Paradise Island Ch. 07


It has been a really long time since I posted the previous chapter of Paradise Island. I moved jobs and became really busy and the muse just left me. Thanks to everybody who kept sending me emails to carry on writing the story. Without those emails, I wouldn’t have found it in me to restart writing. Hopefully, the next chapter won’t be so long in the writing!


It’s best to go back and read the previous chapters. If you don’t want to, here’s a brief summary:

Paradise Island is a tropical island in the south seas. It is very isolated from the rest of the world and is divided into five estates. Some trace elements in the soil of the island skew the population so that twice as many girls are born as boys. The girls are also quite beautiful and ‘feminine’. The head of the estate has complete control of all the people on his estate.

Tom’s sister Jill has recently been widowed. She had been married to the head of the Fontana estate and she suspected Serbius of murdering him. Serbius wants to take over the Fontana estate and Jill asked Tom to come over and take over as the head of the Fontana estate. Tom came over, enjoys himself with several girls and gets engaged to Macy – the previous Fontana head’s sister. However, the council doesn’t agree to Tom taking over as the head and asks him to leave with Jill and Macy once they are married. Before they get married, Tom is framed for the murder of Serafina – one of the girls on his estate..


Tom looked up in a desultory fashion when the guard came in and announced visitors. There was no specific prison in Paradise Island and he had been held in the Council building with a few guards.

Jill and Macy came in. He had been sitting listless and wan and Macy came running into his arms. He held her without any great force. His sister Jill said, “Tom, you’ve got to buck up. All of our lives are at stake here. You cannot just sit quietly while they railroad you into a murder charge. We know you couldn’t possibly have killed Serafina and you have to prove it to everybody.”

Tom looked in surprise at his sister at her angry tone. Slowly, some of her anger seeped into him as well. He became more aware of his fiancee’s body in his arms. He held her more tightly and smiled grimly at Jill. “You are right!” he told Jill, “We’ve got to find the bastard who killed Serafina and make sure Macy and I get married, so we can all leave the island.”

“I have to tell you something else,” said Jill, “We just heard last night that Dad is dead.”

“Pa! dead?” said Tom looking shocked.

“Yes,” said Jill, “I’m leaving now to go home. The council agreed that I could leave the island and go to Mom immediately. The boat leaves in half an hour. It’s bad timing but Mom needs me more.”

Tom shook his head.

“It never rains but it pours!” he thought.

Aloud, he said, “You are right. Your place is by Mom now. Don’t worry about me. Macy and I’ll sort out this charge here and come out and meet you back home.”

He disengaged himself from Macy and stood up. He hugged Jill and kissed her lightly on the forehead.

“We’ll keep you informed of developments here,” he said. Jill nodded and left.

Tom sat down again and took Macy’s dainty hands in his larger hands. His keen lawyer’s mind had started ticking again. “Find out what Serbius was doing in the days leading up to the mid-summer party and who he was with. It wasn’t a coincidence that he was so conveniently around to accuse me as soon as Serafina was knifed.”

Macy nodded. They hugged and kissed until it was time for Macy to leave.

The council met two days later and Tom was called in. He looked around past the guards’ shoulders. The room was crowded and there was a large contingent from his own estate. He recognized several girls that he had fucked and more that he hadn’t. Tom realized with a pang that even if he beat the rap, he’d still have to leave Paradise Island in a few days and the days of masterful debauchery would be just a memory.

The five council members (including Macy who was representing the Fontana estate) sat in the front of the dock. Tom was seated in a chair and four men stood guard round him. Serbius was seated in the front row of the audience, looking very pleased. As the senior council member, Lukid called the room to order and asked the prosecutor to start his work.

The prosecutor, a dry old-ish looking man, gave a brief outline of events leading up to Serafina’s knifing. Tom raised no objections as the case was laid out against him. Several witnesses were called who testified that they had seen Tom looking angry when Serafina danced with other men. Another witness, a girl from the Fontana estate, testified that Tom had pulled Serafina out of the unknown man’s hands and the next thing they knew was that Serafina was on the ground with clutching her stomach and bleeding.

Tom stood up and looked at the girl carefully. He remembered her as the girl who had served him breakfast a couple of times. He remembered the feel of Beylikdüzü escort her bottom in his hands as he had felt her up while she was bent at the waist serving Jill or Macy. He had even felt her tits – smallish but with very perky and sensitive nipples – when she bent in front of him while serving him. He smiled at her and the girl blushed. Tom suddenly remembered her name.

“Marie,” he asked, “Did you see me stab Serafina?”

“No Sir,” she replied.

“Thank you, Marie,” Tom said and added, “No more questions.”

It was now Tom’s turn to lay the case for the defence.

He called for Firni to be his first witness.

“Firni, did you dress me on the day of the murder?” Tom asked when she was seated and sworn in.

“Yes Sir,” she replied.

“Was there a knife on me?” he asked.

“No Sir,” she replied, “There was no knife on you at all.”

“Thank you, Firni”

Tom let her off the stand.

He looked at her back and remembered how he had fucked Firni and Serafina in a menage-a-trois (his first) the day after he had landed on Paradise Island. He shook his head and concentrated on the task at hand.

Tom called out, “My next witness is Serbius.”

There was a stir in the courtroom as everybody looked at Serbius in surprise. Serbius himself looked astonished.

Once Serbius was ready, Tom asked him, “Serbius, why were you at the Fontana estate’s mid-summer party?”

“Why?” asked Serbius looking perplexed.

He had clearly not anticipated Tom’s question and was wondering where this was leading.

“Yes, why? You were not invited to the party. Didn’t you have any friends at your own estate’s party?” Tom teased.

A titter passed through the courtroom and Serbius became angry. This was exactly the reaction Tom was hoping for. If he could get the witness angry, he’d reveal more than if he was carefully controlled.

Serbius sat silent for a tense few seconds and before Tom could open his mouth, a voice called out from the back of the courtroom, “I know why he was there. He knew the murder was going to be committed and he wanted to be there to pull Tom down.”

Everybody, including the council, turned to the voice. It was John, Lukid’s nephew and heir. He walked down the aisle to the dock and bowed to the council.

John said, “I know this is irregular, but I’d like to present some evidence that I’ve gathered.”

Lukid waved at him to continue. Obviously, trials on Paradise Island were run far more informally than back home.

John turned and said loudly, “Bring them in!”

Several men and women from the Fontana and Lukid households came in, surrounding a group of foreigners. Tom glanced at Serbius. Serbius was looking panicky and darting quick glances at the exits. He caught Macy’s eye and glanced meaningfully at the doors. She caught on and with a sign, stationed guards on all the doors.

Meanwhile John pushed one of the guys forward and said, “We caught him with the murder weapon. He’s confessed that he killed Serafina. Serbius promised him and his mates gold and several Fontana women as mistresses once Serbius became the head of the Fontana estate.”

A slow growl swept through the courtroom as they digested John’s statement. They were not angry about the gold or even the murder but about promising Paradisian women to outsiders as payment. That contradicted the duty of the heads of estate to look after his women. The head of the estate could enjoy all the women he wanted and they accepted that. That did not mean they were slaves who could be sent where they did not want to go – especially to foreigners.

“Lies! All lies!” screamed Serbius.

“I have proof,” John said and took out a battery powered tape recorder. Most of the people in the courtroom had never seen such a device and didn’t know what it was. They looked at it suspiciously. John pressed a button and Serbius’s voice boomed out.

“I’m not going to give up. I mean to become head of Fontana and make those two stuck-up bitches grovel in front of me. Sam, you and your guys will be well rewarded. I’ve already given you half the money and the other half will be given once you kill one of the girls with that guy and frame him for it. Once I become the chief, you can each select three girls of your choice from the serving women to be your play things. Those girls will show you what paradise is!”

Serbius’s laugh cackled out and John pressed another button and stopped the player.

John said, “There’s no honour among thieves. They wanted to be sure you’d not renege on the deal once they did their work. That’s why they secretly recorded your conversation.”

With a snarl, Serbius took out a knife from a hidden pocket and jumped at Tom. Instinctively, Tom grabbed Serbius’s wrists, desperately trying to stop the knife from reaching his throat. Tom was no match for Serbius in his maniacal state. The knife slowly reached Tom’s throat.

John and a couple of his friends recovered from their shock and jumped on Serbius’s back, pulling Beylikdüzü escort bayan at his upper arms. It became very confused after that. Serbius fell down and John and his friends fell with Serbius. They rolled around for a few seconds before a scream rang out and they were all still. John and his friends slowly stood up, bleeding from nicks and scratches. Serbius however remained on the ground, the knife deep in his chest. The knife had slipped in between the ribs straight into the heart and there was surprisingly little bleeding.

The courtroom was cleared and Tom was sent back to the little office which served as his cell. An hour later, Macy and John came in and told him he had been cleared of the murder charge.

Macy gave him a quick hug and said, “I’ve got to go back to the council. We are discussing something even more important!”

Tom frowned as Macy walked away, wondering what was that important.

Tom thanked John for his help and John shrugged deprecatingly, “It was your idea to concentrate on Serbius.”

They went out of the building. Several of John’s men and Fontana men came and congratulated him. Somebody brought out a tambourine and started playing. Some women joined them and they started dancing together in the shade of the trees. Tom did not join them. He just sat on a stone platfrom surrounding a large tree looking at the dancing people and savouring his freedom. John stayed with him in companionable silence.

A council official came out and asked Tom and John to go into the council meeting. When Tom and John walked in, they were directed to two seats at the council table. Lukid cleared his throat, “After a lot of discussion, we’ve decided that Tom is the best person to head the Fontana estate once he marries Macy.”

Tom’s jaw dropped in surprise and John gave a whoop of delight. Macy was smiling widely and clapped her hands. Lukid waited until there was silence and said, “It has also been decided that blood relatives should not hold more than one house simultaneously.”

Tom and John were both stunned. No wonder Serbius’s father and brother were looking stormy. One of them would have to give up their house.

Lukid then turned to Tom and held out his hand. Tom took it and they shook hands. Lukid said, “Welcome aboard, Tom. I’d like you to marry Macy as soon as possible, preferably within a day or two. I want to settle this whole matter and put it behind us.”

Lukid sighed and suddenly looked old. The whole affair had been a big shock to him.

Tom, Macy and the whole contingent of Fontana members returned home in high spirits. Tom and Macy immediately went to the communications room and called up Jill.

“Hi Sis! How’s mom?” asked Tom when he heard Jill’s voice.

“Tom! You are free!” shrieked Jill.

“And not just free, Jill. It’s official. Tom will be the head of the Fontana household as soon as we get married,” said Macy over his shoulder.

“Wow! That’s great news. I can’t wait to get back to Paradise Island,” said Jill.

“Unfortunately we have to be married in the next day or two,” said Macy.

“Oh No! I don’t want to miss the wedding!” wailed Jill.

“HOW’S MOM?” Tom almost shouted interrupting the conversation between his sister and his fiancee.

“Don’t shout, Tom. Remember, you are not yet the head of the house”, said Jill. Tom could almost imagine his sister wagging her finger. He snorted and Jill relented, “Mom’s taken it quite well. Apparently, mom and dad had led quite separate lives in the last few years and mom’s not too grief stricken.”

“Oh!” said Tom. He hadn’t really thought about his mom and dad’s marriage in any great depth and this was news to him.

“It’ll take me a couple of weeks to sort out all the stuff here before I can make it back there. Have a wonderful wedding and I may have a surprise for you,” said Jill.

“Surprise?” asked Tom.

Jill said, “Surprise. May have.”

They signed off after Macy and Jill had another animated conversation about the wedding. Tom wanted to talk to his mother, but Jill said she was out.

Tom and Macy decided to get married the next day and make it a very simple affair. They sent invitations to a very few of Macy’s friends and to the four heads of houses. The heads of houses declined but sent representatives. Lukid sent John in his stead even though John had also been invited as a friend.

Tom wanted a quiet night and went to bed on his own. The next day dawned bright and three giggling girls woke up Tom. They were all wearing the short cotton shifts that revealed their legs and moulded their boobs. They helped Tom with his ablutions and Tom helped himself to their willing bodies. He cupped their tits and bottoms. He pulled them close and kissed them. He pinched their nipples and thrust his fingers into their cunts. The women seemed to enjoy his attentions as much as he did. He was rock hard and the girls took turns feeling his cock. However, he did not fuck any of the girls. He was getting married this day and he wanted Escort beylidüzü it to be just Macy today.

When they finally took off his clothes, his twitching cock stood at ninety degrees to his body. One of the girls immediately dropped to her knees and took it in her mouth. The warm, wet feeling almost overwhelmed Tom and he was tempted to let the girl continue her blow job. He stopped himself in time and asked the girl to get up. The three women were very astonished when he asked them to just give him his bath without any hanky-panky. The three girls clothes got wet and transparent and it took a long time for his erection to come down.

By tradition, Tom and Macy were not allowed to meet all day and the wedding commenced in the evening. All the heads of houses’ sent gifts. The gifts included several nubile girls from each house along with material things. Tom’s eyes widened in delight when Lukid’s gift turned out to include Esha. Esha was a pretty Fontana girl with a wonderful, firm bust topped by sensitive nipples that were not too big or too small. Her bottom was quite shapely too. Tom had given her as a gift to Lukid when she was a virgin after fucking her in the ass. She was now coming back. Tom looked forward to putting his hands on her magnificent tits and then felt guilty about thinking such thoughts with his beautiful bride standing next to him. If he asked, however, Macy would be the first person to disrobe Esha and help him ravish her.

Finally, the guests left and Tom and Macy went to the nuptial room that had been made ready for them. Both of them felt impatient to consummate their marriage. Macy would have let him take her a long time ago, but Tom had insisted that he wanted to take her virginity only on their wedding night. When they entered the nuptial room, Tom saw a big, round bed surrounded by lots of candles. The room was filled with white tropical flowers giving off a musky fragrance. Macy noticed that the three girls who had given him a bath in the morning were waiting to serve them. They helped Tom and Macy take off their clothes. Tom’s cock hardened rapidly when he saw Macy’s beautiful body revealed. She was a tall, willowy girl with a slim waist and long legs. Her boobs were not as big as some others’ that he had seen but they were at least a C-size and they were very firm. Her butt was rounded and flared delightfully from her slim waist. Tom noticed that Macy’s pussy hair had been carefully trimmed. There was no hair on her pussy lips and a carefully delineated strip above her pussy.

Macy saw Tom’s hot stare on her body and dropped her eyes. Her glance fell on his rampant cock and she blushed furiously. Tom rapidly closed the distance between them and took Macy in his arms. His cock lay like a steel rod across her belly and Macy’s boobs were crushed against Tom’s broad chest. Tom’s arms encircled Macy at the waist and her arms snaked round his neck. Tom’s face dipped and Macy’s face upturned to look at him. Their open mouths met in an hard kiss. Tom’s tongue darted out into Macy’s mouth. After a brief pause, Macy’s tongue met his in a hot duel. Tom’s right hand came up from her waist to the back of her head. He gripped her head and pushed it harder against his mouth. Macy’s hands tightened further round his neck. The kiss went on and on. Tom’s left hand dropped from Macy’s waist to her ass. He squeezed his wife’s ass gently and pushed it against his groin. Macy was moaning against his mouth. Tom closed his eyes and gave himself to his sense of touch.

Suddenly, he felt a pair of boobs crushed against his back and a hand gently fondling his dangling balls. He broke the kiss with a jerk and separated from Macy. He saw that the three girls who had helped him and Macy undress were still in the room. They were nude as well.

“What?” cried Tom, looking confused.

Macy put her hand on his arm and said, “Tom, I am a virgin and not experienced. I did not want our wedding night to be a disappointment to you, so I asked them to stay on and help me.”

She looked so worried that Tom laughed. “My dear darling bride! I love you and there’s no way this night will be a disappointment. I want this night to be just the two of us.”

Turning to the three girls, he said, “Off you go!”

The girls waited until Macy nodded and prepared to leave. Tom saw their boobs bouncing as they curtsied to him and one of them turned round and bent at the waist to pick up her dress. He saw her pussy peeping out from below her butt. As they were going off, he couldn’t resist adding, “Come back tomorrow morning and if I’ve any energy left, I’ll fuck you all.” They glanced back and left with a laugh.

Tom turned to Macy and whispered, “Alone, at last!”

He led her to the bed and laid her on it. Tom stretched himself next to Macy and lay on his side propping himself on his left elbow. Tom lay the palm of his right hand on Macy’s flat stomach. He slowly glided his hand up to her left tit and squeezed it gently. At the same time he bent his head towards her and started kissing her. Macy squirmed under his hand with excitement. Her tongue came out to meet his in a glad duel. Tom moved his hand to her other boob and squeezed it as well. The firm yet velvety soft feel of her boobs was heavenly. He circled his index finger on her brown rippled aureole and pinched her erect nipple between his finger and thumb.

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