Opening Up To My Mother


Hello My Dear Readers…

Thank you so much for all the love & support.

I am super excited to be back with the story of Ayan and his mother, Mona – The protagonists in the story SEXTING MY MOTHER.

I know this is a surprise, and most of you may not have been expecting this – Especially after the long emotional note I had pinned to the 7th & Final Part of the Original Series.

But, to all those who have been asking, I hope I bring a smile on each of your faces.

The unexpected appreciation I received very early into the series, did place me in a zone where there was pressure to do well, throughout the 7 episodes.

I am back here now, but to have a little more fun, this time…

I had received a lot of messages that said I only managed to make the readers feel partially satisfied with the ending, even as I uploaded a longer & detailed conclusion.

Many were left desiring for a lot more, and the lack of the highly anticipated physical intimacy was also criticized. However, some of you also appreciated the novelty. All these feedback really mean a lot to me, and will only help.

I have read the story, multiple times, after publishing all the parts, and though I do not feel like I missed out on a few extra points by skipping a real sexual encounter, I started to think that there is so much more to this.

Reading all the episodes together gave me the impression that each new episode made the story more and more incomplete.

Many scenarios were discussed, but not everything was fully disclosed. And, I wish to connect the major loose ends.

The Main Story featuring Ayan & Mona is over. This is just a more carnal take on the same.

I have tried my best to maintain the theme of the story. But, I have also taken the liberty to make a few changes that would help better the experience.

You can call this a spin-off, but the situations, characters and emotions are very much in accordance with the original plot. And this, by all means, is an extension to the story-line.

I would once again like to stress on the fact that as far as the author in me is concerned, I strongly believe the story of the mother-son duo is an already complete chapter.

This new series is either a very long post-credits scene, or an alternative ending or maybe a whole new beginning. I hope all of you will like it…

OPENING UP TO MY MOTHER is a three-part expansion, and will focus on the very immediate events that follow, the backstory of the two leads and will also shed light on what the future holds for them.

The additional content is also aimed at strengthening the Universe – BruceWayneEgypt’s World of Erotica – BWE, I had launched with the story MALLU MILF LAKSHMI, with some of your favorite characters, from my earlier works, making interesting cameos. Plus, sneak-peeks into my upcoming projects.

This particular episode begins with Ayan sexting his mother, Mona, after he has boarded the train, and started his journey back home.

Even though this is a direct continuation, it can also be read by beginners who are willing to go ahead understanding that this conversation is between a mother & son who have just confessed their sensual feelings for each-other.

Happy Reading!!

Ayan : Mom…

Mona : Ayan… Did you sleep well??

Ayan : Yes, Mom…

Mona : Did I just wake you up?? I am so sorry I called… I just could not wait any longer!!

Ayan : Oh… Come-on, Mom… I am glad you woke me up… We can text… Hehe!!

Mona : Haha… So… Slept well??

Ayan : Yes, Mom… Never felt so peaceful when sleeping. I did not even realize it had been five full hours…

Mona : Haha… I hope you don’t feel tired skipping sleep last night… Few more hours ,and you are home!!

Ayan : Not at all, Mom… I am ready!!

Mona : Ready for?!

Ayan : For You!!

Mona : Hahaha!! Somebody seems to be all excited…

Ayan : Well… I am coming for you… And, maybe, also because I had the same dream, again!!

Mona : What dream??

Ayan : The dream in which I am naked on the bed with my mother, filling her with extreme vigour.

Mona : What?! Even you have that dream??

Ayan : Yes, Mom… It surprised me when you first said how often you were having them… Now I know what it all means…

Mona : Oh, Yes, Ayan!! You and I are perfect for each-other… Never believe anything else…

Ayan : I know, Mom… And, since that is the case… Wait.. I have something for you… Something that is just too perfect!!

Ayan sends a video of him stroking his erect dick, and ejaculating inside a filthy toilet cabin, that had names of women, phone numbers and lewd comments written on the the wall he shot his load.

Mona : Whaaattt?!

Ayan : Hahaha… Yeah!!

Mona : You dared to masturbate in a public toilet… It is so dirty in there!!

Ayan : Haha!! Yes!! It was stinking so bad… But, you know what?! I enjoyed it!! And, you know why?! Because, I imagined you sucking my cock, sitting in the squat.

Mona : You are crazy!!

Ayan : I couldn’t wait, Mom… gaziantep rus escort I just had to humble you, right there!!

Mona : Ayan!! Hahaha… Well… Did I have my clothes on my body when you found me in there?!

Ayan : Fuck!! Haha!! Mom!! I don’t remember… But, what I know is… If I was your husband, you would never ever need to wear even your under-garments!!

Mona : Hahaha… I think I know!!

Ayan : Yeah?!

Mona : Yes!! Haha!! Ayan… I just cannot stop replaying the video you sent me… You are seriously so big!!

Ayan : Mom!!

Mona : LOL!! Stop over reacting… Hahaha… All that feels so funny now… All the desperate reluctance shown… Haha… Wait!! The photo of the woman in the poster…

Ayan : What photo??

Mona : The one in the video.

Ayan : The poster stuck on the wall??

Mona : Yeah… Isn’t that Jisha?!

Ayan : How do you know that actress?? I thought you never watched movies!!

Mona : Well… She has been the talk of the town, for all the wrong reasons… And… She was once my roommate… We were in college, together.

Ayan : What?!

Mona : Haha!!

Ayan : I never knew my mother had friends in high places…

Mona : Ohh, Shut Up!! We hardly ever talked after college… In-fact, I do not even know where she now is… Nobody has heard from her, after the scandal.

Ayan : Hhhmmm…

Mona : She was always such a sweet woman… I still cannot believe she acted in that movie!!

Ayan : Neither can I, Mom… I have never seen anything so bold in Indian Cinema… She was almost fully naked, in one of the scenes… Almost all her assets were exposed… But, she has been crying foul since the release of the movie.

Mona : I know… Poor soul… And, as if the humiliation she had to suffer being a part of that sleazy film was not enough, some insane loser had also circulated an adult video of hers, created using The DEEPFAKE Software.

Ayan : Yes… I had actually seen that… Sorry…

Mona : No… No… It is… I can understand…

Ayan : She was getting fucked by a group, that falsely claimed to be Casting Agents. Everybody who saw that were convinced the video is real – Especially after seeing what she did in a regular feature film.

Mona : I feel so sorry for her…

Ayan : What do you think must have really happened?? How can somebody agree to act in such a Film!!

Mona : I have no idea, Ayan… I got to know about it when I saw her in the news. I assume there was some manipulation… Maybe, during the Editing Process… Maybe, they used a body-double during the shoot… But you never know… One can never be sure about Indian Actresses… Mostly the newcomers… And, more importantly, the married mature ones… I recently happened to watch Madhavi Doshi being interviewed. She is considered a Legend… But, she had revealed quite a few disturbing details, changing my perception of our Heroines.

Ayan : My mom seems to know a little too much about Bollywood!!

Mona : Haha!! Not really… The thing is… My female friends have been sharing Jisha’s erotic scenes, in our WHATSAPP Group, and also forwarding all the possible theories… What I explained above is the least vulgar from all the speculated situations they have been saying.

Ayan : Okay… So, you trust her!!

Mona : I guess!! I cannot be certain, but I would like to still strongly believe that she was tricked.

Ayan : Well… I would love to see you tricked, too, if the result is guaranteed to be as pleasing!!

Mona : Haha… You are just too much!! I did not expect you to say that, Ayan.

Ayan : Haha!! Why not?! Jisha Aunty looked extremely hot… So, what is wrong in hoping to see my own sexy mom in an even more enticing avatar??

Mona : Haha… But, seriously… Jisha Aunty?! Aunty??!!

Ayan : I mean… Since you know her, and she is your friend… I thought it is most appropriate if I call her Jisha Aunty!! Right, Mom?!

Mona : Haha!! Well… Just stay informed that she has a 19 year old son… I think his name is Rohit… So… Each time you call her Jisha Aunty, remember there is a he, who would be calling me Mona Aunty!! I hope you understand what I am trying to say…

Ayan : Hahaha!! I so wish I could tell you that you are very a possessive mother… But, that line of yours feels like right out of a porn movie!!

Mona : Are you trying to call your own mother a Pornstar, now?!

Ayan : I don’t think I would mind one bit.

Mona : Aaha… If I was in porn, I would only do scenes where I am cinematically fucking my own son!! Haha!! Maybe, even inside a moving train…

Ayan : Oh my!!

Mona : I think I just won the duel, already. You have nothing with you to better my confession!! Hahaha!!

Ayan : I actually have something for you.

Mona : Yeah?? What?!

Ayan : Haha… Nothing very novel… But, once I boarded the train, I felt the need to have the view of your wonderfully uncovered self, and rushed to the lavatory. And, before I knew it, gaziantep swinger escort I was once again touching myself, and I released a few more litres of love for my mother, looking at the bare images she sent me. Haha!!

Mona : You bloody fucker!!

Ayan : Hahaha!!

Mona : Did anybody notice?? Are you sure nobody saw my photos??

Ayan : Come-on, Mom. I would have obviously kept the door closed.

Mona : But, still…

Ayan : Well… Nobody saw me… But, I cannot say the same about my moans being heard. I think I groaned your name a little too loud, when I ejaculated.

Mona : You are one horny bastard!!

Ayan : Ohh… Mona… Hahaha!! I love you too, Mom!!

Mona : You love my name… Don’t you?!

Ayan : Why that question?? What made you ask that??

Mona : I always felt so… I just wanted to be sure.

Ayan : But, why?!

Mona : Haha… I just felt you like my name… And, my intuitions have been mostly correct about you!! So, is there anything to it??

Ayan : Okay… So, let me be honest here… It is a big story, actually…

Mona : Tell me… I am all ears… Hehe…

Ayan : There was this girl in college, who shared the same name as yours, and she attended lectures for a couple of the electives along with students in my class.

Mona : And??

Ayan : And… I was seated with this guy from Mumbai, who was totally into her… Into her body!! They were not exactly together, but were going out, every now and then.

Mona : And??

Ayan : And… He soon started sharing with me all the details of the sexual encounters he had with his partner. I found it a bit odd initially, but then started to enjoy it, and he continued detailing to me, for the whole of that semester…

Mona : Ayan!! Get to the matter!!

Ayan : Yes… Yes… Sorry… I am just used to stretching things, and at-times also leaving them incomplete… Where was I?!

Mona : Haha… You are so funny!! Stop pissing me off!!

Ayan : Hehe.. Yeah… So… He started telling me about the hottest things he did with her… And each time, he referred to her by her name… “I fucked Mona so hard!!”… “Mona is such a bitch!!”… “I drilled Mona in the ass!!”… “Mona sucked me off, inside a bus!!”… He would just not stop!!

Mona : Ohhhh…

Ayan : He easily managed to excite me, and also kept stressing on the name Mona. Though unintentionally, he charged my mind with all sorts of twisted thoughts. And, when he once said – “I will make Mona a worthless cum-bucket!!”, I just found myself forced to think about you on the bed with him. I imagined you having sex with him, until I started to drastically picture you being filled by own cock.

Mona : Whoaa!!

Ayan : Yeah!! I was so hard after that… I knew he had done more than enough to make me lust for my mother, even more… He made me want to have you, each time he blurted the name Mona!!

Mona : Oh My… But, Ayan… I am… I am just glad!!

Ayan : Hehehe…

Mona : You never told me what his name was…

Ayan : Haha… That is not very relevant, here… Hehe…

Mona : Still…

Ayan : His name was Ranveer… And, before you ask, let me tell you that I also did fantasize hearing you moan his name!!

Mona : Fuck!! That was just what I was going to quiz you about… I am impressed!!

Ayan : Haha!! I know my mom a little too well!!

Mona : I am not so sure about that… Haha!! But… Tell me more about him!!

Ayan : Mom!! Hehehehe… Okay… He plays cricket really well… At-least, that is what the girls think. And, he is a regular at the gym.

Mona : Yeah?! If that is the case, I feel he would be a great addition to our home. Haha!! Given the fact that your Dad is not around, and busy fucking his whore!!

Ayan : Whattt!! Mom!! You are…. Well… There is a chance we can make him family…

Mona : How?!

Ayan : Hahaha!! He has a sister – Sonali!! I can marry her if you insist.

Mona : But, what about Ahaana?! I thought she was great on you… I mean… For you!! Haha…

Ayan : Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! But, she is going to be around, anyway… I mean… Isn’t that what you told me?! Are you trying to now say, that my extra large penis has lost it’s charm?! Hehe!!

Mona : Lol!! Never!! Haha… But, think about it seriously, Ayan… You can really hear me moan his name. And, also be rest assured that he will fuck your Mona, with greater intensity than you can ever dream about.

Ayan : That could actually turn out to be true!! I will be very happy for you, Mom!!

Mona : LOL!! You are the son every mother deserves!! Haha!!

Ayan : Hehehe!! But, Mom… What made you first feel that I have a liking for your name??

Mona : Your Browsing History!!

Ayan : What?!

Mona : Remember the iMac we had at home. The one we set up in your room… I am sorry to tell you this now… But, the CHROME Browser you used was synced with the Application in my mobile.

Ayan : Shit!! Mom!! I never knew. I am so sorry…

Mona gaziantep travesti escort : Haha!! Chill!! It is okay… Anything & Everything is okay, now!!

Ayan : So, you were the one who deleted the List of Visited Websites, each time!!

Mona : Yes… I did not think it was appropriate for Dileep – My Husband, Your Dad, and, now, The Man I Hate The Most, to have access to Searches that read ‘Mona Pornstar’, ‘Mona MILF’, ‘Mona Hot Aunty’, ‘Mona Fucked In College’, ‘Mona Gang-Banged’, and also ‘Mona Fucks For Cash’. CHROME was synced with his phone, as-well!!

Ayan : What the… Mom!! I had no clue… You saved me!!

Mona : Haha!! You owe me your life!! Hahaha!!

Ayan : I am so sorry, Mom… I did not mean anything bad…

Mona : Just stop being sorry, Ayan… Relax!! And… Well…I could assume all the searches you did ultimately led you to the Adult Actress – Mona Lisa Walsh… I was aware of her existence… Hehe!! I confirmed the MILF Star had got my son enticed… But, the keywords associated with my own name did get me wondering… Now, I know what the real reason was!! Hahaha…

Ayan : Ohh… Mom!! This is just too embarrassing for me!!

Mona : You don’t have to feel bad… We are in a very venereal space, anyway.

Ayan : I always loved your name, Mom… I always found it to be a very alluring one… I was addicted to it, until I realized it was you that I am addicted to.

Mona : So… Are you really ready for this?? Are you ready for us?!

Ayan : Yes, Mom!!

Mona : You know there is no going back!! Nothing will ever be the same again!!

Ayan : I know, Mom!! And, that is just what I want!! I want this!!

Mona : I cannot wait to have you by my side, Ayan…

Ayan : Me too, Mom!!

Mona : Ayan… Tell me this… What are you going to do to your mother?? How hard are you going to stretch me?!

Ayan : I will split you in half, with my giant tool, making you question your own loyalty. The very first thrust I make inside your wet cunt, will leave you convinced that I sure as hell got my genes from not your puny husband!!

Mona : Whaaattt!! Fuckk!! More!! Give me more…

Ayan : I will do you with my huge penis all day, and every night!! I will make you realize that the very purpose of your life is to savor my cum!!

Mona : Just don’t stop… Give me More!! I am so turned on!!

Ayan : Hahaha!! I would love to describe the rest of it, in detail, but I think I should keep it a secret, for now!! However, I assure you I will make you beg for mercy & scream with pleasure, very very soon!!

Mona : Ayan… Fuckk You!! Haha!!

Ayan : I will take you in the shower, on top of the kitchen table, inside the garage, in the open terrace, on the couch… But first, on Dad’s bed!!

Mona : Ohh… Yes… Please!! Give me all of your monster!! I need to be banged by a real man!! Be my Stud!!

Ayan : I want you to be ready, wearing only your inner-wear, from your favorite brand – RANDY’s… Hopefully, it will the Tangy Red, Non-Padded & Non-Wired Bra, with Double Layered Cups, over your rack & Black Low Waist Thong, with Lace Panels In Matching Powernet, hiding your clean shaven twat, when you welcome me home.

Mona : Excuse me?! Ayan!! But, how did you know all my inner-wear are from RANDY’s?!

Ayan : I have always caught you sneaking inside their store, every time we go shopping…

Mona : I never realized you were observing me!!

Ayan : Come-on, Mom… It is only you and me, mostly… And, I know you do not have the skills to vanish into thin air… I have always seen you go through their kinkiest collections.

Mona : Yeah?! I thought I was being smart leaving you inside the Hyper Market, with Grocery Shopping.

Ayan : Hahaha… It was too obvious, Mom… However… When I saw their logo – A woman’s tongue, for the first time on the carry bag in your hand, I really thought you had brought yourself some of the exclusive sex toys they sold!!

Mona : Hahaha!! Lol!! Maybe, I should have!! Hehe… But, still…

Ayan :What??

Mona : All those minute details about my intimate-wear… You mentioned it exactly how they had it printed on the Wash Care Labels… They don’t have these information on their website.

Ayan : I am sorry, but the line-drying setup, you have on the terrace, has always been a happy place for me, Mom… I have spent hours there… And, I read all that data from the very pairs of bra & panties you left under the sun… Sometimes, even feeling the soft material, with my very eager fingers!!

Mona : Ohhh… Really?! That kinda sent shivers down my spine, Ayan… You have been spying on your mother!! You really did that?!

Ayan : Hahaha!! There are a lot more classified content I want to enlighten you with… But, maybe, after I make you understand how long I have been yearning to own you, when I touch places in your love-hole, no other man will ever reach!!

Mona : Ohhh… Ayan!!

Ayan : I can’t wait to get home, and stuff my rod in to your horny pussy, Mom!!

Mona : You have no idea how badly I want it from you!!

Ayan : I won’t pull my cock out of you, unless you pass out!!

Mona : Damn!! I want it, now!! I want to lose my sanity, submitting myself to you!! And… Even after we cross all borders… Even after you destroy my holes… Even if you pound me, everyday, I still want us to continue this… I want to continue sexting you… This is the best feeling ever!!

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