Our Family’s Camp


“Hurry up, Mark, we’re ready to go,” my mom yelled upstairs.“I’m coming,” I replied as I finished putting the last of my photographic equipment into the backpack camera bag.Our family was heading up-north to our cabin.  My grandfather purchased the two hundred fifty acres of land several years ago.  About ten years ago, my dad had a cabin built on the property.  Our entire family loved the outdoors and used the land for hunting.  There was a lake not too far from us, so we could go fishing.It was July, so the only hunting I’d be doing was with my camera.  I planned to sit in one of the raised blinds and capture the wildlife.I put my camera bag and a backpack with my clothes in the back of our SUV.  Dad double checked everything to make sure we didn’t forget something important.  He got into the front seat, sitting across from Mom.When I got into the back seat, my sister Beth scooted into the middle, next to our older brother Jeff.  We settled in for the three-hour drive from our suburban home to the place we called the camp.My siblings and I were born a year apart.  All of our birthdays were in October.  Once I was old enough to do some simple math, I realized our parents conceived us around New Years’ Eve.  The three of us were always close as brothers and sisters go.  I guess it was because of our mutual interest in the outdoors.I graduated from high school in June, and like my siblings, went to work for Dad.  He owned a successful company, providing paper products to commercial restaurants and institutions.Dad paid us well, telling my brother, sister, and me he would rather pay us than taxes.  Our wages allowed my siblings and I to enjoy nice cars and hobbies.  My hobby was photography.Looking over the seat, Mom said, “What do you guys have planned for the week?  Your father and I want to check out a new boat.”“I plan on hiking and scouting for the hunting season,” Jeff said.“If it’s nice, I want to work on my tan,” Beth said.  “I also want to go hiking and maybe go to the lake to swim.”“Everyone knows what I’ll be doing, taking pictures of the deer and other wildlife,” I said.When we arrived at our cabin, all of us pitched in and off-loaded the car, taking everything into the cabin.Our cabin wasn’t fancy, but it suited us well for what we liked to do.  Mom and Dad’s bedroom was large enough for their king-size bed, a dresser, and a couple of chairs.  The other bedroom was much larger, with four bunk beds, two on each side wall, across from each other.  Dad had the beds custom-built, with a full-size mattress on the bottom and a twin mattress on the upper level.The cabin had one bathroom with a big shower stall.  I didn’t understand why Dad wanted a huge shower until I discovered he and Mom often showered together.  The rest of the building was an open floor plan with the kitchen and dining opposite the bedrooms.A free-standing cast-iron fireplace sat in the center sitting area, providing heat in the colder weather.As always, Jeff and I took two bunks next to each other.  Beth put her things on one of the beds across the room.  She would hang a tarp between the two bunks for privacy when she dressed and undressed.We gathered in the main room şişli escort and began cleaning.  It wasn’t too hard because we never left the cabin a mess when we left it.  Once we finished, we took our food from the cooler and put it in the refrigerator.  Mom and Beth put the can goods and other things in the cupboards.“That’s it for now.  You guys can take off if you want to,” Dad said.“We should check the stands and make sure they don’t need repairs,” Jeff said.“Sounds good to me,” I said.My brother, sister, and I went to our room to change into our boots.  While I was tying my laces, I glanced across the room at my sister.  Beth was bent over tying her boots, causing her tank-top to gap open and provide a view of her bra covered breasts.I did my best to divert my stare, but my eyes kept drifting to my sister’s ample chest.  Beth glanced up, catching my voyeurism.  I felt my face blush as her eyes met mine.  I expected my sister to admonish me, but she just smiled and continued tying her boots while looking down.Standing up, I turned to my bunk, grabbed my backpack camera bag, and walked out of the bedroom.  When Beth came into the living area, Jeff stood up, and we left to get the side-by-side ATV from the garage.  Our four-wheel-drive vehicle had a bench seat wide enough for two, and a box in the back to haul things in.I put my camera bag in the back, securing it with a strap.  As I got into the box, where I usually rode, Jeff told me to drive.As I got behind the wheel, Jeff sat next to me.  Beth got on my brother’s lap and said, “Don’t drive too fast.”  She reached forward, holding the dash as I pulled out of the garage.  I glanced over, noticing her shirt had risen up, and her cargo shorts were pulled tight against her ass.  The gap between her top and shorts revealed the waistband of her underwear.I took it easy as I headed to the first of the six raised platform blinds on the property.  There were trails cut through the woods, allowing us to park about one hundred yards from the stands.  I parked at the first stand, climbed out of the seat, and grabbed my camera.  We walked to the blind to check it out.When we got to the stand, Jeff went up first.  As my sister climbed the ladder, I couldn’t help watching her ass wiggle with each step.  With my camera around my neck, I went up and into the blind.The three of us gazed out over the one-acre food plot. The plants provided minerals to help promote antler growth for the bucks.I scanned the woodline, looking for something to photograph.  The three of us stood next to each other for a moment, then we left.“It doesn’t look like this blind needs any repairs,” Jeff said as we hiked back to the ATV.We spent the next few hours going from blind to blind, inspecting them.  On the way to the last blind, Jeff and I said we would come back to make a few minor repairs to the fifth stand.As I drove to the last blind, I watched my sister’s short hair flip in the breeze. The last blind was my favorite and the one I liked hunting from.  The food plot ran from near the blind to the stream that ran through our property.  A couple of the other stands were close to the steam, but I favored şişli escort bayan this one.“Your blind doesn’t need anything, Mark,” Beth said.“It doesn’t look like it,” I said.Like the other blinds, this one was six feet by six feet with a roof covering the deck.  There was a bench seat in the middle, allowing a hunter to see out all four sides.  All of the blinds were elevated fifteen feet from the ground.Back at the ATV, Beth said, “This is great.  We won’t have to spend the week working on the blinds.”“I plan to come back here and try to get a few pictures this week,” I said.“I remember the great pictures of the turkeys you took last year,” Jeff said.“With my new telephoto lens, I should be able to get even better photos.”  I handed my camera to my brother so he could look through the lens.“Wow, this lens is amazing, Mark.  You can see the small rocks in the stream,” Jeff said.Beth looked through the viewfinder, nodded, and said, “I like this, Mark.”We left and went back to the cabin.  After parking the ATV, we went to the back porch and told our parents what we found.“I’m happy to hear the blinds are in good shape.  Tomorrow, Mom and I are going to head to town to look at a boat.  Do you guys want to come with us?” Dad said.“Thanks, but I plan to sit in the blind and try to get a few shots of deer or turkeys tomorrow.  When you find something, I’ll go look at it if you want me to,” I said.“I don’t know anything about boats.  I’m going to work on my tan,” Beth said.Jeff said he would let our parents know if he was going to go with them in the morning.  My brother got up, went into the cabin, and returned with cold cans of beer for each of us.  Our parents let us have a few beers while we were at our camp as long as we didn’t get drunk.Dad grilled hamburgers for our dinner.  We ate them with the potato salad Mom made while we inspected the blinds.  After dinner, we enjoyed a small campfire.  While sitting around the fire, we shared stories of past visits.“Does anyone need the bathroom?  I’m going to take a shower,” Beth said.Laughing, Dad said, “No problem, Beth.  As long as none of us needs to take a crap, we can go out here.”“It wouldn’t be the first time I pissed in the bushes,” Mom said.Beth got up and headed inside.  I got fresh beers, passing them out before sitting in my camp chair.  About a half-hour later, Beth returned carrying a beer.  I watched my sister as she placed her can next to her chair, reached up, and rubbed her head with a towel.  She caught me looking as I watched her breasts wobble under her shirt.  Once again, she smiled at me.I finished my beer, got up, and headed in to take my shower.  In the bedroom, I gathered a pair of cut-off sweatpants and a tee shirt.  As I got ready to leave, I noticed my sister’s white bra hanging on the side of her bed.  I walked over and felt the fabric of the bra cups.  Checking the strap, I read the size on the tag, discovering Beth wore a thirty-four C.Hearing the door, I let go of the garment and headed for the bathroom.  I stripped, got into the shower, and turned on the water.  Gripping my cock and started stroking.  My mind wandered as I remembered mecidiyeköy escort seeing my sister’s bra when she bent over to tie her boots, and the sight of the waistband of her red panties when she leaned forward in the ATV.My hard cock swelled at the thoughts, growing harder as I pumped it with my fist.  Closing my eyes, I relished the feeling while I jacked off to the memory of seeing my sister as I’d never seen her before.  Sometimes, I would hurry my masturbation, coming in only a few minutes.  Other times, I would hold off and enjoy the feeling of my hand on my cock.  Wanting the sensation to last, I held off.While I dated in high school, I remained a virgin.  My sex life consisted of looking at videos and pictures on the internet while playing with myself.  Because all of us had our own bedrooms, I had the privacy I needed to partake in one of my favorite pastimes.I jacked my cock for about fifteen minutes before shooting my cum into the drain.  As I washed, I appreciated the on-demand hot water heater.  No matter how long you showered, there was always ample hot water.When I went back out to the fire, Jeff went in to shower.  He returned about ten minutes later.  It was close to ten when Mom and Dad told us to make sure the fire was out before going to bed.  I watched my parents head indoors, holding hands as they went into the bathroom together.Jeff and I put out the fire, and then the three of us went into the cabin.  I chuckled under my breath when I saw the bathroom door was still closed, and I could hear the shower running.In our room, we laughed and made a comment about our horny parents as we climbed into our beds.  Jeff turned off the lamp, sending the room into darkness.  As I curled up under the covers, I reached into my shorts and gently fondled my flaccid cock.When I woke up the next morning, I noticed Jeff wasn’t in his bunk.  Glancing at Beth, I saw she was still asleep with her blanket down to her waist.  Her tee-shirt was up enough to reveal her stomach, but her boobs remained hidden.  I went to the bathroom to take care of my morning piss and brush my teeth.After pouring a cup of coffee, I sat at the table with my brother and parents, exchanged greetings.  Dad started talking about the boat he wanted to look at, telling us it was a twenty-foot fishing boat with an outboard motor.“The marina at the lake said they have inside storage for the boat.  If we call in advance, they will have it in the water for us.  If they’re not available, we can use their boat ramp to launch it,” Dad said.“Having a fishing boat will be great, Dad.  I always have fun when we rent one and go fishing,” I said.“Renting a boat isn’t bad, but having our own will allow us to set it up the way we want to,” Jeff said.Beth came out of the bedroom wearing a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt.  After getting her coffee, she joined us at the table.Dad and I fried bacon and eggs for breakfast.  Jeff toasted bread and set the table.  Like everything we did in camp, all of us pitched in and shared the chores.  After we ate, Mom and Beth did the dishes while I retrieved my camera from the bedroom.“I’m going to head for the blind and try to get some photos,” I said as I put the backpack on.“Are you taking one of the ATVs?” Dad said.“No, I’m going to hike to the blind,” I said.“It’s supposed to be hot today.  I still want to get a tan,” Beth said.“Maybe I’ll join you later,” Mom said.Chuckling, Dad said, “Are you going to have tan lines?”

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