On the Hunt Ch. 06

Hi, Madam Lisa here. Welcome back. This is part 6 on my ongoing story of my real life subs and myself. I have changed only the names of those involved. I do not mention any locations by name, but I will assume some of you will be able to figure them out. Oh yeah, Everyone participating is of legal age and is consenting in their rolls.


Recap: I had a run in with the law, Blue Jay got a new job and Sparrow went for a walk.

Today my subs go to work with me. My subs now have the morning routine down. The get breakfast and clean up afterwards. Re-pledge their love to me. I give them their orders for the day.

This morning was no different. Today is no different. Sparrow has the day off and will be going to work with Blue Jay and I. I have them get dressed in office appropriate dresses as do I. Everyone is commando. They are both wearing their plugs and remote vibrators and thin black dog collars.

Today is no different than any other as we drive we are all topless. My guard at the garage looks like he is going to fall out when he sees us. Today I stop and give him a good look. We talk for a few minutes before I find out he has a boyfriend. Damn, he is a good looking man.

We go to my office and I get Sparrow an application for her to fill out. I hand Blue Jay over to my lead and head to my office. I check my office emails. I have a meeting with my boss to go over yesterday and a new client meeting this afternoon here. I look over Sparrows application and have my lead interview her. She passed with flying colors. I had Blue Jay take Sparrows to HR after I stamp it with my approval. I had Sparrow go on a donut run for the office as we waited for HR to return her application. By time Sparrow got back HR approved her and I got her clocked in.

Sparrow and I setup the meeting room for our client meeting. I had her vibrator turned on as we got the room ready and off when we finished. Then I sent her to work with Blue Jay in the file room.

Now for my favorite part of my job. I go to my bosses office for the weekly department meeting. I would fuck him in a heartbeat, but I have to keep my reputation to be able to lead my department. Plus he is married, I like him and his wife as a friend, although a threesome has crossed my mind. We go over the things he needs to get done. The best part is the coffee, donuts and relaxed atmosphere this meeting has. I volunteer to take charge of the company Fourth of July party.

I see my subs start slacking off on their filing so I turn on their vibrators. I will not have them make me look bad. I will have to punish them if they continue.

The new clients show up and we are all in full work mode and short handed. I have my lead get the subs to serve our clients coffee during the presentation. My boss is impressed how well they do their job. We don’t normally have anyone to waitress the meetings, I am glad he approved.

We finished the meeting and it’s almost time for lunch. Bill one of my underlings has been under a lot of stress and his performance at work has suffered. He is going through a divorce. It is my belief its because he can’t satisfy his wife because she likes woman. His wife, Becky, is impatiently waiting for him to finish his teleconference. I have Blue Jay go and hit on her to see if I’m right.

Blue Jay goes over to bursa escort Becky and starts a conversation by asking if she needs anything while she waits. Then she offers her some snacks in the break room. She accepts. Blue Jay sits with her and starts to play shy. All the time making sure Becky can see she her nipples. Just a flash here and there at first. Becky seemed to enjoy the show and asked if Blue Jay wanted to go for drinks later. Blue Jay countered with how about lunch and they left. I told Blue Jay give a full report when she got back and to make curtain she made Becky cum.

I took Sparrow to lunch. As soon as we were in the car I had her strip. We drove over to the burger joint drive-thru and gave them a show. We drove back to my office. Sparrow got dress when we arrived in the garage. I saw Bill was in his office alone when we got back. After we ate, I sent Sparrow over to see how he was doing and blow him if she could. In just a few seconds after she got in his office he closed the blinds and locked the door.

Blue Jay sent me several selfies of her sucking Becky’s cunt. A few minutes later I got another one of her soaping Becky up in the tub with her breasts. Becky did not seem to be aware the selfies were taken, this will come in handy later. In the mean time Sparrow came out of Bills office with cum all over her face. Sparrow went straight to the bathroom to clean up. Blue Jay and Becky came in with the rest of my department. Becky no longer had that sour look on her face we all had come to expect. After Becky and Bill had their meeting I called Bill into my office.

When Bill got to my office I had his performance reviews in front of me. We had a little chat about his work performance going down hill and I asked if there was anything I should be aware of. He informed me Becky gave him divorce papers today and assured me he would not let this affect his performance any longer. Knowing how far behind he was I offered him some help if he needed. He started to turn me down, but I told him we have a new temp, Karen, I could let him use until he got caught up.

I gave Sparrow orders to fuck him anytime she could and to blow him as soon as she got in his office. I also told her she was to stay as late he wanted. After everyone else leaves she is to work naked and allow him full access to all of her holes. Take a cab home. I watched her walk over smiling and close the door. His blinds were open and I saw her walk behind his desk, spin him toward her and drop to the floor. With her head bobbing up and down I knew what she was doing. About 15 minutes later looked over and saw the blinds were closed in Bills office.

I had a talk with Blue Jay about lunch and she gave me all the details. She told me Becky was submissive to her and did everything she was asked. I told Blue Jay to invite Becky for dinner and drinks at the hotel. Blue Jay called her from my office and I closed my door and blinds. While she was on the phone I rubbed my fingers inside Blue Jays pussy making her sound very horny on the phone. Becky agreed to dinner and drinks so I called the hotel and got adjoining rooms. I also called my friend Sherry, who is very good at setting up hidden cameras. By this time I have Blue Jay cumming hard. I turn her around and have her eat me out. She starts by flicking her tongue across my clit bursa escort bayan then sinks it deep into my pussy. I drop to my knees as I could no longer stand on my own. She continues by running her tongue in and out then gives me a rim job. This makes me scream so I grab my dress and scream into it to muffle the sound. It took me over thirty minutes to recover.

All went smoothly for the rest of the day. Sparrow fucked and sucked Bill in his office. They were in the supply room when I left for the day. I took Blue Jay to the hotel and meet with Sherry. I gave Sparrow the extra room key and we went to the room. Sherry and I setup the cameras and had Blue Jay walk around naked to make sure the cameras were working properly. We went next door and setup my computer then I had Blue Jay masturbate for us. I did not let her cum as I wanted her to be horny as possible before meeting Becky. We sent Blue Jay down to meet Becky as we ran more test on the equipment.

I took my clothes off and ran my hands down the front of Sherry’s front. She told me to keep my mind on the job at hand, but soon gave way as I slipped my tongue in her ear then down her throat. Sherry got out of her clothes and allowed me access to her sweet pussy. We were in a 69 before I knew it. I ran my tongue in and out of her stopping only to suck her clit. She was cumming hard as I ran my tongue around her back door. Next thing I knew she had drove her tongue deep inside me and I came so hard I squirted all over her face.

As we recovered I heard Blue Jay hit our door letting us know they were going into the other room. Sherry turned on the camera and we got them entering the room. Blue Jay took her to the center of the room and removed her clothes. Then she undressed Becky. Becky started to eat Blue Jay while she was standing. Blue Jay laid back on the bed as Becky continued to eat her out. After that Blue Jay put on the Strap-on and bent Becky over so we could see and plunged her pussy with long powerful stokes. Becky was screaming for more so Blue Jay put a ball gag on her and continued fucking her as hard as she could. Becky was so exhausted from cumming she fell on the bed and went to sleep. Blue Jay opened her side of the adjoining room door and let us, still nude, in. We woke Becky up and removed her gag. We talked to her for a while and let her know she was among friends. I had Blue Jay continue to play with Becky’s clit as we talked. I told her that I was Madam Lisa and this was Madam Sherry. We had some wine and continued to talk. Soon we had convinced Becky about her true self and she agreed that we were right.

Blue Jay had Becky cumming in front of us in short order and I put on my strap-on as did Sherry. We had both Blue Jay and Becky now bent over screaming with pleasure. After they both came I had them eat each other out again. Sherry had to leave and picked up her equipment then left. I went to the other room and got my computer and bag and went back to see Becky and Blue Jay sound asleep. I got dressed and picked up all their clothes, I put them in my bag, put cuffs on Blue Jay tied her elbows and had put on a robe. That left Becky nude on the bed. I woke her up and asked her to be my sub. She agreed and cried with joy as I put on her collar. She help me tie her up as I had done to Blue bursa merkez escort Jay. I put a robe on her and told her she would now be called Dove. I escorted them both out the front door and took them home.

When we got home Sparrow was waiting for us with desert. Ice cream and chocolate cake. I untied Blue Jay and Dove. We ate the cake and ice cream. I had Blue Jay and Dove take a bath after they cleaned up the dishes. Sparrow had cleaned the rest of the house by time we got home.

I got all the details from Sparrow. She told me how she started with the blow job then how she let him fuck her from behind in the supply closet. Then she told me she gave him another blow job in the mens restroom. After everyone had left the both of them got nude. He fucked her doggy style on leads desk and she gave him another blow job in my office. She said Bill had all the backlog finished about 8 PM. She also fucked him again in the hallway before they left. Sparrow my have been fucked a lot today but Bill never got her off. The cabby was a woman, she still road home topless and allowed the cabby to get a good look.

I put a blindfold on Sparrow. I tied her arms to either side of the couch then tied her ankles to her hands. She is now nude, blindfolded and spread eagle sitting in the middle of the couch. As Dove and Blue Jay came out of the bath I gave them strict orders to remain silent. I had Dove take her time and bring Sparrow to orgasm. She started by running her tongue from her belly button up to her neck. Then she ran her tongue around the areola. Sparrows nipples were standing erect. Dove continued on by going lower then higher around Sparrows nipples until Sparrow pussy was very wet. Then Dove flicked her tongue at her nipples and slide her tongue down past her belly button and into her wet waiting pussy. Sparrow told me later she was cumming by the time she flicked her nipples. When Dove got to Sparrows pussy she slowly licked both sides first and playfully bit her clit. She finished Sparrow off by burring her tongue in deep inside her. Sparrow erupted as Dove continued to keep her going. I saw Dove was getting very wet so I had Blue Jay join in by licking Dove’s pussy. Dove started to moan so I gave her a sharp swat across her rear.

I put on my strap-on with the double end. This is the one that is secured by going into my pussy rather than being held on by straps. I moved Dove out of the way and allowed Blue Jay and Dove to continue alone. I gently inserted the peg into Sparrows pussy. Moving slowly and shallow at first only giving her the tip. She begged for me to put it all the way in and hard. I kept teasing her with only the tip for a few more minutes. She begged some more. Then as she asked I plunged it all the way in. She gasped and screamed with pleasure. Then she begged for more harder and faster. I brought both of us to orgasm. I untied Sparrow and let her know that she was now the number one sub. I told Blue Jay and Dove the are now to be submissive to Sparrow until such time as I demote her or promote one of them.

I had Dove and Blue Jay clean up again the had them run me a bath. I had Sparrow wash me and herself. I need a larger tub. Sparrow fingered me to orgasm in the tub then cleaned us both up.

After we were dry I had Sparrow join me in my bed and told Blue Jay and Dove to sleep in the guest room. I kissed them goodnight and sent them to bed. I got me double dildo and took Sparrow to my bed. We enjoyed each other for awhile before falling to sleep in each others arms. Hell of a time going from no sub to three in just one week. I have no idea what I am doing with them tomorrow.

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