Pleasure in Denial Ch. 05


A continuing story of lesbian seduction, awakening, control, and intense edging. In this chapter, Julia and Felicity communicate on a deeper level.


I said nothing and we lay quietly. After a while Felicity rolled onto her back, looked up at the ceiling and explained: “I’ve fantasised about that so many times Julia.”

“About what?”

“About sucking on a woman’s breast.”

“Tell me more.”

“I don’t have to. That’s it. My wildest dream just came true.”

“I still want to hear it.”

“It’s a recurring fantasy of mine, that a gorgeous woman, much older than me, forces me to suck on her nipple and at the same time she masturbates me to an incredible orgasm. Occasionally the woman has been my mother, sometimes a complete stranger, and other times, an imaginary woman who’s … who’s … my mother’s sister.” she explained, ending with a shivering exhale.

“Your Auntie?”

“Yes Julia, my Auntie … “

“Did I force myself on you?”

“In a way yes. You’ve tricked me, coerced me, and taken advantage of my vulnerability. So yes, actually.”

“Well I’m sorry if it seems that way.”

“No need to apologise, Julia. I’m, erm, loving it!”

Laughing, I climbed on top of her and brushed my breasts across hers, making her squeal. She lifted her knee slightly and instinctively I straddled her upper thigh.

“Julia! You’re always so fricking horny! You’re making my leg wet; do I really have this effect on you?”

“In many ways, yes,” I replied, leaving the way open for a fuller explanation, almost without realising I’d started to rock my pelvis so my lubricated, parted labia brushed against Felicity’s soft smooth thigh.

Felicity looked slightly puzzled. “Can I ask you … did you … did you masturbate after I fell asleep earlier?”

I stroked her nose with a fingertip then brushed it over her mouth. “That’s a very personal question! But since you asked, actually no.”

“No? Really? Wow, you were so turned on, and I felt guilty about, like, erm, not helping out. Why didn’t you masturbate? I wouldn’t have known, and if I had I’d be very OK about that. Maybe I don’t excite you as much as I think I do.”

“Listen Flix, you turn me on more than you can possibly know. But, how can I put it … I love to get turned on and then to not have an orgasm. I actually like feeling horny and aroused all the time and not ‘finished’. I adore the feelings of constant arousal, self-control, holding on, simmering close to the edge of orgasm and then, denying myself what I know I want more than anything. Do you find that weird?”

Felicity was smiling, and she started to move her leg in tune with my semi-conscious rhythm. “Julia, no, that doesn’t seem weird to me at all. I think I can understand that. In fact, sometimes I like to spin out my orgasms a bit. To go slow, soak it up, tease myself. Is that what you mean?”

“Yes, Flix, yes, but much, much more than that.”

“OK, so, if you kept humping my leg and you got close to an orgasm, what altyazılı porno would you want to happen?”

“I’d want you to keep perfectly still, and I’d hold myself above you on all-fours with my pussy almost touching you but not quite, and we’d hold onto the moment. And in that moment I’d want there to be an intense communication between us, so for example you could talk dirty to me as I focussed on the urgent, powerful feelings. I’d be struggling to supress what was aching inside me and I’m sure it would be amazing.”

Felicity lay still under me and said nothing; she seemed to be thinking. Then she whispered: “Fuck my leg, Julia,”

Another rush of arousal hit my pussy.

“Make it wet with your juices,” she continued, more confidently. “I want to feel you sliding up and down my leg. Mmmm just like that. Oooo yes, more Julia, I can feel how open and hot you are for me. Do you want me Julia?” she asked as she picked up on the mood.

“Fuck yes Flix I want all of you.”

“Do you want to feel my leg jammed into your needy pussy, Julia?”

“Damn yes I do, I want to soak your leg with my juices and I want us to bring me right … mmmm … yes … close … to … orgasm.”

“I want that too Julia, I want to feel the heat of your pussy. I want to feel your body tense up. I want to see your nipples grow big and hard and so suckable, yes do it, fuck my leg Julia!”

“Close now,” I managed to say, with a wavering voice.

“I know, I can tell. Now come on me Julia, let it go, make it happen, brush those sexy rich-bitch pussy lips on my leg just like that, yes, gently, here it comes I can feel it coming!”

Then, just as I thought she’d misunderstood the whole idea, right on cue Felicity stopped moving her leg … and lay perfectly still.

“Oh fuck yes, oh fuck yesss, oh fuck … nooooooooo” I exclaimed through gritted teeth as I lifted my hips slightly so our lower bodies were no longer in any contact. I deliberately rode another beautiful wave of denial and frustration, breathing deeply, supressing my impending orgasm, and keeping alive my intense feelings of desire for Felicity. My body shook as every muscle tightened in response to my deep and well-practiced powers of self-control. Then eventually, when I’d successfully pulled myself back from the precipice of orgasm, I opened my eyes. Felicity was looking up at me with a rather amused expression on her face, saying: “Wow Julia that was, well, different. I wasn’t expecting that. Did you really get that close to coming?”

I nodded.

“You’re amazing. When a boy my age humps my leg like that he’s squirted his load on me in about 59 seconds flat and yet you kept that up for what felt like ages, and despite you obviously being very turned on … you held it back?”


“Well, yes, I don’t think I could have done that.”

“Probably because you’ve never tried,” I suggested as I clambered off her, still shaking, and collapsed on the bed next to her, my nipples and pussy still protesting.

We lay next to each türkçe altyazılı porno other on my big bed. It’d been a very hot day, in more ways than one, and was still nicely warm well into the evening.

Felicity spoke first: “I’d like to try.”

“Try what” I asked dreamily.

“I’d like to try this edging thing. Like you do, not coming even when you really want to.”

“Let’s talk about that over dinner.”


“Oh fuck look at the time! And we’ve not eaten yet.”

“Hey, chill Julia, we can eat out. There’ll be loads of places still open,” Felicity replied.

“Yes we can, my lovely, and guess who’s paying.”

Felicity looked a little sheepish and cuddled up to me. “You’re looking after me so well Julia and I want you to know it’s much appreciated. I hope I’m not a burden.”

“Not at all,” I reassured her. “But what have we forgotten to do?”

“I don’t know. Remind me.”

“We didn’t pick up your repaired phone.”

“I guess we were too ‘busy’ ” she observed, emphasising that last word.

“Well sweetie we need to get showered and dressed if we’re going out.”

“I’ll put something nice on. There’s a few outfits you’ve not seen yet.”

“Really? Did I buy you enough clothes for 3 days, or 3 months?”

Felicity grinned. “I’ll surprise you.”

“We’ll go somewhere classy so dress appropriately. And wear knickers too!”

“Yes Miss,” she replied. Those two words sounded sweet in my ears. Was that intentional, or just a turn of phrase?

I slipped into a mid-thigh-length shimmery bronze halter-neck dress that I’d not worn before, and matching shoes. It had splits up both sides and fluttered nicely as I walked back and forth across the lounge. I felt good when I looked in the mirror, but I felt even better when I saw the reflection of Felicity standing behind me.

“Wow that’s gorgeous!” I commented. “Give me a twirl.”

She looked at herself in the mirror and slowly turned through 360 degrees. “Like it?”

‘It’ was a plum-purple dress in the ‘less is more’ category. It was a similar length to mine (I’d feared she might want to wear something shorter) but there the similarity ended because almost the whole of the front and the back consisted of not much more than a web of ‘corset’ lacing, from her neck tapering all the way down almost level with her navel. The gap at the front revealed as much of her cute boobs as would be decent in public and at the back even her shoulder-blades were enticingly visible. And all provocatively criss-crossed by narrow matching lacing.

“You look amazing and I want to show you off.”

“I like the sound of that!”


“Yes. Matching colour. Sorry the shoes don’t really go but I don’t have much to choose from. And I did my best with the lacing; I hope it looks OK.”

“You look totally stunning and I’m sure you’ll attract a lot of attention. If it gets problematic, we might have to lace you up a bit tighter.”

“I like the sound of that too.”

“Of what?”

“Oh, hd altyazılı porno nothing”

It was 9:30 in the evening before we got out onto the streets but the atmosphere was buzzing and beautiful people filled the town. As expected, Felicity & I attracted a lot of attention, partly no doubt because of how we were dressed, but there were plenty more hot females out strutting their stuff. Our age difference was probably the big draw, and the fact we were arm in arm and laughing.

By chance we passed the shop where Felicity had bought all her new clothes; I hadn’t taken a lot of notice of the signage outside before but I began to read out loud:

“Felicity whatever were you thinking when you walked in here? Look:

‘Sexy club wear, why leave anything to the imagination?’

‘Show ’em everything you’ve got’

‘Party outfits for every occasion’

‘Fun wear for the bride-to-be and her Hens’

‘Browse our special section for Podium Dancers’

‘Release your inner slut’

Felicity grinned and retorted: “Don’t you like the things I bought? You seemed very happy with what you’ve seen so far,” and she gave me a twirl as we carried on talking and walking through the busy streets towards a lovely square I know.

“I guess this makes me your slut then?” Felicity asked, half-rhetorically.

“Is that what you want? To act like and be treated like you’re my slut?”

She looked a little cagey “I’m still not sure what I really want, but I know I’ve been acting like a slut. As for the other half of the question … erm, what was it again?”

“Do you want to be treated like a slut.”

“Well, what do you want, Julia?”

“I want us to both enjoy our time together.”

“Then treat me like a slut. I’d enjoy that, and it’s all I deserve really.”

“Listen, my lovely, you deserve nothing but the best so don’t run yourself down, OK?”

Felicity hugged my arm tight against her side as the warm evening breeze played in her hair. When we rounded a corner she stopped suddenly. “Found it!”

We’d stopped outside a mobile phone repair store, but it was closed.

“Is this where you left your smartphone?”

“Yes, but look, there’s a sign in the window, but it’s in Greek!”

I opened the visual translator app on mine and pointed it at the sign. “It says: ‘Closed due to staff shortages. Open again on Friday’ ” (What it really said was ‘Closed for staff training. Open as usual tomorrow.’)

Felicity looked disappointed. “So I can’t get it back yet. Sorry but looks like I’m going to be heavily reliant on you until then.” I felt a rush as Felicity’s vulnerabilities resurfaced.

“It’s OK, you can rely on me.” I promised, knowing full well I would be putting my own needs ahead of hers. She thanked me and kissed me, bringing whoops and ribald comments from a bunch of guys across the street. So ignorant!

“Come on my lovely,” I insisted, as I pulled her along the pedestrianised side street, almost causing her to fall off her heels. “Ignore them, we’ve got a dinner date!”


I hope you enjoyed. Only another 7 chapters to go!

Please rate and comment, and ladies, do write to me if you have something worth saying and let’s start a discussion. I always reply. Kisses, J

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