Our Young Waiter

Big Tits

I was in a state of sexual anticipation, remembering our first encounter through an online sex site. After exchanging a few messages and pics, we agreed to meet at a restaurant one evening to see if we wanted to take things further.

I arrived wearing a loose, low-cut pink blouse over a black skirt slit to my thigh. You approached me in a dress with a plunging neckline that fitted tightly under your boobs, accentuating their fullness and easily permitting me to see your black silk push up bra. Your thigh was exposed almost to your knickers and drew my eyes like a magnet. If nothing else there was certainly an electric visual attraction between us. My eyes roamed freely over your curves, anticipating seeing more and I noticed yours appraising me, as well. I thought that, for being in our early 40’s, we looked pretty hot.

Our waiter was young and very good looking and we both gave him a smile when he put our drinks on our table.

We had the semi-privacy of a booth which, as it turned out, was a good choice. As I reached across you to grab the menu you leaned forward simultaneously and my hand accidentally found its way into your dress, brushing your breast. I started to stammer an apology as you smiled and held my hand where it was. I felt your nipple harden through your bra, and I knew mine were doing the same. Your hand moved mine to your milky skin and my fingers found their way to the little diamond that seemed to be trying to push its way out.

My free hand took yours and placed it inside my blouse, where I felt you pinching my nipple into hardness. As I started to moan you reached for the menu and opened it on the table, trying to hide what we are doing to each other. We leaned together and kissed, still kneading each others nipples.

I felt my wetness flowing as I watched our waiter approach to take our order. Neither of us removed our hands as we read from the menu we were trying to hide behind. The waiter could see almost everything from where he was standing and I glanced at his crotch to check his reaction. His tight-fitting trousers showed me a growing lump and I giggled quietly, watching him start to blush.

We ordered and he reluctantly left, probably struggling to regain his composure.

You continued your ministrations to my nipple and my breathing became rapid. Your fingers felt so good, making me want more of you. My free hand found its way to the slit in your dress and stroked your thigh, moving closer and closer to your knickers. As my fingers slipped under your panties and found your hairless pussy I felt yours on mine, sliding in over the top of my hip huggers. I knew my clit was growing hard as I felt yours do the same.

Both of us were breathing hard now and I could feel two of your fingers enter my pussy, thrusting gently. I followed your lead and probed you the same way, my thumb finding your clit and massaging its slippery hardness. The next thing I felt was the incredibly exciting touch of your little finger on my anus, moving gently as your fingers continued to probe my pussy. My clit was on fire as your thumb found it and started to rub it in rhythm to your thrusting fingers.

We continued for some time, neither of us wanting to rush to orgasm but, rather, enjoying the sensuous feeling of being continually on the edge. This couldn’t last forever and, as we kissed again, deeply, our fingers increased their tempo thrusting and probing faster and faster. Our breathing was ragged and we were both moaning, oblivious to everything around us. Time seemed to suddenly stand still as I felt your orgasm building and your pussy starting to grip my fingers. I was now over the edge and could hold back no longer; I followed you into orgasm.

After pausing for a moment, coming down from our mutual climax, we broke our kiss and, for the first time in minutes, became aware of things around us. Our waiter was standing in front of our table with our order on his tray, and we knew he could see everything over the top of our menu, . His uniform trousers were obviously too small and tight to hide his erection and his eyes were riveted on our nearly-exposed pussies. He placed our order on the table and, holding his hands in front to hide his growing cock, walked away.

Laughing quietly, and still touching each others’ wet bits under the table, we discussed our waiter’s reaction.

“Did you see the size of the lump in his pants?” I asked.

“Impressive,” you agreed. “I’d like a first-hand look at it.”

We both giggled at the double meaning of what you said and then looked straight at each other.

“Are you really thinking what I think you are?” you asked.

“Why not? He looks about 18 and can probably stand up to a bit of action.”

Our giggling at this comment almost dissolved us into loud laughter.

“Get ahold of yourself, Diane,” you told me.

“I’d rather get ahold of you, like I’m doing now, and maybe him later.”

“OK,” you agreed. “How do we arrange this little orgy?”

“Just follow escort gaziantep bayan haberleri my lead, fellow research scientist,” I winked.

A few minutes later I caught our waiter’s eye and beckoned him over. I apologized for embarrassing him earlier and explained that we were doing research into the reactions of young men when faced with a totally unexpected situation.

Your hand gripped my thigh as I continued, “Your reaction to what you think you saw means that you are now on the short list for further research activities, if you are interested.”

I gave him my warmest smile and tried not to laugh as he stammered his reply, “I’d like that, Ma’am. Do you want me to call you next week for an appointment or something?”

“Our research guidelines require us to continue with the next phase within a few hours of the initial encounter. What time do you finish work tonight?”

I could hear you give a little stifled gasp, and I had a bit of trouble keeping a straight face.

“I finish in about an hour,” he replied.

“Good,” I answered. “I’m Diane and this is Anne; what’s your name?”

“John,” he said.

“Great!” Not giving him a chance to ask any more questions, I told him we would met him out the front of the restaurant.

We finished just before closing time and waited for John to appear out the front door, which he did soon afterward. We both took an arm as if he were escorting us to a ball and strode to our waiting taxi, squeezing into the back seat with John in the middle.

The warmth of our hips on his and our hands resting on his knees soon had his cock rising again. When I took his hand and placed it on my leg I thought it would rip through his pants. You weren’t as subtle and reached for the object of our attention. As you stroked his cock through his pants he really started to twitch, so much so that he probably forgot where his hand was and moved it toward my pussy much faster than I expected.

Rather than make him cum in his pants, which appeared likely, you removed your hand. He suddenly appeared to realise where his hand was, almost to my wet panties, and put it back in his lap, much to my sorrow. I was starting to really enjoy the touch of a young man, but I realised we didn’t want to rush things.

He blushed and apologised, almost tripping over his words. I told him to relax, that it was all part of our research.

It was only a short ride to my house and we were soon inside; John’s erection hadn’t really subsided very much and it was leading him in an obvious manner. I had to exercise my self control and not start stroking it like you had done in the taxi.

“I think we had better have a drink, don’t you two?” I asked as I poured one for each of us.

We sat and relaxed for a few minutes, the air still sexually charged around us. I noticed that John’s lump had shrunk, and decided it was time to start our ‘research project’.

“John,” I announced, “we need to get started with our research. Now, your reaction at the restaurant, as I said, told us you were a prime candidate for what we are working on. The fact that you’re here means you want to participate, correct?”

Feeling a bit more relaxed after his drink, he nodded and said, “Yes.”

“Fine,” I continued, “In order to gauge your reaction to various stimuli, we want you to remove your clothing.” I said this in my most scholarly manner, and didn’t dare look at you because I knew we would both start laughing uncontrollably.

John looked totally shocked and started to protest, but I didn’t let him get too far. “It’s OK; we’ll dim the lights.”

He stripped down to his Calvin Kleins and we watched every move of his sexy young body. Everything was well-proportioned and, being young, he didn’t have an overabundance of body hair.

John stopped and I said, almost sternly, “Those, too. We have to measure your reactions.”

As he removed the last barrier I noticed you had your skirt up and were rubbing your pussy through your knickers. John’s eyes were riveted on what you were doing and, as his jocks dropped his cock rose. He was uncircumcised and, as it reached its length I could see the head peeking through his foreskin.

‘Omigod,’ I thought, ‘It’s magnificent, about 8 inches long and just the right thickness.’

“Anne,” I demanded, “Stop that; you’re affecting our research.”

John was only two steps away from us and I could see the precum forming on the head of his cock.

“This won’t do,” I said, “We’re supposed to measure your length before and after stimulating you. We might have to alter our research methods a bit.”

I motioned John over as I reached for a ruler on my side table. Being the helpful research assistant you are, you helped me with the measuring process, holding his cock whilst I placed the ruler alongside it.

“Anne, hold it still. I can’t get an accurate measurement if you continue to stroke him.”

John suddenly escort gaziantep hikayeleri became a sex object; more correctly, his cock became the object of our full attention as we measured it. Just as I estimated, it was just over 8 inches; my thumb and forefinger barely met around its circumference.

“John,” I said, “we have a little problem here. Your penis must be measured when it is flaccid. You will have to masturbate.”

His eyes widened as he said, “I can’t.”

“What do you mean?” you joined the conversation. “Haven’t you ever masturbated?”

Blushing, he admitted, “Yes, of course, but never in front of a girl before.”

“No time like the present to start,” you advised him. “Sit here in front of us, lean back, and spread your legs a bit. You’ll be more comfortable and, if you like, we can masturbate along with you so you won’t feel alone.”

As John sat down and started stroking his cock we both lifted our skirts, pulled our knickers to one side, and joined in. We were all really getting into it, and I was mesmerised watching his cockhead slide in and out of his foreskin, lubricated by a huge amount of precum.

“I’m cumming,” he announced and I immediately lurched forward, grabbed his thigh and put my mouth over his cock, just as he spurted. You had the same idea and we almost bumped heads, but I got there first. I pulled away with my mouthful and let you slurp up the rest of his sperm, licking him clean.

Then, my mouth full of his cum and looking him in the eye, I pulled you to me and kissed you deeply, swapping John’s sperm between my mouth and yours and back again.

Before we got too carried away with each other I pulled away and resumed my role as a research scientist, although I’m sure John wasn’t too convinced anymore.

His now limp cock measured just over 5 inches, and I made a note of that not-so-startling fact, as well as the time.

It was now show time. We told John to sit in a comfy chair across the room and just watch.

“Don’t touch yourself this time,” I instructed.

We stood in front of John, less than two metres away, and kissed again, our tongues dancing between each others mouths. You broke the kiss, reached for my blouse and slowly unbuttoned it, sliding it off my shoulders. I did the same to you, exposing your enormous boobs just struggling to get out of your bra. I reached around you, unhooked your bra, and slid it forward, seeing your boobs for the first time. Mine would be insignificant in comparison, but I didn’t hesitate, removing my bra and tossing it aside.

We were about to remove each others skirts when you looked over at John who had been watching us intently. My gaze followed yours to his cock, which was nearly at full length again.

“John,” you demanded, “When was the last time you had sex?”

In the dim light we could see him blush as he admitted, “I’ve never had sex in my life.”

Gently this time, you told him, “I think that will change tonight.”

We continued our mutual strip-tease, watching John all the while. His eyes never stopped roving from your body to mine as his cock once again grew to its full length.

As my knickers dropped to the floor I knelt in front of you and slid yours down your legs. You knew what I was going to do as you leaned back slightly and arched your pussy toward my waiting mouth.

With one long, slow stroke, I licked you from bottom to top, inhaling your aroma of arousal and feeling your body react to what I was doing.

It wasn’t the most comfortable and effective position and I rose to my feet.

“John, stand up,” I ordered and, as he did so, I grabbed him by the cock and started walking toward my bedroom. I glanced at you and smiled.

“You’re not going to be left out, Anne. I think I’ll need some help with this big-cock virgin.”

I could almost feel your eyes on my bum as I walked down the short hall and through the bedroom door, pausing only to turn on a dim light. . “Anne, please lie down. We’re going to teach John exactly how to pleasure a woman.”

I led John to the foot of the bed by his stiff cock and made him sit on one corner. As he watched I lay next to you, leaned over and kissed you. At the same time my hand gently touched your face and stroked down to your left breast, cupping it at first. My fingers swirled around and under your boob, making their way in small circles to your nipple, pinching and pulling it until it rose like a tiny cock. I kissed from your mouth to that beautiful nipple, adding to your pleasure by sucking it hard. I watched John as I continued to suck, and we both heard you moan with pleasure.

My lips found their way to your other breast and made your nipple stand to attention. As I did this, my hand stroked down your tummy to the top of your slit, pausing on the way to make a small circle around your belly button. With my fingers pointing down toward your toes I pushed the heel of my hand into the top of escort gaziantep bayan ilanları your mound and moved it around a few times.

Your pussy was so very wet as I slid my middle finger along the entire length of your slit, slowly moving it up and down for several strokes as your moans increased. Your legs were wide apart and John had a full view of two of my fingers probing your honey tunnel, causing your hips to buck. Your movements increased as my thumb found your clit and rubbed it, first on one side and then the other.

As my fingers continued to pleasure you I told John to move up the bed where he could see everything I was about to do. His cock was still standing up at its full length and I had to remind him not to touch it.

You moaned lightly in protest as I removed my fingers from your pussy, but your pussy didn’t stay unattended for long. Sliding my body down the bed I positioned myself where I had a full view of your sopping wet lips and throbbing clit which by now was standing out of its sheath.

John’s eyes were glued to your pussy as my tongue slowly licked its way from your thigh to the bottom of your slit and back down the other thigh. Then I moved further up and leaned a bit to one side so he could see exactly what I was doing. My long tongue started at the bottom of your slit and licked upward and back down several times, pausing to probe your tunnel as if it were a small cock.

Finally I reached your clit and gave it the attention I knew it needed. Your moans increased as I brought you closer and closer, alternating licking your clit and flicking it with the tip of my tongue. As you approached your climax I took your clit and the pussy flesh around it fully into my mouth and sucked in and out. I knew you felt as if you were fucking my mouth with your clit, and I felt your entire body tense as you exploded into one long loud climax.

Gently I moved away, your juices glistening on my lips, as you came down from your peak and opened your eyes.

I turned to John, who was only a few inches away and kissed him fully on the lips, probing his mouth with my tongue. You watched as I transferred your juices to him and watched the look on his face as he tasted your pussy by way of my mouth.

“John,” I said, “it’s your turn now. Anne needs her pussy licked by a man; she will tell you what she likes, and her reactions will tell you how good you are at what you are about to do. I want you to look closely at her pussy; it looks like an orchid, doesn’t it, when it is spread wide open. It’s up to you to gently lick every petal of that lovely flower.”

I moved to one side so I could watch John, and he quickly moved into position between your legs. At first he was a little rough, and you told him to slow down just a little, which he did. His tongue, longer than mine, was having a wonderful time licking up and down your pussy, and I knew from the little mewing noises you were making that it really felt good.

My pussy was aching by this time and I really needed to cum. I knelt over your face, and slowly lowered my pussy to your mouth, watching John as I did so. I leaned over just enough to stroke and squeeze your breasts and your hands found their way to my little ones, returning the favour.

John had increased his pace and was watching you lick me at the same time. We were in a race to see who would cum first, and you won. I was almost there when John sucked your clit into his mouth and you came with a loud scream. My pussy started to contract, but didn’t quite get there. I knew you would take time to recover and I didn’t blame you at all. It was just that I was so very close.

John lifted himself up slightly and I could see his cock needed as much attention as my pussy. I rolled onto my back next to you and told him to come up and kiss me. As he did, I reached down and guided his cock into my love tunnel, needing to feel him thrust his monster into me.

For someone who had never had sex before, he went to work like a veteran, pumping me as hard and fast as he could. It was obvious he wouldn’t last long, and neither did I. I grabbed his bum cheeks as he slammed into me and squeezed them as fast as I could.

You had made a quick recovery, reached over, and were stroking my boobs inbetween John’s thrusts, pinching my nipples.

How he increased his speed I couldn’t imagine, but it set me off like a firecracker. My pussy clenched his cock as I came, my hips bucked against him, and my hands gripped his bum cheeks really hard.

That was all it took for him to release his cum, and I felt the strong spurt hit the back of my pussy, again and again. He gave a kind of throaty growl at the same time that would have nearly set me off again if he had lasted a few minutes longer.

John rolled off me, his cock still hard, and lay on his back between us, his eyes shut. We both rose on our elbows to look at his instrument of pleasure, and my pussy knew it had been well-stretched by his young strong cock. I wondered how many times he could rise to the occasion, being only 18.

I’m sure you had the same thought as you leaned over and took his cock into your mouth, sucking up my juices and his cum as you stroked him with your hand.

John opened his eyes as you said, “Diane, look at it; he’s still hard. I’ve heard of men being able to cum twice off the same erection but I’ve never seen it happen. I wonder . . . .?

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