Playing Dress Up

Female Ejaculation

I wonder what the surprise could be? He thought to himself as he climbed up the stairs. His girlfriend Sara had sounded peculiar on the phone – apprehensive almost, when she had called him earlier. She had mentioned that she had been out shopping and had a special surprise waiting for him at home.

It had been almost six months since she had discovered his panty fetish by practically catching him in the act with a pair of her unmentionables. Rather than be angry, Sara had embraced it wholeheartedly which lead to a rather fun afternoon he recalled fondly.

Since that fateful day they had both been exploring his kink further which had resulted in some wonderfully naughty days out. Sticking to her previous stipulations, Sara had forced him to first wear her panties out in public for a whole day before she would let him – or her, use them for pleasure.

There was something so delightfully naughty and taboo about wearing girly panties out in public. At first it was impossible not to get a boner when he was out wearing them. He would desperately try to hide his erection with baggy tops or a jacket and the more he concentrated on the delicate soft fabric hugging his privates the harder he would get. Sara didn’t help much either of course. She would relentlessly tease him, often by subtly tracing the edge of the panties through his jeans with her fingers or by snapping the waistband loud enough that it would turn a few nearby heads.

After the third or so time out wearing her underwear he had managed to get some control over the erotic aspect and actually almost found himself enjoying them purely from a comfort standpoint. They were so much prettier and softer than conventional male underwear that he had worn all his life. Quickly they discovered together that his preference was for panties that exuded femininity. Sara had a few pairs that were somewhat sporty, with bright, fun colors and patterns. These pairs they found did absolutely nothing for him.

Sara also possessed several pairs that were fairly unassuming in block pastel colors – whites, blues or blacks were his favorite; cotton or spandex or a blend of both, with delicate lace stitching in repeating floral patterns. There were also skimpy pairs that contained barely enough material to cover his manhood, pairs that when worn by Sara seemed to blend seamlessly with her body, but always managed to retain her scent perfectly. These were the panties that he craved, the panties that had been drenched in his cum time and time again.

He had become lost in his own thoughts daydreaming about past rendezvous and had ascended the stairs to now find himself at their bedroom door. Eager to make another fun memory, he clasped the handle and went in.

Sara was waiting for him on the bed. She was sprawled out on top of the covers and she was wearing lingerie.

He took a second to drink it all in. At 26 years old Sara was just a few months older than he was. She was a traditionally pretty woman with mousey brown hair that curled slightly as it sat just below her shoulders and big hazel eyes to match. She was wearing a white corset that added at least a cup size to her already perky breasts and tightly hugged against her athletic figure. She smiled sweetly as he entered.

He felt his cock instantly start to swell as he stood examining the fine detail on the corset. The bust was adorned with a gentle scalloped edge of lace. Two strips of boning ran in parallel down the front of the corset, with the nylon mesh stretched tight between them. Again he noted the floral repeating pattern of lace detailing in the shape of an inverted diamond that extended up from the bottom of the corset. Her skimpy white panties were styled with the same lace design, which created a perfect unbroken pattern across her body. To complete the look Sara had worn matching white stockings that were fastened to the corset with garters.

Sara was quite the picture of innocence, wrapped up in skin tight white lingerie. Although his thoughts and desires were anything other than in innocent at that moment.

“Wow. You look incredible.” he said, eagerly taking a step towards the bed. “I had been wondering what my surprise was.”

“Well this is one half of the surprise.” Sara replied with a sly smile before reaching behind her and retrieving a bag.

Sara delicately pulled out a lacy black garment from the bag. It was a skimpy combination of embroiled lace and sheer mesh, held together with velvety straps. He recognized it now as a teddy or bodysuit, Sara owning something similar already but in red and not nearly as sexy as this.

She sat on the edge of the bed and held it up out in front of her.

“What Anadolu Yakası Escort do you think?” She asked nervously.

He thought that he was very lucky. Already impressed with what she had on right now he was nevertheless now picturing her in this new teddy and that was causing his already hard cock to throb even more.

“I think it’s pretty sexy.” he answered truthfully, “but I’m already very much enticed by what you’re currently wearing.” he said running a hand up her stockinged leg, savouring the texture as it played out beneath his fingers.

“Well… I actually did get it for me.” she said in almost a whisper. She flashed him a wicked smile as she extended out the teddy until the soft fabric was pressed up against his top.

His heartbeat kick up a notch as he swallowed hard with the realization of what she was suggesting. The absolute decadence of it. Panties were one thing, but was this too much? He thought to himself.

“That tiny thing would never fit me.” he said half jokingly, taking a step back from temptation as he grappled for another excuse.

“I was sure to get your size sweetie.” Sara countered immediately as she rose up off the bed to pursue him.

She drew close to him and rubbed the material over his exposed arm.

“You always love it when I dress up sexy for you.” she purred away in his ear. “Why don’t you dress up sexy for me?” she punctuated her question with a gentle kiss and nibble of his ear, making him quiver.

She laughed playfully before spinning around and carefully laying the lingerie on the bed.

“Haven’t you ever wondered how good it feels, being encased completely in silk and lace.” she said turning to face him once more. “It grips you so tight and you can feel every inch of your body” she said, running her hands over her crotch and up across her tummy before grabbing her tits and squeezing them with both hands.

“It is so much better than just panties, I promise” she teased him.

He stood rooted to spot, his head a jumble of thoughts that swam over him. The soft lighting and his own gentle swaying added to the dream like quality as he watched Sara continue to trace her own hands seductively over her gorgeous figure.

What did he actually want? Truthfully he had in the past sometimes wondered what lingerie must feel like to wear. There was always a moment of temptation when he was at his horniest. He would sometimes catch himself staring at Sara’s long slender legs dressed in sheer black stockings and wonder what they would feel like on his own legs, perhaps with a pretty frilly pair of her panties to match.

He shook the thoughts away. No, this was too far he decided. Women’s underwear was somewhat of a mainstream perversion but ladies lingerie was basically cross-dressing. And yet… Why was he so undeniably excited by the idea?

Sensing his reluctance Sara stopped her self gratification and took his hand gently. “You don’t have to darling, I just thought it would be something fun to try.” she trailed off.

At last his fears found words.

“You’re not going to think I’m…. less of a man?” he asked avoiding her gaze.

“Oh sweetie is that what you’re worried about?” she asked somewhat relieved. “Only a man could fuck me like you do wearing my own panties.” She smiled wickedly. “I don’t think you have anything to worry about.” she said reassuringly. “We both enjoy this and find it hot right?”

He nodded in agreement.

“We both like it when I take control every now and then right?” she asked playfully pinning his hands behind his back.

Again he nodded.

“Well I’m taking control now right now and I want to dress you up like a cheap whore in pretty lingerie and have you fuck me senseless.”

The command removed any doubt that may have been lingering in his mind. His cock practically twitched as he’d heard her authoritative desires spoken out loud and there was something so enticing at the idea of being her cheap whore for the evening.

“Well I guess I better do as I’m told.” he said grinning.

“That’s more like it you naughty panty slut.” she whispered unbuttoning his shirt. She left a trail of kisses down his chest with each working of a button. Before long she was on her knees unbuckling his belt.

He had been standing proud with a raging erection since he had walked in and discovered her all dressed up. As his pants slid free down his legs, his cock sprung up to its full length, no longer constrained. Sara nuzzle at it through his boxers, adding to the damp spot already present.

“Let’s get rid of these.” she said biting at the waistband, tugging them free from his hips with her teeth before opening her mouth and taking him inside. It felt incredible, he was already so aroused and her tongue swirling around his tip was making his knees shake.

She crouched down and stretched the opening of the bodysuit so it was easier for him to step into.

“Just like a big pair of panties.” she said grinning up at him before adding “Now step in you sissy slut.”

He did as he was told, first the leg and then the right before Sara slowly stood, dragging the teddy up his body as she went.

It was a very tight fit. He was beginning to doubt her claim that she knew his size but he was soon distracted as he felt the sheer mesh fabric pressing in all over his body. He gazed down and saw his cock pressed up hard against the lace netting of the crotch. His precum glistened in the light as it clung to to threads like water drops on a spiders web.

It was so incredibly sensual. He felt the fabric pinching in at his sides, supporting him, gripping him everywhere, unrelentingly. He ran a hand up from under his groin, up his stomach and over his chest, feeling the different materials that now rubbed against his skin.

The edge of the teddy was an inch wide band of delicate floral lace embroidery that ran from the widest point at the front of the bodysuit by his crotch, up along his hips ending at the open back. He was suddenly very aware of how much of his body wasn’t covered and how the chill of nakedness contrasted with the parts that were.

Across the front of the bodysuit, all the way up to boning in the bust was the sheer nylon mesh netting that conformed perfectly to his body. He could feel his abs through the silky soft material as he traced his hands over. He was also somewhat proud to see that his pectoral muscles were big enough to fill out the cups of the bust completely and noted the fabric stretched taught across his chest.

Sara bit her lower lip softly as she studied him.

“I think it’s missing something.” she said standing up and walking over to the dresser. When she turned back he saw that she was holding a pair of her black nylon stockings.

“Sit down.” she commanded to him, nodding towards the bed.

He did as he told, taking note of how the teddy shifted on his body as he moved across the room.

Sara dropped to her knees before him and started gathering up one of the stockings with her thumbs, working the material into a narrow cuff.

“Put your leg up.” she said.

He raised his right leg up off the floor. Sara carefully threaded the stocking over his bare foot before then slowly unfurling it up the length of his leg, alternating her movements up and down as the nylon spooled out from her hand. The stocking was a thigh high hold up he noted. Sara gently rolled out the hem that stopped mid way up his thigh and he felt the silicone bands gripping him tightly, preventing the stocking from slipping down.

Sara did the same with the other leg, first bunching up the fabric in her hands before zig zagging her way up his left leg. The majority of his body was now wrapped in a cool, delicate nylon and lace embrace. He rubbed his legs together, feeling the silky smooth material slip and glide.

“You look like such a little sexy slut.” Sara remarked with a wicked smile “Look how hard your cock is, you clearly love being dressed up in women’s lingerie.”

It was true. He could feel his cock throbbing as it strained against the bodysuit. His heart was thudding away with excitement as he thought about how undeniably sexy he felt clasped in the most feminine of undergarments. There was something so exotic and taboo about the experience that just served to heighten his arousal.

He stood and pulled her close, kissing her roughly while rubbing his hands over her covered body. He pressed himself into her, marvelling at how wonderfully sexy they both looked cloaked in skin tight lingerie. He felt their outfits collide in the embrace causing him to quiver with the sensations rippling across his skin.

Sara suddenly broke free from his embrace and stepped backwards placing her hands on the waistband of her panties before slowly pulling them down her legs. He saw now that she had worn the panties on over the garters, clearly wanting to give him easy access without disturbing the rest of her lingerie.

Still holding her panties she transitioned behind him and pressed her body tight into his back while kissing his neck tenderly. As she did this she bought her hands round in front of him and started rubbing her panties against the crotch of his teddy.

He grunted when he saw the slick wet spot on the gusset as she teased him with the skimpy briefs. He wanted to feel them on his body and he writhed with desire.

Sensing his need Sara used her free hand to tug his member free from his bodysuit, letting it escape out of the side of a leg hole. She then bought the panties up to his face.

“She how Fucking wet you make me?” she crooned before shoving the panties into his nose. “Do you like how my pussy smells panty boy?” she asked in a sultry whisper.

He breathed in deeply, inhaling her scent that made his body thrum with excitement. Sara didn’t linger and instead moved her hand down to his dick before wrapping it tightly with her underwear and starting to stroke him off.

As he was enjoying the feeling of the skimpy material dragging up and down his shaft he reached back with his own hand and found her swollen mound, gently probing with his index finger. True to her word she really was dripping wet and his finger swirled around her clit effortlessly.

He shuddered with pleasure as he felt her pace increase to match his rotations. He lightly applied more pressure and felt Sara respond with a quiver of her own satisfaction.

“How does it feel to be dressed up as a sissy slut fucking my panties?” she breathed in his ear. He moaned at hearing her dirty talk as she continued to stroke him with her briefs. “If you want the real thing then you have to earn it.” she said breathlessly.

“How?” he protested.

She separated from him and laid on the bed, spreading her legs wide and giving him a wonderful view of her cunt that was glistening wet in the soft light.

“Lick me out until I cum.” she said with a sigh.

He didn’t need any further instruction and dropped to his knees before the edge of the bed and took hold of her thighs, his fingertips finding the delicate touch of the hem on her stockings.

He nuzzled at her slit and took one long lick from bottom to top, savouring how delicious her flowing juices were. Then he went in with his tongue, flicking it across the top of her clit. Sara squirmed with ecstasy as he worked the tip back and forth rapidly over the swollen gland. He could feel her orgasm building and so he switched to swirling his tongue around her clit, pressing lightly each time it passed over the bulbous portion. Sara bucked her hips and thrust up to meet him as he sped up his movements.

Sara moaned with delight as her orgasm took hold. He kept up the tongue swirling and lapped her up as he felt her shudder with each wave. As the orgasm finally subsided she looked past her legs at him and smiled.

“That was pretty good. I guess you deserve a reward after all.” she giggled.

Not needing an invitation and hungry for his own released he jumped up and crawled onto the bed between her legs. Sara gasped as he slid his full length into her. She felt amazing, her pussy was so tight and wet after her recent release.

The main sensation he became aware of was the feel of his body pressed up against hers, both still wrapped in the delicate luxury of lingerie. His hands found her legs and he dug his nails in as he dragged them up the stockings.

Shifting to his knees he grasped her hips and pulled her tight into him, resting her legs on his shoulders. Now his hands ran up the corset and found her tits, barely contained in the material. He squeezed hard as he thrust deeply and they both moaned with pleasure. He realized now that she had grasped the hem of his teddy with one hand and was squeezing his butt through the lace material with the other.

On and on it went. A wonderful blur and collision of nylon and lace as their bodies slid against one another. He could feel her warm grip on him tighten as she grew close to her second orgasm of the night. He breathed deeply trying to delay his own release so that he could synchronize with Sara.

“Trying not to cum panty boy?” she teased between moans.

“I want you to cum with me you sexy little slut. Fill my pussy with your cum.” she trailed off as her orgasm came in waves. A second or two later he finally released too, feeling the rhythmic pulsating against his cock as he emptied deep inside her. As the pleasure subsided he collapsed on top of her, breathing hard. He remained inside her enjoying the intimacy and sensation of being pressed in tight against her gorgeous body.

“So you like lingerie as well as panties huh?” Sara mused in her post orgasm haze.

“I guess so.” he mumbled back in his own post-sex stupor.

Sara tussled his hair gently as he rolled off of her before embracing.

“Well if you’re going to fuck me like that I think I’ll dress you up as a sissy slut more often.” she giggled before kissing him fiercely, biting his lip as she pulled away.

“Let’s take you shopping tomorrow.” she said as if having suddenly decided.

He raised an eyebrow wondering just what else she could have in store for him…

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