Hi, my name is Lars and I’m Norwegian. My parents were missionaries and I was born in Uganda. On fleeing Idi Amin when I was still a baby, they were posted to Nigeria. When I was old enough for secondary school I was sent to live with my uncle in Oslo.

After completing my education, with a good degree in Marine Engineering from Trondheim University, I started working for the family business and at the time of these events lived in a nice but small house overlooking Østensjøvannet, a lake next to the forest park bordering eastern Oslo.

My preference is for girls with rather boyish figures. I thought this episode was going to be about just such a girl. Little did I know.

There was a skateboard park between where I lived and the nearest secondary school. I used to pass it from time to time, observing the skateboarders and their audience. If I passed in the evening the age group were youths with their hangers on. In those days the males skated and the females gawped. There was one spectator that caught my eye on several occasions and I decided that it could do no harm to try for a chat. I approached the object of my desires and easily engaged them in conversation. They seemed quite intelligent, dressed in blue jeans and a flowery shirt. Very feminine.

It turned out that they were from an unusually large group of siblings, most of the boys enjoyed skateboarding. My acquaintance, on the other hand wasn’t particularly interested but two of their brothers were taking part. I suggested a walk to the lake (and thus nearer my house) and they readily agreed. While we walked and talked I learnt that my date was not at all happy with their life and in particular their father, who they clashed with all the time. In particular he was always telling them to grow up. They wanted to move out and get some freedom as soon as possible. They were already old enough and had just taken their last exam, so could leave school with qualifications. I also discovered that he was male. His name was Arne. A very attractive male who had never had a girlfriend.

I thought about this for a while. I wasn’t gay but he was very attractive in all the ways I looked for in a girl. Boyish with feminine features. Perhaps a little experimentation would be fun. It would certainly be interesting.

Keeping my intentions to myself I suggested that Arne could fulfil his dream and escape the family home by moving in with me while he looked for a place of his own. He could stay rent free if he did the housework for me. We hatched a plan, or rather I did, for him to move all his ID documents and treasured possessions to my house over a few days before making his exit. Without a job he would never be able to afford a place of his own, so for a while at least he would be stuck with me.

We parted ways and I went home to do some reading. I only had one bed. It was king sized and I anticipated sharing it but not from the beginning. I bought a cheap, narrow mattress for Arne, I didn’t want it too comfortable, and put it in the room opposite mine. I also popped into Condomeria to buy some lubricant and an anal douche.

Each time Arne visited with something from the family home we chatted over a coffee and I got to know him better. He and his brothers shared one crowded bedroom while his sisters shared another.

When he moved in I prepared a welcome dinner and some wine. He told me that he had never drunk alcohol before as his parents were strict t-totalers. He drank a lot more than was good for a beginner, so I ended up putting him to bed. I wanted to build trust between us and didn’t take advantage of the situation. I did take a look while I was removing his outer clothes and liked what I saw. He was practically hairless and not very developed “down there”. In fact if he had been my child I would probably have taken him to the doctor about 4 years ago. Not that I was planning to do so now.

Before going to bed I indulged in imagining what I would soon be doing and going over my plan whilst masturbating. I came strongly and felt satisfied with myself but almanbahis a little nervous of what the future would hold.

Next day Arne overslept and then woke with a headache. I gave him some painkillers, which instantly helped.

He told me that he woke up feeling bewildered, having slept every night of his life thus far in the same room. He also felt lonely, having never slept in a room on his own. These points were music to my ears. It looked as though it would be easier to get Arne to sleep in my bed than I had previously imagined.

I gave Arne a guided tour of the house and explained how the various bits of equipment worked. I also told him what my current schedule was for doing the household chores. We then went for a long walk in Østmarka, the country park virtually on my doorstep.

That evening Arne and I prepared a meal together. Well, heated up a Pizza Grandiosa and cut up some salad. We had red wine with the pizza, but in moderation this time. Arne was tired after the night before, the long walk and more wine, so he wanted an early night. I suggested that to avoid the unpleasant bewilderment and loneliness he might like to share with me. His broad smile said it all. I warned him that I slept naked, so as not to shock him later and he said that he did too. Things were looking up. Skin to skin contact is very important in a relationship, particularly the type of relationship that I had in mind.

Arne got ready for bed and was soon asleep. I followed soon after. He had fallen asleep conveniently near the middle of the bed, so I wouldn’t need much of an excuse if he woke and found me touching him. I spooned up behind him and put my upper arm over his lower body. My hand wandered down towards his groin until I could gently play with his manhood, if you could call it that. It felt strange to fondle those parts. I’d only ever touched my own, which both felt very different and I could feel the stimulation.

After a short while there were stirrings in Arne’s penis. It grew a little but wasn’t particularly hard. Apart from that he didn’t stir, so I felt confident to carry on. He got a little harder before quietly ejaculating a small amount of fluid. I left him like that, with a gooey puddle in front of him. I went to the bathroom to masturbate and wash off before returning to bed. Arne had woken and felt the mess when he moved a little. I told him he must have had a wet dream and that I knew a way of stopping them in future. I’d explain it when we went to bed the next evening.

The following evening I went to bed at the same time as Arne and I demonstrated how to stop wet dreams. In reality I wanted to show him, by example, what I wanted him to do to me, at least until we reached the next stage. I repeated the spooning and fondling for a while. My own erection pushing between his cheeks. He responded much better this time, which I attributed to him being awake at the time. Then I rolled him on his back and took his penis in my mouth. I had no experience of this and just did what I knew felt good when my previous partners had done the same for me. I had no trouble in getting his whole penis in my mouth and still had room to move my tongue around.

I applied varying pressure by sucking and licking all around it, with particular emphasis on the head. I also spent some time on his balls. I couldn’t believe how small they were. I could easily slide them back up his inguinal canal, where they would stay if I didn’t work then down again. He became harder than before and gave small movements in response. Then he blew. There wasn’t a huge amount but it certainly came with some force. I savoured the semen for a moment before swallowing and then licking him clean. I was surprised how much I enjoyed that. Arne was wide eyed and in a state of complete ecstasy. I asked how it was and the only answer he could give was a huge grin.

Then I told him I would really love it if he could do the same for me. He hardly hesitated before enthusiastically agreeing. Now I’m average size so I wasn’t asking him to take a monster size in almanbahis giriş his mouth but obviously I was more of a mouthful for him than the other way round. I explained that he could alternate between sucking and licking, and where to lick. In fact that evening I talked him through the whole process.

Arne was a willing and skilful student. I lay on my back enjoying a thorough blow job. I was thinking how in future I’d be able to relax more and just enjoy the experience, when I felt my orgasm approaching. I instructed Arne to go back to sucking in as much as he could and he managed just in time for me to fill his mouth. Following my example he swallowed hard, in doing so he rubbed his tongue on the head of my penis, giving me an extra boost, and swallowed most of what I produced. He had no objection when I asked him to lick up the spills from my stomach.

We then gave each other a hug before sleeping in each other’s arms.

When I woke I thought about the night before. Arne had been enthusiastic and I was happy with progress so far. Of course I woke with an erection and felt to see whether Arne had one. No, he was somewhat enlarged but not erect. I decided to leave him sleeping for a while and to have a shower. I didn’t lock the bathroom door and while I was showering Arne came in to use the toilet. I called to him and asked whether he would like to join me in the shower. He stepped right in. I wetted his body and started to wash it. I proceeded as I would have done with a girlfriend, gently caressing all over, bypassing the groin at first but gradually homing in on it. Then I started to wash around his anus with one hand while washing his penis and associated parts with the other. I put just enough pressure on his soapy sphincter to slide in a centimetre or so whilst simultaneously rubbing the most sensitive part of the penis. I still had a finger in him when he erupted. I wanted him to learn to associate anal stimulation with sexual pleasure. By now I was really hard and Arne was more than happy to relieve the pressure for me by kneeling in front of me and giving me a blow job.

After breakfast I had to go to work and left Arne to do the laundry and housework. When I returned the house looked almost polished and our dirty linen was now clean and hanging in the drying room. Unfortunately Arne had forgotten how to turn on the drying but I didn’t expect him to remember everything first time. To thank him for his efforts I prepared a nice dinner. To be honest it was the dinner I had in mind anyway but it was good to flatter him.

I had originally decided to stop at oral sex for a while with gradually increasing anal stimulation until Arne seemed ready for me to enter him properly. Now I was sexually active again I was getting impatient for the real thing, penetration. I decided to move things along a little bit and when he was about to get himself ready for bed I mentioned the anal douche in the cabinet below the wash basin. I said that I didn’t know whether he had used one previously but it was good practice when having an evening clean to also clean in the rectum. His body would feel much better inside if he made a habit of using it. He accepted the story and said that he would start using it. I then reverted to the original plan while Arne was getting used to cleaning himself out. I managed to regain my patience and made the most of the training regime. I felt it was very important for Arne to feel that everything was normal, just new to him, and to enjoy the new experiences. That way he would maintain his enthusiasm.

With his balls up their inguinal canals and such a small penis the look wasn’t very different to a woman, until I spread his legs.

There followed a period of nightly oral sex. I taught Arne to bob his head to reach different parts, new techniques with his tongue and to use his hands at the same time. With practice he was able to get me all the way in. It wasn’t long before he was giving the best blow jobs I had ever experienced. It was easier to explain how I liked it than to my girlfriends as I almanbahis yeni giriş was able to demonstrate what I wanted. He seemed to like those demonstrations. I was also getting him used to anal stimulation, using lubricant that I warmed slightly so that it didn’t give a cold surprise when applied. There was perineal massage, moving to pressure and movement on the sphincter, then a finger inserted, working it in and out and massaging his prostate. I then progressed to two fingers. I tried to find a new fun sensation each night. These new feelings were accompanied by hand and/or mouth action. Eventually I felt that Arne was ready.

When I was a student I used to play bandy, a game with the same roots as hockey. I once got a nasty injury when I was struck hard in the lower abdomen with a bandy stick. I still had some of the Codeine phosphate and Diazepam that I was prescribed to help my recovery. I had a use planned for those.

On the selected evening I crushed a dose of each into a curry. I wasn’t planning to dope him up completely. I just wanted the codeine to take the edge off any pain and the diazepam to help relax tense muscles, which was why they were prescribed for me in the first place. The tablets did make Arne a bit tired but certainly didn’t knock him out.

That evening we showered together, washing and stimulating each other. I made sure that Arne followed the procedure for washing out his rectum. We then went to bed, which in the warm weather had no covers.

I started off as normal, taking his penis in my mouth and stimulating him whilst at the same time lubricating and massaging in and around his anus. I pushed his legs up to his body and then to the side, giving easier access to his anus. Then I added lubricant to my penis and started to enter his rear opening. Arne seemed a little surprised but didn’t try to stop me. He had learnt that I always gave him good experiences. I went very slowly and firmly at first but found that I was being over cautious, as he was so relaxed. The sensations were beyond belief. The slight grip of the sphincter as I entered and then later on my shaft was unusual but what really hit me was the silk like smoothness and touch of the walls of the rectum on the head of my penis. I felt that I wanted to do this for hours. I started to slowly thrust in and out. It felt wonderful. I could feel myself getting bigger and picked up the pace. Against my abdomen I could feel that I was rubbing and squeezing Arne’s penis at the same time as I was brushing past his prostate. The thought of it turned me on even more and I only managed a couple more thrusts before erupting into him. It was fantastic but over too soon. I knew that new experiences can overstimulate and looked forward to when this became more familiar.

Arne, meanwhile, was still in need of relief. Without withdrawing I felt down to start massaging and found a gooey mess and a flaccid penis. I had got so carried away that I hadn’t noticed him having his own orgasm. He told me that it felt so great that he was getting close to one when I erupted in him, which tipped him over the edge. That was wonderful news as it meant that he would agree to future anal penetration. If it felt that good for him maybe I could try out being the one being penetrated.

The following evening we again got ready together and I used the douche. I got Arne turned on and suggested he might like to penetrate me. He positioned himself but wasn’t really hard or big enough to get past my sphincter. It did feel nice for me being prodded like that but frustrating for both of us. Instead I suggested that Arne get on all fours on the bed and I worked my way into him from behind. I could go much deeper like this but I wasn’t rubbing against his prostate. I reached round and grasped his penis, which I stroked in time with my rhythm. We both lasted better than the evening before, which gave me extra time to enjoy the wonderful stimulation I was getting. It hadn’t occurred to me before but I realised while recovering after my eruption that just as I had with girlfriends we could try a variety of positions. Instead of arranging the positions to stimulate or give access to their clitorises we would have to modify them to do the same for a penis. Our lives together were going to be a load of fun.

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