Phoenix Rising Pt. 07 – Conclusion


It took me a little more than a week of experimentation with Grans cards to understand that they were not mystical or magical themselves. They were the channel to something else. A place, for lack of a better word, where I could… not talk to Gran, but access her memories and the memories of every other woman who had owned the cards. Once I figured it out though, it was a simple step to discover the secrets of my transformation.

It was the butterfly necklace, of course.

The more I indulged in the fantasy of being a woman, the more I became a woman. I could stop the transformation at any time by taking the necklace off. If I wanted to reverse the transformation all I had to do was leave it off, and dress like a man and think like a man. The only caveat was, once I was fully transformed into a woman, there was no going back. So I took off the necklace, for the time being at least, and was careful to continue wearing my bras and panties and girly clothes. It was important in the short term at least that my transformation not progress beyond where it had. My hips were wider, my ass fuller, my face softer and my breasts were a comfortable B cup – smaller than Paris or Mama, but that didn’t bother me. I was a woman with a little something extra, and I needed to keep that something extra for a couple of years at least.

“A couple of years?” Daddy asked me when I told him about it. We had spent the previous hour having languid, intimate sex in my room. I wasn’t sure where Mama and Paris were, but I’d guess they were in my parent’s room enjoying a similar experience.

“Paris want’s a baby,” I told Daddy, “and it isn’t like she can just go down to the sperm bank for a donation.”

Daddy chuckled. “I suppose not. I just know how much this means to you.”

I leaned over and kissed him before putting my head back on his chest. “It means a lot to her too. And Maybe Mama. After a couple of babies, I’ll finish the transformation. And we’ll go from there.”

“I hope you don’t wait too long,” Daddy said. “I’d hate to have trouble enjoying your completed self once it arrives.”

I just smiled. Then a thought occurred to me. “Daddy, if you could undo your vasectomy, would you?”

“I would.” He didn’t hesitate. “But if wishes were fishes-“

“But maybe we can.” I thought about it. I thought about the butterfly pendant and the cards and… “let me think about it.”

I’m not much of a planner, so I struggled a bit with getting my chores done, working with the cards and the pendant, and making sure my family knew how much I loved them. It was the last one that I really wanted to focus on. I had enjoyed one on one time with Mama and Daddy more than once, but so far Paris and I hadn’t slept together and I wanted to change that. Only, like I said, I was a terrible planner and kept on forgetting to try and organize something. So I tried to be spontaneous. Instead of going to my room after dinner or slipping down to the cellar to work on my project for Daddy, I put on some sexy underwear and walked over to Paris’s room.

It felt right that our first time together would be in her room. As I walked in she was reading by candlelight, lounging on her bed in a baggy tank top that exposed her breasts far more than it hid them and simple brief panties.

“Hey there Hot Stuff,” I said in what I imagined was a girlish and seductive tone, “Whachya reading?”

She looked up at me. I had decided for this time, this first time, I was going to wear the same red, lacy underwear I had worn when she had seen me wearing when she had danced for me, along with the sheer black robe I had worn when I played with myself what seemed like so many years ago. I saw the hunger in her eyes as she looked me up and down and the confidence in her hunger as she adjusted on the bed so that one of her nipples slipped out from her tank top.

“Nothing,” she said putting the book aside. “I was just waiting for you.”

I stepped into her room and closed the door. Not for privacy, I don’t think Paris or I had any illusions about being quiet or keeping what we were doing from Mama and Daddy, but it gave us a sense of intimacy that I wanted.

“Blow out the candles?” I asked.

She blew out the candles and when I crossed the room I felt her eyes on me. I felt her watching me, the shape of me, the admittedly exaggerated sway of my hips as I walked to the window and pulled back the curtains. The silvery light of moon and stars flowed into the room and painted everything in gentle and intimate shades. Even the old anime posters that she had once used to decorate this room no longer seemed old and faded but gentle brush strokes in the background, adding to the weight of the scene. I was nervous and couldn’t turn around to see her. I knew it was fine. Everything was fine. There was no reason to be nervous but I was. I was so nervous I was having trouble getting hard.

Then I felt her behind me. I felt her breasts press into my back, her hips into my ass and her arms wrapped around Lefkoşa Escort me, one above my breasts and one across my belly. “You’re so beautiful,” Paris whispered into my ear. “I should have guessed ages ago about you. About who you are. You’ve always been too beautiful to be a boy. If you looked like this before fallout, I think I might be jealous of all the boys flocking to you.”

I smiled and tossed out a line from Romeo and Juliet that I hoped I remembered correctly. “Thou knows’t the mask of night is on my face, or else a maidenly blush would bepaint my cheeks.”

“I don’t want you to hide from me,” Paris said. Her whispers sent an erotic shiver down my spine. “I don’t want you embarrassed around me. It’s just us girls here, no one to impress or show off for. No one you need to perform for. Just Baby Phee and her big sis Paris.” She giggled. “Your Oneesan.”


“Its japanese for “big sister.” One of my fantasies comes from a hentai where Oneesan seduces her inexperienced younger sister who just happens to have a cock.”

“And what is the younger sister called?” I asked with a laugh of my own. “Cocky-san?”

“In my imagination, she’s called Phoenix-chan.”

I felt another shiver run down my spine and I new Paris felt it too.

“It means, my little Phoenix.”

I embraced the fantasy and let it become reality. “Oneesan,” I said and this time felt the arousal come from Paris. “I’m not like other girls Oneesan. You know that.”

“I know Phoneix-chan.”

I pulled my head away from her, just a bit, then turned to look at her. “For you. I’m different for you. Because I love you, and I would do anything for you. Anything at all.”

The hand that was around my belly came up and caressed my cheek. “I love you too.” She leaned in and gave me a kiss that had me sighing into her. I turned towards her, wrapped my arms around her neck and opened my mouth to her. I felt her hands running over the smooth, sheer fabric of my robe as her tongue gently prodded my mouth. I felt her hands slip into the opening of my robe and felt her warm, calloused hands caress the soft flesh of my belly. I felt her reach up, just barely grazing the side of breast which had me gasping even through the fabric of my bra, and then her hands were on my shoulders pushing the robe off of me.

I had to let go of her neck so that the robe could fall off my arms and puddle at my feet. I was going to wrap my arms around her again, but her hands were on my hips and pulled me into her. Our breasts pressed against each other the contrast of hard nipples and soft flesh exaggerated in the heat of our arousal. My hard cock against her mons made us both moan and my hands, trapped between our bodies slipped up under her tank top and caressed the bottom of her breasts where it pressed through fabric to meet my own.

I felt Paris’s hands move from my hips to my ass, kneading, squeezing and caressing until my bikini panties looked more like a thong and my ass cheeks were bare in the moonlight. In the midst of the kissing and fondling and stumbling towards the bed we somehow managed to get Paris’s shirt off.

“I love you Oneesan,” I said surprised at the timidity of my own voice. “Will you love me? Love me as lovers do?”

She was hot and lusty, I could tell from the way her breasts rose and fell with her breath and the half glazed hunger in her eyes. I was just as hot and I felt like my cock would tear apart my panties if Paris didn’t get them off me soon.

“Of course,” she said. “You leave it to Oneesan.” She pushed me gently backwards until I sat on the edge of her bed. Then she kept on pushing me, forcing me to crawl backwards, her face and breasts bare inches from my body until my head was on her pillow and she was hovering over me. “I love you Phee,” she said as she kissed me. “I’ll love you any way you want me to.”

We kissed and pressed our bodies against each other. I don’t recall the moment when she took my bra off but I felt sparks light up my brain when she took my nipple in her mouth. I remember the feel of her lips and tongue as she kissed and sucked on my tits. I remember the shuddering shockwaves of pleasure her teeth sent through me while all i could do was hold onto her and squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples.

I moaned loudly as she held my nipple between her teeth and her right hand pressed into my cock through my panties. I moaned even louder when she slipped her hand into them and gripped my cock in her fingers. She teased me as she held me. Not quite jacking me off as she gripped and caressed my cock and balls under my panties. I was leaking so much precum that I felt more like a woman than ever. I felt like I was wet for her as she teased my over-engorged clit.

She paused long enough to take my panties off and her own at the same time the she straddled my face, lowered her glistening pussy onto my lips and lowered her own lips onto my cock.

Ever since then, I could only ever describe Girne Escort her scent and her taste as moonlight on a warm summer night. It was a heady aroma that completely distracted me from the amazing blowjob she was giving me. I was wholly and entirely focused on the scent and taste of her. I let my tongue explore her folds and caress every minute detail of her inch long clit.

Distantly I heard her moan. I heard felt her body tense and the speed of her head bobbing on my cock increase, but i was no where near cumming.

Then I felt her orgasm spill through her and onto me. I felt her creamy juices squeeze out from her depths and onto my tongue as her body tensed then relaxed with the orgasm.

She rolled off of me and kissed me. “That was good. I’m sorry you didn’t get to cum, but we’ll fix that.” She kissed me again. “mmm. I taste better on your lips than on my fingers.”

I kissed her. “I love the taste of you. The feel of you.”

She returned the kiss and as her tongue penetrated my mouth I felt her climb on top of me and force my cock to penetrate her pussy. I moaned into her mouth with a sigh as I felt her warm pussy enfold and envelop me. “Oneesan,” I breathed.

“Baby Phee,” Paris breathed.

“Take me,” I said. “Take me Oneesan.”

Paris didn’t say anything, just lowered herself until I was completely immersed in her. She lay on top of me, our breasts brushing against each other.

“Take me,” I begged. “Take me Oneesan.”

Paris moaned as she rocked back and forth on my cock. Her breath hitched and relaxed as she drove up and done on my shaft. My hands explored her back and ass urging her to take me. Not just to love me or make love to me, but to take me. To own me.

She sensed my urgency and started riding me faster. Harder. She lifted herself up so she could ride me better, harder, faster. She took my hands by the wrists and pinned them over my head, holding them there with one hand as she continued to ride me. Her breasts and mine bounced in time to the rhythm of our increasingly frantic fucking.

“Take me Oneesan.”

She did something then that had her hips moving faster and deeper and I had to hold back my orgasm. She could tell though and drapped her nipples over my face.

“Suck on my tits and cum Baby Phee. Cum inside Oneesan. Cum inside me and let me feel your cum splash all over my womb. Cum inside Oneesan and then you’ll really be mine.”

I opened my mouth and accepted her tit into my mouth. I sucked hard and felt her second orgasm of the night approaching as my balls pulled tight. I was completely at her mercy and if she wanted me to cum inside her, then there was nothing I could do, but obey.

“Cum inside Oneesan. Cum inside me. Cum for me.”

I tensed. My back arched and I started cuming. Between thrusting my cock upward and the pulsing of my cock Paris’s own orgasm rippled through her.

“Yes!” It was a whisper spoken with all the intensity of a scream. “Yes! I’m cumming. Cum inside me, I’m cumming.” She kept on riding me through my orgasm both of us quivering and cumming more than we knew we could until we both fell spent on the bed.

I held her close and kissed her gently as we fell asleep, still joined together with our mixed cum drippping down our legs. “I love you, Oneesan.”

“Love you Baby Phee.”

Paris was usually the instigator for when we had sex, which I was perfectly fine with. One time I had tried to get things rolling, I thought I could grab her in the middle of chores and pull her aside for some fun, but Daddy beat me to her and they were pounding away in the barn by the time I caught up to them.

Paris sat on an old blanket on a table with her shirt bunched up over her tits and her shorts hanging from one foot. Daddy’s shirt was unbuttoned and his jeans were around his knees as his cock held Paris’s panties to one side while he pounded her. Judging by the moans and grunts they were just about ready to wrap things up. I stayed to watch and made an effort not to touch myself. The two of them were so fucking hot together and the fact that they hadn’t completely removed their clothing spoke to the frenzied rush of lust that had driven to them to this point.

Mama quietly put her hands on my shoulders and pressed her tits into my back. I instantly felt my nipples harden at the contact. “They’re so hot together aren’t they?”

“Yes Mama.” I said.

“I’m surprised you haven’t joined them.”

“I wanted to watch. There was something… I don’t know. There’s something beautiful here and I didn’t want to interrupt. Is that strange?”

“Not at all Baby Phee.” She hugged me around the waist with a small laugh. “But tell me, if you could swap places with either of them right now, which would it be?”

“I’m not sure. I can’t tell who wants who more right now.”

“Is that what you want? To be wanted?”

It was hard to think with the live action porno playing in front of us. I could barely hear my own thoughts over Magosa Escort the sounds of Paris’s rising moans and the wet slapping of body parts. “It’s not about being wanted,” I finally managed to say. “It’s about being taken.”

I wanted Mama to touch me, to tease and caress me until I couldn’t help myself and was begging her to make me cum, but she just held me in a soft and loving embrace. “Don’t cum,” mama said, “and I’ll make sure you get to enjoy it later.”

“I’m cumming Daddy!” Paris shouted. “I’m cumming! You’re making me cum!”

And cum and cum and cum. Daddy kept her orgasm going for so long that I thought Paris was going to pass out. Her eyes were rolling back in her head, her whole body was twitching as little spasms of her orgasm ripped through her body. She seemed to have lost the ability to vocalize entirely before Daddy pulled out of Paris’s pussy and moved them around so he could shove his cock into her mouth. “Swallow it Princess,” he said. “Swallow Daddy’s cum.”

Paris couldn’t move her body at all as Daddy face fucked her but she could work her mouth well enough that Daddy was soon cumming down her throat and only a tiny bit leaked out from the side of her mouth.

Mama held me tight, or I might have walked over there and kissed the cum off of Paris before Daddy had the chance to do it. “Come on,” mama said, tugging me away from the erotic spectacle of my sister and daddy in their post coital bliss. “Give them a couple of minutes for this part. You’ll get your turn.”

“Not tonight, I won’t. I’d be surprised if Paris will be able to finish her chores.” I laughed. I was a little disappointed that Daddy beat me to Paris today, but I was also very unsure about something else. “Mama, I don’t think I can do what Daddy did.”

“Which part?” She asked. “Giving Paris a toe curling orgasm, or cumming down her throat. Because in case you’ve forgotten, you’ve done both with me.”

I blushed and Mama kissed my cheek. “No, I mean the… the just taking her part. Daddy was in such control. I could tell that he just grabbed her and…”

“That’s ok, Sweety. Some people are just more aggressive than others. There’s nothing wrong with being a little more on the submissive side of things.”

“Makes it hard to start something though.”

“In this family, you won’t have to start anything if you don’t want to, and we’ll still come knocking at your door.” Mama smiled. “Or ask you to come to ours. Now let’s get some work done.”

Our days and nights took on a routine. Mama would wake me up in the mornings and tell me what to wear. I wasn’t sure why, but I didn’t really have a problem with it since she usually picked out clothes I probably would have worn anyways. Then she dragged me downstairs to help with breakfast. I had my usual slate of morning chores until I was pulled aside to help with lunch. Afternoons were spent working in the shade as much as possible or trying to learn how to do things we never thought we’d need – like weaving. Dinner, although dinner dishes we all took turns to do, and then an hour or so in the cellar working with the legacy that Gran had left behind until Mama told me it was time to go to bed. Sometimes Daddy would be waiting for me in bed. Sometimes Mama would undress me for him, and sometimes she would ask Daddy to undress me for her. Sometimes Mama would lay out a different set of clothes for me entirely and tell me to go spend the night with Paris.

Things did not change quickly, but summer wound down and fall started to bite the air, I noticed that Mama always made sure I was wearing matching bra and panties. The clothes she picked out for me were more stereo typically feminine. The shorts she had me wear were shorter. The tops were also shorter exposing my arms, my mid drift, and my cleavage. When she had me wear skirts or dresses, she made sure I was wearing the thinnest, flimsiest underwear I had. She had increasingly more chores for me to do inside the house until I spent more time indoors than anyone else in the family.

I only slept in my own bed when I was too tired for anything else and even then I never slept alone. My bed was for sleeping, but everyone else’s bed was for playing and I never figured out if there was a natural give and take between us all, or if Mama scheduled it out.

Things started to really crystallize for me one day in late September. I woke up early having slept very little. The previous night I had figured out what I needed and I was too excited to sleep. I lay in bed, waiting for Mama to wake me up, waiting to hear the sounds of Daddy walking around and getting ready for the day, going through everything I had learned in my head. It was so simple really, once I figured out how the butterfly charm worked, it was just a question of twisting one or two ideas, and shrinking the area of effect down to something small…. well not too small. The idea made me giggle and I heard Mama open the door to my room.

“Awake already?” She asked me.

“Yes Mama. I figured it out.”

“Figured what out Sweety?” She went to my dresser and went through my carefully folded clothes to select what I would wear that day.

“How to reverse Daddy’s vasectomy.”

Mama turned suddenly, a look of shock and hope on her face. “Really? You really did it?”

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