Our Friend Sandra


The building provides a cleaning service as part of the Maintenance Fees. Our girl is Sandra, a 30 something Columbian national who speaks very little English. Luckily both Evangeline and I both speak fluent Spanish. There is nothing remarkable about Sandra. She isn’t curvy, has a flat butt and has a respectable 32C bust. Sandra usually wears jeans and a tee shirt to clean.

We both have a pretty good rapport with her. We’ve learned that she is a good Catholic, that her husband and children still live in Columbia. She sends money home to help support them. She has not seen her husband in 3 years and has not had relations with anyone in that time. I did find out that she only cleans one apartment a day. It’s hard to talk about things of a sexual nature with Sandra due to her shy nature. One day we talked her into staying for dinner and we had served some wine with the meal. She loosened up a bit and we asked her how she deals with the moments when she has personal sexual needs with no man around. Since we speak in Spanish I will translate here:

Sandra blushed, “I do it myself” and held up two fingers, looking down as ashamed. “But I don’t do it often.”

Evangeline said, “Sandra, are you aware there are things that can help you with that?”

Sandra asked, “What do you mean?”

Evangeline and I look at each other. We couldn’t believe in this day and age that a woman never heard of sex toys.

“A vibrator.” Evangeline said. Sandra looked at Evangeline like she had two heads. I got up and went upstairs and got a few toys, the egg, a fingertip massager, and a vibrating dildo. I placed them into a travel bag and returned to the living room.

“No no, it’s a sin.” Sandra was saying as I returned.

“How could it be a sin?” Evangeline asked, “God wants us to be happy, no?”

“Si.” Sandra replied.

“This makes you feel good and happy, no?” Evangeline countered.

“Si.” responded Sandra.

“God wants you to be happy? So…” Evangeline finished. Sandra shrugged her shoulders. I refreshed our glasses. Evangeline looked through the travel bag and took out the fingertip massager. Sandra looked at it quizzically. Evangeline handed it to her. Sandra took it, finding how to activate it and did so. After a while a light went on and a big smile hit her face, then she blushed.

“Keep it! Take it home.” I said.

“No, no I can’t.” Sandra replied.

“Either take it home and do it in private or do it here with us watching.” I said.

Sandra’s eyes widened. “Okay I’ll take it home.” She said.

The next week that Sandra came to clean, I was at work. When I got home Evangeline told me Sandra was quite all day. I asked her if she wanted to stay for dinner.

“Only if you let me cook for you to thank you.” She said.

“Sure.” I replied. Evangeline had put out three huge Omaha Steaks to defrost that day. After she finished cleaning the house, she broiled the steaks with mashed potatoes and fresh string beans. I again served some wine with the meal, a nice Cabernet Sauvignon.

“This is a very nice thank you.” Evangeline said.

“What did we do to deserve this?” I asked.

Sandra blushed again, “For the…” she searched a few seconds for a word. “…finger thing!” Holding up one finger then pointing Beylikdüzü escort to her crotch.

“Oh, did you enjoy?” I asked.

“Oh yes, very much. Big…BANG!” She exclaimed.

“Oh really?” Evangeline asked, “Good I’m glad.”

“Do you want to tell us about it?” I asked.

Sandra’s eyes widened. “No…private.” She said.

“Well we have more toys like that.” I stated.

“Really?” Sandra asked.

“Do you want to see some?” Evangeline asks.

Sandra thought about it for a minute, “Si, okay.”

“Upstairs.” I said, pointing up to the bedroom. I refreshed our drinks and we all went upstairs.

When we got into the bedroom I patted on the bed for Sandra to sit down. I took out a few toys. We started with a penis shaped dildo.

“A Cock!” Sandra exclaimed.

“Yes a cock.” Evangeline stated, “Except no mess.” Sandra, took it, look at it and shook her head in understanding.

Then I took out a dildo with a clit stimulator and turned it on.

“Oh, two for one.” Sandra said giggling. We all laughed. By now Sandra was showing the signs of the effects of the alcohol. I went to my dresser and took out a joint holding it up. “Si, Sandra said.” We all partook.

The next toy I took out was an anal plug. Sandra looked at it quizzically. After a while she said,

“¿Qué es?”

Evangeline looked at me and said, “It’s easier to show her.”, taking out a tube of lube.

I got up, lifted my skirt, pulled down my thong and bent over. I turned to see Sandra response. Her eyes opened wide in disbelief as Evangeline inserted the plug. Her hand went to her mouth and finally asked, “Does it hurt?”

“No, it feels good. Do you want to try one?” I asked her as Evangeline got out another one.

Sandra thought about it for a moment. “Well do did help me with the finger thing. Yes, okay.” Sandra got up and unzipped her jeans sliding them down off her feet. To our surprise Sandra had gone commando and had a Brazilian Wax. Her pussy was a meaty one with labia lips protruding outside her vulva. Her ass was unremarkable, flat, and when she bent over her anus and pussy were easily accessible. Evangeline lubed up the plug and slowly inserted it. Sandra groaned lightly. Evangeline left her hand between Sandra’s legs encouraging her to spread her legs a bit. As Sandra’s legs spread, Evangeline tapped on the butt plug with her thumb evoking another low groan. Evangeline’s fingers were lightly rubbing the exterior of Sandra’s mound when Sandra instinctively spread her legs some more. This movement caused the butt plug to slide out a bit. Evangeline caught it with her thumb, before it came fully out, and slid it back in. Simultaneously, Sandra’s pussy opened and Evangeline started teasing the entrance to Sandra’s vagina. A finger slipped into her and as it did, Sandra realized what was happening and straightened up, the butt plug still in.

“No! No fingers. I don’t want you to finger fuck me!” Sandra exclaimed.

“I’m sorry. It’s just that you opened your legs.” Evangeline said.

“I know, I’m sorry. I’m no lesbian, I’m married.” Sandra said as she was getting dressed. Sandra explained that before she was married to her husband, she had a lesbian lover. In confession, a priest told her it was a sin Beylikdüzü escort and if she continued she was going to hell. He told her to find a man, get married and have children.”

“Are you happy with your husband? I asked her, “I mean with sex with you husband?”

Sandra sat down. Once she did, she realized she still had the butt plug in. “Ohhh! ” she exclaimed getting back up.

“Sit slowly.” Evangeline said. Once she did, she got used to it and seemed to enjoy it.

“To be honest, no I don’t like sex with my husband. I liked sex with my girlfriend in Columbia.” She explained, “But what can I do? The priest said it was a sin.”

“Did you love your girlfriend?” I asked.

“Si. I did.” Sandra said sadly.

“How can love be a sin?” Evangeline asked.

Sandra thought about long that one. “But now I’m married.” she said.

“Do you think your husband is being faithful for three years in Columbia?” I asked.

“No I don’t. He wasn’t faithful to me when I was living with him. He is a …wolf.” She said a bit angrily.

“So you’re here, 3,500 miles away being faithful to a man who was unfaithful to you. Why? Because you’re married? Isn’t he married to you too? Don’t you deserve some faithfulness too? Especially since you don’t enjoy sex with him?” Evangeline asked.

“I should go home.” Sandra said.

“No, you’re drunk. You’re going to sleep here tonight. Down on that big couch in our living room.” I said.

I gave her two sheets. “Do you want a night gown?” I asked her.

“No, I’m good.” She said.

Sandra and I went into the media room to watch TV as Evangeline got ready for work. Evangeline came in to kiss me goodbye as she was leaving. She gave Sandra a kiss too.

Evangeline was dressed in skin tight leather pants and a low cut tight fitting top with no bra. her nipples were hard and nippy tonight. After she left Sandra asked me, “¿Es una puta?” Translated, Is she a whore?

I laughed and said, “No, ella es una bailarina exótica” – No, she is an exotic dancer.

“Stripper?” She said and shrugged her shoulders taking a long drag on a joint.

Told by Evangeline:

It’s been a year since my SRS, I only use my dilator once a day now. Sometimes I do it by myself, sometimes Steph helps (wink,wink). Today is Friday so tonight I was dancing at work. I worked from 9pm to 2am. I make so much more money dancing at the club then I do as a hostess. So much more that I’m considering giving up being a Hostess altogether and stripping full time. Enough about me, back to Sandra.

I got home around 3am today. When I left, Sandra and Steph were in the media room watching TV. When I got home Sandra was sleeping on the couch. She was lying on her back and she was covered by a sheet, but I could tell she was naked under it. I put down my things in the kitchen and went into the downstairs bathroom to wash my face and removed my makeup as is my habit. After my makeup was off I stripped down to my thong, which is the way I sleep. I went to the refrigerator and took out a bottle of water and the apple pie that we had with our meal that night and sat with my back to Sandra.

Before I cut the pie I felt hand on my shoulder, expecting it to be Stephanie but when I turned it was a naked Sandra. Escort Beylikdüzü

“May I join you?” She asked.

“Sure, get a plate?” I said, “There’s some whip cream in the refrigerator, if you want.” She only got a plate. When you are facing Sandra, full frontal nude, there is nothing spectacular about her body. No curves, small full breasts and a flat ass. Her skin is on the pale side which makes her almost black areola more outstanding.

“You have a very nice body Miss Evangeline.” She said in English.

“Thank you.” I responded with a smile. “So do you.”

Sandra looked down at her body and shook her head, “You need glasses.” she said in Spanish.

In English she said, “Hey, Miss Stephanie show me a…toy…she say, I show you.” She went to the couch and pulled a two ended dildo out. “I was try to figure out…one end in pussy…other one… in booty?”

“No, it’s for two women, dos mujeres ponen en sus coños, put in their pussies.” I explained. “To fuck each other. Que mierda unos a otros.”

“Ohhh! ” Sandra said with a smile. “I like!”

“Do you want to try it? ¿Quieres intentarlo?” I asked.

“Si.” Sandra replied. I took the sheet from the couch and put it in the floor and asked Sandra to lay down on it. I instructed her to open her legs. She had the most fleshy pussy I have ever seen. I put my head close to it sticking out my tongue to make contact. I wanted to go slowly here since Sandra was reluctant earlier. I spread the lips of her labia and ran my tongue from vagina to clit and back down again. Sandra let out a major moan, like she had been waiting for this all her life.

I was now inspired and encouraged. Running my tongue up to her clit again, I pulled back the hood flicking the tip quickly with my tongue, another loud moan. My fingers found her vaginal opening, god she was wet, I inserted one finger, she was tight too. I looked up to Sandra’s face and could see her eyes were rolled back. Raising my eyes a little higher, I saw Stephanie with a cell phone taping this.

I slid my tongue into Sandra as far as in could go, drawing it back across the outer wall of her vagina, this was too much for her. I could feel the muscles of her vagina contract as the wave of her orgasm overtook her body. I lapped at her pussy with my tongue, like a dog to a water bowl on a hot day. I took in every bit of her cum. When she finally stopped convulsing, I inserted the dildo into her pussy and then into my own. It took a few minutes but eventually we were in sync with each other. Sandra and I were in a scissor formation fucking each other hard, when Stephanie join us sucking Sandra’s left nipple and feeling the right breast with her hand. I could sense Sandra’s second orgasm mounting. I was in heaven.

Although it takes a lot to get me to orgasm, Stephanie has the knack; I always enjoy watching another woman cum. The expressions on her face are priceless. I especially love the taste of her. Sandra was no exception, her salty sweetness was to die for. When she was finished, Stephanie enjoyed the juices of Sandra’s love. Sandra turned to me and said “Gracias.” kissing me passionately.

We asked Sandra try to switch the day she cleans our apartment from Friday to Thursday to match Evangeline’s night off which she did. She talked on of the older tenants into it. We regularly have a dinner and fun night with Sandra. Some nights we just have dinner and talk. Some nights we watch TV. Some nights we have sex. The important thing is the very closee friendship that has developed between us.

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