Pheromones Pt. 04


Author’s forewarning:

This is a work of fiction.

The science and the grammar in this story are from a combination of my own imagination, bad SciFi movies, and an even worse spell check program.

All characters in this story are over the age of eighteen and all very much enjoy everything which happens to them.

Fair warning. I introduce a trans character.

As always, I write what I’m inspired to write. Hope you all enjoy it.


I woke up the next morning, threw on some clothes, and called the Doc. I was pissed and embarrassed.


“Doc, it’s me, Alex. I want this damn thing off of me, now.”

“Mr. Bre–“

“No, no Mr. Brechal shit, either you take it off or I cut it off.”

“Calm down, Alex. Meet me at the lab and I’ll remove it.”

I was out the door in an instant. All I could think about was the night before, the days before, none of it made sense but I felt like I was missing out on so much and since I wasn’t going to blame myself, I decided to blame the monitor around my ankle. It was holding me back. I finally had power and I was wasting it.

I slid to a stop in front of the lab and ran up the steps to the Doc’s office. As promised, he had the key to remove the monitor. He asked me not to do it and gave me some bullshit about Oedipus and all guys wanting to fuck their mothers, but that only made it worse. I propped my foot on the desk and pointed. He sighed and unlatched the monitor. As I was leaving he said if I ever needed to talk, let him know. I said thanks and left.

I was upset and horny and looking to piss off Mom so I went to Rosie’s. I knocked on the door and she answered with a squeal.

“Oh my God, Alex, I didn’t think you were ever going to come back.”

“I’m not, especially if you keep up with the ‘Aunt’ bullshit. Look, we can fuck, but not if you’re going to get all psychotic on me.”


“No. Either we fuck by my terms, on my schedule, or not at all.”

“What if I’m in need?”

“Use a toy.”

I could see her thinking and honestly, it was a dick move, but I didn’t feel too bad. Rosie had always treated me like shit, even when I dated her daughter, then the Doc changed my pheromones from negative to positive and suddenly she couldn’t get enough. Didn’t mean she was suddenly a good woman, just meant she was cock hungry and I was on the menu.

“Fine,” she said. “Will you still call me Aunt Rosie?”

“Of course, Aunt Rosie. Now, suck my cock.”

Rosie pulled me into her house and pushed me against the closed door. She was a big woman but dropped to her knees without hesitation. I swear she was giddy as she pulled my pants down to reveal my erection. There was no hesitation in her, just animal lust as she licked me like an ice cream cone. I didn’t even have to ask her to get my balls as her tongue was finding all the spots.

She’d finally stopped teasing and was about to suck me into her mouth when her daughter came out of the back.

“Mom, did you make breakfast?” She paused and was shocked to find her mother on her knees at the front door with my cock inches away from her mouth. “Holy shit! What the fuck is going on here?”

“I’m about to have my breakfast.”

“Hey, Morgan, wanna join?”

“What? No, I don’t want to join. That’s my mother, you asshole.”

“Oh,” I said looking down at Rosie, “I believe you promised me anal. Is that happening now, or later?”

“Help me up and I’ll go get my lube.”

I pulled the big woman up and she smiled at her daughter as she ran to her bedroom.

“What’s gotten into you,” Morgan asked as I stripped.

“Apparently, positive pheromones. I’ll tell you all about it later,” I said as I got near her. I knew my production was in high gear and I knew if I got close enough, I might be looking at a Mother/Daughter three-way. I could see her breathing change and I smiled. “Are you sure you wouldn’t like to join us? It’ll be fun.”

Her hand, as if of its own volition, raised and ran across my chest. “You’re different. I don’t know why, or how, but you are.”

I pulled her shirt over her head and smiled. Morgan was about half the size of her mother. She still had large breasts and a big ass, but they were still young and firm. Next came her bra and I took a moment to suck on her nipples while she caressed my head. I slipped my fingers into the waistband of her leggings and pushed down. By the time her mother returned, I had Morgan naked and groping for my cock.

“Hey, no fair. You were going to fuck me in the ass.”

I smiled, “I have a better idea. I’m going to fuck Morgan and then as you eat my cum out of your daughter’s cunt, then I’ll fuck you in the ass.”

“I don’t know, that’s like incest.”

“I know, but it’ll make me so happy, Aunt Rosie.”

The magic words had been spoken and Rosie was all aboard, and it didn’t seem that Morgan gave a shit at all as she pulled my face to hers and jammed her tongue down my throat.

“Fuck me, Alex. Fuck me and make mom eat my cum filled islahiye escort pussy.”

Rosie suggested we use her bed since it was the biggest and led her daughter and me to the back room. The bed wasn’t a king, but it was big enough for Morgan to lay back and spread her legs. As I looked, I saw that landing strip I’d loved so much. I took a moment to pet her and she smiled.

“I see you still like my kitty.”

“I do. Maybe later I’ll come back and just pet her for a while.”

“Anytime you want, she’s yours now.”

“Me, too, Alex,” Rosie said in my ear. “You can come over and pet us both.”

I smiled and thought, Yes, this is what my life should be like. Willing pussy everywhere for me to have.

“Get naked while I fuck your daughter.”

With a giddy laugh, my large Rosie started stripping as I climbed between her daughter’s legs. Rosie, for all her size, had a tight twat, but Morgan, well hers was tighter and she gave a little grunt as I entered her.

“I think you’ve gotten bigger since the last time.”

“He is thick isn’t he?”

“Aunt Rosie, lick Morgan’s nipples.”

Rosie climbed onto the bed to lie next to her daughter as she said, “Yes, Alex.”

She was on her knees with her big ass aimed toward me. I reached out and slipped a finger inside Rosie’s wet cunt. She moaned onto Morgan’s breast which caused her daughter to give a moan of her own. The site was more than I was prepared for and I could feel myself swell up in anticipation. I pushed Rose to the side and leaned over Morgan as I drove into her.

“Is this my pussy?”

“Yes,” she cried.

“Do you want me to cum in you?”

“Yes… please.”

“Do you want your mother to eat my cum out of your cunt?”

“Oh God, yes,” she screamed as she came.

Feeling her walls spastically squeeze me was the final straw and I painted her insides. I grabbed Rosie and kissed her as I came in her daughter. I swear I felt Rosie give a little shudder as she had her own orgasm. I smiled as Morgan’s mother, per my instructions, pushed me away from her daughter and replaced my spurting cock with her own eager tongue. Just watching Rosie eat my cum out of her daughter’s opening was enough to keep me hard.

Without wasting my moment, I grabbed the lube and squeezed it out onto Rosie’s little star. I’d watched enough anal videos to also coat myself. I knew I should prepare the older woman, but all I cared about was being inside of her. I placed the bulbous head of my cock against her tight little opening and pushed. She grunted as I relentlessly applied pressure.

“Oh God, I thought you were big in my puss, but I think you’re going to rip ass in two.”

“Want me to stop?”

She pushed back and I sank into her another inch, “Fuck me, Alex. Fuck me like you fucked my daughter.”

My smile was a little more aggressive as I drove my hard cock all the way into Rosie’s big ass. I knew I went in too hard when Morgan called out, “Mom, stop biting.”

“Sorry, baby, he’s just so thick.”

“I can’t wait to have him in my ass too.”

I was really starting to love this family. Something I’d read on Literotica came to my mind and I asked, “Do you two want to be part of my harem?”

Rosie looked around and laughed. “You mean like in those old movies where we’re only allowed to fuck you, but you can fuck whoever?”


Morgan raised up and said, “Yes, that is all I want now. You can use me anytime you want. Now, Mother, stop talking and get your tongue back in my cunt.”

Morgan grabbed her mother’s head and pulled it back into her crotch moaning as her mother resumed feasting on her pussy. My hands grabbed Rosie’s fleshy hips as I drove in and out of her tight sphincter. As her anal ring caress the sensitive skin of my hard cock and I had a random thought that brought joy to my heart. Small (Rosie’s cunt), smaller (Morgan’s tight little twat), and smallest (Rosie’s starfish). I smiled and fucked her harder.

Morgan’s head rose a little and the girl smiled. It was a beatific smile unlike I’d ever seen on another’s face. I’d always thought Morgan was pretty, but in that moment as she writhed on her mother’s face, she was gorgeous. Suddenly, Rosie began bucking as I had found the sweet spot and was making her cum. Her anal muscles were like a vice grip around my cock as she pushed forcefully back against me.

I took the hint and started punishing her little hole until I pressed hard and drown her rectum. Morgan, hearing her mother and I cry out in ecstasy pushed her little twat harder into her mother’s face and gave Rosie a facial. Turned out, my little Morgan was a squirter.

I fell back out of Rosie which allowed her to fall off Morgan and I had a pleasant view of her daughter’s little worn-out hole winking at me in satisfaction.

Rosie disappeared as her daughter and I recovered. When she got back she told me to get back on the bed next to Morgan. I did and felt a warm washcloth being rubbed across my crotch.

I looked islahiye escort bayan down and Rosie said, “Someone might want to suck on you again and we don’t want to be gross about things.”

Morgan cuddled against me and smiled, “Me, I’ll be the one who wants to suck on you again.” She wiggled her pelvis and said, “Don’t forget about me.”

Rosie, suddenly so mother-ish and different than the cock hungry woman I was coming to know, chuckled and said, “Don’t worry, baby, I’ll take care of your tasty little pussy too.”

I looked at Morgan and kissed her as her mother cleaned us. Two quick orgasms had left my little guy in need of a rest, but making out with Morgan made him twitch a little with effort. I wanted to nurse on her nipples for a bit and go to sleep with her in my mouth, but I had other plans for the day and got up. Both women whined a little as I put my pants back on.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back, but I’ve got something to do.”

“Want me to come with you,” Morgan asked. “I can suck on you while you drive.”

I honestly thought about it, but then I thought Morgan was reacting differently. I mean, Rosie got a little stalker-ish, but according to mom, that was her nature. I wondered as I smiled at her if her nature was to be clingy.

“Thanks, but I don’t think talking to Mom will go over really well if I have my cock in your mouth.” She looked disappointed, like really disappointed when I told her no. I wanted to stay and console her but I decided I needed answers. “Tell you what, we’ll have a nice dinner tonight and you can suck my cock then.”

She smiled and hugged her mother as I left. I jumped in my car and took off for home. When I got back I didn’t find Mom, but I did find Beth and her friend prancing around the kitchen.

Well, her friend wasn’t prancing, she was sitting at the table eating cereal. Beth, in usually dick-ish fashion, was walking around in a thin t-shirt and tight panties and making sure to bend and stretch a lot as soon as I came into the room. Since I turned eighteen, she liked teasing me and making fun of me when I got hard. I couldn’t help it, Beth was an ass, but a hot ass with a hot ass. My sister looked like my mother, just sixteen years younger. Her breasts were still winning the war against gravity, high and perky, and her ass, which I’d seen enough times thanks to her showing it to me, was smooth, round, and firm. I have had a crush on my sister since I could pop a boner and if given the chance, I would fill her so full of my baby juice she’d leak for a month.

Her friend, unlike Beth, was wearing shorts and a t-shirt which did nothing to hide her slim figure, narrow hips, and tiny tits. She was attractive with that Maggie Q look, tall and thin with just enough curves to look like a girl, basically the complete opposite of Rosie. She smiled at me and I smiled back as I sat heavily in the kitchen chair.

“Alicia, this is my perverted little brother, he loves spanking his little cock to me so I give something for his spank bank. Hey, spaz, like what you see,” she teased.

Nothing she liked better than getting a literal rise out of me in front of her friends. I smiled and said, “Sorry, I’m too tired from my three-way with Rosie and Morgan.”

Cereal shot across the table as Beth’s friend choked and coughed. I’ve never had Lucky Charms shoot through my nose before, but it doesn’t look pleasant.

“What the fuck did you say?”

I could feel my face twist up as I smirked, “I said, Rosie sucked me hard, then I fucked Morgan until I creampied her, then as Rosie ate her daughter’s cum filled cunt, I plowed Rosie’s asshole until I filled her up too.”

Beth glared at me while Alicia struggled to get marshmallows out of her nasal cavities. “You did not,” Beth said. I nodded and Beth grabbed her phone and called Morgan.


“My brother said he just had a three-way with you and your mom, is that true?”

“Is he there? Can I speak to him?”

She sounded worried so I said, “Hey, Morgan.”

“I can still come over if you want.”

Hopeful. Damn, I thought, definitely a clinger. “Nah, it’s cool, I’ll be back over tonight, okay?”

“Okay.” Disappointed again. “I’ll be here… waiting.”

“Hang on, are you saying you and your mom fucked my brother?”

“Of course. His cock is nice and thick, although I don’t think Mom will be able to sit without wincing for a while. Alex, I promise I’ll be better and you’ll be able to fuck whichever hole you want anytime. Matter of fact, I’ll go get a butt plug right now so I’ll be stretched out for you.”

“Not too stretched out, I still want to feel you.”

She laughed, “Right, I don’t want to be all sloppy for you. Nice and tight, just like you like me.”

Listening to Morgan excitedly talk about how she was going to prepare herself for me, I started to get hard. The harder I got, the more I could see Alicia’s nostrils taking in my pheromones. I wasn’t sure how she was going to react until her hand slid escort islahiye across the table clutching my arm.

She laughed, “Wow, you’re so funny. Damn, I never thought I’d die from a marshmallow.”

Beth’s eyes widened as Alicia absentminded ran her fingers up and down my skin. “And you’re gorgeous,” I said. “If you’d like, you can sit on my lap while I massage your inner thighs.”

My sister’s jaw dropped when her friend shrugged and said, “I’d like that, but do you want me to take my shorts off or leave them on?”

“Take them off.”

“Alright,” she said as she turned around and dropped her shorts.

Her thong was a deep blue against her dark skin and I thought her ass looked so much better in the barely-there material than in her night shorts. She bent over at the waist to pick them up from the floor giving me a long look at her small humps. I grabbed her waist and pulled her into my lap. She laughed and threw an arm around my shoulder.

“Will your threesome girls get mad about this?”

“I don’t think so, especially if I bring you back with me. See, I’m starting a harem, and anyone who wants my cock needs to be alright with others sharing.”

She kissed me deeply as Beth watched. “If what I’m feeling against my leg is what we’re sharing, I can be into that… If you can be into this.”

She grabbed my hand and slid my fingers up her inner thighs to her crotch. I was surprised not to find a vagina but a tiny penis. Honestly, I didn’t even consider someone born a boy would react this way.

“So, what’d you going to do now? She’s trans, Alex. How’s that going to work in your harem, fucking transphobe?”

I laughed, “Really? I’m sitting at the kitchen table stroking her cute little cock and I’m trans-phobic?” We watched as Beth’s eyes shot down as Alicia spread her legs wide. She didn’t have a big penis, it barely poked over the width of my palm, but it was as hard as mine ever had been. “You want to join as I fuck your friend? I promise mine’s so much bigger.”

“It is,” Alicia said bouncing up and down.

“I… he’s my brother…”

I stood up taking my hand from Alicia’s little cock. “Yeah, and Mom is our mom but she was ready to ride me last night.”

“That’s a fucking lie.”

“Maybe, but I bet you’re soaking your panties right now. See, my pheromones only work on people already attracted to me. When I had negative pheromones, it wouldn’t matter if I was the cutest guy in the world, no one would get wet, or hard,” I said glancing at Alicia who stuck her tongue out at me, “for me. But now that my pheromones are positive, if you find me attractive, you will get aroused just by being in the same room as me.” I stepped close to her and held my hand out close to her crotch. “Want me to check?”

Her breathing was heavy and we could smell how aroused she was. Alicia leaned over my shoulder and I could feel her little hard-on pressing into my back. I hadn’t realized that she was almost half a foot taller than me.

“Yeah, Beth, let him check.”

Beth took another deep breath and put her hand on mine. I felt her give a small tug, and for a second I thought she was going to let me finger her, but she stopped. “No, he’s my brother and this is wrong. You talk about pheromones but none of that made sense. Yeah, I’m wet, so what, I’m still not going to let my brother fuck me.”

My shorts dropped and I felt Alicia release my cock. Beth looked down, her eyes widened as she watched her friend stroke me. “He’s so thick, Beth. You know this is going to feel good inside you.”

Beth shook her head and Alicia shrugged before pulling me, by my erection, to the couch. She pushed me down and before she could kneel, I slid to the edge and pulled her panties off. Her hard little cock stood up and looked so cute. I’d never thought about sucking another cock before but if she was about to give herself to me, I thought it was only fair.

“Ladies first,” I said smiling before taking her into my mouth.

“Oh my God,” she called out grabbing my head. “It’s been so long since anyone’s gone down on me.”

I heard Beth’s quiet voice behind us say, “I would’ve gone down on you.”

I slipped to my knees and put Alicia in my place. I stripped my shirt as she stripped hers and looked at my sister. “Wanna help me get her off?”

Alicia said, “Yeah, come suck my cock with your brother.”

I smiled at Alicia and kissed the tip of her penis. She gasped and rubbed the back of my head. I felt a warmth next to me and turned to see my sister, naked, looking at me.

“Dammit, Alex, what’s going on here?”

I laughed, “You’re part of my harem now.”

She pulled my face to her and slipped her tongue into my mouth. “Fine, but I better be there when you fuck Mama.”


I turned to Alicia and gave her small hardness a lick. Beth leaned in with me and we kissed each other with Alicia’s cock between our tongues. I don’t know about Beth, but her slim friend’s hands had turned into claws as she clutched at my head. Beth’s face nudged me out of the way as she took the little head into her mouth. I pulled Alicia’s leg up, almost pulling her from the couch, and began licking the underside of her scrotum. Her hands left our heads as she cried out in ecstasy. I don’t know about anyone else, but I loved having my taint tickled with a tongue so I was happy to hear Alicia loved it too.

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