Oral Fixation Pt. 02


Continuation of part 1 beginning the next day.

The next morning I woke up and spent a few minutes reliving the events of the previous night and I was hornier than ever. However, I decided an orgasm would have to wait because I wanted to let it build up so my explosion later that evening would be stronger and more intense. Rather than shower, I decided to go for a run and do some stretching and meditating after my run. I threw on my workout gear and set out on a five mile run. When I returned home, I went out by the pool to stretch and to meditate to clear my mind. After about a half an hour, I went inside to get started on the rest of my day.

First order of business – shower and personal hygiene. I washed my sensitive and tingling cock but decided not to relieve myself because I wanted to wait. Sometimes waiting has its advantages. With the shower and personal hygiene done, I made some breakfast, ate, washed the dishes, and dressed in a pair of loose fitting black shorts, a white shirt, and some flip flops. I decided against underwear because I decided I was going back to FantasyLand and spend the better part of my day servicing as many cocks as I could handle. I left the house and set out for my next oral adventure.

I arrived at FantasyLand, went inside, paid for going into the Arcade, and found a booth. This time, Ataşehir Escort the booth I was in had holes on both the left and right side walls. I had brought a small towel from home and laid it on one of the benches and proceeded to strip and find a nice naughty movie to masturbate to. This time around, I chose the interracial channel. As I began massaging my cock, a cock appeared in each hole and I decided to alternate sucking and stroking each until they gave me my creamy reward. One of them only lasted a couple of minutes before cumming and the other one lasted a bit longer and gave me a nice juicy load to swallow.

After an hour or so and sucking and swallowing several more loads of delicious cum, I heard a female voice through the hole on the right wall. She beckoned me over and asked if I would be kind enough to join her and her husband in their booth. I said I would. I gathered my belongings, still nude, and left my booth and they let me in to their booth. They introduced themselves as Eva (white female, 23, 34B-26-34, brown hair and brown eyes) and Mark (black male, 24, with an 11 inch cock). Both of them looked sexy as hell. Eva told me she has had a fantasy for a while now. She explained that she wanted to see a man suck Mark’s cock and have Mark cum in the man’s mouth. She went on to tell me that Acıbadem Escort this is the first time they have ever done anything like this and that they wanted to do this as a one time thing. She said she also wanted to record it on their phone so they could watch it in the future whenever the naughty mood arose to view it. She said she had a mask for me to wear so that my identity would not be compromised. I readily agreed.

They both stripped and both looked so delicious in the buff. I kneeled down and began to make love to Mark’s big black cock with my mouth. I wanted this to be something neither of them would ever forget. Eva was busy rubbing her pussy and Mark’s ass while I sucked on his wonderful cock. My cock was doing a happy dance of its own because I could feel the precum leaking from it. I sucked him with every ounce of energy and lust I had in me. He told Eva how nice it felt and that he was happy she found suck an enthusiastic cock sucker for him. She came three times while I sucked his cock and he told her he could feel that familiar tingling sensation and she knew he was ready to cum.

She moved my hands from his cock and told me to just keep the tip in my mouth while she masturbated him into my mouth. She stroked him slow, then fast, then slow, then fast again and he was moaning his appreciation. İstanbul Escort I was loving this because he began to ooze precum into my mouth and I could taste it. I loved it. He announced to me and Eva that he was ready to cum and I braced myself for what I was hoping was going to be a huge load. He didn’t disappoint me. It was a lot but I swallowed every drop. I kept sucking and sucking until there was no more. I asked Eva to me love on his cock some more. She obliged and I kissed and nibbled on that beautiful black cock until he was hard again.

Eva then told Mark to sit on the bench and she mounted him and rode his cock to at least four more orgasms. I stayed in the kneeling position so I could see her bounce up and down on his cock with my face only a few inches from his cock and her pussy. She told me she was squeezing her pussy on his cock so she could coax another load from his cock for me to swallow. After almost 20 minutes, he told us he was cumming. She got off his cock and he stood before me and fucked my mouth and emptied his cum into my throat. I gladly drank it all and cleaned his cock of his and her cum combined.

After a few minutes of small talk, I decided to head home and leave them to do what married couples do. I’m pretty sure that when they got home, they probably watched the videos we made in that booth. I still hadn’t cum so when I got home, I stripped nude, went for a swim and rewarded myself with a wonderful orgasm and made a mess all over my stomach and chest. Of course, I used my fingers to clean it up and feed myself the yummy cream. Why wouldn’t I?

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