Prince Selects His Sister Pt. 04


The fanfare of silver trumpets could be heard outside as Adam opened his eyes and found Sarah’s head tucked under his chin. His arm was wrapped around her and hers on top of it, as if securing him around her waist. Her naked body was warm, soft, and the perfect thing to wake up to, every inch of her back pressed up against his front, his thickening cock nestled in-between the cheeks of her tight, shapely ass. Their legs were tied together. He could smell the scent of her sweaty body – the blankets had been warm – and he loved it. His body entangled with his sister’s as their sweat mingled – there was no better way for him to wake up.

He wanted to be a little naughty in waking her up on the biggest day of their lives so far. He moved his arm which was wrapped around her waist lower so his hand would reach the top of her mound. He slowly began to massage her there, a inch or two above her clit, applying increasing pressure in circles.

“Mmm…you’re a bad prince.” moaned Sarah as she turned her body, removing her back from her brother’s chest as he spooned her and turning into him, re-intertwining their legs. She loved when they woke up sweaty together, reveling in the normally forbidden feeling of their bodies mingling. He moved his cock in between her legs and placed its head on her lips.

“I’d fuck you right now brother but I want to save up my energy for tonight. Is that OK. Will you grant your baby sister a respite since you already fucked me twice in the last twelve hours?” she asked, with her puppy dog eyes, inches from his face.

“Of course my love” Adam said, kissing her forehead and running his hands through her hair. “I’m looking forward to our wedding night.”

She kissed him on his chest, spending a little time trying to leave a hickey on his right pectoral. “Me too.” she said.

As she kissed him, his cock became harder and harder till Sarah could feel her brother’s member standing at full attention, applying pressure onto her pussy lips.

“You seem like you need some relief now though Adam” she said, and as she spoke, began licking and kissing him from his chest, down to his stomach, moving herself till she was between his legs.

“Baby, you don’t have to. We have to get up and get ready for everything.” Adam told her.

“This won’t take long, I’ve gotten pretty good at making you cum. I can’t have you getting crowned with an erection, people will think I’m not taking care of my king.” Sarah said as she started to lick Adam’s balls while stroking his shaft.

“Oh God you always feel so good” Adam said.

She took him into her mouth as he lay there and continued to suck him, taking him deeper than she ever had before, surprised at her own ability to take her brother’s cock into her mouth. She began moaning, more for his pleasure than her own because she knew he would feel the vibrations with his cock. She pulled her mouth off of him, and pooled as much saliva as she could into her mouth till it was nearly full as she stroked him and then drizzled it all from her mouth onto his cock and balls till every inch of his pelvis was coated with a sheen of his sister’s spit. As she did this his cock pulsed even harder in her hands before she took him back into her mouth.

“Whether it’s pussy juice or your spit, I just love my cock being soaked in you.” he said. “Dammit you feel so good” he moaned as he began thrusting a little into her mouth.

Adam slowly began to lose himself in the feeling of his sister’s mouth around his cock until he couldn’t hold it in any longer.

“I’m there, I’m there baby” Adam said, warning his sister.

She held tightly to his cock in her mouth as he began to release his load into her. It was unbelievable to her that it never thinned, lessened in quantity, or lowered in intensity for the 10 days that they had been making love. Her brother’s semen was always thick, heavy, and voluminous and came in massive torrents that filled whatever he was fucking. She had become addicted to his taste, loving her brother’s cream in her mouth and feeling it go down her throat. He bucked as he came into her, saying her name. As he did, the chamber doors opened and their parents walked in. He was only half way though his climax, and there was no way he could stop.

Sarah heard – and absolutely did not care. It was their fault for barging into their room, they could deal with the consequences.

Tarian and Diana came towards the bed not knowing what was happening until they noticed their son thrusting his hips into the comforter and moaning, and Sarah’s feet clearly sticking out from the other side of the blanket. They had come to wake up their children on their coronation and wedding day, and stood unsure what to do, like deer in headlights.

Adam continued to pump himself into his waiting sister’s mouth, while she purposely began to moan, getting off on the fact that her parents had been ridiculous enough to come in without knocking.

“Oh fuck” Adam said as his orgasm abated and öğrenci gaziantep escort he lay down completely relaxed.

He turned towards his parents to the right. “Hello Mother, Father.”

“I’m sorry, we came at the wrong time, we didn’t know….” Diana said.

“Good morning guys!” Sarah said, from under the blanket. “I’m not decent so I’m going to stay here until you leave by the way!” she told them, smiling at their awkward predicament.

“We just came to wake you” Tarian said, hiding his own embarrassment. Catching his daughter sucking his son’s cock in their bedroom was not something he had prepared for in his years of running a kingdom. “We wanted to make sure you were up on time, the ceremony is in three hours.” he reminded them.

“Yes Father, we’ll be up and ready in time.” Adam told him.

“Ok, we’ll go then. Please don’t get distracted and be late.” Diana said.

Sarah chimed in from under the blankets, her head resting on her brother’s thigh an inch away from his penis that she had just sucked into submission. “Your son was pretty distracted this morning Mother but I just took care of him. I’m very, very good at it. He’ll be fine now.” she said, her smile visible in her voice.

“Ok that’s enough thank you!” Diana said, shaking her head at her daughter’s brazenness. “We are going!” she said as she grabbed Tarian’s arm and they left the room.

Adam could feel his sister laughing and lifted the blanket to see her gently massaging his recently sucked dick and laughing at the predicament they had put their parents in.

“You are so bad! I can’t believe you’re not embarrassed! I was mortified!” Adam said.

“I’m not” Sarah responded. “Now they’ll never barge into our room again. They’re lucky they didn’t catch you railing me from behind. Our mother would not have enjoyed that visual memory at all.”

“You are bad, but I like it.” Adam said, as Sarah snuggled into his embrace again.

“I’m not ashamed of us in any way. I’m yours and if everyone knows I’m yours, that’s great. And if our parents happened to see that I’m yours, that’s fine.”

“You actually enjoy their discomfort!” Adam exclaimed.

“I do! I think it’s hilarious. There’s nothing more natural on Earth than for me to be yours Adam. For me, taking your cum and being fucked by you is as natural as drinking water. I want it to be part of who I am. On our royal gravestones yours will say stuff like “Champion of the Realm” and “Conqueror of the Badlands”. I’m fine if mine says: “Her Brother’s Greatest Pleasure”.

“You’re something else” he said, kissing her, taking her tongue into his mouth and sucking it. “You are my greatest pleasure, you know.” he said.

“I know I am.” she responded back.

“We have to get up.” Adam reminded her.

“Yes yes, OK.” she said, getting out of bed, her perfect body glimmering in the sunlight.

“I need to shower, shall I have call the servants to come and bathe us both?” Sarah asked.

“No, I just showered before I came to bed. You can ask your servant girls to bathe you. I’m going to just wash up and go get ready.” Adam told her.

“OK” she said, as she called her maidens to come and prepare her bath. All of them saw Adam’s massive cock hanging low off of his body as he put on his shirt and pants, clearly aware that their mistress, the Princess Sarah was getting to enjoy it regularly.

Adam left the room and went to the preparation room where a small army of assistants waited to ready him for the coronation.


Three hours later, to the beating of war drums and the ringing of trumpets, Adam and Sarah walked into the grand throne room, hand in hand, as it was full to the door with guests. Ministers, princes, kings, and nobility from all over the world were in attendance. The coronation had been scheduled in advanced but the wedding was a new addition. They walked together as the music played, their parents following behind them, and then various members of their family – royal cousins, uncles, aunts, and their families.

Sarah was in a beautiful red dress, with a long gown which hung behind her. It accentuated her body without giving away too much skin. Adam was dressed in his royal dress armor, a polished steel which shone like glass, his sword as this side. Both wore their crowns signifying their status as prince and princess – two ornate circles upon their heads. Sarah’s had a red jewel that matched her dress, and Adam’s a deep green sapphire representing the color of the kingdom’s flags.

The High Priest approached them at the steps to the throne.

First have gave a long speech – about duty, honor, country, and the founding of the Kingdom. Then about how much Tarian had done to bring peace, stability and strength to the empire. And finally, he spoke about Adam and his exploits in battle. Finally, he brought out the King’s Crown. It was a solid gaziantep öğrenci escort piece of platinum with four green jewels embedded on four opposing sides of the crown. It was in fact simpler than the prince’s crown – just a simple circle with four jewels. No extra decorations. The Prince and Princess crowns represented hope, while the King’s Crown represented duty. Four jewels for the four directions that the King would be responsible for. Simplicity to remind him that his work was more important than portraying any image.

“Say the oath, Prince Adam” the High Priest ordered.

Adam began to recite from memory: “I swear to serve, love, and sacrifice for the good of the Andorian People. To hear their pleas and calls as if they were from my own family. To hold their honor, their lives, their wealth, and their safety as sacred trusts. To protect them with my life, to work for them with my hands, to serve them with my mind, to hear them with my ears, to fight for them with my sword, and to order them only towards what is good for them. I swear to submit myself to the laws of the founding stone of this kingdom. I swear that if I find myself unable to execute the responsibilities of my throne, I shall inform my high council. I, Adam, Son of Tarian and Diana, Brother of the Princess Sarah, do hereby swear this with all my heart, my mind, my body, and my soul, in the name of the great Creator – He who has many names but has no equal.”

Sarah smiled – the oath only required a person to mention his parents. He made sure to add mention of her just to ler her know she was thinking of her and to connect her name to his..

The High Priest took the throne from the pillow on which it sat on the pillar next to him, and placed it upon Adam’s head. “High King Adam has been crowned! Let his reign be good.” The High Priest declared.

“Let his reign by good!” responded all the people, as the trumpets blasted again.

Tarian exhaled, and looked up at the ceiling of the massive throne room. “Finally” he whispered, feeling a weight lift from him he had not felt free of in a very long time.

“Today is an unusual coronation as many of you may already have heard” the High Priest continued. “We do not only watch our Prince become our King. We watch him marry his wonderful and lovely sister, the princess Sarah, the jewel of the kingdom of Andoria and the beauty of the land.”

Whispers and murmurs began to make their way through the crowd. Many had not heard of the arrangement. Nevertheless, almost everyone knew it was acceptable in the kingdom.

Sarah stepped forth. Somehow, she had steeled herself against feeling any nervousness and went to her brother’s side.

“Princess Sarah, your vows” the High Priest asked.

“High King Adam, I take you, my brother, my king, to be my lawfully wedded husband, in health and in sickness, in difficulty or ease. I bind myself to you and shall serve you with my mind, my body, my heart, and my soul. I give myself to you willingly and without reservation, coercion, or aim other than to be yours in matrimony. We shall be one flesh, one heart, and one home. As your sister, this oath is unbreakable, and this tie cannot be severed with anything other than death. With these words, I am yours.”

The High Priest took a silk ribbon and tied it around Sarah’s hand, and extended it towards Adam and wrapped it around his but did not tie.

“Your Majesty, your vows.” The High Priest asked.

“Princess Sarah, I take you, my sister, High Princess of Andoria, to be my lawfully wedded wife in health and in sickness, in difficulty or ease. I bind myself to you and shall serve you with my mind, my body, my heart, and my soul. I give myself to you willingly and without reservation, coercion, or aim other than to be yours in matrimony. We shall be one flesh, one heart, and one home. As your brother, this oath is unbreakable, and this tie cannot be severed with anything other than death. With these words, I am yours.”

The entire crowd erupted in applause and cheers as the High Priest tied the other end of the silk ribbon onto Adam’s hand, and the trumpets blasted again. It was incredibly loud but neither could help but smile.

Adam could not take his eyes off of his sister’s face. It was as if the crowd did not exist. He stared at her, now his publicly wedded wife. It was amazing to him that she was really his forever. Sarah looked around, observing the guests and made her way back to Adam, catching his gaze and realizing he hadn’t taken his eyes off of her. She felt her cheeks flush, because of the way she loved his attention, and realizing it, she felt herself get a little wet between her legs. Her brother’s loving gaze held affection and admiration, but she could feel his lust for her. She wanted nothing more than to go back to their bed and be fucked by him. But there was more to do.

“Finally, said the High Priest, because High Queen Sarah is gaziantep öğrenci escort bayan an equal to her brother High King Adam, she must also take the oath of the crown. Your Majesty, please.” he said to her.

Sarah repeated her brother’s oath replacing his name with hers and vice-versa as the High Priest placed the crown upon her head, matching Adam’s with red jewels instead of green ones.

Then came the long series of allegiances. Every one of the generals and admirals came in a procession, knelt before the King and the Queen, and professed their loyalty to both. Once it was clear that military power had passed cleanly, the cabinet ministers came next, followed by every one of the provincial governors, and the heads of every security apparatus from the royal guards to the interior security forces. Finally, came Tarian and Diana – the former king and queen. After decades of rule, here they stood. Tarian went to kneel and Adam stopped him. He would not allow his mother and father to kneel before him.

The High Priest protested: “This is the tradition of the kingdom your Majesty! They must kneel!”

“No!” Sarah said, her voice ringing clear as a bell throughout the throne room. Even Adam was shocked at the strength of her voice. It brought the entire room to pin-drop silence.

“My brother and I ARE the tradition of this kingdom, respected High Priest. In us the tradition is carried. By us the tradition is made law. And through us the tradition is given life. It is not for anyone to dictate the tradition of this kingdom to us. If one ruler was to obeyed, then my word united with my brother’s is obligated upon all of you TWICE! And we say together, King Tarian and Queen Diana shall bow to no one in this Kingdom, ever. Their oaths shall be sufficient and need no physical gesture to testify to them. I declare this as your High Queen and my brother stands with me! My word is Law!”

This was the first time that most of the people in the room had ever heard Sarah’s voice. Everyone had heard Adam before, carrying out business in his father’s name, taking the throne and hearing pleas in the place of his father. But Sarah had always been in the background. She looked absolutely stunning in her crown, absolutely gorgeous in her dress, but this declaration was a shock to all. The confidence, the grace, the honor, and the eloquence of their new Queen was a pleasure for every person in the room. Tarian looked at his daughter, and stood tall, tears in his eyes, while Diana stood next to her husband, her back also straightened with pride and joy.

Everyone waited in silence to hear Adam’s reaction.

“The High Queen’s word is Law!” He declared first and foremost. He wanted to ensure that her declaration did not need his endorsement. He wished to make this clear to all in the room. The only time his word would be needed after she had spoken, was if he objected. Otherwise, each of them stood as absolute monarchs of the realm. Equals.

“My sister’s command needs no endorsement, no support, and no aid from me. Her rule stands on its own! Yet, our of love for my father and mother, I declare also that King Tarian and Queen Diana shall bow nor kneel to anyone, their oath shall be sufficient!”

Tarian stood and grasped his son’s hand and declared his oath. A rare one, only taken a handful of times in history.

“I, King Emeritus Tarian of Andoria, declare my allegiance to my son the High King Adam, and to my daughter the High Queen Sarah. I surrender all my powers as king, my command over all matters and affairs of the kingdom, and my role as the chief of the armed forces of Andoria to both of them, in equal measure. I declare that as of this word, I hold no royal office and that my commands are not to be obeyed under any circumstances. This transfer of power is irrevocable and only the joint will of the King and Queen can empower me in the future. I swear this in the name of the Creator, He who is one but whose names are many.”

Diana swore a simpler oath, not being a monarch herself, as a symbolic gesture of love and loyalty to her children.

It was finally done. The rest of the day was filled with food, dances, parties and visits from dignitaries. Adam and Sarah thought it would never end. Yet, finally, hours upon hours later, they found themselves walking hand-in-hand back to the royal apartments. They entered and as they walked to their chambers, saw the doors of their parents’ living quarters and bedchamber complex and saw Sylisia and another one of her Amazonian guards protecting it.

“Sylisia, Lisandra, why are you here instead of our bedchambers?” asked Sarah.

“Your Highn…..I mean.. Your Majesty. These are your bedchambers now. Your parents asked the servants to move you into the master bedchambers and switched with you. We stand guard at your chambers.” Sylisia answered.

“Wow, Mother and Father gave us their quarters. That’s really nice of them! We should go say thank you!” Adam said.

Lisandra replied this time. “Your Majesty, your mother and father are inside their quarters….with their night time guests. You probably do not wish to disturb them.”

Adam shook his head. It was both funny but slightly disturbing that their parents had orgies with servant girls every night. The only part that bothered him was the potential that he might one day be as addicted as his father to the flesh.

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