Proving He’s Still Got It


After a long day at the grocery store, Andre’s old friend Caity had been waiting for him when he got back to his apartment.

She looked like she would frequent health food stores, which was accurate, and she smelled like a coffee bean. A likely side-effect of her daily java habit. She approached him aggressively, not even giving him the opportunity to speak.

“What happened to you, Andre?” Caity scoffed. “Your sister called me and told me what you’ve been like. She said you only leave here for work and then just come straight back, like you don’t have a life anymore. She thinks you’re depressed.”

“Well you can tell her i’m doing fine, thanks,” Andre sighed.

Maybe clinically it would be called that. He called it contentment.

“Are you?” Caity huffed.

At first he’d been unable to believe his ears.

The trusted friend to whom he’d come for advice on many an occasion was telling him he should be more aggressive, like he had been in years before, before Chloe had changed his life.

“You might be a produce manager, but do you really have any ambitions any more? Do you ever desire anything other than… stacking fruit the right way? Go after something! Maybe you did hurt some people in those days, but guess what? You got the job done. You’ve been stagnating since Chloe left you, fixing your vegetarian meals and curling up alone in front of the TV. I want to see you go for store manager. For corporate, even! And I think you’re tired of being alone. You can’t think you’re not good enough just because Chloe said so. Go find someone!”

Andre was aghast at being talked to in such a manner. She had been encouraging him to be everything he no longer wanted to be; the constant climber that Chloe saw fit to leave weeping in the dust.

He felt as if he’d had no choice but to reach up and slap her, just to shut her up.

“You’re feeling it now, aren’t you?” she demanded triumphantly before the sting even began to ebb.

She locked her sultry green eyes with his.

“Do you really want to see what I desire?” Andre asked, a snarl playing at his lip, showing teeth on one side.

He grabbed a handful of her dyed red hair from the top of her head, winding it around one hand.

“Yes I do,” Caity replied confidently.

“What nice hair you have. I wonder what would happen If I… pulled on It.”

Her eyes widened within her dark pools of mascara, the big green orbs brightening with the ache of… not fear, but excitement. Hunger. A challenge, even.

Her lip curled up at one end, a naughty and impish grin.

“You wanted to see my power, my ambition?” Andre pulled her closer, by the hair.

He pulled her green jacket off her shoulders, then pulled the belt from his pants and lashed her with it once, her lacy shirt exposing all of her bare skin to it except what was covered by the tank top underneath.

She let out a single high-pitched yelp, that was then followed by an exhilarated video porno gasp.

Andre flung the shirt off of him, revealing his chiseled but pale physique, marred only by one long scar.

“How bout you witness some of this hunger for yourself?” he proposed, pulling the lace shirt off over her head, and yanking the tank top down.

Her bosom was restrained by an ordinary pink sports bra, which Andre pulled off with a quick tug. He unbuttoned his jeans, and then pulled hers down to her ankles, and disposed of her panties In the same fashion.

Her pussy was extremely hairy. Quite to Andre’s liking.

“Do you see what I want now?” he asked. “I want you laid out in front of me, bent to my will, naked, given to me completely. A toy.”

Her body, slightly plump but not unpleasantly bulgy by any means, was beaded with sweat. He walked her over to the windowed balcony, pressing her nude body against the glass.

Her boobs, modest as they were, flattened against it. Rain ran down the door from outside, and her breath fogged it up at her mouth level.

“This window is so cold, oh,” she gasped in exhibitionist pleasure as chill bumps grew around her hardening nipples.

“There, now the whole city can see you bared for me. Are you humiliated, slut?”

When she stepped back, turning to face him, he saw that her body, especially her boobs, had left their mark in sweat on the window.

“That’s sexy,” he admitted, finally unzipping his pants. The aching pressure in his loins was excruciating, but he resisted undoing his fly and letting her have it right away. Instead, he ran his fingers over her flesh, nails-first. Chill bumps broke out on her flesh as she felt the tips of his sharp nails trace her every curve, even her nipples. She knew he could dig them in and scratch her any time that he chose; she just didn’t know when, or even if, he would. Her heart raced in half-excited apprehension.

It seemed he let her off easy, though, returning his hands to his jeans button.

Or so it seemed; he grabbed two handfuls of her pale but fleshy butt, digging in nails-first. She tensed up and grunted.

“Look what you did to me,” he said, dropping his pants to reveal a very above average penis, rock-solid and pointed at her.

“Oh my god,” she breathed, excited for the stuffing job she was about to get, but anxious over the challenge of accepting it.

“You better take care of it.”

She got on her knees and opened her mouth wide.

“Not your mouth; that wouldn’t be enough of a challenge.” he reconsidered after another look at her lips. “Ok, your mouth a little bit.”

He grabbed her hair once more and ventured inside her, feeling her moan softly as he slid inside all the way to the back of her throat.

He shuddered as she bit down, overcome by an unexpected wave of pleasure.

“Oh okay,” he said breathlessly, “so you’re the challenge.”

He thrusted down her sex izle throat a couple of times, then withdrew, leaving her in shambles to wipe the drool from her chin and catch her breath.

Andre was soaking wet with her saliva and a dangerous amount of pre-cum, which was why he had to give up on her mouth so soon.

It wouldn’t do to appear weak and without stamina when he was the Dom.

Seeing her have to regain composure after only a few seconds of actual sex with him excited Andre.

He leaned down to the tile floor where she rested on her pale knees and cupped her throat in his hand. He guided her half-gently into a laying position and set his knees atop each of her spread legs, then slid into her hot and humid pussy. Some of her fluids dribbled onto the floor as he ventured inside her. He watched her face, eyes closed with pain but lip bitten in pleasure.

Once he was sheathed inside her, he began to gyrate and squeeze her neck gently.

“Yes,” she screamed with gritted teeth, sweat and pain-tears running her black mascara. She was covered in the scent of some strong perfume mixed with sweat.

“Oh God yes.”

Her body had several small, fairly tacky tattoos with nature themes, and Andre suddenly found himself floored that this wise, independent new age girl was submitting to him, and that he was currently beating her cervix like his manhood was a battering ram and she was the most stubborn door.

She shut her eyes tight and growled once with effort, or perhaps pain.

As her breathing grew quicker, he slowed the pace.

“Stop it; you’re not gonna cum until I tell you,” he commanded, slapping her playfully on the boob.

She moaned and tightened briefly; Andre shuddered, coming dangerously close to orgasm as well.

Andre decided to overlook the appearance of weakness. He needed to cum, right now.

He slapped Caity’s other boob and then squeezed them both.

Her moan sent him over the edge, and he pulled himself out of her before possibly getting his old best friend pregnant.

The tsunami of semen sprayed onto her flat stomach instead, resting in pearlescent pools even in her navel.

Although sleepiness filled his limbs with the extreme satisfaction he felt, still Andre leaned over. “Forgive my navel fetish,” he noted, lapping up his own juice from her belly button.

She flattened her stomach for his benefit, and it sent a thrill through Andre. “Yes,” he groaned, putting a hand on her stomach, “please keep moving it.”

He shuddered with pleasure at feeling the movement of her core.

“Did you cum while I was fucking you?” He asked, once her belly was cleaned several times over.

“A couple of times, thanks,” she replied with a naughty giggle.

“Just curious,” Andre replied. “But I’m not done punishing you.” He got up, pulling her up with him. “Hands on the window,” he commanded.

“How’s it feel to have everyone looking bedava porno at you, whore?” He teased.

Her palms were flat against the window, back arched slightly.

He slapped her butt, hard. It shook slightly with the impact, and he squeezed his handful of her ass in praise.

He spanked her several more times, her whole body recoiling from the strikes and her mouth open in ecstatic lust. Eventually the feeling became so intense that she forgot to control her bladder and let loose a long yellow stream on the tiles.

Andre hesitated. “Good girl,” he granted, teasing her clit quickly with his fingers as a thank you. After that, he went to the counter behind him and picked up a stick of butter.

Caity could see little in their reflection in the window, but she spotted that.

“Oh god, that’s gonna hurt,” she said, half-kidding.

“Only If you don’t relax, and if I’m not gentle. which I won’t be.”

Harder than he had been so far that night, Andre gripped her pale thighs and lined up his pelvis with hers.

“Stay like that,” he commanded, buttering her anus with his fingers, and then rubbing the stick of butter up and down the length of his manhood. Andre gripped Caity just under the hipbones and slid into her. It was something of a struggle at first; she was clearly an anal virgin.

Nonetheless with some effort he made it in as far as her anatomy would allow. Her head went downward, casting her fake red hair over her face, but she slowly looked up once more, putting her head level with the hands on the window. Andre gently scratched her back, lingering in this moment of maximum penetration for a while. He enjoyed the feeling of her body heat, of her soft rectum.

“We should do this more often,” Caity gasped.

“I thought you wanted me to be the assertive one,” Andre observed, thrusting into her forcefully to punish her infraction. Once he started, it would’ve been torturous to stop, so he continued railing her hind end, grabbing the ends of her hair and pulling her head back slightly.

Her screams were so wild and wanton that Andre almost came within the first minute, but he kept his composure and reached underneath her to inspect her boobs. Her nipples were very hard, bumps of gooseflesh breaking out all over the humble but perky mounds.

He pinched her nipples and twisted them slightly; with that, Caity folded over, screaming in delight. Andre came as well, excited by her obvious satisfaction. He groaned loudly, leaning over onto the object of his domination, as wave after wave of jizz gushed from him, deep inside her anus.

It felt as if all his frustrations and needs had gone right with it.

The fit of his favorite appendage inside her butthole was still tight despite the fact that he’d calmed down, so Andre gave himself a couple of strokes to make sure he was done filling her up. He withdrew from her breathlessly just after.

“I’m gonna have to take a nap,” he detailed, “but after that, want to stay for dinner?”

“You’re still painfully domestic,” Caity observed with a giggle, looking back at him with sweat dripping off of her flushed frame.

“Not in some areas,” he pointed out.

This time, Caity was forced to agree.

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