Please Shave for Mother


“Please Mother … can we not do this now?”

“Get in here now, young man. The water is hot and I already have the cream lathered in my hand.”

“I’m meeting the guys in 30 minutes – you promised I could go to the movies with them tonight!”

“Then you better get yourself in here right now, hadn’t you?”

Reluctantly, I walked into my mother’s bathroom – I hated having her shave my testicles and whatever else she had decided needed shaving. I’d sneaked peeks of my buddies during gym class or at a urinal and they didn’t shave.

Mother was sitting on her bench in the large shower with the water steaming out the top. The door to the glass-enclosed shower was open and waiting for me. Her left hand contained a large dollop of scented shaving cream. She gave me the stern look when I entered wearing jeans and a t-shirt. She always wanted me to walk into the shower nude.

“If you are not in here by the time I count ten, you won’t be going to the movies tonight at all!” When I hesitated, “One – Two – …”

I quickly stripped off my shirt and pulled down my jeans. My cock, betraying my emotions, was three-quarters erect.

“Seven – Eight” and she stopped counting as I walked into the shower. The hot water washed over my body as I entered with my back to her. I knew to scrub my pubes to get them good and moist before turning off the water and turning around to face her. Mother was all smiles now that I was in the shower with her.

My mother is always neatly groomed. She wears her blonde hair short – very short when the mood strikes – with her pits and legs shaved daily. Her light-colored pubic hair is always closely cropped and today she is shaved smooth. I know this because mother is always nude in the shower when she shaves me and she often walks around the house without a stitch of clothes. When I’m out, I always have to call ahead to let her know if I’m bringing someone home with me.

“I’m glad you came to your senses before I had to ground you for tonight – though I wouldn’t mind having the company since I don’t have plans myself! Now step closer so we can get you cleaned up.”

I stepped forward one step in the shower and stopped with my feet shoulder-width apart and my hands holding the rail that traverses the shower. This stretches my arms over my head and allows mother to have easy access to all places where hair grows. Mother put her left hand, the one holding the shaving cream, against my testicles and began to apply it liberally to my sac. Her hand smoothed the cream around and I could feel her pushing it between my legs and around the rim to my asshole. I never knew exactly how much or where she would shave me but this was our Friday night ritual. By the time she was spreading the cream on the area above my cock, my cock was stiff as a rail. Her right hand gently grasped my crown and pulled my cock from my body so she could coat my skin. Lastly, she stroked my cock a few times with her left hand to apply the shaving cream to my shaft.

Mother picked up her pink razor in her right hand, always pink, and pulled my cock up taught with her left hand. Given my state of arousal, my sac felt tight as she touched the sharp razor to my skin. Mother meticulously shaved all the week-old hairs from my sac in measured strokes. That complete, she released my cock and used her left hand to pull my now smooth sac up and away from my body. The razor scraped the hairs between my sac and my asshole. She had not done this area in about a month and the dark hairs were much longer. Cleaning the razor in the bowl of hot water, I thought we were done and started to release the bar.

“Not so quick young man. I haven’t told you we were finished.” Mother stood up and walked around me in the shower while holding the razor in her right hand, the nails of her left hand raked the taught skin of my belly causing me a slight shiver. She got down on her knees and spread my ass cheeks. I felt the razor shave the hairs around my asshole and in my crack. I cringed knowing this would itch in a couple days as the hairs started to grow back. Mothers left index finger drew a line between my legs from my sac to the top of my crack as she checked the smoothness. She lingered on my rim, tracing around it once.

Mother returned to stand in front of me. I am just shy of six feet tall to her five foot-eight inch height. Her hands moved over my chest as she felt the short, soft hairs of my blossoming manhood. “Not today, but these will have to go soon.”

“Please Mother, let me keep them until college classes start in the Fall. I’ll gaziantep suriyeli escort look like a kid all Summer at the beach.”

Mother smiled wickedly then told me that it could wait until Fall if I behaved like a proper young man should behave. I knew precisely what that meant. She returned to the bench in front of me and once again picked up the pink razor. She grasped my cock by the crown and shaved up the length of my cock on all sides. I relaxed as I now thought we were through but she didn’t put the razor down, she merely rinsed it in the bowl. I saw her draw lines in the cream covering my pubic hairs on both sides of my erect cock.

“Please mother, no more shaving. I’ve got to go meet my buddies. You promised.”

“I did promise but it’s only 7:15. We still have a few minutes. I saw this look in a magazine I was reading last night and I want to see how it will look on you.”

“What magazine were you reading last night that had shaved guys in it?”

“Silly! It’s called Taboo – and I wasn’t looking at guys! Now hold still or it will all go!”

I couldn’t believe what I just heard her say. She was shaving me like a girl. I watched as the razor began to shave away the cream on both sides of my cock. She was careful but had to do some serious scraping before she was happy. When she applied the washcloth to remove the remaining cream, I only had a patch of dark pubes slightly wider than the width of my cock. I hadn’t noticed the small scissors previously but now they were in her hand. She used them to trim the remaining hairs so they were no more than a quarter of an inch long. It was a closely-cropped rectangle of hair – a landing strip! I wanted to scream but didn’t dare. It was already too late anyway!

Mother stood up, her nude body mere inches in front of mine. Her left hand gently caressed my cock as her eyes looked into mine. “Now give your mother a kiss and you can go get dressed for your buddies.” I pressed my lips to hers and I felt her warm tongue slip past my lips. Her thumb rubbed hard circles around the crown of my cock as her tongue played with mine. She released me and I broke our kiss. I knew my buddies would be here in a couple minutes and I had to hurry so I would be waiting for them.

Mother had hidden my toothbrush and the time it took me to find it allowed her to greet my three buddies at the door. She was only wearing a pair of tight shorts, like the old Dolphin style as she loves how they fit her ass, and a snug t-shirt with no bra. I should note that she is a medically-enhanced 38C and quite proud of them. As is the norm, my buddies were all gawking at my mother’s body as they stammered to answer her basic questions about what they had been up to during the summer. I sprinted down the hall and hustled them out the door before only two of them had managed erections from staring at her body.

We went to the movies and met some friends at a local coffee shop for dessert before I had to be home by my midnight curfew. They dropped me off and I walked in to find mom asleep on the couch. The television was on a dark screen so I figured she’d been watching some form of porn on dvd when she either fell asleep or passed out, noting the red wine bottle and nearly empty glass on the table. When I pulled back the light blanket so I could carry to her room, I wasn’t surprised to see her shorts pushed down below her pussy. I knew she always masturbated at least once while watching porn.

I took her in my arms and carried her down the hallway to her room. I pulled her shorts off her legs and tugged the t-shirt over her head before lying her down on the sheets. Pulling the sheet over her, I kissed her on the forehead and went down the hall to my room. Before turning off the lights and after stripping off all my clothes, I looked at my newly shaven cock in the full-length mirror at the end of my bed. I ran my fingers over the smooth skin that had recently been covered by pubes. The touch made me shiver and my cock twitch. I wasn’t sure what it meant, if anything, that Mother was shaving me more and more like her own body. I crawled into bed and turned out the light on my third Friday night of Summer vacation.

A little past nine on Saturday morning, I awoke to a pair of sensual lips wrapped around my nearly erect cock. I kept my eyes closed and enjoyed the sensation as Mother’s mouth was devouring my cock. Her lips slid up and down my smooth shaft as the teeth on her lower jaw raked the underside of my cock. She was working my seven-inch cock gaziantep türbanlı escort down her throat when I became fully awake. My cock was buried in her warm mouth with her nose pressed to my closely-cropped pubes. Her fingernails were raking the skin on either side of my pubes – the newly shaved area – and causing goose bumps to cover my body. The feeling was new and stimulating. When I started to thrust my hips into her face, Mother started to ride my cock with her mouth to match my rhythm. Finally my cum, built up from her touch in the shower the night before, spurted thick gobs into her mouth. I fucked up and down as the cum continued to spurt from me and Mother drank it all down. Mother loves to drink cum. When she had me milked dry, she rolled off the bed and told me breakfast would be ready in twenty minutes, as if she had just knocked on my door to awaken me. Such was a typical Saturday morning.

Before crawling out of bed, I reflected back on the past six months since my 18th birthday. My father had left us when I was a young boy and my mother has raised me as a single parent ever since. She was always a beautiful women and I became aware of this fact in my early teens when my friends started telling me about my ‘hot mom’. She was barely 21 when I was born so she’s not yet 40 as I lay here this morning. Through my teens, I was aware of my mother dating both men and women and even being serious with a few but none of them ever worked out for her. A couple years ago, mom was dating a plastic surgeon and she convinced him to give her bigger breasts. Now that I have seen them for myself, I agree that her 38C tits look great!

The morning of my 18th birthday, my Mother called me into her bathroom telling me she needed some help. I walked in casually and found her facing the mirror wearing just a light pink thong bikini. Her perfectly shaped ass cheeks split only by a string that disappeared into her crack made my cock twitch. Then I looked in the mirror and saw those 38C tits staring back at me. Her nipples were hard and sitting on light brown aureolas that were perfectly centered on her upturned tits.

As I stared, with my cock getting harder and harder, mother smiled at me and said “We are both adults now and I don’t think I need to ‘hide’ myself from you anymore. I just ask that you call me when you are out and let me know you are coming home with friends – we wouldn’t want to embarrass any of your friends, would we?”

I shook my head no and managed to croak out that I would call while still staring at her nearly nude, perfectly shaped body. “Why don’t you get your breakfast and let your Mother get dressed for work.” I stumbled down the hallway to the kitchen.

Mother had given me permission to go out with my friends to celebrate but made me promise I’d be home by ten to celebrate with her. I jiggled the key just before ten and called out mom’s name. “Are you alone, honey?”

“Yes mom, you told me to call if I brought someone home with me.” I walked towards the sound of her voice – her bedroom. She was standing in the doorway with a dim light shining behind her. She was wearing only a sheer white robe that was loosely fastened at the waist and four-inch heels. I could see the outline of her body and her breasts spilling out of her robe.

“Did you have fun tonight? Come in and tell Mother about your day and night to celebrate your manhood.” Mother turned around and lay down on the bed on her side. She patted for me to join her on the bed. We had done this many times previously, but never in this context and I definitely felt tense. As I started to tell her about my day at school, I watched as her hands lightly played with her breasts. She would teasingly touch her nipples through the sheerest of fabric and I could see them swell. By the time I started telling her about hanging out after school, Mother had parted her thighs and moved the robe casually so I could see her closely shaved pussy. As I moved into the evening, Mother’s hand reached over and began to rub my thigh. I hesitated in the telling of my story, but her hand didn’t stop moving. “It sounds like you had a great day with your friends today and now I’d like to give you something from me. I hope it’s something new!”

Mother rolled over on her belly and unfastened my belt. She pulled down my zipper and pulled open my fly. “Be a good son and lift your hips for Mother.” I pushed down on my hands and Mother pulled my pants and shorts down to my thighs. My cock was fully erect with my gaziantep ücreti elden alan escort pre-cum covering the head. “Mmmm, it looks like you find your Mother sexy when she gets undressed for you.”

“I’ve been like this all day. Ever since I saw you this morning, my cock has been so hard. It’s been driving me crazy – that’s why I was home on time tonight even though it’s kind of early!” Her fingers were teasing my cock as I spoke to her. She brought her lips to my cock for the first time – the first time anyone had done this. Mother’s lips wrapped around my cock and slowly slid down my length. I rolled my head backwards as I felt her on my skin. Mother’s mouth was sliding up and down my cock and she quickly had me squirming on her bed. With her lips firmly wrapped around my cock, I squirted my cum into her mouth. She held her lips in place and sucked on my cock. I squirted again and collapsed on the bed.

When she had finished swallowing my cum, Mother crawled up the bed and lay beside me. “So tell me honey, do you like being an adult with Mother?” Her leg was wrapped around my thigh and I could feel her humping her sex on my leg.

“Yes Mother – that was fantastic!” I pushed her robe back and touched her breast. It was nice and firm and the nipple was rock-hard.

“That feels very good, honey. We can do this often but I will ask a few things of you. If you agree, I’ll be happy to continue being ‘adult’ with you. But if you don’t agree, we can go back to the way things were yesterday.” Her pussy was leaking juices all over my thigh as she continued to hump my leg. Mother pulled my lips to her exposed nipple and I suckled like I did long ago. I sucked and pulled on her nipple for what seemed like hours. I released her nipple when I heard Mother moaning. Her pussy, grinding into my thigh, shook and her body orgasmed. “Oh honey, you made Mother cum all over you. That felt so great!”

“Why don’t you take off your shirt and you can sleep with Mother tonight. I want to feel your body against mine all night long.” I pulled off my shirt and she stripped off her robe and our naked bodies lay together until we both fell asleep.

I awoke in the morning and Mother was in the shower. I walked into her bathroom and asked, “Do you need some help in there?” My cock was already hard. Mother opened the door and I walked into the steaming water. Mother put her arms around my neck and pulled me to her. My cock pressed into her tight belly. Mother put her lips to mine and her tongue pushed past my lips. I had kissed a few girls on dates, but it didn’t feel anything like this!

Her hand moved down to my cock and Mother began to slowly stroke my cock. “We need to talk about a couple items, honey.” I just stared at her as I felt her hand slowly slide up and down my cock in the steaming water. “First, you can not tell anyone about what we do, agreed?” I nodded and smiled. “Second, you are still my son and I expect you to treat me with the same respect you always have. Part of that is doing what I ask, when I ask. Do you agree?”

It was damned near impossible for me to think while Mother stroked my cock. “Yes Mother, anything you ask but please don’t stop what you are doing.” Mother smiled at me, or was it my answer?

“The first thing honey is that I want your body to be kept neat. You already shave your face and I want that to continue. I was noticing last night that that is not true with your body. That will be up to me, understand?” I knew what she was saying but I’m not sure I understood at the time like I do now.

Mother rubbed body wash on my balls and brought it to a lather. “Now hold still honey or I might nick you,” and Mother produced a pink razor. She ran it over my left ball and I flinched when she did. Mother smiled but continued. My pubes had been coming in for the last couple years and my sac was covered in hair. In moments, they were shaved smooth. Mother ran her hands over the sac and smiled at the feeling. She let water run over my body to wash away the soap. With that complete, Mother dropped to her knees and took my sac into her mouth. I could feel her tongue licking my smooth skin as her hand continued to stroke my cock. When she would reach the crown, she would rub her thumb over my peehole causing me to shudder each time. I felt her suck my left ball into her mouth. When this happened, my cock spurted cum up in the air. Mother stroked me harder and I came again. My cum landing on her cheek. Mother stood up and used her finger to remove the cum from her cheek. She licked her finger clean. “That’s enough shaving for today. I like the look, don’t you?”

I looked down and rubbed my smooth balls. It felt pretty neat and I told Mother so.

That was just the start and six months later, here I am lying in bed with shaved balls and cock and a closely-cropped strip of pubes. Of course, my Mother had just sucked me dry before breakfast but I wondered what was next. Or better yet, tried not to think about it!

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