Our Erotic Morning


I wake up to the sunlight peeking through our curtains. The light travels over to my face. When I rub my eyes open, I see her. A sexy sight that is my Kira. Resting her head on my chest I look at her face. Her dreadlocks are in a bun exposing her beauty. I feel mischievous and I ask myself. Why not wake her up for some love?

I go under the sheets I slowly kiss her lips. I trail my tongue going down to her belly. Such a sexy toned body as I go for your legs. I lick your inner thighs from left to right. I travel up your legs with my tongue. Then I reach your sexy centerpiece. I take to licking your clit slowly in circles. I feel you squirm and your voice sounds so sweet.

I hear the sleepy moans escape your mouth. I see you waking up to me sucking your lips. Looking under the sheets you tell me don’t stop Orion. Now fully awake you press my head in between your legs. Orion you say my name lifting my head up afyon seks hikayeleri to stare at you. I want it inside me baby! All of that dick in me.

Your words fueled my sexy hunger. You sit up to kiss me, your hands rubbing my face. Kira your hands lock firmly around my big black dick stroking me. Licking your lips as you begin to swallow me. My head you lick my tip sucking faster. I reach underneath us to finger your dripping pussy. Your wetness is staining our bed sheets. Pulling away you say Orion fuck me now!

I reach over to our nightstand and grab an XXL condom. Unwrapping it you slide it down on my 13 inch dick. As you pump my cock I kiss your breasts. Orion give me your dick now!

I lay you back down and spread your legs. As I ease inside you, your pussy lips part open welcoming me inside. When you fully adjust to me, I start to plow into your pussy. Youve taken my dick many times and you feel better each time. Moving inside you faster, you hold my neck closely. Aah Aah Orion give it to me fuck me hard!

I lift your hips up to be level with my dick. I grip your waist aggressively thrusting into you. Yes Orion just like that dont stop baby fuck! Do whatever you want to me fuck! I hold your titties lightly rubbing them as I go to your G spot. My tip of my dick grazing your sweet spot. Put all of your cock in me damn it! Orion put it all in my pussy now!

I take my big black cock I flip you over Kira. Giving you a small smack on your butt. I enter your wet kitty from behind and hold your butt. I bring it all deep inside your love hole. Your head throws back as you throw your ass back into me. Haaah Haaaah Aah oh god yes baby fuck I can’t take it much longer!

Do it baby yes dont stop I am gonna cum you’re gonna make me cum! Use my pussy fuck it! I keep pumping into you when I slam all the way in. My balls have hit your clit as you reach your peak and cry out haaah OMG yes yes I’m cuming! I feel your juices run down my dick I release my hot load of cum inside you. I fuck you even while I continue to shoot bullets of my cum.

I overflowed the condom I had to pull out of you afterwards. I take off my condom and watch you Kira suck. You grab my hard monster dick your fingertips barely touching. Sucking on my manhood you drink what cum is left from my dick. Ignore your need for air, you choose to swallow my entire black dick gagging. I pull you off me and we kiss our tongues wrestling.

When we break contact we stare in each other’s eyes. Our faces flushed then you giggle. What’s so funny Kira I ask already knowing the answer! I am just so happy to have such a caring sexy man. I respond I’m blessed to have such a beautiful angel of a woman. Oh Orion stop your making me blush! We kiss sweetly as you straddle me our hands together. I love you Kira I love you too Orion! Our Love is Perfect.

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