Punishing My Daughter


It had been a quiet day. My wife was out of town, and my daughter was hanging out with her delinquent friends somewhere. I didn’t care that much. I was happy as a clam sitting in front of the TV, watching baseball, when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and saw a large uniformed gentleman with my daughter. She immediately ducked past me and ran upstairs to her room. I turned back to the man.

“Hello, officer. What seems to be the problem?”

“Sir, your daughter Elizabeth was involved in a car accident.”


“Nothing major,” he continued. “She was with a couple of her friends, and no one was hurt. However, we did find a small amount of marijuana, which we think belonged to the driver.”

“You don’t say.”

“Yeah. Anyways, your daughter claims that she didn’t know about the drugs, and since she has no criminal record, we’re going to let her off with a warning this time.”

“I appreciate that, officer.”

He nodded. “Have a good night.”

The man went back to his car, and I closed the door before walking up to Lizzie’s room. She was just sitting on her bed, doing something on her phone. Like nothing had happened.

Lizzie was a rather petite girl, short and skinny like her mother. But she had my black hair, which she grew out very long. I took a moment to admire her appearance before sitting down next to her.

“What’s up?”

“Nothing,” she muttered.

“The cop said you guys had marijuana. Anything I should be concerned about?”

She looked up from her phone and glared at me. “It was Nick’s. He and Rachel smoked a few joints, but I swear I didn’t.”

I gaziantep ucuz escort sighed. “Well, that’s good to hear.”

“Yeah,” she said. “Now please leave, daddy. I’m busy.”

“OK, I will. But first, do you want to explain this?” I pulled out a bag of marijuana from my pocket.

Her face turned red. “Where did you find that?”

“Under your bed, where you hid it.”

She grabbed the bag out of my hands. “You had no right to go through my stuff. I’m 18 now, and you can’t order me around.”

“Actually, I intend to do just that,” I said. “You live in my house; therefore, you will follow my rules. And if you misbehave, then you will be punished.”

Before the girl could react, I grabbed her and threw her over my lap. She was wearing a pair of tight yoga pants, which was convenient for my purposes. I held her down with my left hand and started smacking her backside with my right.

“Daddy, what are you doing?”

“Spanking you, of course,” I said, continuing my assault on her bottom.

“Ow!” she yelled. “Stop!”

I started spanking her harder, and she whimpered and wriggled against my lap, trying to escape. Throughout all of this, the fact that my daughter had a nice peachy posterior was not lost on me. She sure showed it off well in those tight pants. Besides that, her squirming on my lap was getting me aroused. I’m a healthy adult man, so it was bound to happen.

Soon, she stopped struggling. “Daddy, is that…?”

“Yes, Lizzie. That is indeed my erection against your belly.”

She looked disgusted. gaziantep ukraynalı escort “Ew.”

“It’s your fault,” I said. “And since you caused me to get excited, now you have to make sure I’m satisfied.” I lifted her off me, stood up, and took my clothes off.

Lizzie just sat there and watched. The poor girl was too stunned to move, and I took advantage of her surprise to push her onto her stomach and take her pants off. She wasn’t wearing any underwear, and I gazed at her bare ass cheeks, which were red from the spanking. She crawled up the bed, and I climbed on top of her, pinning her down on the mattress. Then, I took a pillow and pushed it underneath her to prop her ass in the air.

“No, daddy! You can’t do this!”

“I can, and I will,” I replied. “You’ve been a very bad girl, Lizzie. You need to be taught a lesson.” I forced her legs apart and moved my cock, dripping with pre-cum, to her pussy lips.

“Seriously, don’t,” she moaned.

I ignored her and pushed my hard cock into her defenseless cunt. Lizzie was already wet, so I slid into her easily. We both groaned. Nothing really compares to the feeling of a tight teenage pussy around your dick, and it had been a long time since I was with a teenager.

I held my daughter’s wrists over her head and started to thrust in and out of her. My hips slammed against her ass repeatedly, making loud clapping sounds as I fucked her from behind.

After a few minutes, Lizzie’s groans of discomfort changed into ones of pleasure. I let go of her wrists and moved my hands underneath gaziantep üniversiteli escort her shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and I grabbed her tits roughly. They weren’t too big or small, just a nice handful. I pinched her hard nipples, and she moaned louder. I smiled to myself. Whereas before, the girl kept saying, “No, stop,” now she was crying out, “Oh, yes! Don’t stop!”

Suddenly, she screamed. Her whole body shook, her vagina contracted around me, and I realized that she was having an orgasm. I continued to pound her mercilessly as she calmed down.

“You OK, sweetie?” I asked.

“Uh-huh,” she muttered tiredly.

“That’s good. Glad you enjoyed it.”

Although I couldn’t see her face, I could almost feel her roll her eyes again. Girls will be girls.

As for me, I had been fucking her for so long and was just about finished. “It’s OK if I cum in you, right?” I asked.

“No, you have to pull out,” she gasped. “I’m not on birth control.”

In response, I held my daughter tightly and grunted as I shot my seed deep inside her unprotected pussy. I was so turned on, and that orgasm felt like it would last forever. I must have pumped at least a dozen ropes of semen into her.

After I was finished, I collapsed onto the girl’s back, breathing heavily. My face was buried in her long black hair. We just lay there for a while in silence, and my potent seed remained trapped inside her very fertile teenage body. At that moment, millions of sperm were swimming towards her egg and were on their way to making me both a father and grandfather.

Nine months later, Lizzie gave birth to a baby boy. Motherhood seems to have changed her. She stopped smoking pot, and she’s more mature than she used to be. I like to think that I helped. Of course, no one can ever find out that I’m the one who knocked her up, but it’s a small price to pay.

Lizzie, being a poor single parent, still lives at home with us. And every time her mother goes out of town, she lets me punish her again.

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