Oops I must be dreaming


Grace..48 something widow with poor health

Ann… graces daughter…20 and hot

Me…64 and semi retired…

The house a 5 bedroom place 4 up stairs one down…2 1/2 bathrooms 1 up 1 1/2 down ….

In the summer, it is usually pleasant not hot really and a mild wind seems to blow all the time but this year was different, call it climate change or just bad luck but this year was hot…smothering hot and humid but no rain.

I’m known as Jr and being 64 well it has its advantages and drawbacks …being a part time sales man it was easy for my customers to remember ….but I took a ribbing for many years because J was for Jean… Dads funny idea R was my last initial but most just called me Jr now. The economy really hurt when I was 60 and cutbacks just about killed business but it was slowly getting a bit better. To save money and my sanity I decided to live in a boarding house and just pay rent and have use of everything I could need. Now Grace is a nice lady and had no problems with renting to me especially when her health was not so good and I could help out a lot so she kept my rent low and I did what I could like minor repairs and maintenance plus since I liked to cook I helped with that which was good thing since Grace wasn’t able to be on her feet for long and my board was included in the rent. I had the upstairs back bedroom on the opposite side of the house from Graces down stairs bedroom. But was over the main bathroom. The upstairs bathroom was next to my room and there were 3 more bedrooms upstairs all a bit smaller than mine. I had a Sex hikayeleri double bed and an old fashion rocking chair and table with a small radio and a reading lamp since I loved go read. The closet had a built-in dresser so it was cozy to say the least.

Grace had been feeling very poorly with the heat this summer and I was worried about her…I hadn’t actually talked to her except through her bedroom door for a couple of days….it was late around 3am and I couldn’t sleep even with my small fan blowing on me, so I decided to go get the book I had been reading…the one other boarder had left for a couple of days, so I just went down to get the book in my birthday suit.

I had been living here long enough that I didn’t need a light so when I got you the common room I just walked right in and oh did I get in. My eyes adjusted to the lack of light quite fast and the street light lit up part of the room…the part right in front of me. There was a naked ass pointing at me as and a very healthy-looking pussy. My penis reacted just as fast rising up in an instant as I hadn’t been laid in over a year. I walked forward with my hard cock leading the way and just as I was right behind her, she must have sensed the presence, she stood and turned around with a short baggy tank top on, and gasped at being caught. She stumbled and I caught her in my arms and pulled her to me. My cock snuggled up to her stomach and her breasts crushed into my chest and as I leaned forward to kiss her.

She GASPED and asked who I was… I smiled and said, “your dream come true if Sikiş hikayeleri you are a magical princess”. I released her and stepped back and then realized it was Ann, Grace’s daughter but WOW did she look good. I smiled and saying,”don’t you recognize me JR, I’ve known you for a while you know”… she stepped forward and peered and went ‘Oh my… I was just looking for something to read’, but looking down she smiled and said but I think I found something better to do.

Grabbing my hand, she leads me to her room closes us inside then almost rips off her top and pulls me to her bed. She sits and grabs my hardness and slowly takes me in her mouth. Oh, this was heaven for me but not wanting to go off to fast I push her back on the bed and kneel between her lovely legs and spread them as wide as possible, so I can see my goal and leaned in and smelled heaven then tasted the gateway and then probed deeper with my tongue and 2 fingers. Ann grabs my ears and uses them to direct my attention to the spots she wants me to hit but when I take her hard-little clit in my mouth her hips rocket up and tries to launch me off as she climaxes. I hold fast and keep sucking, licking and tease that bud as if its my last meal. I work my fingers inside the cauldron she has brewing and find that rough patch and start rubbing and pressing on it. Ann wraps her legs around my head and must think it’s a walnut that she has to crack as her sweet nectar flows like a river from her. Finally, after she has one more orgasm she grabs my hair and pulls me up after relaxing her legs. I kiss my way up her Erotik hikaye bodymarveling at the smooth soft skin and muscle tone beneath it. I reach her breasts and take time to worship them lathering them with kisses and love bites until I take the hard nipple and after sucking it I bite it very hard and she groans in pleasure, I repeat on the other with more sound effects and when I bite that nipple she almost screams with another orgasm. I kiss my way up to her lips and as we probe each other’s mouths with our tongues I slip my hard cock inside her love lips and hold. We break our kiss and Ann looks in my eyes and nods her head and I proceed to slowly bury myself inside the tightest pussy ever. I would swear she was a virgin, but I never encounter a hymen. She grins at me and says she is technically a virgin only because she broke it herself with a toy. I finally feel her accommodating me inside her and I start pulling back a bit then pushing in slowly over and over until her fluids allow me to really start to go full out and as I feel the tingling in my balls start I head into over drive nearly pounding Ann through the mattress until I feel Ann wrap her legs and around me and stiffen as I do at the same time depositing what feels like a gallon of seed inside her as her juices flow out down and pool underneath us in a large puddle.

Slowly we both return to normal breathing and I roll off she rolls into my side. We both start to chuckle at bit at the thought of what got into us both. Ann jumps up from the bed and sees the mess we made, grabs my hand again and pulls me up and out the door then up the stairs we go to retire to my room and a dry bed. Laying in bed all I can think is there is someone watching over me to make this happen and drift off to sleep.

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