On Pacific Time

Double Penetration

New Years Eve

It was set to be the cruise of a lifetime. Certainly for my parents that is. A well earned vacation to mark and coincide with their 30th wedding anniversary. Tagging along; for my wife Brittany and I, it was less celebration, more resignation. Nearing our tenth long year together we both privately viewed it as a last gasp at saving our marriage; a fortnight cruising the beauty of the South Pacific in the hope of finding the kindling that would re-ignite a fading fire.

Mom and Dad had spared no expense of course. An Executive Suite on the Madre del Mar’s final pacific voyage. Brittany and I had forensically studied the best and most cost effective options available for us travelling on the same ship, and settled on a cabin with balcony the deck below my parents. Similarly furnished yet providing few of the luxuries Mom and Dad would be admittedly paying through the nose for.

We flew into Sydney to meet up with my parents New Years eve, a day before departure. Mom and Dad having spent the previous two weeks touring the land Down Under seemed overly thrilled at our arrival and I wondered if they hadn’t grown weary of each other’s presence. A poor time for it to happen on the eve of a long journey at sea, I mused.

“Isn’t it wonderful!?” Mom enthused as she came back out onto the balcony holding two glasses of champagne.

Dad had his bare feet resting on the balcony rail laying back on a deck chair and looked over his shoulder as Mom passed me a glass. “What Gwen?” He asked. “The view or the complimentary alcohol?”

Mom laughed and clinked her glass against mine. Standing behind me as I reclined in a deck chair she rested a hand on my shoulder and I looked up into her face. “You do realize you’re paying for it in your fare.”

“Well that’s the beauty of having you and Brittany along,” Mom countered as she left me and moved to the balcony alongside my wife. Britt turned and with her elbows resting on the rail, Mom slipped an arm around the small of her back. “You can both charge your drinks to our room. Even the four of us, we’ll never go through the limit.”

“Are you sure about that Love?” Dad chimed in. “That’s the second bottle of champagne you’ve opened already.”

“It’s not champagne,” Mom replied. “It’s Australian sparkling. And it’s delicious! And to answer your earlier question, I was talking about the view anyway.”

A gust of wind swept across the deck and with my eyes currently on Mom and my wife it was impossible not to notice the breezes effect. Both of the women wearing dresses, Brittany in a black maxi and Mom a horizontal striped knee length, the wind pressed the material to their bodies, highlighting the curves of breast, belly and most noticeably, the bulge of pussies.

Now I wasn’t one to normally stare at my own mother’s groin but with the security of wearing reflective sunglasses and her close proximity to my wife I felt it understandable that I would chance a look. The pronounced lump, the hint of her crevice below the mound. The wind changed and allowed their clothing to return to its natural position but left me in a surprising state of arousal. “Hey Britt,” I stated, rising from my chair. “Fancy a walk around the ship?”

She drowned the last of her glass of bourbon and extracted herself from my mom’s grip. “Oh Gwendolyn, you have to come down and see our cabin. Our entire floor plan could fit inside your bathroom!” She laughed and took my hand as I likewise finished my glass.

“When, now?” Mom asked.

“Mom,” I quickly replied. “We have weeks, it can wait.” My ‘walk around the ship’ suggestion had been a ruse. I was horny as hell and wanted to get Brittany back to our cabin. Failing marriage or not, we were still fucking and the sight of her pussy pressed tight against her dress had me hungry for more.

Outside my parent’s room I wrapped my arm around Brittany’s waist as we walked to the elevator, caressing her hip. “Are you wearing panties?” I whispered as I struggled to feel a pantyline.

She nestled her face into my neck, the smell of the bourbon on her breath as she kissed my jaw. “You’ll just have to find out!” She giggled as the elevator doors closed behind us. She pressed the button for our level and I figured she knew our ‘walk’ would begin in our bed.

Stroking her ass I strangely wondered if my mother had noticed Brittany’s lack of underwear as well? The thought exciting me for some reason before the elevator shuddered to an abrupt halt between floors and brought me back into the real world.

“Oh don’t tell me,” I moaned as I reluctantly removed a hand from my wife’s ass to press the emergency button. We’d already had problems with the electronic door key to our cabin and this was the last thing I needed. Thankfully without any assistance needed, the elevator burst into life again and the doors opened on our floor but I made a mental note to avoid it in future.

It must have been the excitement of the trip; the southern hemisphere summer; the alcohol. Whatever it was, gaziantep jigolo escort Brittany and I had the best fuck we’d had in months. Dirty talking, she’d even hinted at the prospect of anal in the future and I was feeling on top of the world. How could things get any better, I wondered? We showered and as the evening drew on we walked out onto our own smaller balcony to look at the city. The ship was moored right in the heart of Sydney. Looking out it felt we were simply in a high priced hotel as opposed to being on the water, such was the height of our vantage. I leaned against our balcony’s railing and looked up to the rail above. Mom and Dad’s suite was on the highest level and was set back from the other cabins, even so I couldn’t see them on the balcony.

“Hey, you up there?” I called.

Brittany slapped me on the arm. “What are you doing?”

“What? I just thought they could pass us down a bottle of that wine!” I explained.

“Well they’re not going to hear you from down here. You could just call their room.”

It was only a few seconds later that my father, shirtless and adjusting his shorts peered over the edge and looked down upon us. “Your mother thought she heard something. Hello.”

Dad had obviously made the most of his time in Australia, his skin darkly tanned. It wasn’t often I saw him without a shirt on and It wasn’t something I wanted to stare at much longer. He looked back over his shoulder after I asked him about dropping down a bottle of bubbles and my mother appeared alongside him. She was no longer wearing the striped dress, in the process of tying a short robe around herself as she looked over smiling.

“Oh goodness,” she smiled. “You’re right below us!”

“You knew that Gwen,” Dad stated.

She looked at him. “Yes but I didn’t think they’d be exactly below us.”

“It was the room we suggested..” Dad countered.

I could see their conversation was headed nowhere and butted in to break up the inane debate. “So have you got another bottle?”

As I asked the question, my old friend the summer breeze again payed a visit. With Mom’s hands firmly holding the railing she could do nothing about preventing the wind blowing up her robe. It flapped the front at first, exposing her upper thigh but then the real show began. As I looked up, my position allowing me to see her entire body from above her knees upwards, her white satin robe lifted. At first, that she wasn’t wearing underwear wasn’t entirely apparent. Flesh colored, my brain told itself. But as my eyes unwittingly focussed on her crotch, I could see her vagina. The complete absence of pubic hair is probably what threw me. How long it was exposed was difficult to say. No more than a second I supposed but it was enough time to take it in. The tops of her thighs, the line of her slit, even the darker area further back. My mother’s asshole, hidden between the curve of her buttocks.

“Ooh!” Mom squealed as her hands went down to cover her nudity, pressing the satin firmly between her legs. From the distance, at least ten feet above us I could see her blush and felt my own face redden. She moved back out of sight and I thought she’d gone to put on clothing before she reappeared holding a bottle. She handed it to my father and he knelt down to pass it through the railing. The perfect crime, I received the bounty and entered the cabin again with Britt.

“Did you see that?” Brittany laughed as I fetched glasses from the cabinet.

“I’m trying to forget it!” I grinned, opening the bottle.

“Well there’s no prize for guessing what your parents have been up to!” She joked, falling onto our bed. She allowed her dress to fall to her pelvis, exposing her own pussy, the second I’d seen in a matter of minutes. “So who’s is better?”

“Britt!” I challenged.

She laughed again as I mounted the bed holding the glasses, my cock rising and poking out the front of my shorts.

“I’m just wondering; who is that for?” She chuckled as she pointed at my erection. “Whose vagina are you thinking about right now Adrian? Your mother’s, or mine?”

I placed the glasses on the bedside table and lowered my face into my wife’s pussy without answering and as my tongue found her clit I was glad I couldn’t speak. For stuck in my mind as I rubbed my cock against the sheets, I could see my mom’s cunt.

* * * * *

The clock ticked over to five minutes to midnight. We’d spent the evening on the top deck with most of the other passengers, giving us a 360deg view of the city and harbour. Dad had gone back to the room to fetch another memory card for his camera and Brittany, although already drunk was paying another visit to the bar.

Mom was thankfully wearing more appropriate clothing, and I found myself paying closer attention to her attire for possibly the first time in my life. Her white pants looked to be linen and under the deck lights I could even see the line of her panties. From the front that is. When gaziantep lezbiyen escort I happened to catch a look at her rear there was no pantyline. My mother was wearing a thong! Her sleeveless light blue top revealed plenty of cleavage, even enabling the flash of a white lace bra. I rebuked myself for looking and wondered why I was even so fascinated?

“Where is he?” Mom frowned as a countdown began in the crowd.

I felt the same about Brittany. We’d never been ones for going all out on New Years. To be honest, most years we slept through it. Being that we were in such a special locale for this one however I was surprised, even a little disappointed she was more interested in getting drunk than being with me at the big moment.

“..8..7..6..” The passengers counted, joining the chorus of the million or so lining the harbour.

“Oh well,” Mom held my hand as she gave up and turned to me. “Looks like it’s just you and me.”


“Happy New Year,” came the cry before a deafening explosion of light, color, sound and vibration filled our existence.

Couples were kissing around us and spontaneously Mom and I came together, our lips meeting, one hand holding hers, the other pressed to the soft warmth of her hip. I kept my eyes open as I kissed her, not wanting to miss a moment and as our mouths parted I watched her eyelids slowly, almost reluctantly lift. Her eyes to look into mine, reflecting the light show behind me, her face illuminated by red, green and orange bursts. The moment seemed to last forever before as one we smiled and broke our stare, finally taking in the dazzling pyrotechnic dance being performed in the heavens above.

Coming from opposing directions, Brittany and my father re-appeared. My Dad had his camera trained on the sky and Brittany handed me a bottle of beer. Had either of them witnessed what had just occurred between my mother and I? I doubted it. But what really had happened? I’d just innocently shared a New Years Eve kiss with my mom. Nothing more.

So why was I feeling so horny?

* * * * *

The blazing sun shone down on the deserted pool deck as I lowered myself into the respite of the cool water. My mother floated in an inflatable. A comical donut, her legs and upper torso protruding from the hole. Diving beneath the surface I opened my eyes to see her thighs and ass above me, her white swimsuit barely covering her sex and buttocks; the bulge of pussy and line of labia clearly visible.

I rose before her and held onto her legs for buoyancy, gently caressing the tanned skin of her shins. Water had splashed the front of her one piece turning it semi transparent, the dark of her hard nipples showing through. I allowed my lower body to float beneath her and my groin made contact with her ass, my erection pressing to her pussy, grinding.

We looked deep in each other’s eyes and her red lipstick painted mouth slowly opened. “You were born to fuck me Baby!” She whispered.

“Jesus Christ!” I sat up in bed, my body slick with sweat. The sheet had twisted around my waist and pressed firmly against my hard-on.

Brittany moaned beside me at the movement before continuing on snoring. Carefully I extricated myself from the sheets and walked into the small bathroom, closing the door behind me. I looked pale in the mirror, the flickering light unflattering and pouring myself a glass of water I downed the much needed refreshment.

“What the fuck was that?” I whispered to my reflection. The dream of my mother in the pool still front and centre in my mind. Yes, I told myself. Just a dream. Freud would have a field day with it, but it was just a dream.

The room was hot when I walked back out and I fiddled with the air conditioner but it seemed to have failed. I checked the time before crossing the room and stepping out into the welcoming cooler air on the balcony.

There was no longer the noise of the New Years revelry and the wind had died down to a gentle breeze. With no outside light on our balcony, my presence was as yet unobserved as I looked up to my parent’s suite. My mom stood looking out across the city. A light illuminated her from behind causing her body to form a silhouette inside her loose chiffon nightie. Did I say nightie? More a babydoll. Was it completely see-through? I couldn’t tell. But I could clearly see the curves of her hips; her inner thighs where they met the bumps of her vulva; the side of her breasts beneath her outstretched arms where they held the rail.

“Mom,” I whispered. “It’s four o’clock in the morning. What are you doing up?”

“Oh, Honey. How long have you been there!?” She whispered back, her voice strangely quivering.

“I just came out; you can’t sleep either?” I asked

Her voice returned to its normal pitch at my words. “No. Excitement I suppose.”

“Is your air conditioning working?” I asked. “Ours is on the fritz, along with the mini bar.”

“Oh really? No everything gaziantep masaj salonları is working fine up here, it’s nice and cool inside,” she offered.

‘Cool,’ I thought. I wondered if that meant her nipples were hard and immediately reprimanded myself for thinking such thoughts about my mother. Looking at her groin again, it made we aware of how little clothing I as well was wearing. My boxer shorts essentially all there was between her and my semi erect penis.

“Wasn’t it a wonderful evening?” She continued. “Those fireworks. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“Yeah, it was beautiful,” I agreed and wondered if I wasn’t talking about her eyes and face reflecting the glow. I thought of our kiss. My hand on her hip. The earlier flashing of her surprisingly hairless pussy. And it happened. My cock swelled. I could feel it pushing out the leg of my shorts and wondered if she could see. I doubted it, only my upper body really lit by the light from her suite but I couldn’t chance it. There was no way I was going to let my mother see I had an erection.

“Well, I’d better get back to bed. We’re setting off in a couple of hours. I want to be up when we leave,” I declared.

“I should too,” Mom concurred. “That’s if your father’s snoring allows it!” She giggled and I wanted to climb up and kiss her.

“Alright, good night Mom.”

“Good night Baby,” she replied as I re-entered our cabin, leaving the doors open.

‘Baby!’ I thought to myself. Just like ‘you were born to fuck me Baby’ in my dream. I slid into bed behind Brittany and pressed my erection hard between the cheeks of her ass and a contented sleep came quickly.

* * * * *

No sooner it seemed had I closed my eyes, than I awoke to an empty bed and a sunlight bathed room. I could hear Brittany in the shower and ridiculously wondered if Mom was showering also. What the fuck was wrong with me? I slid out of my shorts and entered the small bathroom naked looking to join my wife.

“There’s no hot water!” She stated as I opened the door of the shower.

“You used it all?” I asked.

“No. There’s no hot water!” She matter of factly returned.

My plan of a romantic steamy shower with my wife was shelved as I felt the icy splatter and Brittany’s cold wet body slide past me.

“You can have it!” She laughed as she wrapped a towel around herself.

“Fuck!” I screamed as the full flow of water hit me, quickly soaping myself to make it as quick an experience the better.

* * * * *

Sydney to New Caledonia

We ran into Mom taking photos on the upper deck. She was my mother of old. Wearing I noticed, unflattering shorts and a formless sweater. Her brown hair was in a pony tail and unlike her, she’d foregone making up her face. If I was honest, I’d say she’d gone out of her way to dress down her appearance. It wasn’t until commenting on the glassy surface of the harbour and it’s azure tone, (likening it to her eyes) did I see her natural beauty. Why was I only now looking upon my mother as a woman? As an object of desire? Yes in the past I’d stumbled upon incestuous literature and for a time revelled in its titillation, but never as a prospect in my own life; well never with the fervour I’d plunged headlong into in the last day. Was it only a day? I fathomed. I still had weeks on board with her!

“Where’s Graham?” Brittany asked Mom, noting his absence before me and the fact my mother was using his camera.

“Still in bed I’m afraid,” she replied, frowning. “He’s a little under the weather. Strange though, he didn’t drink that much.”

I noticed an elderly woman being helped down onto a bench by another passenger. Clutching her stomach she seemed to be in a great deal of pain. Doubting it would be sea sickness as we’d still not left the safety of the sheltered harbour.

“He’s not sea sick is he?” I quipped referring to Dad. “What’ll he be like when we actually get out on the ocean?”

“Oh no I wouldn’t think so,” Mom assured us. “He’s always been fine with things like that. No it’s probably just a tummy bug or something.”

Brittany regaled Mom with her efforts to get the problems in our cabin seen to whilst I went off to find a bathroom to relieve myself. I’d over hydrated in an effort to stave off a hangover and was in desperate need of a piss. The state of the public toilet on the upper deck was troubling and without labouring you with the details, let’s just say I was eager to get my business done and be out of there. A man hurried in almost bowling me over on my departure and I left him to it with worrying sounds following my retreat.

The open ocean was nothing like the tranquil harbour and six hours into our voyage the captain admitted over a ship-wide announcement there was a problem with the stabilisers. To me it went some way to explaining the amount of unwell looking passengers and I was surprised Brittany, (who could get seasick jumping a puddle) wasn’t as yet affected.

Oh but her time would come.

By the end of the first day at sea, word was spreading amongst the passengers of illness. Nothing to do with the intermittently working stabilisers either. I’d seen evidence myself in the shared facilities and closer to home, Dad was about as sick as I’d ever seen him. Mom was first to use the word and it wasn’t until well into the next day that the crew of the ship admitted there was a problem.

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