Psyche’s Ritual


Dusk forces the sky into submission, ravaging the light into cloaked dark. My naked body trembles and I approach the robed priestess at her beckon. She extends her hand to me, her slender alabaster fingers glowing in subtle moon and starlight.

I feel short and small next to her. My breath falls into my throat. This priestess in her cold silk robe intrigues me and entrances me. She has since I first came to the coven, an orphan with visions and without control of my power. It is she who tames me and teaches me how to control my energy. Energy, understanding and manipulating it, has been a thoroughly surprising undertaking.

“Undress me.”

I do. She touches my stomach and I know she wants me to breathe deeply from my abdomen. This is the first thing she taught me when the coven took me in. I remember that my arousal and willingness is part of this energy, that she has played up her eerie beauty with glamours to enhance the learning experience. I know that I must experience this and not analyze everything now–that’s now Beylikdüzü escort how enlightenment works. I fill my entire body with fresh night air as she wishes and surrender to the experience.

She lays down and calls me to her with glinting rose quartz eyes full and focused on only me. I see another pink beauty between her spreading thighs and know that this is without a glamour or any magic: this is natural, real, beautiful. I lie with my feet parallel to her face, crackling with excitement to be near her. The hard dirt clings to me and my sweat-beaded body and I pull myself into the earth to soothe my excited energy. I share energy with the earth and feel my spine’s energy flow digging in like roots and leveling my mood. Relaxing in a less conscious state, I kiss the lush ivory skin of her thighs and the natural rosy flower of her womanhood. I am cradled in her legs and reaching my tongue deeper insider her and taste her herblike juices. She touches the top of my head and I look into those pale pink eyes.

She instructs Beylikdüzü escort me to lay down. “You must feel in your soul.”

Her straight blonde strands trail my nipples, fully peaked at her breathtaking presence.

A fingertip brushes my slick folds. My relaxed state and my free arousal allow me to feel the waves of pleasure with my entire body and nothing else is in focus. My stomach tightens where she kisses me–she gives me cool energy that surges strength into me.

Her first finger slides into me. My entire body is receptive, eases and begs her inside me. My lidded eyes are fluttering and I feel everything, intensely sensual pleasure rippling through me.

Another thicker, deeper entry. Three fingers, I realize and it is affirmed by her fairy-like smirking giggle. As I writhe in pleasure the earth and dirt is a firm embrace–I move and lean into it as much as it will allow. Her fingers explore me and I both envelope and beg her with my inner sex and bloom to fit her–and urge her for more.

“Uhhh” is my Escort Beylikdüzü only verbal urge. Words, other thoughts, other sensations are all irrelevant but for the feeling of her filling me.

She gives me another of those slender fingers and plunges herself inside me. My hips meet her with a rocking thrust and she brings all her fingers atop each other and toward my entrance. I am entirely attached to the energy of the earth and everything. I sink into the earth and everything cradles me. I lam lifted into the sky and the cool clouds soothe me. The unseen sun heats my skin, the slick wetness of my pleasure moisturizes me.

I come and begin grounding to see her entire hand inside of me, her feminine hairless wrist contrasting with my naturally auburn bush. I feel tidal waves enveloping, engorging and engulfing my entire body and my flushing sweat becomes a nude dress of natural silk. Her hand explores my walls until I feel a still of truth and only then does she slowly empty my sex. She then presses my vision with her knowing bird glare and she brings my hands, under hers, to my abdomen.

“This is your link, your womb of the earth. The power of creation and the serenity of life is in you.”

The moon above cradled the sky with her comforting warmth.

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