Preparing To Bath


You remember the other day, I was sitting in the lazy boy chair, reading the news on my phone. I heard you turn on the bath, but I didn’t think anything of it.Then you came over, called my name softly.As you got my attention I could see a naughty glint in your eyes. You came closer and sat down on my lap, almost like a child, but I could see by your expression that your intentions were not at all childlike. The unspoken communication of lovers passed between us.“I am going to have a bath,” you said.“Need any help?” I asked smiling.“I want you to undress me,” you responded, your words sending a shiver through me.“OK,” I gulped again. “I can do that, it is a fantasy of mine.”“You’ve done it before,” you said.“I still fantasize about it,” I replied. “Especially when I am traveling.”“Well, stop talking and do it!” you ordered with a glint in your eye.I put down my phone, and slowly, I began to unbutton your blouse. I had only two buttons undone when I was overcome by an overwhelming impulse to kiss you. Your lips tasted warm, but our kiss remained soft, gentle, and unhurried.We sampled each other slowly, our lips nibbling each other as our mouths entwined. I sucked your lower lip into my mouth, kissing it all around, then turned to your upper lip and did the same thing. We continued tasting each other like this for some time, before I realised that my mission was to undress you, not to kiss you indefinitely.“You are amazing,” I mumbled.“You always kiss nice,” you replied.“It’s a team effort,” I said. “A fine one too.”I ran my fingers along your lower lip, down over your chin, and along the edge of the “V” formed by your partially unbuttoned blouse. It just reached the inside of your breast, crossed over and back up the other side to your chin again. Slowly, I traced the same path with my lips, undoing Sex hikayeleri the next button only when my kisses and nibbles had passed back up to your lips.You made sounds that seemed remarkably like a pigeon cooing.“You are my cooing dove,” I said chuckling, to which you gave me a small slap.I repeated this sensuous process, undoing each button in turn. By the time I reached your belly button I was bending through some odd angles, but your gasp of pleasure when I nibbled the edge of your naval was worth it. By now, your breasts were fully exposed, and each time I kissed my way up to your chin, I worked my way closer and closer to your nipple.“That is more than undressing,” you said. “But don’t stop!”Undoing the last of your buttons, I pushed the blouse back over your shoulder and it fell to the floor. Your naked breasts looked simply wonderful, so I decided that before I continued undressing your further, I would explore their sensual delights.“I love your pretty, hard nipples,” I said, drawing one into my mouth, eliciting a gasp of delight.“Me too,” you said in that cooing voice. “Especially in your mouth.”I must say, you looked incredibly sexy, sitting on my lap, naked from the waist up, your jeans still tightly fastened and your lace-up boots completing the picture.Breaking off from the one pretty nipple, I kissed you up and down, between your breasts, moving just a tiny bit closer to each breast in widening circles. But, knowing how sensitive your nipples are, I worked my way around them again, circling each breast in turn, going right to the edge of your little brown areolae. You shivered, and I knew that you were enjoying the subtle changes in sensation that my kiss evoked.“I can see you passed your undressing exam,” you said, jokingly.“With distinction,” I smiled. “On Sikiş hikayeleri the dean’s list.”While I kissed around your breasts, one hand slowly moved up the inside of your left thigh. As it neared your crotch, I could feel the warmth that my kissing and caressing (and perhaps your earlier planning of this seduction) had generated, you were soaking through your jeans. You moaned a little as my fingers explored, moving along the seam of your jeans. But it was too soon yet to allow the softer sensations of gentle teasing to give way to the more intense feelings of direct stimulation of your pussy lips and clit, and I could not do that with your jeans still on anyway.Reaching down to your boots, I slowly started undoing the laces.“I love how sexy you look in those boots,” I said. “Remember when I fucked you against the wall while you were wearing them.”“Yes, my love,” you moaned. “That memory always makes me wet.”“Yes, another fantasy when I am traveling,” I said.“Do you touch yourself then?” you asked.“Yes, I cum thinking about how it felt to cum inside you,” I replied.“That’s hot, now go back to work,” you said with a wink.“Wait, what about you?” I asked. “Do you masturbate to that fantasy too?”“Yes, I did yesterday,” you replied. “Now seriously, back to work.”As each lace was pulled out of its eyelets, I stopped to tease the inside of your leg with my palm. I love the way you whimpered and moaned, it still excites me when I remember, as I am remembering now. It was so tantalizing, removing your boots like that, and teasing your body into an enhanced state of arousal.“You are making me wet,” you said.“Don’t lie,” I said. “You were already wet when you came to ask me to undress you.”“Ah, you know my body well,” you replied. “And I am glad you do, you put that knowledge to good Erotik hikaye use.”My thoughts, the memories; they have made me so aroused as I am writing this that I am having difficulty typing this story. But I will continue because I know that when you read this, you will also feel those special feelings that we both love so much.You are feeling them now, right, as you read this? Warm, tingly, starting to ache, wetness in your panties. I know you are because I know we both love these sensations. It’s OK if you want to slip your hand into your panties while you read. But I digress…When your left boot was off, I allowed my lips to taste your left nipple. Slowly, I drew it into my mouth, enjoying the sensation, and the secure knowledge that I was the shivers, which passed over you, were shivers of pleasure at my kiss. I lingered there for a while, before removing the right boot and shifting my concentration and kisses to your right breast. Your nipple was so taught, even the areola had hardened, and the little bumps that send me wild stood out as my tongue flicked over them.“Oh, I love you,” you moaned.“And I you, my cooing dove,” I said between nibbles.I looked you in the eye, your arousal so wonderfully shown in your pretty dark eyes. Slowly I began to unfasten your jeans, all the while keeping your eyes locked on mine. I undid your belt, then I ran my right hand up the inside of your thigh, I could feel the heat as I neared your crotch, and you involuntarily moved towards my hand, but I lifted it away as soon as it could feel your warmth. I pulled your zipper down, tugging slightly at the bottom of its travel; you kissed me with a most passionate kiss and arched your back to press against my hand.At that stage, you had to stand up, and I pulled your jeans to the floor. Kneeling down in front of you, I kissed and licked my way up your left leg right to the edge of your soaking wet panties. It was hard to resist going straight for your clitoris, but I kissed my way along the edge of your panties, up over the top edge, and down the other side.

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