Pen and Paper Pt. 03


It was almost like a dream. Sabine was lying in the marriage bed, to her left and right were two men with divinely large cocks. Men she loved and had known for a long time. Men who got along and who seemed to have no problem sharing Sabine. The wedding also had negative sides, but Sabine simply ignored them up until now. That the two men were her sons was only a minor fact. They all spent the night together under the large blanket of the marriage bed. As wrong as it was, the closeness felt good. Sabine woke up several times that night, felt one or both sons snuggle up to her and get erections. Sabine did nothing, but enjoyed how the hard cocks rubbed against her butt and her pussy. Maybe even one of the two had pushed his cock between Sabine’s thighs for a while to pleasure himself. In any case, she found no traces the next day. She was exhausted and had to leave the next day. In addition, the weekend was approaching and Sabine had to prepare herself internally for her husband and father of the two sons to return.

The first rays of sunshine fell through the window and woke Sabine from sleep. She stretched out carefully, careful not to wake her boys. Before climbing out of bed, she turned right and left to kiss her two sons passionately on the lips. Then went to the bathroom to freshen up. She wore nothing – after all, she didn’t need to hide anymore. A hot shower was just the right thing now.

She had just prepared a towel and turned up the water hot when the door opened and Jonas came in. “Good morning!” Jonas was in a good mood and approached his mother. She smiled and returned the greeting. “Good morning, Jonas. Slept well?” “You could say so – was comfortable in your bed.” The fact that he deliberately omitted that it was also his father’s bed made her smile slightly. “Do you want to take a shower?” She got hot again when she invited Jonas to take a shower with her.

He did not answer by putting words in his mouth. He responded by closing the door behind him and pushing her under the hot water and getting there too. Without saying a word, he pressed his lips on hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck and returned the kiss passionately. Jonas penis stretched and pressed against her stomach, her son’s hands slid down onto her hips. She moaned softly and took a deep breath in and out. She felt Jonas push his penis down with one hand and push it between her legs. Laughing, she put her hands on Jonas’ shoulders and pushed him away from her. “Not so fast, my little one. I have to go right away, so be good.”

Instead, she reached for a shampoo bottle and handed it to Jonas. “Make yourself useful with that.” “All right.” He told his mother to turn around and she obeyed. Then he grabbed his penis again and pushed it into her vagina all at once. A small scream escaped her as the hard penis penetrated her. She wanted to push Jonas away from her, but shortly afterwards she felt a cold sticky liquid spread over her breasts. Evenly, Jonas began to push his penis into her and pull it out. In doing so, he penetrated deep into her again and again. He had understood that he didn’t have much time to have fun, but at the same time ignored the fact that Sabine had just emphasized that he should be ‘good’. In addition to his firm thrusts into her sanctum of holies, he began to slide his hands over her breasts and torso. Of course, only to seemingly distribute the shampoo. Again and again his hands found their way to her breasts and nipples, which he squeezed tightly.

Gasping, she leaned her head forward and her forehead against the cold wall. Her eyes closed and she surrendered to the feeling, standing slightly on her tiptoes so that Jonas had it easier. His breathing also intensified and he groaned loudly as he approached climax. “Fuck – this feels so good!”, he whispered in her ear and reached between her legs with his hand and began to work on her clitoris. Jonas thrust hard, pushed her against the wall and she felt her nipples harden on the cold tiles. Her moans grew louder, her hands both resting flat against the wall as she moved her hips to the best position. Then Jonas came inside her. In four large spurts, she felt the sperm being injected into her innermost being and distributed generously. Then he pulled his cock out of her with a smack and she felt the cum flowing out of her. He gasped and moaned, letting his hands off her body and leaning himself on the other side of the shower to take a deep breath. Sabine immediately got down on her knees and turned around. “You said you were in a hurry…”, Jonas complained playfully, while Sabine greedily took the slacken cock into her mouth. Jonas closed his eyes and gasped almost painfully. Sabine fingered herself with one hand and began to work on his testicle with the other. “Mom, that’s too much!”, he gasped, but couldn’t resist her. She allowed herself only a short pause to reprimand him. “You have a break now!”, she hissed at him and startet sucking him again. She let her tongue slide around the glans penis and sucked out the last remnants of the sperm, only to make her son’s penis hard again quickly and she could have another load.

Two reasons drove her to continue Girne Escort with Jonas. On the one hand, she also wanted to come, on the other hand, she had taken pleasure in swallowing her sons’ sperm. As the water continued to platter on her body and slurped her son’s penis, she moaned impatiently and with her mouth full. Her fingers were trained to satisfy herself. She had spent too many nights alone, impetuous and agitated. Her eyes rolled slightly upwards before she closed them completely. She let go of Jonas’ testicles and decided to use her hand elsewhere. With a hard grip she grasped his member and took only his glans in her mouth, on which she sucked firmly. While she satisfied herself, she jerked Jonas faster and wanted to bring him to climax and finally taste his semen again.

As she greedily continued to suck, she forgot everything and her thoughts emptied. She ignored everything and surrendered to the moment until Jonas groaned muffled, announcing that he would come at any moment. She was also close to her climax, but would take a little longer than Jonas. It discharged for the second time, directly into her throat and she tried hard not to waste any of the sperm. She continued to jerk his cock even when no more cum left his penis and he whined softly. It was too much for him, but until she came, he would have to persevere. “Mom, please stop!” he whined. Just then, Sabine came. She twitched and trembled all over her body as her orgasm came over her. Only then did she let go of her son’s cock and rose panting and trembling.

“You started, so don’t complain!”, she teased, gesturing for him to finish soaping her. After all, he hadn’t done his job. With trembling hands and knees shaking from exhaustion, he obeyed and soaped her to the end. She also allowed herself to soap her son very thoroughly. She took care of his cock with particularly thorough. Much to Jonas’ regret. But after she had pulled the foreskin of his penis back and forth a few times and Jonas howled very loudly, she let go of him. “I have to get ready now, Jonas. Do we have the next round today?” Jonas grinned broadly and nodded. “If you feel like it!” “I mean the round with your friends.” It took some time for Jonas to understand. In his mind’s eye there had been a wild sex fantasy with his mother, the twins and some of his friends. Then he remembered. Almost disappointed, he replied. “Oh, you mean the pen and paper round… Yes, that was today.” She shook her head with a smile and gave Jonas a kiss before brushing her teeth.

Sarah invited her sister into her apartment. Every Thursday they met here to go running. They greeted each other with hugs and kisses on the cheeks. “Hey Sabine.” “Hey Sarah. All right?” “As always.” Sarah was more than ten years younger than Sabine. While Sabine was in her early forties, Sarah was in her early thirties. Both were athletic and fit. While Sabine had reddish hair and voluptuously large breasts, Sarah’s hair was blond and her breasts ‘only’ half as big. Sarah had already been a little jealous when Sabine had become pregnant and her cup size had risen so enormously. But in the meantime she had come to terms with it.

“Can I borrow sports clothes from you? I somehow forgot to pack mine this morning…” “Yes, of course. Just pick something from my closet.” After 10 minutes, both women were ready in the entrance area of Sarah’s apartment.

While jogging around, they talked about all sorts of daily things. How the work was, what they thought of the latest series and ultimately how it went in love. Since Sarah and Sabine were so different in age, they had little inhibitions about sex. Sabine had ‘taken Sarah by the hand’ and explained to her how bees and flowers behaved. Since then, they have exchanged thouse things regularly.

Until recently, at least. Both Sarah and Sabine hadn’t really been satisfied with their sex lives for a while now. “And, has anything improved with you in the meantime?”, asked Sabine at her little sister. “Not really. I mean, he’s nice. But he simply doesn’t satisfy me.” The younger one sighed slightly as they walked on. “I want to have fun in bed again… If this continues, I think I’ll have to stop. This really makes me angry… I’ve already talked to him about it, but it didn’t help. And what about you? Any better?” A slight grin inevitably spread across Sabine’s face. She rocked her head back and forth a little and deliberately took her time answering. “Ah, I think I’ve found a good solution for me.” Sarah slowed down, stopped, and braced herself on her thighs as she breathed. “How now? A new toy?” “Mhh. If you want to call it that… then rather two.” “Can you send me the page where you got it?” “Is a custom-made product. No productpage.” “Oh, damn Sabine. Now don’t torture me so much. I want to see what you’ve allowed in!” Sabine got hot. Very hot. Somehow she hadn’t expected Sarah to be so persistent. “I don’t know if you’re ready for that…”, she replied instead. It was one thing to show her a real sex toy. Another was to show her a picture of her two sons and explain to her that these two were her new lovers. Would Sarah understand? Magosa Escort Certainly not. She was open to new things, but that would go against her morals. Sabine didn’t need a moral apostle, she knew it was wrong for so many different reasons. But the feeling with which she was rewarded when she broke a taboo was too delicious.

Maybe that’s why she needed a moral apostle after all. Someone who straightened her head again. Sabine chewed uncertainly on her lower lip. Her fingers got cold even though it was warm. With slightly shaky fingers, she pulled her phone out of a pocket on her upper arm and searched the picture gallery for a picture of her and her sons. She was standing in the middle in the photo, in the arms of her boys.

Nervously, she handed Sarah the phone, who was already fired to see the miracle sex toy. As expected, Sarah seemed confused. What she saw did not correspond to her idea of a sex toy. Not at all. Slowly, her confusion turned into disbelief and finally into slight horror when she really understood. “Jonas or Janosch…”, she just wanted to know at first. “Both…”, Sabine replied and looked expectantly at her sister.

“You can’t be serious…” Sarah came closer to Sabine so that no one else could hear her. “You let Jonas and Janosch fuck you? Your own two sons?! Your own flesh and blood?!” Her expression did not directly indicate what she was feeling. A mixture of many things. Despair, some disgust perhaps, but also excitement. She could not imagine breaking such a taboo. The older sister looked around a little guiltily. “I know myself that it’s not right… but since I have overcome myself once, my mind is not as strong as it should be… it feels so good and my God, they really know what they’re doing!” She could see Sabine’s mixed feelings of shame and enthusiasm. Sarah shook her head slightly. “It’s wrong. Not only do you let your sons fuck you, you’re cheating on your husband, too.” Sabine wanted to justify herself, tell her little sister how good she had felt in the morning, how good the sex had felt to her. Just the idea of how Jonas and Janosch were taking her to task at the same time triggered a pleasantly warm feeling in her again. “… I guess I’ve already thought about looking for a lover. I still do! But your own sons? That’s just not right.” If they were strangers, Sarah would probably have reacted differently. Not appealing, but different.

Letting yourself be worked on by two strangers in bed might have had other consequences. In such a case, she would have put not only her marriage at risk, but also her family. However, she obviously had the encouragement of her children. “Will you keep it to yourself?” Sarah looked at her big sister somewhat doubtfully. “I should tell your husband… But I’ll keep it to myself.”

For the rest of the way they they jogged wordlessly next to each other. Sarah had actually agreed the direction in which the conversation had developed. At least until she learned that her sister’s lovers were her nephews. She tried desperately to suppress the fact that it was Jonas and Janosch who mated with her own mother. She failed miserably and sighed. “Tell me how it happened…”

Sabine was accurate in every detail, told of the game evenings they regularly had and how she had often embarrassed her two sons. Finally, she also talked about how she had made herself hungry for Jonas and Janosch when she had looked a little too deeply into the glass, just like the two boys. “Believe me, I was sure I had forced my sons. I was even convinced that I had lost my beloved boys forever… but they want it themselves and Jonas even made fun of me in the shower today.” “I still can’t believe or approve of it… at the end of the day, it’s up to you.”

They reached Sarah’s apartment again. “Thank you for keeping it to yourself, Sarah.” Even though they were both sweaty, she hugged her sister tenderly. Sarah returned the hug, but didn’t seem quite sure if she really wanted to. “That’s good. At least you seem to be happy again in bed…” “If you weren’t so averse to it, I’d lend them to you. If you are so underutilized in bed, you can certainly do something. You’re the only one who knows about it. And no one else will know.” For a moment, Sabine herself wondered at her words. Was she trying to persuade her little sister to do incest as well? Like a few days ago, the older of the two remembered numerous evenings when she had lain in bed with a laptop and read kinky incest stories. She had never believed that this could really happen. In the end, she was somehow happy about it. There had also been more frequent sex between sisters. “If the word ~if~ weren’t”, Sarah said only in response and gave her sister a goodbye kiss on the cheek. Sabine would shower at home. She just quickly took off her gym clothes and threw them into a laundry before putting her own clothes back on and leaving the apartment with a mixed expression. The younger one watched her sister for a while as she left the house and then drove away by car.

Sarah found herself in the bathroom. “What is she thinking…”, she murmured, as if Sabine could still hear Kıbrıs Escort her. As she undressed, she shook her head. That’s how much she and her big sister had in common. Sarah herself hadn’t read such stories — hadn’t even thought of reading them. But now that she knew from Sabine that something like that could be found on the Internet… No, it was wrong and that was a good thing. With one hand she opened the laundry bin and was about to throw in her own sweat-soaked clothes when she saw Sabine’s clothes. She paused for a beaten minute and just looked at the leggings Sabine had been wearing. While she remained like this, her face became warm and she went into herself.

Shaking her head firmly, she freed herself from her trance and turned on the water of the shower. A hot shower was always good. The water beaded over her skin, breasts and thighs. She rested her head on the back of her neck and let her face sprinkle. Inevitably, she thought back to what Sabine had told her. Jonas had just gotten into his mother’s shower and taken her? If only it hadn’t been a family member… Sarah spun so that she could lean against the cold tiles and closed her eyes as she slowly slid down the wall. Broad-legged and crouched, she went about her thoughts like a lover touched and soaped her all over her body, how his hands devoted themselves to every nook and cranny. She didn’t really notice, but she became wet and her hands gently stroked her breasts and nipples. Were the boys’ cocks big? Certainly not small, otherwise Sabine wouldn’t have mentioned that her boys did a good job. Sarah knew from her sister that she loved big dicks.

The day passed quickly and when Sabine entered the house again in the late afternoon, Jonas, Janosch and their friends were already there. They frolicked in the living room. “Give me half an hour, then I’ll be there for you,” Sabine hastily called out to the boys. “No hurry!”, replied one of the friends.

Sabine went into her bedroom, undressed and thought about what she wanted to wear. Office clothes could be provocative – especially for boys or young men. It really appealed to her to put on a similar outfit as two days ago and then watch her boys. She had previously enjoyed teasing her boys in front of her friends by wanting to know or distributing precarious information. After thinking back and forth about putting on a short skirt and blouse again, she decided on an airy white summer dress. She even went a step further and decided against underwear. She had the figure and even if Jonas and Janosch would be happy about the sight, it would probably also please the friends – would that make her sons jealous? Naked as she was at the moment, only the dress in tow, she went across the hall to the bathroom and into the shower. The thrill of one of the boys’ friends surprising her at that very moment was too delicious.

She jogged down the stairs, grabbed a folder, and joined the boys. “So, where did we stop last time?” she asked. “Jonas and Janosch somehow had an extra episode, didn’t they?” said one of the friends, whose name was Max. “Oh yes. Jonas, please repeat what happened.”

While Jonas began to talk — at first very shallow — Sabine sat down in her usual seat. Her hair was still slightly wet and had wet her white summer dress just in the area of the breasts. If the boys looked closely, they would be able to see her nipples — which were sticking out anyway, because Sabine found the situation immensely stimulating. Sabine read through her notes and looked up regularly. Again and again she said that Jonas was not accurate in detail. She wanted him to mention that his character and his brother’s character had messed around with the prostitute. It was more than uncomfortable for him – just as she had always enjoyed. Putting their boys in an awkward situation and watching them share such intimate things with their friends and being coerced by their own mother.

“All right. The stage is over and we dedicate ourselves to a new little story. The last case is over and the trail has been successfully pursued. Today it’s about a wealthy lady who lives in another city and has a special request.” Sabine’s stories often revolved around sex – not always, but frequently. When they weren’t going to a brothel, there were at least frequent situations where players were ‘confronted’ with sex. This time, too, Sabine wanted to stick to her style. The lady who had hired the group wanted to have her husband monitored. She suspected that he was cheating her and embezzling funds due to her.

While Sabine leaned back and crossed her legs, she noticed the many looks. All the boys – both their own and their friends – are blatantly staring between their legs. Had they consciously seen something? Or did they just think they had seen something? Now, with their legs crossed, they wouldn’t see anything. But that had been exactly the reason why she had dressed this way. Jonas repeatedly gave Max a nudge with his elbow in the side so that he could loosen his gaze. However, he didn’t care much about it. While the players were talking to each other and discussing how they wanted to proceed, Sabine looked out the window and went about her ideas. Even though she preferred her two sons, she was not averse to the idea of organizing an orgy. Jonas was like an open book for her when she wanted to know something. It hadn’t been much of a challenge for her to guess the thoughts he had expressed in the shower.

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