Patty , Jo Fulfill a Fantasy Ch. 05

“Do I look alright Patty?”

“Scrumptious, how about me?” Patty answers with a wink.

“Good enough to eat”, Jo winks back.

They leave the clothes rumpled on the chair and leave the store. Walking to the car, Jo gets a call from Jerry.

“Oh, hi hon, how is your day going?” Jo demurely asks.

“Kind of shitty, but not much different than any other day. I can’t wait to get home to see both of you tonight.”

“Well, hopefully we will be home sometime tonight. You know we are out spending lots of money,” Jo laughs.

“Not really, we haven’t bought a thing, but we are having a wonderful time together.” Jo looks at Patty and giggles.

“I bet you are,” Jerry answers. “Call me and let me know when you all are going to be home, so I know what to do about supper.”

“Is eating all you ever think about, Jerry?” Jo gives Patty a wink.

“Mmmm, only when I am with you, babe.”

“Ok, I will call you later, bye.” Jo turns the cell phone off.

As they leave the parking lot, Patty says “OK, now where?”

“I’m trying to think of a good place where we can go, so you can pay me back. You know you owe me one now,” Jo grins.

“And just how daring are you, girl? Want to try it where we take a chance of being seen?” Patty’s hand rubs Jo’s thigh as she speaks.

“Yeah, right, let’s just stop here in the parking lot and get it on here.”

“I’m game if you are, JO”

“No way, what has gotten into you, little Miss prim and proper, little Miss I would never kiss or touch another girl.”

Patty sat straight up in the seat, as if slapped in the face. Jo could see the hurt on Patty’s face.

“Patty, you know I am kidding around. I am very, very happy that you have gotten rid of some of your inhibitions.”

“I’m not mad at you, Jo. The problem is that I know you are right. What has happened to me? If you would have pulled over back there, I would have made you climax right here in the car in broad daylight.”

“Really?” Jo giggled, trying to lighten up the mood.

“Yes, really. I know a teenage girl was watching us back there in the store. It excited me that she was watching us.”

“What! Are you kidding, Patty?”

“No, that is why I scooted down in the chair, to give her a better view. And this thing with body fluids, this fetish, or whatever you want to call it. I don’t know where that came from?”

“Patty, you are just now finding out who you really are. You are finding out what excites you and turns you on. You have finally taken off that coat of Puritanism that kept you from being who you really are.”

Patty sat and listened to Jo’s words.

“But, normal people don’t get turned on by that kind of stuff.”

“Oh really, want to check out books and movies in the adult book store. I bet they have whole sections on voyeurism & exhibitionism, another section on women and men craving all kinds of liquids, and even solids that come out of our bodies. What is a turn off for you might be a turn on for me, and vice-versa. I have found that out being married to Jerry. He won’t go near my butt hole or let me near his because it grosses him out. Me, I love to be fingered or even fucked in my ass. I have a man size vibe at home that I use on myself, in that hole. Now, the poop part does gross me out, so I try to stay clean about it. But there are some people that even that might be a turn-on for them. I even bought a strap on to use on Jerry until I found out how he feels, so it’s hidden now.”

Patty’s conscience calms after listening to Jo’s words.

“So you think a lot of people have fetishes, like me?” Patty wonders out loud.

“There are a lot of people who have your fetishes, some people who have other fetishes. Almost every one has something special that excites them.”

Do you have any other fetishes, Jo?

“Yes, probably the biggest one, is one that I have never experienced first hand, just have seen in movies. That is being part of a threesome. Either 2 guys using me at the same time, or having a girl and guy with me.”

Patty, now feeling more comfortable, responds, “I think I would like the 2 girls, 1 guy experience. Lately, since my obsession with secretions has heightened, I have wanted to eat a girl after a guy has climaxed in her. Then we all pass around his cum from mouth to mouth.”

“Wow! You really have been doing some fantasizing, haven’t you girl.”

Jo moves her hand to Patty’s bare thigh as she talks.

Patty has placed her hand on the back of Jo’s neck, rubbing her hairline.

“Mmm, that feels very sensual, Patty. That is a special place that turns me on when touched like that.”

“Your fingers feel pretty good on my leg too, Jo.”

“Wouldn’t you feel like you were cheating on Jerry if you did that, Jo?”

“Not if Jerry were the guy,” Jo smiles and winks at Patty.

“But hasn’t Jerry said that he didn’t want to do anything like that before?”

Jo looks into Patty’s eyes and says, “Yes, but I have seen the way he has been looking at you. I know he wants to be with you.”

Patty escort bayan feels guilty about letting Jerry watch them.

“Jo, I have something to tell you; please don’t get mad.”

“I can’t be mad at you,” Jo says as she scoots her body closer to Patty.

“I think Jerry was watching us when you were in my room and we were, you know, we were intimate with each other.”

“I’m sure he would have loved to watch that, but he was passed out.” Jo says.

“I don’t think so; I stepped in a drop of his cum when I got the towels to put around you. I know what cum is and how it feels and tastes.”

“No way!” Jo says loudly.

“Please don’t be mad, Jo.”

“Why didn’t you tell me right then?”

“I was so turned on by what we were doing, and it excited me more to think he was watching, I guess I let my lust think instead of my feelings of common sense, I’m sorry Jo. Please forgive me.” Patty pleads.

Jo remembers the cum on Jerry’s cock when touching him in bed. That wasn’t from a dream, she realized.

Jo continued to rub Patty’s leg.

“Well, I can either get mad at both of you, or I can use it for my pleasure.” Jo states, matter of factly.

“Easy choice for me, Jo grins. The man in the threesome he is.’

“And will you be the other girl in my threesome?” Jo asks, as she rubs higher on Patty’s warming thigh.

They are parked on the outer edge of the parking lot, under a tree to protect them from the glaring sun. Patty leans over and stops her face just an inch from Jo’s.

“You know you are turning me on, Jo.”

“Same here,” Jo replies softly.

“Really?” Patty whispers as her other hand slides up to Jo’s panty and slides under the leg band, on to Jo’s moist slit. “Hhmmm, you are getting wet, now what do you want me to do about that?” Patty purrs.

Patty rubs Jo’s clitoris, waiting for Jo to answer.

Jo answers by raising her hips and sliding her shorts down past her crotch. Patty, now even more excited lowers her face to the steamy panty covered pussy. Her fingers continue to rub and massage as the other hand slides the thin material to the side. Patty’s mouth covers the mostly hairless mound as her tongue starts helping her finger stimulate Jo’s body. A car heads toward them, Jo lowers her hips,

“:A car is coming,” Jo whispers,

“Yes, but you’re not.” Patty lifts her face to answer, and dives back in, never missing a beat; it never slows as it passes by. Jo’s hips rise high as she approaches her inevitable orgasm.

“Patty, Patty! baby! take me over the edge, make me cum, baby, Oh Yes!, I’m cummiiinnng!” Jo’s hips jerk back and forth. Patty sucks and licks quickly to capture all of Jo’s love juices. Another car comes by, slows down, but continues on as Jo’s body and mind sink slowly back to earth.

Jo, exhausted, but now has, at least, her eyes open, pulls her shorts back up and adjusts them.

“Patty, you’re turning me into a nympho or something.”

“Are you complaining?” Patty asks, while she leans over and kisses Jo’s cheek.

“Hell no, I am enjoying every moment of it.”

Jo’s hand moves to Patty’s thigh and with her fingertips brushes Patty’s skin just below her panties.

“mmmm, that tickles so good, Jo.”

“I hope so. Are you really serious about getting together with me and Jerry for some real excitement? I know I am.” Jo says purringly as she rubs closer to Patty’s silk covered mound.

“That’s not fair to ask, while you’re causing me to ooze. You know that, don’t you, JO?”

“I know,” Jo’s fingers move up on the silk.

“Ok, Ok, I want to be with both of you,” Patty moans.

“Let’s stand outside and get some fresh air and stretch our legs,” Jo says.

‘I know where I want to stretch my legs,” Patty giggles, as she opens her door to join Jo.

“So, how are we going to work this?” Patty asks

“I have been thinking about that. Since Jerry likes to peep, why don’t you get up after dinner and excuse yourself to get into something more comfortable. I am sure Jerry will be peeping in your door when you do. That will get him real horny. I will be very suggestive when we watch TV. I’ll take him into our bedroom and start with him. You can watch, if you want. Then, I will get up, turn off the lights, leave to ‘use the bathroom’ and come back with you. We will lie in the bed, me next to Jerry, you next to me. We have a low light lamp beside the bed. I will have him on his back I will be up on my knees eating him. You will be behind me. You turn on the lamp. Then you slide your face under my crotch and start eating me.”

“That sounds too complicated, Jo.”

“How about you have him on his back, the light is already on. You make sure he is relaxing with his eyes closed. Then I come in, start eating his cock and balls with you,” Patty suggests.

“Hhmmm, that sounds even better,” Jo agrees.

That’s all we talk about on the way home. All the possibilities and different things that might happen. Jo & I are both very hot when we finally get home. After bursa vip escort closing the house door, I grab Jo and kiss her passionately. My tongue swishes inside her mouth desperately scooping up as much of her saliva as I can. Jo’s hands grab my hips and pull my mound against hers. Our hips grind and mash against each other as I drink her savory juice. As my hand slides under her top, she breaks away.

Pantingly, she says we need to save this for later.

“Mmm, as long as it’s not too much later,” I say softly in her ear.

“Let’s get cleaned up for later, Patty. I’ll shower first, and then make dinner while you shower, OK?”

“Sure, Jo, as long as I can watch,” I giggle.

I stand at the doorway and watch Jo undress. Her body is still firm, her boobs are still firm. Her ass is rounded and full. She leans over to test the water.

I gaze upon the shaved bottom of her labia, my hand moves to my breast and begin massaging.

Jo raises back up, turns and says, “Do you want to lick my juice before I get in and clean it off?”

She spreads her lips with her fingers as I walk over, get on my knees and lick inside her hot slit. Savoring the sweet smell and taste one more time.

“OK, time for me to clean up,” she moans as she backs away and steps into the streaming water. I watch the steams of cool water run over her breasts, nipples, on down over her abdomen and down into her mound. The scene is so erotic. I watch the soap bubbles on her body as she lathers up, and then lets the cascading water wash them away, to the floor and down the drain. This is turning me on so much, I think to myself.

I hand Jo a towel after the water is turned off. The way she rubs and pats her body with the thick towel is sensual.

I can’t wait to get my hands, my fingers, my mouth, my tongue on her. I want to devour her, ravage her! My eyes lock onto hers; I am begging her in my mind. I can see she is just as eager as I am.

“Patty, I want the same thing as you, and we will get it, just a little later, I promise.” Jo slips on her clothes very teasingly as I continue to watch her every movement. She slides into a pair of black hipster panties. Her breasts sway as she leans over and puts each foot in the panty opening. She slides them smoothly up her bare flesh, then her fingers slide around the elastic adjusting them to the proper shape. She steps into a pair of baggy legged shorts, zips and buttons them closed. A matching black, lacy cupped bra goes on next. One arm slides in, then the other. She positions the cups underneath each mound of beauty, then pulls the front together and twists it closed. She opens a hole in the thin top and pulls her head thru, then each arm slides into the other openings. It slides smoothly over each lacy cup until I can now only imagine what lies beneath.

“Your turn,” Jo says as she leaves to go start dinner

I wash my hair; shave my legs and hairline around my warm pussy.

Should I trim it a little, I wonder? No, this way I will look and feel different than Jo, although it is very naughty looking on her. Taking extra care with my mound and ass. I finish and dry off. Sliding on a pair of red thongs and matching red bra, trimmed with black lace. I top it off with a blouse and shorts; I do need to change into something more comfortable later on. Very modest looking from the outside. I don’t like the feel of the thong strap in my ass, but it shows off my ass cheeks real well. And I plan on showing them off.

Jerry gets home, we have a normal dinner, and cherry pie with whipped cream for dessert adds a sensual touch. I gaze at Jo while savoring the thick cherry pie filling in my mouth and grinning at her. She sees me and smiles. Jo fixes us an after dinner drink as we set to watch a little TV. She finishes hers faster than normal, gets up to pour her another one and says to us

“Hey, let’s loosen up a little tonight, it is Patty’s last night her for awhile.”

“Why not,” I say as Jerry lifts his glass and finishes his. Now we all need a refill. After the third or fourth, I’m not sure, we were definitely loosened up.

“Patty, do you mind if me and Jerry go in the other room for a few minutes? I need to talk to him about something,” she smiles.

“Not at all, I’m not going anywhere.” I answer.

I gave them a few minutes to get undressed & started. As promised the door was ajar and the dim light on. They were kissing and embracing eagerly. Jo still had on her panties, Jerry his boxers.

Soon they were on the floor too. Jerry laid Jo on her back, kneeling beside her; he leaned over and kissed her passionately. His hand moved to cup her breast, He massaged it, and then his fingers began concentrating on the nipple. It soon became very hard from the teasing it was receiving. Jo began moaning softly, she could feel the wetness forming inside her labia.

My lust was getting intense; I could not stop my hands from teasing my own boobs, and lips as I relished the idea of being able to peep on them. My clothes were in bursa elit escort a puddle on the floor. I stood there naked, touching myself, in anticipation of joining, and tasting, that oozing pussy and that leaking cock.

Jerry’s face moved to her neck and shoulders, kissing, licking those sensitive areas around her ear and hairline. Jerry knew from experience how to get his wife very hot, very quick. I could see Jo’s hips begin to rise and fall ever so slightly. Then Jo rose up and guided Jerry’s body so he now lay on his back. Jo began licking his nipples, and then her tongue slid down to his erect, throbbing cock. Her mouth lowered until she could flick at its head with her tongue. Her fingers wrapped around the base holding it straight up her lips parted and encircled the purple crown and slowly slid down, down until her nose was nestled in his hair, Jerry’s cock pushing in her throat. Her face rises and sinks, up and down, on his hard shaft. Jo’s body slides slowly off the bed, her mouth never completely leaving the hard fleshy meat in her mouth. Now standing beside the bed and leaning over his hips, he looks up to see what has changed.

“Just lay back, clothes your eyes and enjoy. I think you will like my new idea.”

Jerry moaned, “Yes ma’mm” and closed his eyes.

I see Jo’s finger wiggle towards me, inviting me in. Jo’s hand moves down and cups his balls. His cock slips out of her mouth as she raises her head. My face lowers, my mouth parts in anticipation. It has been years since I have had a real dick in my mouth. I try my best to mimic Jo’s sucking technique. It is hard not to gag as I deep throat that long shaft and crown. Jo continues to massage his balls. She takes my hand and guides it to the base of his cock. I take the hint and encircle it with my fingers. I jack him off while eating him. Jo moves her other hand to one of his nipples. So now 3 hands are working on Jerry, one on his balls, one on his cock, the third on his nipple. How long is it going to take before he realizes that, I wonder? My other hand is playing with Jo’s sensitive boob.

“Mmmm, that feels so fucking good Jo.” Jerry moans.

“Oh yes, baby, I love playing with your balls and teasing your tiny nipple.”

“Mmmm, keep it up,” Jerry whispers.

I smile as Jerry still hasn’t put it together

“I’m going to sit on that hard, inviting cock of yours now, would you like that, baby?”

“Oh yes, oh yes. Slide that tight pussy down on me.”

Jo motions for me to straddle Jerry and accommodate his wishes, (and mine).

I straddle Jerry’s hips; Jo’s hand holds his cock straight for me to position my hole just at the purplish head. I lower my hips slowly as Jo releases. She puts her face close to mine and moans

“Oh that feels so good, when you fill my pussy up like this.” Jo mouths for me to moan a little.

I moan a soft, sincere moan as the filling of my tight pussy continues. I have missed this feeling so much; I had forgotten how great it felt

Jerry still has his eyes closed as I move my hips up and down with Jerry’s hips.

“Don’t you dare cum yet, baby, I have other plans for you, just keep your eyes closed and enjoy.”

“YES, MA’MM.” Jerry eagerly answers.

Jo motions for me to rise up off his dick. She then sucks and licks his cock, then my pussy, getting as much of my oozing as she can. I roll slowly off the bed and she leans over and kisses Jerry deeply, smearing my juice deep in his mouth and around his lips.

“Oh, I love to taste and smell your cum Jo,” Jerry says, still not knowing. I stand beside her next to Jerry’s head; she kneels down and spreads my legs.

What is she doing, I wonder? She separates my lips with her fingers and licks in my already dripping slit.

She takes Jerry’s fingers and carefully moves it to my pussy.

“Oh, play with me,” Jo moans.

Jerry anxiously obliges, sliding his fingers up and down my slit, stopping to insert it in my hole, then up to rub my button. Jo maneuvers herself around, spreads my ass and begins licking me there. Her tongue gets my hole wet, and then her fingers pry their way inside. My body is reeling from all the sensations. My breathing is becoming loud and labored as Jo moves from my ass to my breasts. I moan as soft as I can, this time without the prompting.

“look at what you are doing to me baby.” Jo finally whispers.

Jerry eyes open as his head turns to see my naked body standing next to his face. His fingers are working on my pussy. His wife’s mouth and hands are working on my breasts.

Jerry’s cock suddenly throbs hard back and forth. His eyes move up and down my naked flesh.

“Mmmm, I can see why you wanted to be with Patty so much,” Jerry says, his fingers never stop exciting me.

My hand grips his shaft hard and slides up, forcing a drop of precum to form at its tip. I lean over and lick it up. Jo moves back to the bed straddles Jerry and lets his dick slide inside. “Join us, Patty,” Jo says. “Stand up here and let Jerry watch me eat that tasty pussy of yours while he fucks me.” I stand on the bed, careful to keep myself balanced on the mattress, and stand with my crotch just in reach of Jo’s face. Her hands move to my swollen breasts, as her mouth and tongue ravage my cunt. Jerry’s hips and Jo’s are slapping loudly as they smash against each other.

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