice coincidence, and several times during the film my mind wandered to wonder what the story was about. I fantasised about the different things that could go on in a dark cinema! I even got a bit wet in the usual place, and after the film I popped into the ladies toilets and took off my panties, which already had a little damp patch around the crotch. We then went to a pub for a quick drink, and in the end it was after 10:30 when I said goodbye to my friends and set off for home. Usually, I’d get the tube back to my flat, but tonight I was going to get the bus.

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