Rachel’s World


Episode One: Innocence Lost

Before we get down and dirty, here are a few things you should know. My name is Rachel Hunt I am 5 feet 2 inches, I wear a size one and my breasts are an exquisite looking C cup. I am olive skinned and have relatively long, black curly hair. My eyes are a dark green and if I may say so myself, I’ve got a pretty tight ass. I was once offered a modeling job but I turned it down (I used to be very shy). Although I have been told that I am pretty hot I must say that having a twin sister is part of the appeal. I guess its part of the reason we moved in together just before we turned 18. I, in fact, first lost my virginity when I turned 18 and I haven’t been able to control myself since. These are my stories complete and unedited, so enjoy.

As I sat there on the couch, surrounded by my friends I anxiously awaited his arrival. Paul, has been one of my best friends since the dawn of time. To be perfectly honest I wasn’t always attracted to him but recently I can’t help but get wet every time I think of him. He’s got moderately blond hair, gorgeous blue eyes and a body that is seemingly getting better every day. But, in all fairness the main attraction came when we went dancing and I felt his manhood up against my leg…I almost melted right there. The sheer size of it made me want to scream.

As I came back from cloud nine the doorbell rang and I jumped up to answer it. As I opened the door the object of my desire stood before me in his usual tight black t-shirt and blue jeans. However, what was unfamiliar about the scenario was the stranger standing with him.

“Hey gorgeous, happy birthday.” he greeted in his usual demeanor. “I brought a friend, his name is Andrew I hoped Avcılar Escort you wouldn’t mind.”

“No the more the merrier.” I couldn’t care if he brought half the city as long as he was in my apartment and hopefully in my pants by the end of the night…fine so my intentions were less then pure but I’d waited 18 fucking years. “Just grab a seat somewhere have a drink and don’t forget your promise.”

“Promise?” Paul asked baffled by my suggestion.

“Yeah you said you’d help me clean up at the end of the night.” I reminded him. Nothing was going to foil my plan…I was getting cock whether he wanted to or not.

“Don’t worry about it…I was just kidding, you know I’d do anything for you.” Paul smiled in that elegant yet honest way that he always did and proceeded to wish my sister a happy birthday.

As the night continued to draw on I stood there staring at Paul and Andrew and I began to wonder what I could do with the stranger. I couldn’t just kick him out; that wouldn’t go over very well with my hopeful plaything. I couldn’t pawn him off on my sister; she’s one of those ‘wait for marriage’ chicks. Wait a minute what am I cracked, I could handle the two of them. As this thought crossed my mind I began to study the stranger and realized he wasn’t half bad looking. He was around the same height as Paul, similar build but smaller, black curly hair, slightly longer than Paul’s and he had dark eyes.

Needless to say I got pretty anxious when 3 in the morning came around and my guests, minus my two men, began to file out. I looked around us and suddenly Paul and I both realized that Fran was really drunk and beginning to pass out. Paul picked her up and walked her to her bedroom. Avcılar Escort bayan Andrew began to pick up the empty bottles around my place.

I pressed myself up against him and said “Put these down, I’ve got better plans for you. I’m going to my room…When Paul comes out see if he’s interested in having a little bit of fun. If you guys aren’t, I understand.” As I left I ran my hand up his thigh to let him know that he was invited too and away I went into my room.

I must have sat there waiting a total of two minutes and they were the longest two minutes of my life. Suddenly the doors burst open and there they were. Paul came right over to me and began to kiss me passionately. He was amazing he knew exactly when to penetrate me with his tongue and exactly when to just barely stroke my lips. Andrew then came around behind me and placed his cock neatly against the lining of my thong and began to grind. Just as I felt him get hard he pulled away and helped Paul remove my blouse. He then proceeded to remove my bra while Paul let my pants drop to the floor. Then in a moment of sexual genius he slowly removed my thong with his tongue. And that’s when he began to devour me. He felt his tongue roam around my pussy as if its knew exactly where to go and when. I felt him brush back and forth against my G spot. First he would barely touch it then he would dig deeper and deeper until I could not control myself anymore. I was screaming into Andrews’s mouth with both my hands pushing down on Paul’s head. He brought me right to the brink of orgasm and then laid me on back and put his legs over his shoulders.

The first time I felt his cock go in it was magical. The second he drove Escort avcılar it inside me the world slowed down and the ceiling began to spin and I felt every part of my body tingle as he continuously rammed me with his massive piece of meat. Without even a moment’s hesitation I grabbed onto Andrew’s cock and began to go at it furiously. My tongue wrapped around its head and my head began to rock back and forth. I had one hand on his ass and the other around his cock. I began to rotate my head in rhythm with my tongue and rotate my wrist in the opposite direction. I looked up at Andrew to see him grasping for air. I took that opportunity to release his cock with my hand grab on to his ass and take him into the depths of my throat, all six and half inches. Meanwhile the longer and girthier Paul continued to fuck me six ways from Sunday. His eight inches were still pounding at me forcing my tight, teenage, virgin pussy.

Each time he slammed the back of my pussy I soured higher and higher. It got to the point where I was cumming on practically every stroke. This is when the sex God decided to slide his fingers down to my clit and drive me wild. Within seconds I was cumming over the top and screaming. Just as I began to scream I felt Andrew’s cock throbbing. I let him fall out of my mouth so he could cum on my tits. It was warm but all could feel was ecstasy.

Paul realized that I couldn’t go any more and decided to pull out and so I threw myself in his direction and began to suck him off. He’s so big all I could get was a little more than his tip. He was so thick I could only get around about halfway with my hand…and that drove me nuts. I sucked as hard as I could and before I knew it he blew a load in the back of my throat like a shotgun. I felt his man juice go down my throat and I savored every second of it.

When I came back from cleaning myself up in the bathroom I lay down between the two who just laid me and Paul turned to me and said, “You ready rookie?”

To be continued…

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