Photos Of My Daughter.


When Graham’s daughter, Vicky, came to him that saturday afternoon, and asked him for his permission to do some glamour modelling, little did he know just what he was letting himself in for.

Vicky was only eighteen, and didn’t need parental consent to have photos taken of her, but her mother having left them a few years back had made her close to her father. Graham had also grown close to Vicky since her mother had walked out, and she could twist him around her little finger. All it took was a flicker of her eyelashes, or a sexy pout from her lips, and he would agree to anything.

Vicky, while being only eighteen, had a great figure. Her boobs were a healthy 35c, and she had a firm ass, long legs, and a good all over tan, thanks to their secluded pool. Along with her pretty face and long brown hair, she was the ideal specimen. At 5ft 8ins tall she would have made a great catwalk model, but Vicky didn’t want to spend her life walking up and down catwalks in hidious creations from one cooky designer to the next.

When his daughter had first asked him, Graham assumed it was for ‘figure work’, but as he read the consent release forms, he realised it was for lingerie modelling, he asked Vicky if she was sure she wanted to do this, she flicked her eyelashes at him, and he duly signed the form. The only stipulation he made, was that he would drive her to the studio, and he wanted to meet the photographer, just to make sure he was above board. Vicky agreed, meaning she wouldn’t have to mess around with a bus, and it was arranged that she book the shoot for the following wednesday afternoon. Graham being lucky enough to work from home could pick and choose the hours he worked.

The studio was an hour away, on the outskirts of London, and after finding a parking space, they made their wat into the plush studio. Graham was impressed, he had expected it to be some seedy hovel, but it was very elegant. Vicky introduced them to the receptionist, and were shown into a waiting room. While they waited, Graham decided to have look through the agency book, left on the coffee table, the receptionist brought in their coffee’s and told Vicky that Don, the photographer, was just finishing up with another model, and would be with them shortly.

As Graham leafed through the book, he noticed that while the first dozen or so pages featured only normal lingerie shots, the further he went through, the racier the shots became, from revealing lingerie, to nudes, and finally through to pictures of men and women posing together. Vicky laughed at her father’s comments, telling him that Don took all kinds of pictures, he was a professional, and took pictures for most of the glamour magazines in the uk, as well as some for the continental market. Graham didn’t have much chance to ask what ‘the continental market’ was, as a tall man of around 35 came into the room, introducing himself as Don, Don Hall.

Graham looked him over, he seemed okay, and he was impressed by the handshake, good and firm. Graham was of the old school, who believed that a handshake told you a lot about the man giving it. They followed Don along a corridor and into a well light studio. He showed them the cameras. and the lingerie he hoped to get Vicky to wear. He showed it to Graham, asking if it was okay with him, before handing Vicky the items, and pointing her towards a dressing room.

Don chatted to Graham, telling him how pleased he was that he could come, saying it was easier for him, as he didn’t have the problem of the girl turning round after and accusing him of anything improper, as the parent was there, and he would be consulted on all the underwear and poses. Graham thanked him, telling him how impressed he was with the whole set-up, asking how long he’d been doing this gaziantep sahibe escort and all sorts of idle chit-chat, before Vicky came through, dressed in a long red robe. She looked stunning, as she came over to them he noticed the robe open, giving him a preview of the lingerie, she commented that it was a little small on her, and Don said that it looked better if it was a size too small as it accentuated the curves, making the outfit look sexier.

Don led Vicky over to the set, which comprised of a chair, dressing table, and a large fluffy carpet. The background was a large grey painted board. Vicky let the robe slip from her shoulders and onto the floor, revealing the outfit Graham had okayed. He couldn’t believe how different it looked on his daughter’s body. The lace camisole was stretched over her boobs, forcing the bottom out slightly, revealing her g-string knickers, all in red.

The outfit looked amazing, he couldn’t stop his natural urges, and found his dick hardening in his pants. He knew he shouldn’t feel this way about his daughter, but here in front of him was this picture of beauty, dressed only in her underwear, and not that much of it at that. Don had Vicky pose sitting on the chair, removing her stockings, before having her pose lent over the dresser, sticking her ass in the air, allowing her g-stringed behind to come into full view.

He had her pose in several more revealing poses, before asking her to lie on the fluffy carpet, opening her legs, her pussy only covered by the small g-string. Graham was sure he could see some of her pubic hair spilling out from the edges of her knickers, and told Don, asking if this was okay, he nodded, saying that as long as he was okay with it, and nothing of her pussy was showing, then it was okay. Graham nodded back, allowing the session to continue. Don had Vicky pose so her ass was towards the camera, and stuck up in the air, wiggling it as she laughed at her father’s face. “Dad, don’t look so serious will you, I’m enjoying this” she laughed. Graham just smiled back, wondering if she realised just how much she was showing.

Don had her turn so her face was towards the camera, and remove her boobs almost falling out the top, leaving all but her nipples exposed to view. Swaying again, he was sure one of her nipples popped out for a second, then it did, he couldn’t get the words out to tell her, as his dick was throbbing too much, making his throat dry up, losing his powers of speech. Don though told her, and she made a show of rearranging it and pushing it back in, all the time smiling at her father. Eventually, Don had all the pictures he needed of Vicky in the lingerie, but decided to see how much she would reveal if he pushed her a little. Asking Vicky to go back to the dressing room, and try on the bikini he had left for her. If she felt comfortable posing in it, then she could, but Graham would need to sign another form. Graham asked Don why he would need to sign another form, surely the bikini wouldn’t show anymore than the lingerie did. Don just told him to wait and see.

Vicky took about ten minutes to reappear, again dressed in a robe, not letting either man see what she was wearing beneath. Don asked her to show them, and she slowly let the robe slip from her shoulders, revealing…bloody well revealing…a virtually sheer white string bikini, it covered virtually nothing, her nipples were clearly visible through the flimsy material, as was her pubic hair. Graham’s jaw dropped, his throat dried up, again, and he just stood silently admiring his beautiful daughter, almost naked, almost, before his eyes. Don broke the silence, “Amazing Vicky, absolutely amazing!”, he smiled. Vicky turned to her father, “What do şahinbey escort you think daddy?”, she smiled lovingly, he just nodded. Don handed him a form, and he just signed it, still unable to speak.

Don had Vicky on the same set as before, putting her in similar poses, but the bikini showed all her body off to it’s best, her nipples sticking proudly out, her skin almost glowing, as she too became aroused at the thought of both men seeing her virtually naked.

As she sat, legs open, the material of her bottoms slide into her pussy crack, allowing both men to see her pussy fluff in all it’s glory, Don stepped towards her, pulled the material of her bottoms to one side, then stepped back to shoot her pussy. Graham couldn’t hide his erection anymore, Vicky could clearly see it, even with the lights making the background where he stood dark, she could make out the ridge in his trousers, she could also see Don’s erection.

“Don, I didn’t think professional photographers got erections”, she smirked, “He just stammered that they were “not immune to them”, they both laughed, then she said that “daddy’s weren’t immune to then either.” Graham didn’t realise till then that she could see him, but his erection didn’t go down, in fact it seemed to swell even more. He decided it was stupid to try and hide it now, and although embarrassed, laughed along with his daughter and Don. It didn’t take long for all of the bikini to get removed, Don helping her to untie the top, and pulling it away to reveal her perfectly formed boobs. She gladly posed in more and more provocative poses, till she was on her back, legs wide open, pussy lips pulled open, her juices flowing over her fingers as she ran them up and down her well aroused lips.

Don looked over at Graham, seeing him rub his cock through his trousers, hatching a plan he told Vicky to take a rest. Don sifted through a few forms on his deck and called Graham over. Graham looked through the forms and signed on the dotted line. He didn’t care now what he signed, he just wanted to see more of Vicky.

Don took Vicky to one side, explaining his plan, she seemed delighted by it, and gave him a big hug, feeling his still hard cock push against her as she did, giving it a squeeze as he went to move away. He let her rub him and looked into her lust filled eyes. The only question she had was who he had in mind for the next set of photos. Don had told her he wanted her to do a ‘boy-girl’ set, involving her and a male model, there wasn’t time to get one in, so he just smiled, “How about your dad?”, he winked at her, “Perfect” she giggled.

Graham almost died when Don told him of his plan, how could he, it was his daughter, couldn’t Don get a male model in, no it was too late. All these questions led to only one conclusion. Vicky took her father to one side, telling him she would feel much more comfortable if she was to do the shoot with him rather than some strange guy. It was decided, and Graham was taken off to the dressing room to find some suitable clothing. He still had a good body, and Don found him a pair of boxers and a t-shirt. Vicky was wearing the lingerie again and Don set up a bedroom scene with a big brass bed and dressing table.

As Graham joined Vicky on the bed, he found his cock reacting again. Don had him pose snugly behind his daughter, still in their clothing, but he knew she must be able to feel his cock pushing against her back. Little did he realise she could, and it was having an effect on her, making her pussy wet, and her nipples harden.

Trying to push back against him slightly, without making it obvious what she was doing. Graham felt the slight pressure on his groin, trying not to react more, he posed before şahinbey escort bayan Don asked them to change position again. after a few more changes, it was time to remove all their clothing. As Vicky lay on her side, Graham was told to lie behind her, snuggling up to lie along her back, his cock was now pushing along her backbone, there was no way he could now hide it.

Don knew of Graham’s problem, but was having trouble hiding his own, so just kept instructing them on new positions. Eventually Graham ended up on his back, while Vicky was lying on top of him, his erection now ploughing a furrow down her sticky teenage pussy, getting coated with her sticky juices. He could now feel his daughter pushing down towards him, her eyes were closed as she felt his cock pushing along her wet pussy lips.

Vicky was deliberately moving along his cock, trying to get it to push into her pussy. Eventually Don asked Graham to hold his cock upright, this allowed his daughter to position herself above his throbbing tool, sliding her pussy over, then down onto his hard cock. As he felt her body envelope his cock, Graham held his breath, he couldn’t believe this was happening, but allowed it, it was too good to stop. He instinctively felt his body pushing against her, and she began to lift herself up and down as he did so.

After a few more shots, they were now visibly fucking, Vicky’s juices running down and coating his balls as she wriggled on his cock. Graham just lost all control. and he grabbed her ass, ramming her down on his cock as he forced himself up into her. He was vaguely aware of Don asking them to change position, and he flipped her onto her back, before ramming back into her with all his strength. Vicky was just lying back and letting her father fuck her, her orgasm fast approaching. She looked over towards Don, he had his cock out, wanking like mad.

Vicky waved her arm towards him, beckoning him to her waiting mouth. Licking her lips, she took his cock into her mouth, licking right down to his balls, then creating a suction as she sucked on his blood engorged cock. Graham looked and saw what she was doing, he didn’t care any more, he was lost in the passion of fucking the tightest little pussy he had ever had. Since his wife had walked out several years ago, sex had been very rare, and he intended to make the most of this one. Vicky screamed out for her father to fuck her harder, he was trying, sweat pouring off his forehead as he banged away.

Don was having fun too, his cock was nearing the point of no return, and as it did he filled Vicky’s mouth with his load, she swallowed every drop, before licking the remnants from the leaking tip. As Don backed away, Vicky wrapped her legs and arms round Graham’s back, thrusting back against him as he filled her teenage pussy with his spunk. Growling, he let go, and her orgasm gripped and milked his cock, almost cutting off his blood supply, finally letting his cock deflate, she allowed him to go limp inside of her, and he collapsed on top of her.

In the afterglow, very few words were exchanged. The only thing that was arranged was another photo shoot. Finally getting home, Vicky asked her father if he was upset with her. He told her he was upset with himself, and he couldn’t help himself. She kissed him on the lips and told him she wanted him to do it again. Graham told her he couldn’t as it was wrong. But her doe eyed look made him putty in her hands, and he was soon pounding away in her tight pussy again.

As they lay there after, Vicky told Graham she wanted to have sex with him every day, and that no matter how wrong he thought it was, she wanted him more than any other man. She wanted him to teach her how to do everything. He certainly had fun doing that over the next few months. As well as enjoying several on film fucks at Don’s studio, including the one where Don also joined in, Graham’s cock in her pussy, while Don took her virgin asshole.

Now several years along, they still have the occasional session, when there own partners are not around. It certainly gives new meaning to the phrase ‘family reunion’.

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