One Night Stand


The deep, seductive bass of the music coursed through my body as soon as I stepped into the crowded nightclub, breathing air heavy with smoke and sweat and the heat of the balmy summer night – intoxicating. The flashing lights had me vying for balance as I moved through the crowds of twisting, writhing dancers to the bar. I ordered a drink. It had been far too long since I had let go for an evening; with the stress of college finals over at last I was ready to indulge completely in all the hedonistic rituals this libidinous atmosphere encouraged.

I had come alone, fueled with a bottle of wine, a bit of cocaine, and the desire for passion. Still a virgin at 21, I felt a good fuck was long overdue. I had always been too shy for a one night stand – too concerned about my appearance to think anyone would be interested in me – but years of plastic cocks and fleeting, futile, entanglements had led me here tonight, ready to give in completely to prurient temptation.

I scanned the room, taking in the scene as I pushed my dampened bangs from my forehead and sipped my whisky sour. The music still had my entire being pulsing, rising and falling with the grinding synth – music created to emulate sex. From the corner of my eye I glimpsed another appreciator of this aural erotica. His dark hair curled around his ears and fell into his even darker eyes. His t-shirt clung to his lower back from the heat as he moved. His old sneakers pounded the sticky floor while his hips and shoulders twisted in a dance that seemed almost sinful. I moved closer to him on the Beylikdüzü escort floor, watching through hooded eyes, but the music soon had me absorbed in a world of my own, almost forgetting about the handsome stranger.

A tempo change brought me back to reality. Looking up I met the gaze of the stranger I’d been watching before. I quickly looked away. “No, Siobhan,” I scolded myself. That was exactly the type of attitude that had catered to my virginal predicament thus far. Gathering my courage I looked back at the man, meeting his eyes. Smoldering. My heart dropped in my chest. This would be the one.

The man nodded slightly at me as he came closer, reaching around my waist, pulling my hips towards him. We moved together, our sweat soaking through layers of clothing and mingling – trickling down between my breasts. His hands rested against the small of my back, my ass, my neck. I took in his smell – musty and masculine. Our movements became continually more carnal, his hands moving up the back of my shirt to rest on my skin and his face close to mine. I could feel his breath hot against my neck and his teeth at my ear as he whispered: “I want you, stranger.” Our lips met ravenously. His tongue rubbed tantalizingly against mine as I wound my fingers in his hair and ground my hips against his thigh. He trapped my lip in his teeth as my hand found his cock, firm under his jeans. My breath caught in my throat. Enough of these preliminaries. I pulled him through the crowd towards the door – I lived around the corner from the Beylikdüzü escort bayan club.

Getting back to my apartment, I put on some music while the man sprawled on the couch. He cut a few lines from a small ziplock bag and called me over. The powder tickled my nose as I inhaled; the irritation quickly fading to a warm, bright, tingling that radiated through my arms and down to my pussy. Our mouths met again, tasting metallic. I could feel his electric touch on my skin. I pulled his shirt over his head and ran my hands over his smooth back. His muscles moved fluidly underneath it as his arms encircled me and carried me to the bed.

I pulled off my slinky club shirt and pressed my bare breasts against his chest. His hands slid up from my waist to cover them, kneading firmly, and flicking my nipples as his tongue darted in my ear. My fingers clumsily solved the puzzle of his belt buckle and soon his cock stood free. Pushing him back, I ran my tongue along the underside of his cock towards the tip, slowly taking it between my lips. My saliva dripped down the sides as I moved my head up and down on his large appendage. I savoured the quickening of his breathing and the distinctly masculine odour: sweet, salty, musty.

Before long the man pushed me back onto the bed and, with my nipple between his teeth, yanked off my unbuttoned jeans and panties. He parted my legs and kissed along my inner thighs. It had been a while since anyone had been this close to my pussy. I could feel my moisture glistening on the lips Escort beylidüzü and trickling from inside. He lapped gently at my labia before taking them into his mouth to suck slowly – avoiding my clit and driving me crazy with desire. Suddenly he moved his mouth over my clit, sucking and flicking at it with his tongue. I curled my fingers into his hair, holding him in place as I ground my hips against his face. My back arched away from the bed as he moved a finger inside. I could feel the pleasure building and spreading – causing my breathing to shorten and my muscles to tense. I pulled his face up towards mine, licking the sweet clear fluid from his lips. Our tongues twined as he entered me in a single, firm thrust, knocking the breath from my chest for a moment.

I gazed into his eyes while he moved in my pussy, his cock massaging me from the inside. I pushed my hips up to meet each of his thrusts, wrapping my legs around his back, the heat still growing inside. He rolled me on my stomach and I rose to my knees as he entered from behind, his long smooth thrusts bringing me to new heights of ecstasy. His hands massaged my ass, trailed to linger at my waist, and then moved to my shoulders, which he pushed firmly into the bed. One hand came up to tease my clit as he fucked me; his sweat dripped onto my back. Our grunts and moans filled my bedroom with a sexual cacophony – this was the release I’d been looking for.

Soon my thighs began to tremble as I felt my orgasm build. My vision darkened as my pussy clenched around his cock. Waves of euphoria swept out from my core to my chest and along my limbs – my fingers dug into the sheets and my breath stopped in my throat. I could feel his cock twitch inside me as he came, too. The warm fluid began to slowly escape as he pulled out and slumped against my back, his ragged breathing matching my own.

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