Race Play Ch. 17

My name is Christine Lambert. I’m a six-foot-tall, good-looking young Black woman of Haitian descent living in the city of Buffalo, New York. I work in real estate and it’s depressing. The recession is in full swing and western New York is bearing the brunt of it in my opinion. There are scores of foreclosed homes in both African-American and White neighborhoods. Something has to be done and quickly. Otherwise we’re doomed.

The city of Buffalo as it stands today isn’t anything like the city I grew up in. When I was younger, the city of Buffalo was home to a thriving African-American middle class. Black men and Black women with money would leave the big city and raise their families in Buffalo. That was a long time ago. Before the recession. Now, Buffalo seems to be going to hell. Doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, you will feel the sting of the recession. I’m finding out that no one is recession proof.

My firm, Lambert & Russell Realtors, tries hard to thrive in the recession. Recently, I sold a nice house in East Buffalo to a black family from South Africa. I can’t tell you how happy I was to sell a house to a black family. A nice two-story house with a big yard and a pool. The father of the family is Timothy Adewale, a London-born anthropologist who fought for human rights in The Republic of South Africa. He taught at a university in Johannesburg for ten years before moving to North America. He’s going to head the anthropology department at Buffalo State University.

I liked the good professor and his family. His wife Carol was an attractive, kind of tall black woman in her early forties. She’s an accounting executive with World Bank. Their sons Jerome and Andy are attending the local high school. Yeah, they looked good together. What they don’t know is that the house I sold them used to belong to this wealthy Jewish guy named Michael Rosenthal. What happened to them was tragic.

Mike Rosenthal was a wealthy Jewish lawyer who lived in that big house with his wife Ira and their three daughters. When the recession hit, they tried to survive but eventually faced foreclosures. And what did Mike Rosenthal do? He committed suicide. Yeah, he sent himself to the next world. Sometimes, I wonder why so many white people seem self-destructive when things don’t go their way. Blacks, Asians and Hispanics have been affected by the recession far more than white people have. Yet whenever I hear something about someone ending themselves over losing their house, it’s never a person of color.

Personally, I don’t think white men and white women are used to having a tough time. Usually, they have it easy. Historically escort speaking, they always have. For centuries, they simply invaded other lands, wiped out the people and stole their resources. That’s what they did to Native Americans, Aboriginals and Africans. Centuries later, they’re still exploiting people of color around the world. Now, some progress has been made by people of color. The Republic of China along with the Japanese Empire threw off the shackles of European imperialism and rose to become dominant powers respected and feared throughout the planet Earth.

Scores of African countries who were once ruled by European powers demanded their independence and got it. Now, they call the shots in their homelands. As is their right as sovereign nations. Of course, Europeans won’t leave them alone. They still interfere with these countries developments every chance they get. Usually under the guise of helping them. Imperialism is a fading system. Especially since white men and white women’s numbers are plummeting worldwide. In the continent of North America, people of color will soon outnumber Caucasians. In the United States of America, a Black man is President. In the Republic of Canada, a Black woman runs the country.

I wish I could say I felt sorry for what happened to Rosenthal but I don’t. His people have ruled the world for far too long. It’s a good thing they’re experiencing hardship these days. Europeans should come to know what personal and political pain, loss of power and status fall are. These might make them better people. Perhaps it’s their time to be humbled. If so, I say it’s about time. No one can simply reign unchallenged and undefeated forever. That’s because no one is invincible. Not even the imperialists themselves.

So it’s with a smile on my face that I sold the foreclosed house of that Jewish American family to that nice black family from the Republic of South Africa. My way of balancing the universe. Karma is a bitch and so am I. Sometimes, I absolutely love my job. My real estate firm is doing alright in the recession. We have three offices and twenty employees. I’ve got African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics and Arabs working for me. My assistant Valerie, a young black woman who moved to Buffalo from Atlanta, recently hired some interns without my approval. One of those interns is this blonde-haired white chick named Rory Jones. Someone I can’t stand.

Rory Jones is one of those bubbly, empty-headed and eternally happy-go-lucky white chicks I absolutely can’t stand. She attends Buffalo State University and moved to Buffalo from Long Island last year. I can’t stand bursa eve gelen escort this flat-chested skinny white chick. She asks too many questions. And like so many white chicks from the suburbs, she’s got a serious case of jungle fever. I’ve caught her flirting with just about every black man who ever walks near the office. Yeah, I’ve got a dumb white slut working at my firm. She’ll be with us for four weeks unless I can find a reason to send her packing.

One day, I decided to check her computer to see if I could find dirt on her. As owner and chief executive of the firm, I could check into any of the computers at our offices. What I found amazed me, once I got passed her pathetically laughable firewall and her easy-to-guess password. Rory Jones was looking at a website featuring Black and White Lesbians. I was quite surprised, to say the least. Now, I know lots of women watch porn. I do too. However, I was really surprised that Rory Jones the dumb white slut was gay or at least bisexual. I thought she was a cock hunter for sure. As I looked at her history of visited websites, she walked in on me. I looked at her and smiled slyly. Rory frowned and asked me what I was doing there. The nerve on that woman. I told her that I was the firm’s owner, and I could do whatever I wanted. Then I turned the PC around and showed Rory the websites. The white chick’s face turned red when she saw it. I smiled. I had her right where I wanted her.

I stood up and glared at Rory Jones sternly. I told her that porn was forbidden at the office. As was using my firm’s private computers for personal use. Rory Jones began blabbering. She told me that she was sorry about that. She explained that she was just curious. I smiled. Of course this white chick was curious about sexy, strong black women. She began pleading with me not to fire her. She told me that if she got tossed out of this firm’s internship program, her GPA at school would drop. And if it dropped anymore, she would lose her financial aid and be forced to drop out. I looked at the quivering, pleading young white woman. I licked my lips, imagining the possibilities. I smiled at Rory Jones.

That night, Rory Jones showed up at my house, ready to do anything I asked. I sat naked in my living room couch, and ordered her to strip naked before me. I looked at this pale and skinny, flat-chested white chick as she got naked before me. Not exactly hot but whatever. I ordered her to kneel before me and amazingly, she obeyed. I smiled at her, and rose to my feet. Then I fastened a black leather collar around her neck. Rory asked görükle escort me what the collar was for. I told her that she was my property, and I was going to show her what a strong black woman was all about. Then I smacked her hard for questioning me. Rory gasped, but said nothing.

I fixed a leash to Rory’s collar and walked around the house with her. You should have been there to see it. A strong black woman, gloriously naked, walking around with her submissive white female slave. It was so hot. I had a lot of fun with her that night. I ordered her to clean my house and she did. Rory did the dishes, cleaned the sink, broomed the floor and cleaned the toilet. She even did the windows. Afterwards, she knelt before me and sucked my toes. I’ve always wanted to make a submissive white chick suck my toes. Many dominant black lesbians have similar fantasies. When Rory was done sucking my toes, I ordered her to lie down. I laid my feet on her back, using her as a foot stool as I read the latest Zane novel.

Afterwards, I punished Rory for looking at porn in the first place. I bent her over my knee and spanked her until her pale ass turned crimson. I spanked her with my hand and hairbrush. Rory yelped as she got her rightful punishment. To top things off, I made her spread her skinny thighs wide open and shoved two fingers into her pussy. Rory howled in pleasure as I fucked her with my fingers. I laughed and pinched her tits while fucking her. Then I donned my strap-on dildo and fucked her pussy with it. Rory squealed as I fucked her pussy with gusto, thrusting my strap-on dildo deep inside of her.

We really got into it and my sexy white female slave gave as good as she got. Rory was really submissive. After I plowed her pussy with my strap-on dildo, she begged me to fuck her in the ass. I spread her ass cheeks wide open and pressed my dildo against her asshole. With a swift thrust, I went inside. Rory squealed as I slammed my dildo up her asshole. Gripping her hips tightly, I rammed my dildo deep into her ass. Down where the sun didn’t shine. I felt my pussy get really wet as I fucked this silly white chick up her ass. The power I felt as I completely dominated her was absolutely awesome. I wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world. I fucked Rory’s ass until she begged for mercy, then fucked her some more. We both came time and again, and had lots of fun.

That was the first of many nights of passion to come, folks. Rory is now my very willing and very personal white female slave. She delights in serving her strong and dominant black mistress. Since I became her dominatrix, Rory’s schoolwork has improved and she’s one of our most dedicated interns at the firm. Also, my house is really, really clean these days. Rory loves her new life. It took a strong and dominant black woman to teach this silly white chick the finer qualities in life such as discipline and obedience to rightful authority.

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