Our Orlando Trip After Atlanta part 1

Big Dicks

I probably should have published all three parts of this story sooner as it was our next adventure after our Atlanta trip. After Diane and my experience in Atlanta at the Double Tree Hotel, Diane loosened up in her attitude and her choices in clothing. While we were in Atlanta we had gone shopping for a couple of new outfits that showed off more of her beautiful figure. Her 36-C breasts are still very firm and don’t sag like some girls with large breasts. She works out three to four times a week at the gym to keep her tummy flat and her ass firm. Because of this I had tried to convince her of her sensuality and sexiness and now she finally understood that I had not been saying it just because she was my wife. After Diane and I returned home we decided to spend the a weekend in Orlando shopping for new cloths for her and to have a little fun showing off her new outfits. In addition to the many family attractions that the Orlando area is famous for, there are multiple shops that offer unique clothing for the sensual and sexual lifestyles. A couple of weeks later a Friday night came and bursa escort we decided it was time to make the trip to Orlando. We checked into a nice hotel away from the family amusement parks, close to the mall in South Orlando off of the Orange Blossom Trail. It was late in the evening when we went to a nearby restaurant that featured a nightclub just to get a better idea of what the ladies were wearing to look really sexy. We enjoyed a romantic dinner and then stopped by the club for a drink. Diane was wearing her little black dress that showed off her legs and cleavage. Diane had been having a tough time sleeping lately and had seen her Doctor earlier in the week. He had prescribed a sleeping pill for her which she hadn’t taken yet. She decided to take on one before we returned to the hotel. When got back to the room Diane started getting undressed and said she wanted me to fix her a drink. As she continued undressing I explained that we had Jack and Coke, but no ice. She was almost undressed now, wearing only a pair of boy shorts and began fussing about wanting a drink bursa escort bayan to help her sleep. “No problem,” she stated. “I’ll just go get some down the hall.” She was dressed only in her panties as she looked around the room for the ice bucket. Our room was three doors down from the elevator in the middle of the hotel, and the vending area was at the far end of the hall, past the elevators. I knew that Diane was under the influence of the alcohol she had consumed as well as the sleeping pill, so I suggested she might want to get dressed before she went to get the ice. “Geeze, it’s just down the hall. What time is it, anyway? It’s after Midnight, how many people are up at this hour?” she said as she walked out of the room. She didn’t have a key to get back into the room, she was in a strange city, almost naked, walking down a hotel hallway. I followed her out of the room and watched her walking by the elevators. I could her the sound of the elevators stopping and the doors opening just as she cleared the doorway. A younger couple got out of the elevator escort bursa and turned right, following behind Diane. The young woman giggled when she saw Diane. Diane heard the young lady, looked back at the couple and said, “Oh. Hello. Just going for some ice.’ She raised her hand and waved bye-bye over her shoulder and continued on her trek. The couple looked back in my direction and I just grinned and shrugged with my hands turned palms up in an ‘I don’t know’ look. They stopped at a room about half way down the hall, unlocked a door, and with one last look in Diane’s direction disappeared into the room. I continued to watch as Diane made her way back with a bucket full of ice. Watching her drug and alcohol influenced innocence as she staggered along the hall way really got to me. I could feel my cock growing harder the closer she came to the room. When she got to the elevators she stopped. “Did you see that young couple? I bet I know what they’re doing right now,” she slurred as she pointed back down the hall. “I bet they went out and partied and now they’re going to party here, now,” she slurred. She wiggled her hips as she spoke and almost lost her balance. I heard the elevator again and urged her to come on and get back in the room. Instead she seemed fascinated by her reflection in the mirrored doors of the elevator.

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