Pimping Zoe: Part 7


Pimping Zoe: Part 7I awoke the next morning, something felt wrong when I rolled over I realized my bed was empty. It made me recall the last five days and what an incredible change they had been in my life. I missed Zoe, I knew she was locked in the cage in the living room. She had not followed my instructions and therefore I had to punish her, I locked her in the cage I had bought from Tiffany on Saturday. She is strapped inside it locked to the sides and held in place with ties and shackles. Just thinking about her out there made my dick grow hard. Rolling out of bed my thoughts followed the events of the last five days, I bought Zoe at a charity auction, she told me she would do anything for me for one week. She showed me what anything meant the first night when she made me a drink and brought it to me butt ass naked and then proceeded to suck my cock so good I thought I was in heaven. She then showed me what anything meant by fucking my buddy Manny to whom I owed a debt as he went to jail for me when we were younger. The next day she was cleaning the house butt ass naked with the windows open which upset my neighbor Fred’s wife to the degree she called the cops on Zoe. When the cops came over to check it out I told her to suck the cops cock and make him happy till I got there, she did. Fred came over told me about how he couldn’t believe how hot Zoe was and how he wished he could have a girl like that. In a flash of brilliance I told him for $5,000.00 he could have Zoe for an hour to do anything he wanted to do to her. He got the money and spent a glorious hour with her. Not once did she complain, leave or so anything other than what I told her to do, except last night when I told her not to cum without permission. Of course she was getting double penetrated by me and Manny at the time, Manny had needed to taste my as he put it “Fine white bitch again” I got another $5,000.00 for that. Also Zoe and I had some fun with the Escort Yeşilköy sales girl Tiffany from the sex store, another submissive slut that wanted nothing more than to do what I wanted. As I dressed for the day I thought what could I do with or to Zoe today. I walked out into the living room Zoe was asleep, it must have been a long night being tied like that in one position all night. She was going to be sore when I let her out, until then I could enjoy the view. Tiffany was right this cage was amazing Zoe’s ass was right up against the bars I could easily reach in and finger and or fuck both her cunt and ass while she was locked inside. I went to the kitchen and started making some coffee when the door bell rang. I went and answered it Zoe didn’t move she must be exhausted. Opening the door, “Hey Fred, what can I do ya for?” I asked my neighbor. “We need to talk, may I come in please?” Fred asked. “Sure Fred come on in I got a pot of coffee brewing right now.” We walked into the kitchen and that’s when Fred saw Zoe, caged and restrained. “Holy Shit man!!” Fred exclaimed, “Why is Zoe all trussed up in that thing?” he asked. Pouring the coffee for him, “Oh she disobeyed me last night that is her punishment. She’s been in there all night.” I said to him handing the cup over. Fred looked at Zoe, again I could see the longing in his glance, bringing him back to the matter at hand, “So what did you want to talk about Fred?” “Oh shit I got distracted, I don’t know how you do it man if she was in my house, the place would have to be on fire for me to stop doing her.” he said as I am sure he recalled his hour with her the other night. “Anyway I have a business proposition for you, which in fact involves Zoe. Should we wake her up and ask if she is interested?” he asked me. “Nawww let her sleep besides she will do whatever I ask her to do till Friday. So what’s this proposition that has you over Yeşilyurt escort here on a Wednesday morning? I replied. “Till Friday you lucky sonovabitch!! Anyway I told some of my co-workers about the other night and how utterly amazing it was, well some of the guys got to talking about how their wives were like mine and how they would kill for a chance to be with Zoe.” he said. Now I remember that Fred is a fair affluent member of his company and if he is talking to the guys it would be his peers men of stature and influence as well, including large wallets. “Go on..” I said leading the conversation along. “Well it seems so crazy to ask this, but here goes, what would it cost for eight guys to have a party with Zoe, anything goes kind of deal like I had?” Fred asked. “How long of a party?” I asked not even blinking. Fred looked at me with that are you serious look, “Three hours seems like it would be enough and we could easily pass that off to the wives as a late business meeting.” Mulling the details over in my head I looked like I was mentally doing math, as I mumbled, “Eight guys, three hours, anything goes $100,000 dollars with the guarantee that everyone will be satisfied and that Zoe will not say a word about this little shin-dig to a soul afterwards.” I finished. Fred looked at me aghast at the amount, then he must have been doing some rough calculations in his head regarding what he paid, because he said, “Let me get back to you and when can we do this?” Fred asked. Tomorrow night is Thursday so it would have to be tomorrow.” I said succinctly. Fred nodded finished his coffee and said, “I will call you later with an answer.” he closed my door behind him as he left. I walked over to the cage Zoe was still out, but I decided to wake her up my way. Getting behind the cage I started rubbing Zoe’s pussy through the bars, her legs were spread and she was easy to access. I slowing rubbed Zeytinburnu escort bayan my hand up and down her thighs. she groaned in her sleep as my fingers tantalized her skin. I slid a finger slowly into her cunt feeling it begin to moisten already as well as the muscles contracting on my finger squeezing it as I pumped it in and out of her wet pussy. I add another finger to her pussy as I start pumping my fingers into her wet pussy, her body starts to respond to my ministrations as I keep finger fucking her pussy. She still seems to be asleep but her body is responding to the stimulation of my fingers. I look at her body as she lays there she is breathing heavy and her nipples are hard. I think it’s time she woke up for sure if she wasn’t already. Taking my pants off I get behind her in the cage and almost like a glory hole I place my hard cock at her wet pussy entrance feeding it into her hole slowly filling her with my hot cock. Zoe groans loudly when I get as deep as I can when I hit the cage wall. It’s kind of stimulating for me as well not only because her pussy is milking my cock that is buried inside her soaking pussy but the cold bars of the cage. Pulling all the way back, I slam my cock back inside Zoe’s pussy hard!!! “AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Zoe screamed feeling my cock inside her. “Yes Master fuck me please sir.” She said as I pounded her pussy through the bars. “Oh Master you feel so good I waited for you to come get me but you aahhhh didn’t” She said moaning as I fucked her gripping cunt. I didn’t reply there was nothing to say she disobeyed me and she got punished for it. I thought this somewhere in the back of my mind as I continued to slide my cock in and out of her juicing pussy. She was truly soaked now and bouncing inside of the cage as best she could to meet my thrusts. She kept moaning and groaning as I filled her pussy over and over. “MASTER PLEASE LET ME CUM YOUR COCK FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD I NEED YOU TO LET ME CUM MASTER PLEASE PLEASE!!!” She begged. “Will you be my slave Zoe? Do whatever whenever I want you to?” I asked her evilly as I pulled my cock out and held the head just inside her wet pussy. “OH MASTER DON’T STOP PLEASE KEEP FUCKING ME!!!” she continued to beg. “Answer me Zoe.” I replied simply.

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